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Credit Card Interest Rates – Why It’s Important To Understand How They Work



Einstein put it best when he said, “Compounding interest is the greatest mathematical discovery of all time”. Now the question you need to ask is, “Do I want this force working for me or against me?” If you own a credit card and you carry-over balances from month to month then you’ve got that amazing force called compounding interest working against you.

In this article, I’ll attempt to explain how this “force” works against you month after month after month, in the form of interest upon interest. And perhaps, by helping you to gain a better understanding of how this “force” works and how important even a small change in the interest rate you are being charged effects you and families financial future. And hopefully, it will also inspire and motivate you to do whatever it takes to pay off your credit cards and initiate some type of savings plan so you can put this “force” to work for you.

Credit Card Interest Rates are Compounded

The interest you pay on your credit card balances are compounded, which means that you pay interest on the interest from the month before. A simple example would be that if you were being charged an interest rate of 2% per month, you would not be paying 24% per year. In reality, you would be paying 26.82%. A neat little trick that credit card companies use to pick up an additional point or two of interest is to calculate interest on a monthly rather than on a yearly basis. You pay more but you don’t know you’re paying more.

A Brain Teaser

Here’s a little brain teaser based upon what you’ve already learned. Would you rather have $1 million in cash or $10,000 in some form of savings account earning you a compounded interest rate of 20 percent per year?

Hmm, let’s see how that $10,000 would grow after 10 years – $61,917 or 20 years – $383,375 or 30 years – $2,373,763 or 50 years – $563,475,143.

After fifty years, you would have over $500 million. Of course, you would have to take inflation into account and if we used a figure of 5% per year, then that $500 million would have the buying power that $10,732,859 does today. Not a bad return on your investment of $10,000 but on a side note it also exposes another lesson in how the compounding rate of inflation destroys wealth but that’s the subject of another article.

Clearly, that question was a bit tricky because there’s so many variables to take into account that would influence what decision you would ultimately make – but you get my point, the power of compounding interest and by the way… it’s the primary way credit card companies make their money is a powerful “force”. It’s also the way pensions work and the reason the prices of things seem to rise massively as you get older. Be afraid… or at the least very wary of compounding interest.

Compounding Interest Can Really Add Up
Now, let’s look at a more real world example. Let’s say you have an average unpaid balance of $1,000 on a credit card with an APR of 15 percent.

First year interest would be $150. However, this amount is then carried-over and added onto the balance and interest is charged on that. As a result, year two interest would be another $172.50 for a total of $1322.50 and it continues to build year after year. Year three, four and five would look like this – $1,520, $1,749 and $2,011.

As you can clearly see, after just five years at 15%, you would owe double what you borrowed and after 10 years you would owe four times. I know it’s hard to believe but once again this simple “real world” example dramatically demonstrates the power of compounding interest.

If you let something like that carry on long enough, you end up paying on that same amount of debt for years and years and end up paying back many times what you originally borrowed and in some instances you still may not have completely satisfied the original debt. Unfortunately, most people simply don’t take the time to think through this out and they feel that the high and never ending payments are simply their fault for spending too much money to begin with.

The Three Percent Difference

You may feel that there’s not that much difference between a credit card that charges an APR of 15% versus one that charges an APR of 12% but then again after reading this article I’m sure you’ve realized that there is and so – that’s exactly what I’m going to show you. Remember the previous example that showed you would owe over $2,000 after only five years at 15% after borrowing an initial amount of $1,000.

That same example at 12% reveals the following: Year one – $1120, year two – $1254 and years three through five – $1404, $1573 and $1762 respectively. After the same five year period you would have saved nearly $250 or almost 25% in interest from a mere 3% difference in APR. Quite dramatic and hopefully it will help you convince you to make the necessary decisions to pay-off your credit cards and start saving so that you can put, “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time” to work for you… rather than against you.

This article may be reproduced only in its entirety.

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Optimism Will Roll Out Single-Click Launch For Ethereum Projects




Many layer 2 solutions are competing on being the most active in developments. Amid these scaling solutions in Optimism, and given its latest announcement, it will soon enable developers to launch DApps with just a single click of a button.

Optimism provides support for all the apps on the Ethereum ecosystem. It ensures that transaction fees are lower by keeping its data on the blockchain but running computation off-chain.

The team’s latest blog reveals that an upcoming upgrade will facilitate the launch of DApps on its layer. This means that every tool running on Ethereum will also run on Optimism.

Latest Upgrade To Provide Support For Ethereum Protocols

The disclosure by the Optimism team assures the developer’s community that the upgrade will help them to simplify the process of launching their decentralized apps. Also, this simplicity stems across features such as gas and traces. Developers targeting Geth now have the opportunity to launch without changing their codes.

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Optimism disclosed that it had overhauled the codes. As a result, it can now go beyond being compatible Ethereum Virtual Machine only to become an EVM equivalence by making its protocol efficient and lightweight.

One of the steps the team took to reduce the protocol’s load was to delete its custom compiler. It also deleted over 25,000 lines of codes as it upgraded.

According to the post, the team asserts that developing the “EVM-compliant rollup” is not very easy given that it aims to support the whole Ethereum stack. Moreover, to also implement the security features which EVM requires will also cost a lot of money. However, it is mandatory because every line of codes added to the system comes with possible vulnerabilities.

Optimism Pursuing Compatibility

As for now, the layer 2 scaling solution is now fully equivalent with EVM using Geth. Though it is working to become compatible with alternative node implementations such as Erigon and OpenEthereum using below one thousand lines of codes. The team disclosed that they hadn’t changed the security model of the protocol even with this release.

The reason behind the growth of Optimism is the move from Ethereum mainnet to other chains & layer 2 solutions compatible with EVM

Ethereum has fallen by 7% in 24 hours | Source: ETHUSD on

The migration of capital from Ethereum to these other solutions was to reduce the high fees characterizing transactions carried out on its base layer.

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The information from Dune Analytics even reveals that another rollup network Arbitrum has a TVL of $2.62 billion, which is the largest ETH Bridge. This rival protocol went live three weeks ago, and it is already making waves.

But it is not the only protocol as Polygon ERC-20 Bridge emerged after Arbitrum and is now boasting $2.35 billion in TVL. After Polygon came, Avalanche Bridge and Fantom Anyswap Bridge and each now record $1.86 billion and $476 million, respectively.

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Hunt For More Associates of $95M BTC Finiko Ponzi



Hunt For More Associates of $95M BTC Finiko Ponzi
  • Russia issues arrest warrants for 3 more associates linked with Finiko ponzi
  • All wanted associates suspected to be hiding in foreign nations
  • Suspects to be hiding majorly in Turkey and United Arab Emirates

The Finiko ponzi scam has created such a hustle and bustle upon the nation, such that Russia is constantly in pursuit to nab all responsible and accountable for it. In spite of this, just a few days back the Russian police arrested Ilgiz Shakirov, the vice president of  Finiko, in Tatarstan.

Despite the arrest of the vice president of the fraudulent scheme, the Russian government is constantly in pursuit of all the associates in relation and responsibility. 

Accordingly, the jurisdiction of Tatarstan has officially granted arrest warrants for three prime members and associates of Finiko. Also, previously the Supreme court of Tatarstan has denied the appeals against the arrest warrant of these three associates.

The Three Wanted

Furthermore, the three associates who are now wanted are, Marat Sabirov, Edward Sabirov and Zygmunt Zygmuntovich. These three are said to be close associates and in direct link with the mastermind criminal founder of Finiko, Kiril Doronin. Also, it’s well known that Kiril Doronin was arrested in the month of July, 2021.

Moreover, the three convicts are said to have fled to foreign nations, out of Russia. In addition, upon further investigations, the three convicts are suspected to be at present in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey and Georgia respectively. 

However, the Russian police are extremely keen on hunting down and arresting all the three. Also, at present their primary target is said to be Zygmunt Zygmuntovich. This is because he’s the right hand and closest associate to Doronin.

Crypto Scam History of Russia

As each day passes, the value of money being scammed upon the crypto industry is obviously on the rise. And so, Russia proves to be one of the topping nations in this list. 

Accordingly, recent data shows that this Finiko ponzi is one of the most profuse and large crypto scams in Russia. 

Besides, apart from Russians, many other nationals have also invested and lost their assets upon the Finiko ponzi scam. This includes investors from countries neighboring and overseas, like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Germany, Hungary , Austria and the U.S.

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What is Solana? — Deep Dive in Solana Ecosystem



What is Solana? — Deep Dive in Solana Ecosystem

Over the years Solana (SOL) has been doing a great job in developing its ecosystem. Moreover, Solana offers a secure, fast, and censorship-resistant blockchain enhancing an open ecosystem needed for global adoption. For this reason, investors are curious to grab Solana tokens. In addition, Solana is one of the widely chosen platforms developing Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3, and blockchain gaming which can process about 50,000 transactions per second.

What is Solana?

Solana (SOL) is a digital asset token based on blockchain technology. The platform founded in the year 2017. Solana seeks to offer solutions to the traditional issues which faced by Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain.

Moreover, the Solana network utilizes proof of history consensus. Notably, this technology enhances the network to develop records. These records can used to track and prove historical events.

Solana tech team, the crew is backed with experienced professionals from top organizations like Apple, Qualcomm, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Dropbox, and more. With this, we can say that Solana is really competitive in developing groundbreaking technologies.

Solana Market Status

Solana (SOL) is one of the cryptocurrencies that took the crypto market by storm when it smashed the ATH price of $214.96. Its network’s native token is SOL.  Specifically, this crypto has seen great moves since the early days of the year. In fact, SOL successfully nailed a huge growth rate of over +8,500% in the past 12 months. 

Currently, SOL holds the 7th position on CoinMarketCap. The SOL price is trading at $162.67 with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,592,073,834, at the time of writing. SOL can trade on exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, and many more.

Solana Ecosystem

Solana (SOL) is one of the digital assets that took the crypto market by storm. Now let us deep dive into the Solana ecosystem.

Solana Ecosystem (Source: Twitter)

1. AMM

Serum developed a decentralized exchange with an on-chain order book. This order book developed using Solana, a fast and cheap blockchain. This new paradigm offered a huge chance to address DeFi’s significant problems.

It creates an AMM that could utilize the current Serum order flow and provide liquidity to the rest of the ecosystem.


It is an AMM and liquidity provider for the Serum Decentralized Exchange based on the Solana blockchain (DEX). In addition to providing on-chain liquidity to a central limit orderbook, Raydium is unique among AMMs.


As one of Solana’s first general-purpose AMMs, It allows users to exchange assets, offer liquidity, and earn interest. Orca is Solana’s easiest DEX. It aims to make DeFi accessible to everyone with simple and efficient financial solutions.

Saros Network:

It’s a mineable masternode coin—a fork of Dash. The currency adds anonymity, security, and speed to the network. Using the X11 algorithm, Saros network launches a successful and helpful network for the crypto community.


A reliable cross-chain stablecoin on Solana, Saber. To keep liquidity providers capital-efficient, Saber allows minimal slippage trading at significant volumes. Recently, Solana-based Saber raised $7.7M to expand the team and tokens.

Mercurial Finance:

Mercurial vaults provide steady minimum slippage swaps while boosting LP profitability via dynamic fees and allocation of capital.


SenSwap is a Open Liquidity Protocol for Token Swap on Solana aims to eliminate technological obstacles and make AMM more accessible. The pool is no longer divided into two tokens.


They may choose the price ranges where their liquidity is active. Larger orders may executed at a better price by establishing the depth of liquidity around the anticipated market price.


HydraSwap is an intelligent, multi-module, cross-chain DEX based on the speedy Solana chain. An HMM core, cross-chain technology, and multi-module solid components support it.

2. Orderbook

Serum: The unprecedented speed and cheap transaction costs are brought to decentralized finance via DEX. Serum is Solana-based and is completely permissionless.


Dexlab has a token minting lab, a launchpad, and a dedicated DEX for all listings, making it easier to launch on Solana. Recently, the price of Dexlab surged, showing a bullish trend. 

SolAPE Finance:

It offers a new perspective on Decentralized Exchanges inside the Solana Ecosystem. SolAPE Decentralized Exchange (DEX) allows new projects inside Solana to list their tokens and trade the biggest market cap coins.

Open Serum: A Solana-based Project Serum DEX. Open Serum is a decentralized exchange with the speed and ease of DeFi while being transparent.


Samoyedcoin ($SAMO) is Solana’s community-owned meme coin. It seeks to expand Solana’s ecosystem by appealing to users outside its core of high-tech currencies. A fun coin to trade, Solana’s blockchain offers all the benefits (scalability, speed, cheap costs).

Slope Funding:

The slope is a Solana-based decentralized exchange. Slope Dex is a decentralized automated full limit orderbook, the first Serum-based smartphone app. Built for, and hosted by, the community.

Aldrin’s goal is to make DeFi simple and create powerful tools for all traders. Aldrin is now Cryptocurrencies.Ai (CCAI) (RIN). Professionals will appreciate the live decentralized exchange and future centralized exchange since it offers pros that utilize unique capabilities.

3. Solana Lending/Borrowing 

The existence of a middleman is one of the main problems with centralized institutions. Aside from needless verification, these numbers frequently cost both parties additional money. DeFi steps in here. Decentralized lending systems provide loans directly to companies or individuals.


It is a DeFi prime brokerage service powered by Serum’s on-chain infrastructure for the future. Oxygen  is built around Pools or baskets of assets that function together.


Bridging assets from ETH DeFi to Solana imposes an opportunity cost for consumers. The Parrot protocol seeks to utilize collaterals to create synthetic assets as debts.


Solend is a decentralized borrowing and lending system based on the Solana blockchain. DeFi can replace the global financial system; however, specific problems exist.

Port Finance:

Port Finance is a lending protocol that seeks to offer variable rate, fixed-rate, and interest rate swaps. The main contributors are a tight-knit group of engineers from Google, Facebook, and Microsoft who worked on Serum and Solana.

Jet Protocol:

Jet is a decentralized borrowing and lending system based on Solana. To add, Jet will provide customers with faster and cheaper transactions.


Based on the Solana blockchain, the Acumen protocol allows open financial apps to determine interest rates algorithmically.


Larix is the ultimate loan gateway. The well-constructed interest rate mechanism rewards both borrowers and lenders with Larix tokens.

Ratio Finance:

Ratio Finance allows Solana users to earn interest, take out collateralized loans, and maximize their financial potential, all through a user-friendly interface.

Apricot Finance:

Apricot Finance wants to capitalize on Solana ecology development by creating a unique initiative to become the DeFi industry standard by acting as a decentralized lending system.

Zero Interest:

A fast, secure, and censorship-resistant blockchain, Solana provides access to the open infrastructure needed for the worldwide adoption of ZIP. The Zero Interest Protocol is built on Liquity’s excellent concept for zero-interest loans.


Everlend is a decentralized cross-chain lending system based on Solana. Users may either lend money or give it. They will no longer need to worry about their portfolio, best bargains, and different calculations/scenarios.

4. Derivatives

Mango Markets:

The Mango Markets DEX provides spot and futures trading on-chain. It is also a lending platform, drawing liquidity from its pools and Serum, another Solana-based exchange.


It is a decentralized system for creating and exchanging synthetic assets. Synthetify is a Solana blockchain-based platform that allows for the production and burning of synthetic assets.


In addition to trading on over 130 cryptocurrency exchanges, Hedgehog allows users to monitor their assets and learn about cryptocurrency. It replaces spreadsheets with real-time data from over 130 exchanges and 1000+ coins.

Drift Protocol:

Drift wants to put centralized exchanges’ trader-centric experience on-chain. An expert team from DeFi and traditional finance is working together to make this a reality.


You may create, manage, and trade your portfolio tokens using Sypool’s synthetic asset management system. This is another invention that brought money on-chain.

Digital Asset:

The tokenized eco-system includes digital assets AG. It will deploy its tokenized stock system on the Solana blockchain.


FABRIC uses the Solana Ecosystem and the Serum DEX GUI to trade FAB. To use any synthetic asset, it must be backed by FABRIC tokens (FAB).

Plutos Network:

Plutos Network, a multi-chain synthetic investment hub built on multi-chain architecture. With Solana, it will be easier to scale its Synthetic Issuance and trading platform.

5. Options


It is the first under-collateralized platform based on DeFi choices allowing users to hedge risk against market movements. Zeta is the first under-collateralized platform based on DeFi choices allowing users to hedge risk against market movements.


PsyOptions is a system based on the Solana blockchain in an American style. Flexibility and composability are the concepts that drive the design and development of the core protocol.

UNK Finance:

UNK Finance is a market for on-chain options on Solana. We may establish call contracts backed by Bitcoin and Ethereum and stacked by providers of liquidity.


01 is a decentralized derivative that helps create genuinely autonomous contracts, immediate liquidity, millisecond transaction speeds, and cheap costs across DeFi.

6. Aggregator


SolFarm is Solana’s first yield aggregation platform with self-assembly vault methods. The Dapp is intended to use Solana’s low-cost, high-efficiency blockchain, enabling vault techniques to compound regularly.


Sunny is a Solana-driven composable DeFi yield aggregator. The Sunny Protocol has been built as a fundamental component with composability, allowing other apps and protocols to make it easier.


SolYard is a new Solana Ecosystem Yield Farming Aggregator. SolYard offers methods to improve your Solana crypto assets.


Francium is a unique Solana-built leveraged yield aggregator. It provides consumers with high APY via various community strategies.


OpenOcean is the first complete aggregator of DeFi & CeFi. It finds the best price and lowest slip for traders using an advanced routing system that is thoroughly optimized.


1Sol is a decentralized Solana DEX cross-chain aggregator that enables DeFi’s most smooth, efficient, and secured activities. With DeFi’s fast-growing infrastructures, highly demanded aggregators, and future cross-chain transactions, 1Sol created in Solana.

DAGG Trade:

DAGG Trade offers the finest protocol for the DEX aggregator, built for the Solana blockchain. These are Solana liquidity aggregators, which aggregate the exchange rates of several DEX platforms (Serum, Orca, and forthcoming Sushi).


Apollo seeks to combine the desire to make Terra’s yield stronger. Initial UI images indicate that vaults will be available with UST and ANC, MIR, and mAssets, but it appears evident that this is just the start of the Apollo team.

7. Asset Management


Solrise Finance is a Solana-built decentralized and non-custodial asset management platform. It enables anyone to establish or invest in a $20 fund.


Symmetry facilitates the creation and investment of bespoke crypto indexes. Users may build their index using Symmetry or buy an index produced by someone else.

Step Finance:

Step Finance is Solana’s front page. Visualize, analyze, execute and combine transactions in one location across all Solana contracts.


Stacked Crypto is the investing platform for cryptocurrencies. Manage your assets and invest in pre-developed portfolios and strategies of top hedge funds and traders immediately.

Laguna Finance:

It offers customers access from a single platform to the finest investment possibilities in the Solana ecosystem. Laguna Finance develop, combine and capitalize on DeFi’s unique composability to provide the consumers the greatest yield possibilities.

8. Launchpad


AcceleRaytor Is a Raydium effort to expand the Solana Ecosystem. It will allow Solana initiatives to obtain funding and initial liquidity in a decentralized and interoperable way. Initially, each AcceleRaytor launch project will include two kinds of pools: Community Pools and RAY Pools.


Solstarter is Solana’s initial IDO platform. It enables launchpad projects to increase liquidity and in a decentralized manner fairly. Solstarter ensures fair distribution and is entirely decentralized. Solstarter determines guaranteed allocations for each pool member depending on tiers.


In addition to the launchpad, the platform features DEX UI and staking. Solanium adds inline wallet administration to any linked wallet.

The platform allows users to see token balances, send and receive tokens, and manage token accounts. xSLIM may be obtained by staking SLIM tokens.


It is Solana’s first Multichain IDO platform. It provides a decentralized platform for initiatives to raise funds. Solpad is based on Solana, but its reach extends to other blockchain ecosystems.

 Incubated projects on SolPad will automatically list on SolSwap. It was designed to link Solana and other blockchains.


Solster Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem that assists investors. A platform with guaranteed participant token distribution. It is an ecosystem to help diversify investors’ decentralized funds (DeFi).

Boca Chica:

HAPI’s Boca Chica is a cutting-edge IDO platform on Solana. The HAPI team recognizes the value of Solana’s blockchain and its potential to become the most important blockchain network.

Because of the close relationship with Solana, Boca Chica token may only be purchased through the Solana Staking Reward system.


OxBull is a new Blockchain startup incubator based on Binance Smart Chain. Moreover, OxBull wants to offer the advantages of blockchain to the broader community by facilitating access to blockchain enthusiasts.


With the Solcubator community’s help, projects may raise funds in a safe and decentralized manner while investors can navigate the chaotic terrain to enjoy the rewards of a developing ecosystem.

9. GUI


Bonfida connects Serum, Solana, and the user. With Solana Data analytics, it is the flagship Serum GUI. Bonfida API has witnessed a 25% increase in queries from major market makers in the last week.

It aspires to be a single data truth source in the cryptocurrency sector. Bonfida additionally handles a range of data aggregation and visualization.

10. Gaming/NFT

Non-Fungible Token is the recent trend in the digital world and has set a great impression for the gaming industry. This impeccable technology has the potential to strike the attention of internet users globally. It is capable of converting video gaming into NFTs using the concept of metaverse.

Significantly, Solana has many projects on the list to build virtual gaming experience for the users. One such project is ATLAS which is paving the way for the future generation of gaming platforms. The world is about to witness the evolution of technology into the gaming industry in the near future.

Star Atlas is a blockchain-based, space-themed video game which is built in the Solana blockchain. It is the next generation gaming metaverse where users can play, create and learn with other players globally. Moreover, Players on the Star Atlas metaverse can trade, obtain and create NFTs .

ATLAS is set to be the platform’s native token which will be empowering the economy of the entire metaverse. Whereas, POLIS is the governance token in the Star Atlas metaverse. Thus it will allow the POLIS holders to influence the decision-making of the development team.

Another project from Solana is OpenEra. OpenEra is a MMORPG which is built on the Solana blockchain and powered by Serum. The story behind OpenEra is to create a virtual place where players live, create and explore. Aurory is another gaming project which is powered by Solana and Serum. This platform operates with the concept of “Play-to-Earn”. Aurory allows players to earn while they play and the platform wants the gamers to know the blockchain uses in entertaining and educating perspect.

Next project is DeFi Land which is a web-game invented to gamify decentralized finance (DeFi). The major goal is to interact with DeFi via gaming experience.  COPE is next on the list which is minted on the Solana blockchain and most of its supply will be available in Solana. Then followed by All Art created by the team VR-All-Art, which is the protocol that provides constant liquidity of NFTs. All Art allows NFTs to be traded indefinitely, just like other crypto tokens, with constant liquidity provided by a new type of AMM liquidity pool.

Then comes Metaplex on the list which is built on Solana Blockchain. Besides it is for creating and minting NFTs in a way via wallets and apps. The other project Degenerate Ape academy is a collection of NFTs which is running on the Solana blockchain network. Degenerate Ape platform allows participants to exchange digital artwork collectibles. Through the sale of Degenerate Ape, Solana entered the million-dollar NFT club. 

Significantly, Solana is a part of the growing NFT ecosystem in the market. One such NFT is Kaiju Cards which is a NFT game built on the Solana network. Kaiju Cards provides dynamic NFTs and an environment for players to use it. The platform marches towards the growing next generation NFT technology related to games.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous NFT marketplace where users can trade, buy and sell NFTs. Likewise, Solana’s Sollectify is a creator-centric NFT marketplace where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs in the platform. Another NFT marketplace is Solanart which is the first NFT marketplace on Solana. Solanart platform allows users to access different digital collectibles and explore them. Then comes Solsea which is an open NFT marketplace on Solana. Solsea enables creators to choose and embed licenses in NFTs.

11. Social Platforms

The first application on the list is MAPS, it is the world’s leading offline navigation app with 100 million users globally. Maps are a great companion for travellers as well as it is a wallet where users can exchange money with no hidden fees.

The next platform is Media Network which is a new protocol that avoids the centralized approach of traditional CDN providers. Media Network is a peer-to-peer content delivery network that is a highly scalable and community-governed CDN. Then comes the music streaming platform “AUDIUS”. It is one of the well-known platforms in the crypto market from the Solana foundation. Audius is a high-quality music streaming application where content creators can upload their tracks and share the music globally.

Followed by Only1, which is a NFT-powered social engagement platform developed on Solana. Only1 platform enables users to buy and sell NFTs from any favourite creators. Moreover, the next app on the list is GRAPE protocol. It is a protocol for creating token-based membership communities on Solana. $GRAPE uses the power of Solana to create, reward, and secure online communities.

The most comfortable platform for messaging is It is a messaging app with end-to-end encryption built on Solana and IPFS. uses serverless technology without sacrificing quality. Followed by an online dating app ‘SolDate’ which is also built on Solana. SolDate is a secure platform which enables users to search for a partner and its native token is $DATE. $DATE will enable users to explore blockchain in a simple and fun way.

However, Solana has many platforms which ensures security and protection. It is created with a mission of providing easy access to their users and reaching millions of users globally. Solana has developed applications for all kinds of usage digitally. 

12. Oracle

Oracles are a major component of DeFi infrastructure that allows smart contracts to mingle with the real world. Many solutions have focused on financial and time series data instead of generalizing to all types of data. Solana blockchain contains two oracle Pyth networks and Switchboard

Pyth Network:

The Pyth Network is a decentralized data oracle that launched on the Solana blockchain. It is an oracle that builds a bridge between a blockchain and real-world data. The Pyth network will support DeFi projects on the chain. Pyth will gather data from conventional markets as well as for cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, and aggregating the data on the blockchain which will utilized for other crypto projects such as smart contracts.

Accordingly, the data provided by Pyth will be more accurate. Therefore, the price will be updated on Solana every 400 milliseconds, this very quicker compared with Ethereum oracle which updates prices on the network only every 10-15 seconds.

More so, the Pyth network will connect high-fidelity, time-sensitive, real-world data with deFi applications, and this will play a major role in the industry’s evolution.


Switchboard is building a platform that curates the oracle ecosystem on Solana. The main goal of Switchboard is to provide censorship-resistant access to all forms of data on-chain. Switchboard creates a market of curators incentivized to organize different and unique off-chain data sources and publishers to decentralize quantitative data feeds.

Switchboard provides a much broader set of data providers and customers to choose what they would like to see on-chain. Solana will become one of the quality destinations for developers building high performance

13. Bridge

Solana has disclosed cross-chain bridges such as Allbridge, Swim protocol, Wormhole, Synapse protocol that will allow users to transfer assets easily.


Allbridge is a decentralized, modular, and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. It is the easiest and modern way to transfer assets between networks. The most important aim of Allbridge is to expand the blockchain world and provide a tool to freely move assets between networks.

Allbridge is going to bridge the Impossible Finance (IF) token from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Solana, adding it to the borderless list of the supported token.

Swim Protocol:

Swim protocol neglects the need for wrapped assets on one chain to a native asset on any other supported chain. This is done combining the ideas produced by existing stable asset AMMs with Wormhole’s bridging technology.

The Swim protocol aims to create a fast, flawless experience that links between smart contract chains, also creating a network of native asset pools on multiple chains through which users can swap flawlessly from one chain to another without using wrapped assets.


Solana introduced Wormhole, a secure and decentralized bridge that connects Ethereum to Solana. Wormhole allows surviving projects to move tokenized assets flawlessly and trustlessly across blockchains to benefit from Solana’s high speed and low cost. A wormhole opens a quicker way for non-native belongings to enter Solana’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Synapse Protocol:

14. Staking Pool

A staking pool enables multiple stakeholders to combine their computer resources to improve their chances for reward. In other words, they join forces in the testing and validation of new blocks, so they are more likely to earn a reward for the block. is a liquid staking protocol which is developed on Solana. Marinade provides users with the easiest way to stake their tokens. Users can stake SOL tokens using automated staking strategies without lockup period. Thus the platform allows users to enjoy automatic compounded rewards. Consequently, the other staking pool is Socean. 


Socean is a 100% transparent, algorithmic, and decentralized stake pool for Solana blockchain. Moreover, the Socean stake pool offers SOL holders the opportunity to participate in DeFi and earn rewards.

Socean is fully transparent is developed with a real-time dashboard. Users can monitor where their stake $SOL is going or can identify with whom they stake. Furthermore, this staking pool is fair and decentralized with a strong staking strategy.

15. Wallet Extension

The primary use of crypto wallet is friendly-access. It is an application that stores our tokens and users can send or receive and can track ownership of cryptocurrencies. The wallet has navigation where users have easy access to trade or store digital-assets. Wallets offer different solutions and approaches to transact or interact with the tokens. It works in an encrypted method where users can use a wallet to transact or receive addresses in a secured way. Solana supports a wide range of wallets, allowing you to strike the balance of safety and reliability.

Wallet extensions offer users easy access to the wallet via browser with wallet information. 


Coin98 is a  non-custodial crypto wallet which supports the Solana Network’s SOL and SPL tokens. Moreover, the wallet offers payment gateway features to its users. Significantly, the next wallet on the list is Phantom. 


It is a friendly digital wallet developed on Solana for DeFi and NFT. This platform offers easy access for users where they can store, receive, collect, send, and swap tokens on Solana Blockchain. Phantom enables users to interact with blockchain-applications directly from web browsers. Moreover, it is a non-custodial wallet and the platform focuses on sending and receiving NFT collectibles in a secure way. 


Sollet, a web-based crypto wallet that allows users to manage digital assets on the Solana blockchain in a secure manner. It is an open-source wallet for users and developers where they can send and receive SOL and SPL tokens. The other multi-chain wallet on the Solana blockchain is Math wallet. Even more, it is a multi-chain and cross-chain assets hub that supports more than 60 blockchains. 

Math wallet:

Math wallet offers Math DApp Store, MathStaking, Math Custody, Math NFT, Math Chain, Math Hub, Math DEX, Math ID, and Math Pay. Furthermore, this app is available in both Apple Store and Android Play Store, so users can download the app to interact with the Solana network.

Solong wallet:

Solong wallet is a one place wallet where users can manage all your Solana assets. Thus users can send, receive and interact with SOL tokens. However, wallets are a key component to manage collection of tokens in a user-friendly way.


Sonar is employed to trace Yield Farming and Liquidity Pool performance on the Solana platform. In addition, Sonar dashboard will survey the Solana blockchain and shows collection statistics from the Serum or Orca or Radiyum pools and Radiyum farms.


A cross-chain DeFi dashboard, Apeboard, is used to observe the portfolio balances over DeFi protocols. Moreso, Apeboard also supports various protocols on Solana.

Serum Pulse:

Serum Pulse is the top analytics platform and inbuilt dashboard for market and staking the data for Serum and Solana platform


SolanaProject is a weighted index that traces the performance of decentralized financial (DeFi) assets over the market. It will display all projects that build on Solana


Solscan is the user-friendly scanning tool that is available on Solana Ecosystem. More so, Solscan is utilized to look for the entire transaction history which includes the transfer of tokens and the performance of the contract.


Synchrony brings the best tools together and performs the traditional and decentralized finance space into a solution. Moreover, Solana is the most scalable blockchain so synchrony builds on Solana.

Neon Labs:

A blockchain software company, Neon Labs is utilized to make it easier to port Ethereum applications to the Solana blockchain. Therefore the Ethereum developers will soon be able to deploy their applications to Solana.

LIQ Protocol:

LIQ Protocol is a decentralized liquidation engine that built for Serum decentralized exchange (DEX) margin markets on the Solana platform.  It will enable liquidity through its engine to manage liquidation for Solana-based borrowing projects.


Solanatip is a Google extension that utilizes and encourages users to provide a small number of cryptocurrencies to tweets. Furthermore, it will enable users to give and receive tips on Twitter, all the credits will go to the Solana blockchain and its Name Service


Metasol, a meta transaction protocol that encourages users to transfer Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens without holding Solana (SOL) on Solana blockchain.`

P2P Validator:

P2P Validator offers secure staking, so it will allow the investors to compound their cryptocurrency investment.


QuickNode is a Web3 developer platform that will guide the user to build and operate blockchain-powered applications (dApps).

Bitquery is a collection of software products that store, parse and index blockchain data in a unified way. Bitquery offers APIs, Dashboard Analytics, Explorers, and widgets.


Blockchain Service Provider GenesysGO provides robust and secure infrastructure, to facilitate blockchain developers and operators the performance they need

Boring protocol:

A decentralized Virtual Private Network (VPN) that builds on Solana is Boring Protocol. It provides an economic incentive for node providers with transparent programs to secure network users

17. Others


A cryptocurrency platform that provides perpetual, time-based digital derivatives markets is Hxro. More so, it provides an easy and simple way to interact with the crypto market and traders get an alternate way to express a view on price, hedge risk, and trade digital assets.

Burnt Finance:

Burnt Finance is developed to prove that physical artwork values can channeled into an NFT. Even more, it is a decentralized auction protocol powers the Solana blockchain but created on the injective protocol


Steaking makes staking simple, easy, and secure. It allows users to stake Solana more easily and simply.


Solstake makes staking on Solana easier. Users can stake SOL, manage accounts and earn rewards just in a single app.

Rope Official:

ROPE is a next-generation, full-scale decentralized ecosystem that brings the famous and well-known market volatility index to the crypto market.

Lava Cash:

A decentralized privacy preservation protocol built for the Solana blockchain is Lava Cash. It was the first privacy-preserving smart contract on Solana.

Solar system:

The solar system is the one-stop platform for discovering projects, maintaining track of news, and buying merchandise on the Solana Ecosystem.

Solana. bet is a decentralized sportsbook settlement on Solana


Fluidity allows assets based on Solana to convert into a Fluid version. It is a Solana grant recipient and it will launch on Solana and Integrate Defi protocols that are based on Solana.


The first decentralized pooled giveaway platform built on Solana is SolLotto. It plans to operate several pooled giveaways compatible with several SPL tokens, providing the convenience of entry to members of the Solana network.


Solana has a fantastic ecosystem which indicates the growth of the platform. Solana is normally called the ‘Ethereum Killer’. 

Moreover, adoption is one of the big challenges for Solana’s long-term prospects. Furthermore, the growing adoption of the crypto industry continues to increase, there will be enough space for digital assets such as Solana, Ethereum, and others. 

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Bitcoin Holders Take Profits, Indicators Remain Bullish?



crypto weekly market analysis

Without consensus on its implications, the Evergrande potential default has impacted the traditional market, and Bitcoin. The first cryptocurrency by market cap started the week with a correction with risk to trend further down.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin trades at $43,462 with a 9.1% and 6% loss in the daily and weekly chart, respectively.

BTC on a downside trend in the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview

Bitcoin Holds On To Critical Support

Pseudonym analyst IncomeSharks claimed that Bitcoin could be at the beginning of a correction. The analyst looked at BTC’s On Balance Volume (OBV), a metric used to measure momentum.

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As seen below, Bitcoin has been moving sideways on its OBV since it moved to the upside at the end of July. This coincides with BTC breaking out from its former range, and its current price action.

Source: IncomeSharks via Twitter

If Bitcoin break to the downside on its OBV, bulls could face hurdles on their attempts to reclaim previous highs.

In the meantime, the $40,500 to $43,000 will operate as critical support, according to analyst Daan Crypto Trades with $50,000 still operating as major resistance. This analyst said:

BTC I’m seeing $40.5-50K approximately as a big range we’re in. We initially got rejected by the upper resistance area and now came back down. The entire 40.5-43.5K area should offer good support and I doubt we’d fall below that without much of a fight.

Bitcoin Indicators Favor The Bulls

Despite the current price action and the macro-economic elements that suggest more downside, Bitcoin seem to show strength on some of its fundamentals. Part of the reason for the crash, according to a Glassnode report, is some BTC holders taking profit on upper levels.

Since late July, the market has consistently realised net profits on the order of around $1B per day as prices rallied from $31k to over $52k. This suggests a relatively meaningful bid has supported the market on the way up.

An important metric that has favored the bulls is the amount of Bitcoin sitting on exchange platforms. Standing at a 13% of BTC total supply, a new multi-year low according to Glassnode, the metric has continued to trend downwards.

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As seen below, the amount of BTC on exchanges returned to levels last seen in February 2018. This was followed by a period of consolidation before Bitcoin gather enough strength to score a fresh all-time high.

Source: Glassnode Insights

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5 Newly Added Crypto: C4G3, BLIZZ, FREE, PKD, BRIGHT



5 Newly Added Crypto: C4G3, BLIZZ, FREE, PKD, BRIGHT
  • 5 newly added tokens: C4G3, BLIZZ, FREE, PKD, BRIGHT.
  • CAGE is a new decentralized meme revolution.
  • PetKingdom (PKD) was developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Crypto markets have been adding many new tokens to the crypto industry. Now let us see the 5 newly added tokens: C4G3, BLIZZ, FREE, PKD, BRIGHT.

1. CAGE (C4G3)

CAGE is a new decentralized meme revolution. It has launched its governance token C4G3. The team behind C4G3 aims to influence the marketing power of using memes and build products with them at the core. Henceforth, the foremost goal is to launch the Cage meme Index which will be used by the Cage network.

According to CoinMarketCap, the C4G3 price is trading at $0.01719, with a 24-hour trading volume of $474,743. In the last 24 hours C4G3 has dropped 5.99%.

2. Blizzard Network (BLIZZ)

The second newly added token is Blizzard Network (BLIZZ). Blizzard network is a yield accumulator that provides easy and simple farming options at the same time for users enabling some crypto trading experience. More so, on the Blizzard network, the BLIZZ token is utilized as a governance token.

At the time of writing BLIZZ price has surged 82.18 $ in the last 24 hours. According to CoinMarketCap, BLIZZ’s price is trading at $5.17 with a 24-hour trading volume of $577,553.

3. FreeRiver (FREE)

A Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the MoonRiver blockchain is FreeRiver. FreeRiver also provides a portfolio management tool. The native utility token of FreeRiver is FREE.  

According to CoinMarketCap, FreeRiver price is trading at $18.66 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,186,972. At press time, FREE has gained 35.60 in the last 24 hours.

4.PetKingdom (PKD)

PetKingdom (PKD) was developed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players of PetKingdom can spend $PKD non-fungible token (NFT) to purchase incubators, so it will help to unlock the character. Furthermore, PetKingdom is a Non-fungible token (NFT) game that enables players to an entirely new level. In that, players can complete the tasks and join in battles to collect $PKD.

At press time, PetKingdom’s (PKD) price is trading at $0.2749. As per CoinMarketCap, the 24-hour trading volume of PKD is $497,503.

5. Bright Token (BRIGHT)

The last newly added token is Bright Token (BRIGHT). BRIGHT is the token behind a powerful community BrightDAO. More so, the best ways to allocate $BRIGHT are a fair drop and an ongoing fair distribution mechanism. Bright token (BRIGHT) can be traded in the crypto exchanges such as BKEX, Uniswap (V3), AOFEX, LBank, and BiBox.

Accordingly, as per CoinMarketCap, BRIGHT price is trading at $0.8569 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,651,208, at the time of writing.

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Decentralized Role-Playing Game Nine Chronicles Launches Arena Season 0



Decentralized Role-Playing Game Nine Chronicles Launches Arena Season 0

Nine Chronicles, a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) backed by South Korean blockchain company Planetarium and video game juggernaut Ubisoft is off to a flying start after launching Arena Season 0 on September 8th.

The inaugural season, called Yggdrasil: The Alpha Season, will run until approximately October 6th, (ending once block number 2,463,999 has been validated) and allows players to win their share of 896,000 NCG tokens in prize pools along with rare and exclusive NFTs that provide players with in-game utility and built-in value.

Why This Game Could Be the Next Big Thing in Blockchain-based Gaming

With a robust Discord community and a Twitter following of more than 36,000 people, Nine Chronicles is set to capture the imagination of MMORPG players and crypto enthusiasts alike. But that’s just one reason the game is likely to take off.

Just last month, Planetarium raised $2.6 million in venture capital funding from some of the top funds in the investing in the gaming sector to grow the staff of developers and continue building out the content for the game itself.

But of course, there is an even bigger reason Nine Chronicles is set up for success. It follows in the footsteps of Axie Infinity in offering players a chance to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs using its unique version of a play-to-earn model that will continue to evolve as the game matures.

It’s estimated that Axie Infinity has generated a whopping $485 million in revenue since July. With the incentives Nine Chronicles has in place for players and the fact that the value of in-game NFTs is directly connected to the size and passion of the communities around these play-to-earn games, the game could be the next to rock the crypto world and put value back into the hands of players rather than solely profiting publishers.

More about the Play-to-Earn Features behind Nine Chronicles’ Inaugural Season

Yggdrasil: The Alpha Season features four main rewards for players:

  • 448,000 NCG tokens split between all players who qualify for arena gameplay.
  • 448,000 NCG tokens split between the weekly top 500 players in the game.
  • Six mythical-grade costume Ruci character in-game NFTs and 34 legendary-grade costume Rui in-game NFTs.
  • 100 titles for top-tier arena players

How Players Can Qualify to Earn Rewards

The rewards offered during the first season of Nine Chronicles have the potential to be so massively valuable that the game takes off, but players do need to qualify to earn rewards by doing three things:

  1. Get to level 17 to unlock arena mode.
  2. Continue competing in the arena to get higher ratings for characters.
  3. Claim rewards through the Nine Chronicles portal.

Players can participate in a maximum of 20 available fights every single day. They need arena tickets to enter into battles. They can receive five tickets every six hours (or every 2,000 validated blocks).

The current architecture of the game does not allow for more at the moment but the plan is to allow for more arena tickets to be made available to players in future seasons.

Why the Future Value of the NFTs Could Skyrocket

The end-of-season rewards for Nine Chronicles players are both abundant, scarce, and potentially insanely valuable in the future, so the game covers every base.

All participants who enter the arena get to earn NCG tokens. Top 500 weekly players get to split the same share of tokens, plus the game rewards players who stake their NCG tokens throughout the season.

The rewards don’t just come in the form of more tokens, but a chance to mint one of 240 NFTs exclusive to the first season. That includes the chance at 1 of 9 Rui character NFTs.

To have an exclusive character that there are just nine of for a community that experienced an 850% growth in daily active users in the second fiscal quarter of this year means Nine Chronicles could see players playing to earn some insanely valuable rewards.


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Top 3 Crypto Tokens on Fire Now



Top 3 Crypto Tokens on Fire Now
  • The top 3 crypto tokens on fire now are GALA, TRX, KIRO.
  • GALA is the utility token of the Gala Games Ecosystem.
  • TRON uses delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

In the crypto market, the top 3 crypto tokens on fire now are Gala (GALA), TRON (TRX), and Kirobo (KIRO)

1. Gala (GALA)

GALA is the utility token of the blockchain gaming project, Gala Games ecosystem. More so, Gala Games seems to be one of the best performing cryptocurrencies. GALA tends to use emerging trends in the blockchain industry, so the players in the Gala Games can experience more control over the trending and popular things in the gaming industry. Players of Gala Games can own non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

According to CoinMarketCap, Gala’s (GALA) price is trading at $0.09384 with a 24-hour trading volume of $190,437,409. At the time of writing the circulating supply of GALA is 6.98B GALA.


Blockchain-based decentralized digital platform TRON has its cryptocurrency TRX. Henceforth, the features that are utilized by Tron are blockchain and peer-to-peer (P2P) network technology. TRON uses delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. TRON working to organize a global entertainment system for the cost-effective sharing of digital content.

Accordingly, as per CoinMarketCap, TRON’s (TRX) price is trading at $0.09197 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,862,431,358. At press time, the circulating supply of TRX is 71.66B TRX.

3. Kirobo (KIRO)

Kirobo (KIRO), a cryptocurrency token designed on top of the Ethereum platform. It prevents users from cryptocurrency transaction risks and makes crypto management as easier, simple, and secure as online banking. Furthermore, Kirobo has created logic layers over the Bitcoin and Ethereum network, it will provide a unique transaction code. The code has to be entered by the recipient to receive the funds from the sender.

More so, at the time of writing, Kirobo’s (KIRO) price is trading at $0.3641. As per CoinMarketCap, the 24-hour trading volume of KIRO is 1,163,247.

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The Immediate and Future Functionalities of Studyum



The Immediate and Future Functionalities of Studyum

The legacy education system is plagued with problems that must be addressed. In the United States alone, there are 81.5 million students enrolled in the public education system. The US government spends $680 billion annually, over 7% of its GDP on education. This equates to more money per student than in most other countries, and yet per a report from the Social Progress Index, the US is ranked 91st out of 163 countries when it comes to access to quality education. But the problems that plague the US education system are not unique – they plague other nations as well.

While there are a million and one opinions on what’s wrong, and why and how to fix the system, we have reached a global consensus on two points: First, the modern education system is failing. Second, students’ lack of motivation has reached an all-time high.

Technology has become an inseparable part of our daily lives, especially with the recent generations. We never leave the house without our phones and the ongoing pandemic has only made us turn to technology even more for comfort. The advances of the gaming industry have made its products addictive. Is it strange then that students are more interested in gaming than learning? Now, this is a clear problem for educational institutions, but could it also be the solution?

Implementing the principles of gamification into the workings of its platform, Studyum is turning the problem into a solution. By harnessing the power of advanced technological solutions like blockchain, NFTs, and visual technology, Studyum is building an edtech platform designed for success in the modern world.

What is Studyum?

Studyum is a revolutionary learning platform built on a secure decentralized blockchain. It combines artificial intelligence, machine learning, facial recognition, 3D avatars and NFT to offer an unrivaled experience for educators and students.

The Studyum platform tackles the problems of the educational system by creating an environment where students are effectively motivated to succeed. Studyum addresses the issues by merging its innovations with the learning experience, for both educators’ and students’ benefit.

The Studyum platform will utilize the STUD token as the utility token of the platform.

Benefits for educators:

  • Access to a groundbreaking learning management system.
  • An intuitive platform to create content in 2D or 3D and generate unique NFT collectible cards.
  • Tools to motivate their students, combined with a reward system that encourages progress on the platform.

For teachers, the tools they need are now at their fingertips, allowing them to reach and engage students like never before.

Benefits for students:

  • Tailored digital learning experience, with facial microexpression analysis to follow the student’s style and needs.
  • Outstanding 3D avatars that connect the online and physical world together.
  • A unique combination of VR, AI and machine learning.
  • A reward system with tokenized NFT collectibles.
  • Access to a decentralized NFTfi marketplace, where users can swap, stake, and trade.
  • Tools to optimize student’s learning, such as the SMARTchat and the support of the community.

Studyum allows students to learn their own way and at their own pace so they are never “left behind.” The platform adapts to them, and not vice versa.

A look inside: The immediate functionalities

With the launch of Studyum, these functionalities are operational from day one:

  1. Licensing courses for coaches. This makes it easier and more efficient to implement a better user experience for the coaches, students, and parents.
  2. Training programs for coaches and parents. This means all those who participate can contribute to the success of education.
  3. Training programs for students. The uniformity of this successful user experience will give structure to the innovative methods of the Studyum platform.
  4. Group and individual learning. This is the best of both worlds. No student gets “left behind” while the success of group learning is also ensured.
  5. Homework section. This allows for homework to be set up, all on the platform.
  6. A lesson-by-lesson curriculum and course roadmaps. This gives the educators a turnkey solution, so they have the resources to focus on the success of each student.
  7. Creation of user blocks, so that AI can be used to help provide personalized programming. The user does not have access to this information, as it is stored privately. Using AI can ensure this is a tailored experience so everyone can win.

A look ahead: The future functionalities

Voting and staking tokens are important future functions of the platform.

A portion of the unsold tokens from the IDO  launch (see explanation below) will be frozen to provide funding for any STUD token holder to create content. This will work similarly to many token-curated registries in that an individual stakes a certain amount of STUD to be able to teach a lesson.

If anyone believes that the class holds no purpose or that the teacher is not qualified, they can challenge them for the position of the teacher. The Studyum community can ensure the quality of proposed classes by either challenging the teacher’s competence or the credibility of a class being offered. If an individual succeeds in proving the teacher or the course are inadequate  (meaning that the teacher was deemed unworthy), then the person who issued the challenge has a right to the funds staked by the original candidate.

For Investors

As an investor, this project also has the potential to be one of those you wished you hadn’t passed up. How can you be a part of this from the very beginning?

The Studyum ecosystem will utilize the STUD token, powered by the blockchain. STUD tokens will be available for purchase when the IDO stage starts.

An Initial Dex Offering or IDO is a fundraising method in which the token is issued via a decentralized liquidity exchange that relies on liquidity pools. You can swap your tokens with other traders in the exchange. Investors can buy tokens at the point of launch, then resell them at a higher price later in the IDO process.

To find more and join the Studyum community, click here.

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Inflatable Bitcoin Rat Makes Comeback Due To Federal Reserve Ethics Issue



bitcoin rat

This content was originally featured on Bitcoinist

In October 2018, a massive inflatable Bitcoin rat was erected outside of the United States Federal Reserve building by artist Nelson Saiers. Now, the former Managing Director for Deutsche Bank AG and hedge fund manager turned mathematical artist is back at it, as the Fed is up to no good once again.

Here is a glimpse at what is going on at the Fed currently that’s caused Saiers to raise a such a stir, how it involves Bitcoin, and what you can do to take a stand like Saiers has.

Nelson Saiers And His 2018 Inflatable Bitcoin Rat

Bitcoin wouldn’t be where it is today, trading at more than $40,000 per coin, if it weren’t for early evangelists spreading the cryptocurrency’s message.

No other form of money exists with such scarcity, and it is thanks to a foundation of mathematical code. Math is right up Saiers’ alley. Saiers has been referred to as the “Warhol of Wall Street” due to his financial-based artworks, and received his PhD in Math at the age of 23.

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As an artist, he’s produced pieces heavy with geometry and numbers. In one such example, Saiers features $10 bills crushed up in a vending machine costing only 50 cents each.

Here $10 bills are for “sale” for 50 cents. Alexander Hamilton, whose image adorns the $10 was a huge advocate for a “national bank”. His ideas provided the foundation for the creation of the Federal Reserve a century later. Cheap Money (low interest rates which are often impacted by the FED) was a central cause of 2008 Crash, a description reads.

Saiers’ latest piece is also directly outside the Fed, because he’s trying to raise awareness for something he’s shocked there isn’t more “outrage” over: Federal Reserve presidents playing games with rates and other levers while they are also trading securities in their personal accounts.


Crypto has come a long way since Saiers' last stunt in front of the Fed | Source: BTCUSD on

The latest Bitcoin rat has been slightly modified from the 2018 original. The newest has a black right eye, which represents how the actions of the Fed presidents are “a real black eye” for the Federal Reserve’s “reputation.” The eye also says POW in reference to the proof-of-work consensus mechanism Bitcoin uses. The black eye also references “getting punched” Saiers told us.

Also updated from the original is the sign that said “I smell a rat.” It now reads “I smell 2 weasels” along with the question “does anybody know how to get to Dallas?” Saiers has shared some exclusive photos with us, which you can check out below.

1632159499 163 Inflatable Bitcoin Rat Makes Comeback Due To Federal Reserve Ethics

What’s Going On With The Fed?

The situation the art piece is referencing, is an “ethics review” called for by Fed chairman Jerome Powell, in response to letters Senator Elizabeth Warren sent to the Fed’s regional bank presidents demanding stricter ethics policies, especially around each president’s own holdings.

All this comes following several Fed presidents disclosing stock trades, which have come under scrutiny. The “2 weasels” in question are, Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, who held stock in in Pfizer, Chevron and AT&T, and Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan who traded seven-digits worth of stocks like Apple, Amazon and Delta Air Lines, according to a CNBC report.

The problem isn’t that these people were trading stocks, but doing so while also – as Saiers points out – making “rate and bailout decisions.”

So how does this all involve Bitcoin? Well, aside from the fact Saiers has used BTC in the past to prove similar points, the lack of noise around Wall Street and traditional markets over this ethical issue has caused him to turn to crypto instead.

1632159499 870 Inflatable Bitcoin Rat Makes Comeback Due To Federal Reserve Ethics

“Satoshi couldn’t stand bailouts,” Saiers said, “so I wanted to bring attention to it to the crypto world.” Saiers’ art is now standing in opposition of the Fed right now.

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With Saiers’ statement now out there, will crypto help the rest of the world wake up to what is going on right under their noses? And when they do, will they finally understand why Bitcoin is so special? Probably not, but the more central banks cause distrust, the better the case for Bitcoin in the long run.

Special thanks to those like Satoshi, Saiers, and others who selflessly fight causes that effect so many others. If you want to get involved and stop this, buying BTC is one option, but you can also contact your local state and federal elected officials and let your voice be heard.

Follow @TonySpilotroBTC on Twitter or via the TonyTradesBTC Telegram. Content is educational and should not be considered investment advice.

Featured image from iStockPhoto, Charts from

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Cardano (ADA) Will Pick Up Pace Soon Reaching Over $3



Cardano (ADA) Will Pick Up Pace Soon Reaching Over $3
  • Cardano (ADA) is considered as one of the top 5 cryptocurrency in the market. 
  • The price of ADA is expected to hit back its new ATH soon.

Cardano (ADA) is considered as one of the top 5 cryptocurrency in the market. Currently, ADA holds 4th position on CoinMarketCap. ADA is on a weekly bounce right now from the $1.9 mark to ATH of $3.16. 

Moreover, ADA sellers pushed the price down to $1.89. On August 16, this level stands as the start of the last two weeks’ rally. As per CoinMarketCap, the ADA price is trading at $2.11 with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,750,535,352, at the press time.

Cardano ADA Will Pick Up Pace Soon Reaching Over 3
ADA/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

An ascending channel is created by joining the swing lows with a lower trend line and the swing highs with an upper channel line. A breakout above an ascending channel may represent that the upward trend will continue, whereas a breakdown below an ascending channel may indicate that the trend will change.

The price of ADA is expected to hit back its new ATH $3.10 soon. Even more, the price of ADA can reach great heights soon.

Sidney Vollmer of the Cardano Foundation asked the community members of Cardano to keep an eye on some mind-blowing partnerships at the Cardano Summit. This will occur in the upcoming weekend on September 25-26. 

Furthermore, the announcement could be a sign of the upcoming things to come. More so, upcoming discoveries can make the ADA price higher.

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