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Best Ways to Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain Authority The domain authority is a relatively recent measure (DA). Moz, a SaaS company that provides tools for digital marketing, has created this score. Domain Authority is a score to predict how well search engine results are ranked by a website. The scale of DA is 1-100, and the higher th

Domain Authority

The domain authority is a relatively recent measure (DA). Moz, a SaaS company that provides tools for digital marketing, has created this score.

Domain Authority is a score to predict how well search engine results are ranked by a website.

The scale of DA is 1-100, and the higher the score the greater will be the ranking. This ranking is not used by search engines such as Google or otherwise taken into account.

Instead, it predicts how the website is ranked by Google and others.

The Domain Authority contains over 40 variables but is focused mostly on inbound links numbers and consistency.

This means Moz sees the number of root domains and the number of total links to determine the ranking. What is the number of unique websites that links to your website?

And how many links from all of the other sites to your site? Finally, the quality of these sites is used to define each link’s meaning.

Impact of Domain Authority on Your Site

The basic theory is that search engines decide how important a site page is depending on the number and content of the sites linked to it.

The more the quality sites linked with you, the higher the level of your domain authority and the higher the probability of being high on SERP.

The reputation and trustworthiness of a domain are calculated in part by the number and content of the inbound links on the websites.

These links notify Google that your website has helpful material which needs to be linked to, shared and discussed.

This is why it is so important to connect building techniques such as content marketing, blogger communication and social media presence.

It is also important to review your links frequently and to get rid of any “spam” backlinks that could affect your own ranking.

Given are the best ways how you can improve your Domain Authority y following some simple strategies?

ü  Post High-quality Content

If you write value-added high-quality content, other bloggers would want to link with you their pages. Content to be linked could be anything from how-to manuals and teaching to infographics and original study.

If you regularly produce high-quality posts, people will most likely link back to you when they post their content.

If you write content and appear to be unable to get momentum, then contact bloggers straight away.

Let them know you have produced quality content, ask if they want to link to it. It is not always simple, so you will need to implement a strategy for building a broken link or a skyscraper content strategy.

Many SEOs automatically think about backlinks (external links) when talking about links, but they do not even remember that there are internal links as well. Why the internal linking structure should be improved, you might ask?!

Ok, so we need to give our users the latest information and guidance so that they can quickly find what they want. Correctly positioned internal links mitigate the risk of our users abandoning our website (worse cases) when they are “lost,” and are unable to find what they want.

ü  Keep Checking Your DA

Moz provides various resources for verifying your DA. Link Explorer and MozBar are two free modes for checking your Domain Authority.

The DA checker is also part of Moz’s paying tools however this has some limitations and you can only check 10 domains in a month. Besides Moz also restricts its users to check DA of a site one at a time, which means you can’t check DA in bulks.

A better and reliable alternative to it is using the DA checker by PREPOSTSEO that utilizes premium MOZ’s API to run its tool. So you don’t have to concern about its legitimacy in first hand and the best thing is, it’s a bulk domain authority checker. You can check up to 500 domains at a time using PREPOSTSEO DA checker and it also shows the spam score of the sites.

Subsequently to keep a check and balance of your site DA frequently check your DA.

It enables you to know where you stand in the race of Domain Authority and let you what are lacking to improve even more with spam score results.

ü  Gain More Guest Posts

Blogs’ guest posting has long been approved as one of the quickest ways to establish a quality link to your site. Besides, guest posting drives direct traffic by referrals to your website.

If you plan to make quality links back to your website with guest posting, make sure that you do this the right way.

Most websites that welcome guest posts have a policy that you have to accept, otherwise, they won’t accept your posts. One such regulation is that posts that are apparent ads should not be sent.

It may be cautious to have a professional organization deal with the guest posting. In this way, you guarantee that quality guest posts containing your links are forwarded to high-level websites.

Once your attempts to make guest posts are complete, you will be better positioned to improve your domain authority.

ü  Using Relevant Keywords

Searches aren’t necessarily written queries completely. Searches are most commonly brief sentences consisting of many keywords.

If you include important keywords, the website would have higher domain authority. Keywords often bolded by a search engine that complement requests, so user’s eyes are drawn to the appropriate contents.

As in every aspect, too much of a normal or valuable act affects negatively the situation same is the case with keyword adjustment.

This technique is called keyword stuffing, in which the websites replicate the same sentences over and over, often with just minor variations, in the Meta description of the site itself and its actual text.

This not only seems unprofessional, it will also lower your domain authority because the algorithm of Google pushes keyword stuffers to the bottom of the results list. To be noted here, if you rely too much on SEO, your domain will suffer. The domain authority is based on strong quality content, not keywords bursting.


You will have to find out how successful they are after implementing your DA score enhancement techniques.

This means that you regularly check your DA ranking using a DA checker. Although a domain authority score would not improve immediately, please assign yourself a timetable as long as you wait between inspections.

Focus your energy on growing up your website by regularly upgrading it with better contents and adhering to best SEO practice.


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