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Six Ways to add value to your home

Every so often, people ponder over the refurbishment of the home in some way or another. It is natural to find it tempting to go overboard and embark on the home’s complete renovation. Expanding the garden or an additional bedroom can surely soar up the property value and set a high asking price in

Six Ways to add value to your home

Every so often, people ponder over the refurbishment of the home in some way or another. It is natural to find it tempting to go overboard and embark on the home’s complete renovation. Expanding the garden or an additional bedroom can surely soar up the property value and set a high asking price in the market. However, it is essential to remind yourself that the whole modernization process comes with a heavy price tag. Chances are, not all your well-earned money will turn out to be a big hit. Not to forget how time-extensive it might be. Despite that, the good news is that you can still revitalize your house without making drastic changes.

It doesn’t matter if you wish to sell the house or make it guaranteed not to supersede; several options can bring value. By sinking your money into small, easy, and simple projects, you can make your home a winning property and appeal to budget-minded buyers. Begin by the areas that pique your interests; most likely, these areas will rouse the prospective buyers, too.

Still unsure from where to start? Read on to find out some of the tips that can add home-enticing features as well as add real value:

  1. Declutter Personal Belongings

The last thing any home buyers want to see is your possessions and belongings scattered and tossed away messily. Therefore, start spring cleaning each one of your rooms and jot down all the items in a list. Cast aside the ones that are of no use. However, if you have some personal belongings that you don’t want to get rid of, it is better to place them in a storage unit. You can find many storage units around your area. For instance, if you are a resident of small-town Pace in Florida, you can search online by typing Pace self storage to pick up the best and reliable storage units. That way, you can have a safe and secure place where you can hold on to your valuable possessions until the time you sell your house.

  1. Update the Kitchen

The first thing that catches the eyes of people on the interior side is the kitchen. Since many people consider the kitchen the heart of the home, it necessitates investing special attention in this area.

The easiest and arguably the most inexpensive way is to replace the cabinets. Or you can coat them in a new color. Another best practice is to change the old and worn-out hardware such as knobs and handles. Substitute the kitchen island with granite to give a facelift and increase the chances of an immediate and profitable sale. Don’t forget to clean out all the dirt and filth accumulated on the cabinets before selling.

  1. Enhance the Curb Appeal

It refers to the view of your home from the street. The more enticing and attractive your garden is, the more it will evoke feelings of anticipation and excitement in homebuyers. Since the first impression lasts, people will be willing to buy your home at a relatively higher price.

Give an impetus to your property value by planting new trees. As the trees grow healthy, they reduce the carbon footprint in the atmosphere and give a bump to the curb appeal. Apart from this, adding different lighting fixtures on the terrace, entrance, and side doors can add a sense of security to the home. However, you don’t need to ransack your savings by purchasing high-end lamps. Opt for solar panels or LED lights for revampment.

One bonus tip is to replace the front door. Paint a bold color such as dark brown or red to elevate the property value and leave a good impression on the entrance. Also, upgrade the house numbers with metal to make it stand out.

  1. Revamp the Bathroom

An old and antique bathroom design will undoubtedly abandon people’s interest in your home. The prospective buyers can foresight about the future expenses of the archaic bathroom and will back off.

Take things up a notch by giving a new look to your bathroom. You don’t need to go for extravagancies such as a towel heater when it comes to revamping. Pick up beige colors or neutral tints to add a fresh lick of paint and give a spa-style look-over. Change the sink faucets and showers with modern and customized ones to attract buyers. Ring lights on the vanity can make your bathroom look stylish and refined. Extra lighting will always make the bathroom look larger and spacious. Also, a floor with tiles and classic texture can earn you some brownie points.

  1. Add a New Lick of Paint

A new and fresh lick of paint on the overall home might seem like a costly idea. However, the attention it will draw from the prospects will be worth it. New paint will put the potential buyers at ease as they won’t have to deal with the hassle of painting all by themselves.

Pastel colors are always a surefire success; you can play with bright and bold colors too. Avoid painting excessive colors as this will make your home look congested and appalling. Understandably, you might want to make your home distinguish amongst others. However, make sure the color scheme sits well with the houses in your vicinity. Moreover, try out wall art designing on the interior to keep up with the ongoing home improvement trends.

  1. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is one of the top-most factors that homebuyers usually notice when visiting the property. Therefore, step things up by installing energy-efficient solutions to your home. Not only will it save you costs of energy bills, but it will also provide you with the opportunity to save the environment.

Scan through each room and figure out the cracks and apparent damages on the sockets. Make cosmetic changes using insulation as it helps to keep the atmosphere inside the house chill during winter months and fill with warmth during summer. Another great energy-efficient solution is to embed HVAC systems. It brings cool air from the outer environment and keeps the ventilation intact.

Final Words

Renovation doesn’t have to be a complicated task, nor do you need to go the extra mile with the up-gradation. The trend of uber-luxury has now become antiquated. Minor touch-ups to your home are enough to raise the property’s value and give an appealing character and impact. All you need is to play your creative skills and the enthusiasm to draw the attention of potential buyers and gain maximum value from this precious asset.


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