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What Are Some Helpful Tips to Undo Sun Damage?

While it feels good to spend some time out in the sun, it may damage your skin. Generally, the UV (ultraviolet) light from the sun usually damages your skin by causing sunburns. Additionally, these rays may result in dark spots, wrinkles, and other skin issues. As a result of the effect of the rays,


While it feels good to spend some time out in the sun, it may damage your skin. Generally, the UV (ultraviolet) light from the sun usually damages your skin by causing sunburns. Additionally, these rays may result in dark spots, wrinkles, and other skin issues. As a result of the effect of the rays, you may look older than you are, as exposure to the UV rays causes aging of your skin.

Sunburn is the common skin damage caused by the sun, and it happens when your skin cells’ DNA is damaged. If you experience pain with your skin and turn pink, it could be a sign that most damage is already done. The damages may lead to skin cancer or other skin problems if not treated.

Fortunately, there is various way to help you reverse some of the skin damages caused by the sun. Although it might be a challenge for some people to undo the damage completely, the following tips might help reverse the common skin sun damage.

1. Hydration is Crucial

Generally, hydration is a key skincare element that will help you in attaining healthy skin. You can achieve this by drinking plenty of water during the day or by using a facial moisturizer. Additionally, with proper hydration, your wrinkles will be invisible, your complexion will improve, and more importantly, less appearance of your sunspots.

If you are to apply some moisturizer, ensure that it contains SPF 30, even though most will have 35 and above. With these two approaches, you will be allowing your skin all-time protection, irrespective of the time you need to get outside your home or workplace.

2. Specialized Skin Health Services

If you are looking to undo the sun damages on your skin, be sure to create a skincare routine that you will be following daily. This way, you should be able to experience some skin improvement. You can protect your skin from more sun damages, making sure you use hats or sunscreen whenever you are outdoors or indoors on sunny days.

Additionally, although there are available ways to reverse sun damage on your skin, professional skincare may offer you more benefits. Be sure to visit a medical center with specialized skincare and access quality medical products that you might not get from a local beauty shop. Laser therapy is one of the specialized treatments you may receive with a professional skincare provider to help you eliminate sunspots and even wrinkles. Additionally, your doctor may recommend light treatment, especially if the scarring results from sun exposure.

Your specialist will also help you discover the best treatment to undo the sun damage through professional care or at-home care. Be sure to schedule a consultation with your provider today.

3. Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating your skin will help you reduce the appearance of sun damages on your skin, including sunspots. This helps you eliminate the dead skin’s surface layers, reducing the soft color tones and wrinkles appearance. Additionally, exfoliating your skin allows deeper penetration of skincare products.

There are various techniques that you may use in exfoliating your skin. To start with, ensure you have skin scrub, either mild or foreo scrub. The gentle skin scrub allows you to keep your skin clean and healthy. This will also work in helping you undo the sun damages on your skin.

Beyond exfoliating your skin through skin scrub, you can also consider available skin peels. You may use the skin peels while at home, although they contain minimal acid intensity. However, the peels may not help you completely get rid of the dead skin surface layer. For best results, be sure to schedule a visit to your doctor, as professional skin peel usually yields better, lasting results.

Using the peels for a week should provide you with skin improvements. However, it is recommendable that you stop using them if you experience irritation or skin break out.

4. Use of Retinol Products

Retinol is a natural product taken from Vitamin A. Make sure to include this ingredient if you wish to eliminate the appearance of wrinkles caused by sun exposure. Additionally, retinol will help you in boosting collagen production as well as smoothening your skin tone.

Retinol products are available in various intensity percentages. It is recommendable to start with the lowest options if you use this product for the first time. Using this product without enough information may lead to skin burn or breakouts instead of helping you undo the sun damage.

For best results, begin using a product containing less retinol percentage and increasing the percentage with time. Furthermore, seek advice from a skin care specialist who will help you anticipate possible reactions to avoid a negative outcome.

5. Customized Approach

Having a personalized approach for reversing the sun damages on your skin might be your best solution. Typically, different people are affected differently by the sun, and hence reversing other sun damages takes different approaches. You may be having sun spots, patchy skin, discolored skin, or other skin damages. Despite the damage you may be experiencing, be sure to take a customized approach. This will help you have the best results in treating your sun damage.

Additionally, by personalizing your treatment, you will be avoiding wasting time by skipping non-beneficial approaches and taking advantage of the right approach for your situation. You may need to schedule a meeting with a skincare specialist to help you review the possible techniques of reversing the skin damage. Be sure to work with your specialist in developing a personalized treatment approach to help you undo sun damage.


If you are experiencing changing or new marks resulting from sun damage, be sure to visit your dermatologist. They may be a sign of developing skin cancer. Additionally, ensure that you protect your skin from harmful UV rays by practicing safe skincare habits. Wear protective clothing, and avoid being out on a sunny day, especially around 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. when going out on a sunny day, make sure you apply sunscreen to all your exposed skin.


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