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Keep Your Stress at Bay: Use These Tips to Declutter Your Home

Have you ever walked around your house and thought that you might have just too many things? This thought has probably passed through everyone’s mind, especially those decluttering their house. Naturally, our houses get filled with items. Some purchases are necessary, and some may be out of whim. In

Keep Your Stress at Bay Use These Tips to Declutter Your Home

Have you ever walked around your house and thought that you might have just too many things? This thought has probably passed through everyone’s mind, especially those decluttering their house. Naturally, our houses get filled with items. Some purchases are necessary, and some may be out of whim. In short, our home becomes a physical manifestation of our memories. The spaces within the home represent different phases of your life. However, what’s left behind are now physical items. No matter how sentimental this notion sounds, it would help if you still tried decluttering your house.

A messy space is terrible for both your mental and physical well-being. It is the ideal breeding ground for pathogens. It can also be a great source of embarrassment and push you to isolate yourself from people. Since none of these situations are ideal, you need to take the initiative to take care of your space. Here’s how you can do this:

1.       Learn the Art of Compartmentalization

Organizers should be a part of your house. These boxes can easily fit in your shelves, cabinets, and drawers and make it easier to engage with products. They also help keep all your items in one place, so you don’t have to run around looking for them. Compartmentalization also gives you an idea of how many products you have. Suppose you’re organizing your kitchen cleaning supplies. Pay attention to how many cleaning products you own and which are no longer working. If you have products that have a dual purpose, go for them instead of hoarding canisters.

2.       The Garage Is Not A Storage Place

Stop treating your garage as a storage place. Think of your garage as a house for your cars and bicycle. If you need extra space, consider getting storage units to shift items. Did you know? A significant source of anxiety occurs from crowded garages. Boxes of old pictures, Christmas decorations, and things you’ve probably not used in a while litter the area.

So as you declutter and move items to storage, take the opportunity to throw out older items. Anything you haven’t used or looks excessively worn out should go in the trash. Don’t hold onto things that may become an indirect source of your anxiety.

3.       You Don’t Need Too Many Clothes

You know a marketing tactic is successful when you go into a store and purchase an item. It is especially true for clothing. The fashion industry is constantly working around the clock with the latest show stoppers. However, the reality is you don’t need everything that hits the store. So as you move to work on your closet, find out how many similar items you have. The ones that are in excellent and usable condition should go back inside. Any outfit that you haven’t worn in a year should either be binned or donated. If you’re a frequent shopper, discard one old item for every new article that you bring. Try keeping the number of outfits limited to the closet space.

4.       Digitize Photos

Photographs are a glimpse into different parts of our lives. The art of developing and owning photos was trendy when photos came in reels. However, now with digital albums and scanners available, you no longer need to hold on to these pictures. It doesn’t mean you start throwing photographs; instead, find a way to store them properly. If you have multiple copies of the same picture, keep one. It would help if you digitize all your photos and move physical copies to storage. Digitized versions of your photographs are not only easy to share, but they’re easy to use. You can access them whenever you want and even enjoy viewing them with friends and family.

5.       Get Rid Of Extra Appliances

Kitchen gadgets are helpful but do you truly need one for every individual purpose? Most kitchen gadgets now come with dual functions. An example being coffee machines now come with an inbuilt grinder and filter. So now you don’t need to buy three different products for one purpose. Extra appliances take up too much space. They make your kitchen look crowded and become a source of significant discomfort. There are also multifunctional kitchen aids, so consider investing in those and designate a spot for them.

6.       Place a Donation a box By Your Front Door

It is perhaps the most efficient way you can get rid of clutter. Suppose you have items you’ve used once, and you no longer need them. Why not put them in a donation box and let anyone else benefit from them? When your donation box is at maximum, it means it’s time to visit your local donation centers. This way, you’re not only putting off donating items but also creating an efficient system of keeping your house organized.

7.       Unsubscribe To Mailing Lists

Since everything is mainly online, you don’t need physical subscriptions to mailing lists. These monthly magazines only add piles of unwanted paper to your doorstep. Products you receive from mailing lists have a habit of gradually crowding your space. There comes a time when they’ve practically filled every nook and cranny and make your whole house messy. So save yourself the extra work and unsubscribe. The same goes for receipts asking shops to email or text message you the details instead.

8.       Break Down Boxes As Soon As They Come

When you go grocery shopping, try to take cloth bags. It saves you from getting plastic bags which are not easy to dispose of and take up space. If you order appliances or any heavy item, they generally come in boxes. Try and break down boxes the same day you get them. Avoid tossing them into your store. If you frequently choose to give out containers for recycling, you will save yourself the trouble of doing it later. It is far better than allowing boxes to accumulate and putting them off till the mess is uncontainable.

Wrap Up

A cluttered house can be a significant source of anxiety and stress. You may feel claustrophobic and frustrated by the havoc. Most people prefer structure and a well-organized place. So it would help if you took it upon yourself to deep clean your house once in a while. Once you get the hang of it, it’s an easy breeze from there.

Start by organizing items such as cleaning products into organizing boxes. When moving items for storage, revisit anything you want to throw out. Switch up to dual-functioning appliances and designate a spot for them. Stay on top of donation and recycling. Finally, try incorporating as much digitization into your life as possible.


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