Top 4 Players In The MLB Who Could Benefit From A Trade Right Now

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With the 2021 MLB trade deadline still a few weeks away, getting the ball rolling about players that could seriously benefit from a team change before the second half of the season gets underway sounds like a perfect idea. Online sports betting platforms already have prediction lists and MLB odds, signaling where some of the top available players might end up on the trade market days. While there are players who will always be looking like the most coveted gem in all of the mountain, like Max Scherzer or Kris Bryant, who will most definitely not move from their teams in the near future, there are still other great players wanting a change.

Here are our picks for the top four players who could definitely benefit from changing teams before the trade deadline.

Trevor Story, Colorado Rockies

What happens when you have one of the best players in a position where every team is usually looking for upgrades, like shortstop and a team who is in a clear transition and rebuild mode looking to get as many future assets as possible? You get the tale of Trevor Story and the Colorado Rockies. Trevor Story is putting on a great year when it comes to his offensive skills and has always proven to be a very valuable asset when it comes to the defensive side of the game. The issue here is that Story is on his way to becoming a free agent this offseason, leaving the Rockies without any real chances of gaining anything from him, other than a goodbye letter at best.

With Nolan Arenado being the first of Colorado’s main players to leave the team in Colorado’s effort to rebuild, followed by Jeff Bridich, it should come to no surprise for baseball fans around if by the time the trade deadline is over, Story has found another team to play in, hopefully a contending team that can benefit from his talents. Moving to the American League might be a more than welcoming change with teams like the Yankees, Athletics and Rays all wanting Story to join them for the second half of the season.

Starling Marte, Miami Marlins

After being acquired last season by Miami last season in an effort to be more competitive, it is becoming more and more obvious that Starling Marte´s time with the Marlins is getting closer and closer to an end. Marte, when healthy, can offer teams a great veteran option at center field, a position usually known for its shortage of real-deal caliber talent.

Miami could greatly benefit by trading Marte to a team in dire need of a center fielder, like the New York Yankees for example in exchange for more positional assets for the future. While he could also stay with the Marlins moving forward, this move would be a costly one on the Marlins side and one where both parts might end up leaving the party unhappy. So why go through that if better scenarios are available?

Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers

If you’re offered the chance to sign a former all-star with clear slugging power and who can truly do wonders in your outfield both at center and right field, wouldn’t you jump at the chance? This is exactly what a player like the Rangers’ Joey Gallo can offer any team wanting to trade for him. His batting skills have gone through an odd first half of the season this year but he is a proven slugger that can offer some elite power hitting to any team looking exactly for that.

It has been rumored that the San Diego Padres, one of the hottest teams in baseball, have been riding high on the “get Gallo” rumors. Given that the Padres are and will most likely continue to be one of the main contending teams in the National League for a spot in the World Series, bringing a guy like Joey Gallo in will only help making those claims even stronger.

Eduardo Escobar, Arizona Diamondbacks

If there’s a team where trading out players in order to get future assets is more than welcome it’s the Arizona Diamondbacks, especially with how bad they’re playing this year. Escobar’s true worth as a utility infielder is noticeable by everyone. His hitting and slugging percentages are experiencing a sort of rebuild in value, making him a hot candidate for teams looking for a solid option at 2nd base.

Escobar knows what it’s like to hit over 30 home runs in a season, and offer up above .500 numbers in the slugging percentage departments. A team like the Chicago White Sox seems like the perfect option right now for Escobar to move to, especially if he wants to experience what it’s like to be in a top contender.

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