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Explore Top Reasons to Pursue a Career in Golf Course Jobs




For the smooth and seamless functioning of a golf course, a team of professionals is required. Golf course jobs are not restricted to merely going around all day riding golf carts. It takes a team of professionals working diligently towards keeping a golf course in pristine condition for playing. Moreover, many people are working towards facilitating the smooth functioning of the golf course. Individuals, who are interested in taking up a golf course job, usually have a passion for the game. Moreover, they would love to work in an environment where there are like-minded people who are equally passionate about golf. Here are the top reasons to pursue a career in golf course jobs. According to Web MD, golfing could prove to be a perfect ‘recipe for longevity.

Amazing Ambiance

Not all golf course jobs imply working outdoors all the time. Grounds maintenance crew and course superintendents are required to spend a reasonable amount of time outdoors, updating plantings, surveying the course, and redoing greens. However, they too need to work in offices for business or staff meetings, record-keeping, and planning. The marketing team, restaurant staff, and housekeeping members are working indoors.

All golfing jobs have one thing in common. They happen amidst great natural beauty and picturesque views. The ambiance is just mesmerizing. They are lucky to work in a serene, tranquil, park-like setting. Others can dream of such a mind-blowing ambiance only when they are vacationing. You will find lush greenery all around and a world-class golf course right here on TimberStone Golf Course

Great Job Security

Golf is a great retreat for retired individuals who have some time to spare. As more people retire, they are likely to seek out idyllic activities that are enjoyable and engaging, and golf is very well-positioned for this. Further, over the last few years, more young people have been getting to the game. It means existing golf courses need regular maintenance, and new courses may also open up, meaning the demand for labor will be ever-present. Whether you are in management, service, or marketing, finding a job or keeping a job in a golf club or course is likely going to be a very attractive option in the years to come. There is also scope for horizontal movement to different locations, as well as, vertical mobility to better positions as you gain experience.

Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do

If you are a golfer yourself, chances are that you will enjoy being around others who share your love for the sport. Being on the course in any of the several roles involved in maintenance and administration will allow you to fraternize with golf enthusiasts of all kinds- from children learning to love the game for the first time to seasoned pros, celebrities, and experts who know more about the game than anyone else. If you revel in the company of other people, even if golf isn’t something you have enjoyed in the past, such a job will likely be highly rewarding for you.

Diverse Work Profiles

Behind the smooth operation of a sprawling golf club, several professionals are working round the clock. This list includes the managers, groundskeepers, shop staff, rangers, caddies, mechanics, food and beverage workers, traditional as well as social media marketing professionals, and many more. No matter your level of education or experience or your career aspirations, it is very likely that you will be able to find a role that is not only attractive but also suitable for you. While some roles require predefined qualifications, others come with very flexible entry restrictions as well as rigorous on-the-job training to get you up to speed quickly. Driven professionals who would like to go beyond the conventional, boring career choices will certainly enjoy working in this environment.


You may go ahead with your plans of joining a golf course job. There are multiple benefits involved, and you must grab the opportunity of working in a mind-blowing ambiance 365 days a year.

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How are the PGA Tournaments’ Winnings Set?



pga tour

You’ve most likely watched a PGA Tournament once or twice, or maybe you’re a golf enthusiast that makes a point to follow all of the big tournaments. Whichever one sounds more like you, you’ve most likely wondered how the winnings get set for PGA Tournaments. It’s not overly complicated, but several factors play into the final winning total each player receives.

The first thing you have to understand is that all PGA Tour events use individual hosts. However, the PGA Tour itself is the entity that sets the formula they use to divide each tournament’s purse. For special events, they may make exceptions to this rule. Under this formula, every golfer who makes the cut gets a set percentage of the total prize money. The amount will go down as you get further and further down in the final standings.

Standard Formula for Dividing Winnings

First up is the standard formula the PGA uses. Using this formula, players ranked from first to 70th will get a percentage of the purse. The champion of the tournament will get 18% of the total winnings, and the person in the 70th spot will get 0.2% of the winnings. Now you see why each tournament is so competitive. If a tournament has more than 70 professional-levels golfers playing, every rank after 70 will get $100 less than the rank in front of it.

As a quick example, say you play in a tournament that has a $5 million dollar purse attached to it. The rankings would go as follows:

  • Winner – 18% of the total purse or $900,000
  • 10th Place – 2.7% of the total purse or $135,000
  • 20th Place – 1.3% of the total purse or $65,000
  • 30th Place – 0.68% of the total purse or $34,000
  • 40th Place – 0.43% of the total purse or $21,500
  • 50th Place – 0.252% of the total purse or $12,600
  • 60th Place – 0.22% of the total purse or $11,000
  • 70th Place – $10,000

Dividing Winnings with Ties

Sometimes, there are ties. If two professional-level players finish the tournament with the exact same scores, they add in the dollar value of each player’s position. They then divide this number by the number of tied players to figure out how much each player gets.

This happened in 2004 in the 2004 PGA Championship with Justin Leonard and Chris DiMarco. There was a $6.25 million purse attached, and this meant that the player who got second place would get $675,000 using the standard formula percentage of 10.8%. The third-place finisher would get 6.8% of the purse at $425,000. Both of these positions added up to a grand total of $1.1 million, and this meant that Leonard and DiMarco both walked away with $550,000.

Dividing Winnings with Amateur Golfers

It’s not unheard of for an amateur to be good enough to break into the PGA circuit and play in PGA Tour events. However, amateurs aren’t allowed to accept prize money. This means that they get passed over when the tour distributes the purse, no matter their final rank. This played out in the 2012 Masters Tournament.

During this tournament, 59 professional players participated. Gonzalo Fernandez-Castano was the professional golfer who finished last when ranked among the professional players. However, two amateur players finished ahead of his spot. This bumped Fernandez-Castano from the 61st spot to the 59th spot, and he then heard 0.222% of the $8 million purse. This worked out to $17,760 for the tournament.

Exceptions to the Standard Formula

The PGA Tour will also alter the standard format under special circumstances. One of the biggest reasons is that they play on smaller fields. One example of this was the TOUR Championship in 2011. There was a 30-player roster or field. Bill Haas clinched first place and took home 18% of the tour’s $8 million purse to give him a grand total of $1.44 million. However, the smaller field made the other spots worth more money and a larger percentage of the purse.

Phil Mickelson finished 10th, and he would have received $216,000 if they were using the standard formula. However, he ended up getting $227,000. Webb Simpson finished in the 22dnd spot, and he would have normally gotten $89,600. However, the special circumstances meant he took home $147,200. The final place in the tour took home $128,000 instead of the traditional $54,400.

A golf career can be very lucrative if you’re good enough to play at pro-tournament level. And you can make millions over the span of your career when you start taking home the trophies.

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10 Hilarious Myths about Golf




Myths are rarely real. They are often the result of misconceptions gone haywire. Creating a myth can do a lot of damage to the reputation of a game or even a business. If someone says that Hughesnet internet usually disconnects at night, it can tarnish the reputation of the business. Even though the persons starting this myth have no such proof, the damage would be done.

Similarly, the good game of golf has many myths surrounding it. They likely started with misconceptions as well. This blog will aim to do away with some of these myths. My Game Needs This way to helpfully recover the damaged reputation of this fine game. Best Place to buy electric golf trolley.

What Are the 10 Weirdest Myths About Golf?

Sure, it is true that every myth steps from some truth. But the problem is that over time myths tend to get so far removed from the truth. You will find that some border on the bizarre. Such myths don’t even warrant the time it takes to type out a clarification. You are smart enough to realize which myths can have some iota of truth behind them.

1. Playing the Same Tees is good for Your Game

On the golf course, we have often heard that you should stick to the same tees. People believe that is a key factor in improving their game. Sure, they will play better over time if they keep playing the same tees. But that will not make their game improve.

Playing the same tees over again will never help you improve your game. In fact, it will make your game stagnant. Yes, you will get used to the course and that may improve your game a little. Let’s say you can cook an egg. If you keep on cooking an egg, you’re bound to get better at it. You might be able to cook the best eggs in the world. But cooking an egg well doesn’t make you a chef.

It’s the same thing here. Golf is not a sport that you can master by repeating the same thing over again. You might be able to master a technique, but not the game.

2. Many Factors Determine the Flight of the Ball

You would have this gem. This can affect the flight of the ball or that can affect the flight of the ball. None of that is true. Only two things can affect the flight of the ball. Your swing and the wind. That is it. Everyone who knows golf knows this.

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3. If You Do ‘X’ the Result is ‘Y’

Sure that is true for some things, but not golf. Golf is not a cause and effect kind of game. The way we are, our brains are conditioned to create a relation between an action and the result. If during practice, you tried a certain technique and it gave you a result, you will link the two together. Even if there is no correlation there. This is the number one cause of frustration for golf coaches the world over.

4. Pro Golf is Easy

Because amateurs go to the golf course and have fun, they believe the game is easy. Everyone on the golf course has at one point thought about how easy it would be to be a pro golfer. That is not the case. Pro golfers have to work hard at their game, and even harder off the course. Just because the game is fun, doesn’t mean that going pro would be easy.

5. Equipment is Not Important to a Pro

You have likely heard this on the course as well. Some people think that your equipment does not matter if your game is good. That is nowhere near the truth. The equipment does indeed matter. The game of a pro is good, no doubt over there. But equally good are their clubs.

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6. Spending More Time Practicing Makes Your Game Improve

The more you practice the better you get. But just like the myth about tees, there is a point where your game might stagnate. Practicing more is not the same as practicing smart. You can spend hours practicing and improve less than you would by practicing smartly in half the time.

7. Golf is a Mind Sport

Golf is not a mind sport. Chess is a mind sport. Golf is a mind and body sport. In golf, you need to strategize and implement those strategies physically. Your body and mind need to work together.

8. Pro Instructors Know Better

This is another common myth. Your golf game is unique to you. Your game depends on your techniques and your capabilities. Pro instructors can guide you through their process, but if their process could feel unnatural. Do not stop thinking for yourself. If you feel something is not right, change it.

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9. Perception Matches Reality

Try this. The next time you’re on the course, film yourself. You will see the difference between your perception of your technique and the reality. That is the best way to improve your game.

10. Your Head Must Always be Down

No, it must not. If you are putting then sure, it is better to keep your head down. But there is no rule in golf that says that your head can’t be sideways or even up. Do what feels natural and what works for you.

Golf is an entirely personal game. It is one of the few sports that you can play by yourself. Like you would call Hughesnet customer service (1-855-850-5976) if there were an issue with your internet connection. Similarly, if there is an issue with your game, there is no shame in asking for help. That is exactly what the coaches at the golf club are for. Improving your game is in your hands.


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Assistant’s PGP Championship: Alberta Country Club Down To The Wire



Assistant's PGP Championship: Alberta Country Club Down To The Wire

Assistant’s PGP Championship: Alberta Down To The Wire

He was called Host City Champ for his participation in PGA reach. He has actually personified the core ideas and also worthy of the PGA of The U.S.A. and also the sporting activity of golf and also showed the love and also enthusiasm for his city.

The objective of the PGA reach is to favourably affect the lives of youths, the army, and also varied populaces by making it possible for accessibility to golf experts and also the video game of golf.

The event is distinct when it involves the majors as it welcomes 20 PGA Professionals right into the area yearly, that’s since it is run by the Specialist Golf Enthusiasts Organization of The U.S.A.

The PGA of Alberta’s Aide Club Pro Champion boiled down to 2 guys throughout the last at The Cattle ranch Golf & & Nation Club in Spruce Grove Wednesday, August 8.

The National Golf Academy’s Riley Fleming simply surpassed Calgary’s Wes Heffernan by a solitary stroke to take the title.

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Fleming fired rounds of 66 and also 67 to slip by Heffernan that fired 67 both days.

Priddis Greens Sam Kirkness fired a 2-under 69 in the last round to go up to nine places, while Eric Locke from Priddis ended up a fired back in 10 th.

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