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10 Ways How VDI Technology Will Change Your Business

Are you looking for technologies to ensure business transformation? Many businesses would agree that adjusting to a dynamic business landscape is crucial. From the pandemic to disaster disruptions, a multitude of challenges dislocates our complete architecture.  However, we can use VDI technology to

10 Ways VDI Technology Helps Your Business

Are you looking for technologies to ensure business transformation?

Many businesses would agree that adjusting to a dynamic business landscape is crucial. From the pandemic to disaster disruptions, a multitude of challenges dislocates our complete architecture.

However, we can use VDI technology to improve productivity, uptime, cost optimization strategies, and data security.


10 Ways VDI Technology Helps Your Business

A survey validates this by revealing that 58% of businesses use VDI technology because of its efficiency.

This article will help you understand the benefits of VDI technology in business transformation and productivity.

10 Ways VDI Technology Helps Your Business

Enterprises are looking for technology implementations that empower their processing. It means faster data access, trouble-free workplace processes, and simple access control. It is possible to receive all these benefits with VDI technology or Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Let’s explore how:

BYOD Policy To Reduce Hardware Load

Allowing BYOD policy in the workplace puts a lot of pressure on the IT team. They need to secure device access to office premises through various methods.

However, this is the case without VDI technology.

Cloud-hosted VDI can enable BYOD support, as the endpoint only opens a virtual desktop image. The data and application access hierarchy is set up easily by IT experts.

Eliminate Hardware Cost by 32%

When using VDI technology, we can eliminate initial deployment charges and mitigate hardware setup costs. This study says that VDI can reduce hardware costs by 32%.

If we use cloud-hosted VDI technology, even software-related costs can be mitigated. Other than hardware and software budget, VDI technology mitigates management and maintenance charges and IT resource management overheads.

Improve Business Productivity With Simpler Access

It is challenging for employees to access and work on large data files collaboratively. On-premise setups are naturally averse to these collaboration methods. VDI technology removes this resistance and allows real-time collaboration on a file.

Compare working on a Google Doc to a file stored on a cloud-hosted virtual desktop. Similar to how multiple users can virtually work on the exact same file and modify it in real-time, VDI helps achieve the same. This means better collaboration – and higher productivity.

Ensure Employee Mobility With DaaS

After the COVID-19, many employees are working remotely. Some industries have moved back to work, but work-from-home culture has not changed. DaaS, a product of VDI technology, makes remote working possible.

Employees of an organization gain the ability to access fully functioning and high-configuration desktops on the internet. These operating systems and configurations are created on the cloud server and distributed to different users via virtual machines.

99.99% Uptime for Operational Efficiency

Any fast-moving business will understand the crucial nature of uptime. Right from system failures to software upgrades, downtime takes away productivity hours. Every minute spent in downtime is a minute wasted! Fortunately, DaaS offers up to 99.99% uptime.

The principle of server redundancy empowers different data servers to host your desktops. When a server is experiencing issues, another provides seamless access. There are minimal outages caused by technical problems, patches, updates, etc.

Managed Service To Minimize IT Tasks

On-premise VDI technology poses a few challenges, and it has many management responsibilities. However, DaaS or cloud-hosted desktops are a managed service. The Cloud Service Provider(CSP) supervises different procedures, such as security management, backup support, scalability options, etc.

As a result, this managed service eliminates your IT tasks to a great extent. Your IT team is responsible for the in-house management of computer resources – and that’s it.

DDoS Protection With DaaS

More than 66% of businesses are using the cloud or cloud-based VDI for security. As your business grows, you may realize that security is crucial. We can’t share data over email or simply connect via Skype. There’s a privacy concern – along with the compliance terror – in every business activity.Fortunately, the DaaS offering mitigates cyberattacks and data privacy challenges, such as DDoS attacks.

Cloud desktops are accessed by the end-user using a virtual interface. No data is saved on any type of endpoint being used. This means security attacks on the endpoint don’t endanger your applications and information.

For example, an employee loses his laptop, and they inform your IT team on time. You can withdraw access from this endpoint, hence, save your data.

Disaster Recovery Support To Ensure Recovery

DaaS is a managed service, so when you use this VDI technology, disaster recovery is effortless. Your CSP backs up business applications and data regularly. These backup images are copied to different servers of the CSP. In case of a disaster or accidental data deletion, recovery is hassle-free!

For instance, the region or city where your physical cloud server is, experiences an earthquake. The damage is irreparable. But, since the CSP has different cloud servers in geographically distant locations, you can still recover backup and start working.

One-Click Scalability Options

Small businesses can enjoy scalability options offered by cloud-based VDI technology. At the time of peak season or when you are experiencing high demand, scale to allow seamless working in the office. However, this is not to say that you are stuck with these resources for a long time, even when you don’t need them. You can descale as quickly as you can scale. Your billing cycle with the DaaS provider is adjusted according to your usage.

Seamless Customer Support And Guidance

Virtual desktops or VDI technology replaces your in-house office desktops. It is not possible to eliminate employee queries and issues completely. Your employees (end-users), as well as the IT, will need recurring support to backup data, recover data files and host applications. For this support, the DaaS provider has appropriately trained and skilled employees. This guidance and support is just a call away.

Business Transformation With The VDI Technology

You may have noticed that VDI technology truly empowers businesses to achieve better ROI. It is a futuristic technology that prepares us for a dynamic landscape that might arise in the years to come. Therefore, VDI technology promises an evolving business and better growth opportunities.