How Do You Play Jammin Jars 2?

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Jammin Jars 2 is the most recent version of the insanely famous Jammin Jars slot game developed by Push Gaming. The slot game has been eagerly waited for and anticipated by slot gamers from the world over. It is a slot game based on a fruit theme and an on-screen D who plays music that makes the jars dance. The game has 8 reels and 8 rows. The winning rule remains simple. All you need to do is land 5 or more of the same symbol type in one given cluster. The multipliers of the game make the chances of winning pretty big on this game.

The rules and basics of the game

You can win this slot game by landing 5 or more same symbol types in a cluster, as mentioned before. The minimum bet is 0.10, and the maximum bet is 100. The RTP of this slot game is also high, and it is 96.40%. The slot machine is highly volatile, and as a result, it may take some time before wins start getting created. Although the same reason also ensures that once wins are created, they generally tend to be high. The thing that makes this slot game stand apart is the tremendous amount of maximum win multiplier. Unbelievably, the slot machine has a max multiplier of 50000X on the bet. The multiplier is quite a significant rise from its prequel, the Jammin Jars that had a multiplier of 20000X. The gameplay and feel remain similar to its predecessor, but new additions like the Giga jar DJ and a new dance floor make it exciting. The latest features of this game are Wild Jar Symbol, Instant Prize Symbol, Collectable Gold Vinyl, Fruit Blast, Free Games, and Giga Jar.

How it looks and feels, what else to know

The game has a unique interface, and it features a group of Jammin’ Jars and GigaJar DJ boogies on the dance floor. The background is also thoughtfully designed and pleasing to the eyes with neon-lit items like palm trees, fruits, music signs, and more. The winning strategy is already mentioned before. Once a cluster forms, the winning symbols disappear, and new fruits take their place. The game is also available for mobiles as the developer Push Gaming has made it available for multiple platforms and devices. The music is truly captivating in this game, and it is not unusual for players to groove to the music while playing the game.

The playing symbols are also graded as per winning standards. The lower fruit symbols include blueberries, raspberries, and peaches. When these come in 32 or more together, they can give between 100X to 150X of the bet. Only one symbol needs to be present at once and not a combination of these symbols. Watermelon and Pineapple are rated for medium returns. 32 of any one of these symbols at a time can give you a multiplier of 200X to 600X. The highest paying symbol is the pomegranate that gives a 1000X return when 32 pomegranates present themselves at a given time.

What more does the game have?

  • Wild Jar Symbol – It can substitute other symbols to create more winning combinations. These jars can jump to any vacant position of a winning cluster. They come with a 1X multiplier and keep increasing.
  • Instant Price Symbol – They can give you an Instant prize and have values from 1X to 1000X. You will have to get at least five of them in a cluster. These can also be activated through fruit blast mode.
  • The other modes include Fruit Blast, Free Games, Collectible Gold Vinyl, and Giga Jar. All these are additional features that can help you win big in the Jammin Jars 2 slot game.

Overall, the slot game is pretty interesting for all online casino lovers. It is particularly appealing to the slot players owing to its amazing user interface, superb music, and truly stupendous prize money potential. There is a good chance that once you start playing this slot game, you will not want to go for any other. If you love slots, Jammin Jars 2 will be a delight for you! It is easy to play, and you can win big here!


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