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The 6 Best Event Technology for Virtual Conferences

The world continues to experience the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Under such circumstances, planning to host a live gathering, conference or webinar isn’t a sensible option. Thanks to virtual event tools that has majorly saved the event industry from drowning. Quite ordinarily, we have come a

The 6 Best Event Technology for Virtual Conferences

The world continues to experience the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Under such circumstances, planning to host a live gathering, conference or webinar isn’t a sensible option. Thanks to virtual event tools that has majorly saved the event industry from drowning.

Quite ordinarily, we have come across the term event technology. Previously, we used it in our live events, but due to the paradigm shift. This exponentially raised the scale for virtual event technology, virtual events, and its types. Today, the graph of virtual event opportunities has firmly boomed. Which further gave chances to brands and businesses to connect and network with their target audience.

As the demand for virtual events keeps growing, planners have been leveraging the victorious event technologies to rank on top in their respective arena. In this, we will be discussing six free event technologies that can be beneficial for your virtual conference. But before we explain that, let’s get our hands on what precisely virtual conference means in the visual ecosystem. Time to get started!

What are Virtual Conferences?

A virtual conference generally is an online summit that allows audiences to connect, network, and participate in interactive sessions. It brings together like-minded industry professionals to share information and thoughts via webinars or network using chat tools and meeting schedulers. The features that a virtual conference platform must amalgamate are- virtual environment, networking, content, engagement, detailed reporting, customer support and so on.

In addition to that, these features have many beneficial impacts such as precise reach, seamless networking, reduced costs, interactive webinars, and more excellent will reports & analytics. Hosting a virtual conference can dramatically transform your event experience and allow you to build powerful connections with potential attendees.

According to Mhojhos Research the Global market of virtual events will grow annually by 22%.

It’s time to dive into the best six cost-effective event technology tools for your virtual conference that will help you improve your foundation and provide immersive experiences throughout your event!

Best Virtual Conference Tools for 2021 and beyond!


Willing to maximise your registrants? Start planning to create a simple yet authentic registration form. Ensure that you incorporate every detail right from your event date, time to special guests and speakers. By doing so, attendees will quickly grasp your social media post at first glance.

Keep in mind that your event registration inclines towards your goals and marketing strategies. Therefore, make sure your registration form is seamless, flexible, mobile-friendly, and approachable for attendees.

Leverage a platform that enables you to gather valuable information regarding your attendees’, offers appropriate badges, smoothly runs your event registrations, and most essentially make attendees interaction seamless


Living in a digital era, we all know the importance of a website and how keenly it should replicate your band’s versatility. The same applies to your event! Your website speaks about your event, hence share all the vital information such as the event video walkthrough, special guests and speakers attending, engagement activities, gifts or rewards if you are planning to give any, and so on.

Remember, your website is a vital component. If you manage to entice visitors to your website, it can be highly beneficial and effective.


Live streaming has been prevalent in the digital world long before we encountered the global pandemic. This virtual event tech tool allows organisers to carry the event functioning in a clear format. Besides, it lets attendees take part and attend the conference seamlessly.

Host key speeches or seminars, enhance your interaction with attendees, showcase introductory presentations, and so on via these live streaming tools. One of the best parts about live streaming is that you can record your sessions, share documents, monitor prospects current and previous activities, and simultaneously enhance interaction.

These tools suit best for organisation meetings, job interviews, workshops, parties, internal meetings, educational and training sessions.


Social media are ruling the arena of the marketing and interaction ecosystem. Make your conference look interactive and engaging by integrating social media feeds and real-time communication tools—the best way to display user-generated content in your next virtual event. You can include the live feed from any social platform of your choice, starting with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and many other social media channels.

A live social media feed can help you showcase your favourite moderated content effectively. This tool acts as an empowering tool that allows attendees to converse freely, ask questions, scale up panel discussions, boost their promotional tactics, and bring in hashtag campaigns.


To bring the ‘A’ game into your virtual conference and allow attendees to have a seamless ev=xperience altogether, having an event planning tool is mandatory!

Tech-enthusiasts are still finding extreme ways to enhance the user journey scale up. Hence, there is a continuous shift in event tools and trends. To be well-organised and ready to deal with unexpected issues or challenges, having an effective and easy-to-manage tool is essential. Additionally, it helps planners to improve their work management and also uplift the interactivity level.

There are various tools available like Eventbrite, Trello, Slack, and so forth that can help you plan and execute the event efficiently. The tools mentioned above assist in managing your overall performance, the given tasks, future event planning and provide you with detailed analytics on tech manageme

Always have a keen understanding of your event activity. If possible, keep track of keeping keep track of each engagement tasks to escalate success.


Why does anyone need event marketing software? Is that what you are thinking? To keep track of registrations and to tune in attendee at the allotted time an event marketing software must be a critical factor in your planning list.

An event marketing software will help you co-create your promotional blueprint and set up your social media posts, email marketing, and paid event marketing. Apart from ads, bars, and emails, event marketing software helps organisers in:

1- Send out reminders to the guests who haven’t signed up.

2- A quick reminder to busy registrants who might miss the event date.

3- Track your social media engagement activities

4- Track email marketing metrics

5- Run rapid of keeping A/B tests for emails, promotion ads, and social media posts.

CONCLUSION- Virtual conference technology and its importance in 2021

Virtual conferences, it is a meeting conducted over a web-based platform. The event allows participants to gather from anywhere in the world in one frame to discuss common topics and offer suggestions. Organisers don’t have to worry about attendance limitations as a virtual conference platform has zero attendee restrictions. This further enables a seamless connection and interaction between speakers, special guests, and audiences.

The current and previous year had some significant drawbacks and unexpected challenges for the event industry. But living in a fast-evolving ecosystem, event planners have effectively collaborated with businesses and communities to deliver a more like-like experience to the attendees. Today, you can host any event starting from virtual seminars, exhibitions, trade shows, virtual parties & celebrations and so on. You name it, and the virtual event platform will have it ready for you.

The use of virtual events has proven to be the most sustainable and cost-effective platform amidst the pandemic. With that being said, virtual events also have spiked engagement, interaction, accessibility, and immersive management techniques. We hope the tips mentioned earlier regarding the best event technology for your virtual conference will offer you great success in your upcoming meetings.