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Wadhams: Colorado’s GOP must not be consumed by conspiracies and constriction



Wadhams: Colorado’s GOP must not be consumed by conspiracies and constriction

Despite the potential of Colorado Republican victories in 2022, a group of self-proclaimed “principled” Republican activists is hell-bent to mire the party in stolen election conspiracy theories and to alienate the 1.6 million unaffiliated voters who represent 43% of the electorate.

Which is a shame given that Democrats have left the political door wide open for Republican victories.

Befuddled President Joe Biden’s incompetence is catching up with him with tragic human disasters in Afghanistan and on the southern border. Inflation is rising due to unrestrained federal spending. Crime is spiking across the nation while Democratic congressional majorities, including U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, cower in fear of a lunatic left-wing that seeks to defund police and coddle criminals.

Here in Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis shamefully allowed our Colorado state Capitol to be vandalized night after night by rioters without any comment from him for days much less any effort to protect this historic building. Polis presided over the gross negligence of his health department that, according to an investigation from Colorado Public Radio, likely resulted in hundreds of preventable nursing home deaths from COVID-19. Meanwhile, the Department of Labor and Employment was a bureaucratic mess when tens of thousands of Coloradans needed to access their unemployment benefits due to COVID closures. Crime is rampant in metro Denver, and homeless encampments are taking over sidewalks and parks.

Republicans are virtually unanimous in supporting President Donald Trump’s consequential accomplishments such as historic tax cuts and deregulation that spurred massive economic growth; making more than 200 conservative judicial appointments — including three on the U.S. Supreme Court — that will impact the federal judiciary for decades; and finally getting control of illegal immigration on the southern border.

But Trump has squandered this record of achievement by refusing to accept defeat, by fanning the flames of stolen election conspiracy theories, and by his shameful behavior during the Jan. 6 attack on the United States Capitol.

Unfortunately, a large number of Republican activists across the state are more interested in refighting the 2020 presidential election they claim was stolen. They refuse to accept the fact former President Donald Trump lost not because of election fraud but because of his own actions and words that alienated many of the voters who voted for him in 2016.

Trump did increase his percentage of Hispanic and Black voters across the country but those numbers were more than offset by the hemorrhaging of voters in previously Republican suburbs including here in Colorado.

These Republican activists embrace the constantly shifting conspiracy theories that roll across the political horizon only to be discredited until the next one can be conjured up.

Many of them are convinced that the election was stolen from Trump here in Colorado despite the fact public polls showed his disapproval rating was in the high fifties and he lost the state by 14 points. And he was strongly disliked by hundreds of thousands of new voters, largely young and unaffiliated, who moved here over the past ten years.

Now the Colorado Republican State Central Committee will be voting on September 18 on whether or not to cancel the 2022 Republican Primary Election and give a few thousand activists the power to nominate Republican candidates at sparsely attended party caucuses and assemblies rather than in primary elections where hundreds of thousands vote for party nominees.

Unaffiliated voters have exploded in recent years and now make up 43% of the electorate while Democrats have 29% and Republicans have just 26%. If Colorado Republicans cancel the primary election, 1.6 million unaffiliated voters will only receive a Democratic ballot in the 2022 primary.

Constricting the ability of 1.6 million unaffiliated voters from voting in the Republican primary, not to mention 1 million Republicans who will not attend party caucuses, is not the way to build a campaign that can win a general election.

When then-Congressman Wayne Allard asked me to manage his campaign for the U.S. Senate in 1996, he made something very clear:

“I do not want to just be the Republican nominee. I want to be the next U.S. Senator from Colorado. Everything we do and say to win the primary must be done with an eye towards attracting the unaffiliated voters we’ll need to win the general election or the nomination is not worth having.”

Allard was the clear underdog for the Republican nomination against a respected attorney general. After he won that primary, Colorado Democrats dismissed the Loveland veterinarian as a sure loser to the powerful, wealthy lawyer-lobbyist from Denver’s 17th Street who would outspend Allard in the general election.

Contrary to what some of today’s conservative activists seem to think, it was not easy to win major statewide office even during that era. When Allard ran in 1996, Colorado Republicans had lost 11 of 14 elections for governor and senator between 1972 and 1994. Only U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong in 1978 and 1984 and U.S. Sen. Hank Brown in 1990 won during that era.

But Allard ran on a mainstream Republican agenda to reduce the tax and regulatory burdens on families and small businesses, to balance the federal budget, and to return power to state and local government, an agenda that would attract, rather than repel, the very unaffiliated voters we needed to win. And we very aggressively contrasted the personal backgrounds of the two candidates, “The veterinarian versus the lobbyist.”

Two years later in 1998, state Treasurer Bill Owens adopted the Allard template and broke the Democratic streak of six consecutive wins for governor by also putting together an effective agenda to cut taxes, reform education and improve transportation. Owens won a tough primary against a respected state Senate president and he became the first Republican governor to be elected in 28 years. He remains the only Republican governor in the past 50 years.

Allard and Owens were reelected in 2002 but since then, Republicans have lost 9 of 10 elections for governor and senator, the only winner being U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner who unseated Democratic incumbent Mark Udall in 2014.  Gardner was unseated in 2020 in the anti-Trump landslide.

Several of those nine elections were very winnable but Republican candidates fell short by either running an undisciplined campaign that made politically fatal mistakes, or running a narrow ideological campaign that repelled unaffiliated voters, or failing to define a clear mainstream conservative agenda that could win a primary and a general election.

Not once during the collective 19 years that I worked for U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong, U.S. Sen. Hank Brown, U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, and Gov. Bill Owens did I hear one of them beat their chest as morally superior or declare themselves as “principled” while attacking other Republicans as unworthy if they disagreed on some issues.

They understood politics is the art of addition, not subtraction. They did not need to boast of being “principled.”  They showed it every day during their campaigns and in how they served their state and nation in office.

Conspiracy theories and constricting access to the nomination process are sure losers for Colorado Republicans in 2022.

Dick Wadhams is a former Colorado Republican state chairman who worked for U.S. Sens. Bill Armstrong, Hank Brown, Wayne Allard and Gov. Bill Owens.

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Gophers receivers have a motto. It’s found on a can of root beer



Gophers receivers have a motto. It’s found on a can of root beer

Gophers receivers coach Matt Simon has an unopened, room-temperature can of A&W Root Beer sitting on his desk inside the Larson Football Performance Center. It’s a prop, not a thirst-quencher.

Riffing off head coach P.J. Fleck’s array of slogans and acronyms, Simon came up with “actions over words” formula for what he wants from his position group during the 2021 season. He gave each receiver a can of A&W to serve as a reminder.

“Our actions are going to be way more important than our words,” Simon said in an training-camp interview with the Pioneer Press. “Yes, people are going to talk about us as a group and … try to put labels on us, on how young we are or what we maybe haven’t accomplished. We can say we’ve changed, but at the end of the day, that doesn’t (do it).”

Through two games, there have been more words than actions when it comes to the U’s receivers. Minnesota abandoned the passing game in the second half of the 31-26 win over Miami (Ohio) last Saturday; they had six third-quarter passes fall incomplete and didn’t attempt a throw in the fourth.

The Gophers have run the ball on nearly 70 percent of offensive plays this season and will likely need more balance against Pac-12 Conference foe Colorado (1-1) at noon Saturday at Folsom Field in Boulder.

Minnesota lost only one offensive starter from last season, and it was a big one: first-round NFL pick Rashod Bateman. They had Tyler Jonson go to the league after 2019 and current top target, Chris Autman-Bell, went down with an ankle injury in camp. It has kept “CrAB” sidelined for the first two games.

This has meant veteran quarterback Tanner Morgan has had to find new or lesser-known targets, and they’ve gotten off to a slow start.

Texas A&M transfer Dylan Wright has had 15 targets, eight catches for 130 yards and two touchdowns in two games. But in the third quarter against Miami, Wright slipped on a route and Morgan’s pass fell incomplete. Wright received medical attention and was held out of the game, but it wasn’t so much a physical injury as a mental hurdle.

“I think we have to continue to build … that mental toughness,” Fleck said on the topic postgame. “We were really good in 2019 mentally, but if you go back to 2018 and 2017, with Tyler and Rashod, we had a lot of drops and a lot of different (issues with) inconsistent play.”

Wright is expected to return Saturday, while Autman-Bell appears likely to make his season debut. It could be a boost for a passing offense that is outside the top 100 in the nation in yards per game (158), completion percentage (52.4) and total attempts (42).

While the body of work hasn’t been complete, there have been successes. Wright, who’s first name is pronounced Day-lynn, had an impressive leaping touchdown catch in tight coverage against Ohio State in a season opening, 45-31 loss. It was the first TD catch of his career.

Daniel Jackson, a four-star recruit and second-year player from Kansas, has seven receptions for 88 yards on 12 targets. He scored his first collegiate touchdown against Miami and afterward, Morgan had a message for him in the end zone: “It’s the first of many.”

“It’s a cool moment to celebrate it,” said Morgan, who’s next TD pass will be the 50th of his career. “But at the same time, it’s a part of the game. You have to keep going.”

On Tuesday, Fleck clarified his “mental toughness” postgame quote.

“I’m talking about just overcoming adversity, next-play mentality, being able to not flush the last play and forget about it, learn from it immediately and then move on,” the coach said. “I’m not about ignoring what happened, never been about that. … The minute that play is over, ‘What did I learn? What did I gather? Boom, got it, next play, let’s go.’

“That’s with young players in general. The faster they can get better at that, the better they’re going to be.”

Morgan has been working to stay positive with the receivers, knowing he wasn’t an all-Big Ten caliber quarterback when he got his first action in 2018.

Compared to January, Fleck has been impressed with how quickly Wright, listed at 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds, has improved since joining the program. While he was a four-star recruit out of Texas and went to the SEC, he was raw in the eyes of Fleck.

“There was no way when that kid came on campus in January I thought he would ever play this year,” Fleck said on his KFAN radio show. “That is a credit to Matt Simon, Mike Sanford for the development of him to where he is now. I think he’s one of the better ones we’ve had.”

Autman-Bell is on track to be the Gophers’ next star receiver and has shown good chemistry with Morgan. Hel has caught at least one pass in 32 career games, with a grab in 27 straight. He should be the go-to possession receiver once he comes back.

Before the Miami game, Autman-Bell warmed up as if he would play but returned to the locker room before kickoff to change into street clothes. Since Saturday, he has been participating in practice, Fleck said.

The Buffaloes, who held No. 7 Texas A&M until a late touchdown in a 10-7 loss in Denver last week, will likely force Minnesota to pass. If they can can air it out successfully, Simon might mention a certain root beer brand postgame.

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Hochul welcomes Afghan refugees in NY with 100 coming to Albany



Hochul welcomes Afghan refugees in NY with 100 coming to Albany

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gov. Kathy Hochul welcomed the Afghans who will be resettling in New York communities. Local agencies including in Albany are stepping up to help these families rebuild.

The Afghans, including some that have already arrived, are expected to be placed in their new communities between now and March 31. This is expected to include up to 100 in Albany, 335 in Buffalo, 240 in the New York City area, 200 in Rochester, 248 in Syracuse, and 20 in Utica.

Those arriving in New York will be assisted by agencies funded by the Bureau of Refugee Services, which is located within the state Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance. “We have a strong desire to welcome as many families as want to relocate here to the city of Albany,” said Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan.

Hochul pledged to offer the refugees assistance via state-supported resettlement agencies as they rebuild their lives. They will be offering free support to find a job, learn English and help with legal assistance.

Sheehan says they want to get them back on their feet. “We want to help them find housing, get a job, become news employees, and get their children enrolled in our schools,” she said.

RISSE is a non-profit organization in Albany that serves refugees and immigrants. They are dedicated to helping refugee families build sustainable lives through teaching English, job assistance, and so much more. Operations Director Francis Sengabo says they are here to equip refugees with life skills and help them adapt to U.S. culture.

“Yesterday, we helped two families get a job through RISSE. So we are ready to help them with whatever they need,” said Sengabo.

Mayor Sheehan says one challenge may be finding housing for refugees. The city of Albany is looking into temporary options. “Whether that be in partnership with some of our hotels that still are seeing pretty big occupancy availability,” Sheehan said.

RISSE says they are always looking for volunteers. The Office for New Americans also has a hotline that can connect immigrants and refugees to free services across the state. The hotline can be reached at (800) 566-7636 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday, except holidays, with assistance available in more than 200 languages.

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Enterprise Center requiring vaccination proof or negative test to Blues games, other events



Enterprise Center requiring vaccination proof or negative test to Blues games, other events

Posted: Updated:

According to J&J, the booster dose of the vaccine “generated a rapid and robust increase in spike-binding antibodies” 28 days after the primary single-dose shot in participants between the ages of 18 and 55 and in those 65 years and older. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul, file)

ST. LOUIS– The St. Louis Blues will require proof of vaccination or negative tests results within 72 hours for fans at Enterprise Center starting on Oct. 15.

The St. Louis Blues says the policy is also in effect for other events at the Enterprise Center and the Stifel Theater.

The policy applies to fans ages 12 and older. The measure is intended to protect the health and wellness of fans, guests, sponsors, staff, players, and others.

The policy will take effect ahead of the Blues’ regular-season home opener on Saturday, Oct. 23, vs. the Los Angeles Kings.

The Blues are the 16th team in the National Hockey League to introduce a policy requiring fans to show proof of vaccination or a negative test result to attend games.

“We all want the same thing – Blues hockey as it was meant to be,” Chris Zimmerman, President and CEO of Business Operations of the St. Louis Blues. “We want everyone getting back together as one, with players and fans alike feeding off the energy as we remember it not that long ago. The same holds true for a concert or performance. The experience of enjoying a headlining act is something we’ve missed, and we look forward to again hosting the biggest artists and tours at Enterprise Center and Stifel Theatre this fall and beyond.

Key information related to the policy includes:

  • Fans and guests ages 12 and older will be required to show printed or digital proof of full COVID‑19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR or antigen test administered by a healthcare professional within 72 hours prior to the event. The test results must include the ticketholder’s name and the date of the test.
  • Fans and guests 11 and younger will be permitted to enter Enterprise Center and Stifel Theatre without proof of vaccination or a negative test result, provided they wear a mask at all times while inside the venue.
  • The Enterprise Center and Stifel Theatre policy at all times will be subject to health and safety guidelines or policies as determined by the City of St. Louis and the NHL. As an example, the City of St. Louis continues to require all to wear facial coverings when indoors and within enclosed public buildings and spaces.
  • COVID-19 tests will not be made available at Enterprise Center and Stifel Theatre on the dates of games or events.

You can get more information about fans and guests by visiting

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CU Buffs vs. Minnesota football: 4 things to know, key matchups and predictions



CU Buffs vs. Minnesota football: 4 things to know, key matchups and predictions

Minnesota (1-1) vs. Colorado (1-1); 11 a.m. Saturday, Folsom Field

TV/Radio: Pac-12 Network/630 AM

Line: Colorado -2.5, 48.5 over/under

Weather: 77 degrees, sunny

What to know

Broussard back. All indications are CU running back Jarek Broussard will the available Saturday. But will he be effective? A blindside hit to his legs knocked the Buffs’ lead back out of last week’s loss to Texas A&M, and the offense clearly missed him. Coach Karl Dorrell declared Broussard “fine” earlier this week, but they’ll need him to be more than that if the Buffs are going to move the ball consistently Saturday.

Catching fire. A dependable pass catching threat has yet to emerge for CU early in the season. At least one option is off the table with La’Vontae Shenault suspended indefinitely. So who among Dimitri Stanley, Daniel Arias and Brenden Rice is ready to step up? Arias had a chance to make a big play last week against Texas A&M, but his drop of a Brendon Lewis deep ball doomed a drive. Until a playmaker emerges on the outside, this offense will be limited.

Bruising line. For the second straight week, CU faces a big, physical offensive front. And this one brings plenty of experience to Folsom Field as well. The Gophers’ O-line has more combined starts (193) at the FBS level than any program in the country. They also boast one of the nation’s top tackles in 6-foot-9, 380-pound senior Daniel Faalele. Another big challenge awaits the Buffs in the trenches, who passed last week’s challenge against Texas A&M with flying colors.

Row your boat. After the USC job opened up this week, Minnesota coach PJ Fleck immediately emerged as a candidate to fill the vacancy at Heritage Hall. As much as Fleck might want to downplay those rumors — the Boat Rower’s among the betting favorites to get the gig — there’s no doubt his players are hearing them, too. Coaches hate distractions, and this is a big one for a program that prides itself on rowing in the same direction.

Key matchups

Gophers O-line vs. Buffs defense. This much is clear through two weeks: the CU run defense is as sturdy as they come. Led by linebackers Nate Landman and Carson Wells, the Buffs rank 13th in the nation at 58.5 rush yards allowed per game. The Gophers lost top back Mohamed Ibrahim for the season in Week 1. If replacement Trey Potts (178 yards, 2 TDs vs. Miami, Ohio) can’t find room to run Saturday, it could be a long day for the run-first Gophers.

QB Brendon Lewis vs. Gophers defense. The CU passing game enters Saturday ranked 126th in the country at 95.5 yards per game. With the 103rd pass defense (265.5 ypg) coming to Boulder, the time is now for Lewis and his receivers to get right. Minnesota has a pass-rushing force in OLB Boye Mafe — both he and OT Daniel Faalele made Bruce Feldman’s “Freaks List” — but there are holes to exploit. The Buffs must find them.


Kyle Fredrickson, sports reporter: CU 24, Minnesota 21

A late field goal lifts CU to a huge win; more evidence the Buffs will be bowling this year.

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SpaceX Inspiration4 Completes First Day in Space: Take a Look Inside the Passenger Cabin



SpaceX Inspiration4 Completes First Day in Space: Take a Look Inside the Passenger Cabin
SpaceX’s Inspiration4 crew shares their experience in space. Inspiration4/Twitter

SpaceX on Wednesday evening successfully launched a crew of four amateur astronauts into space in a fully automatic Crew Dragon spacecraft. The mission, called Inspiration4, is the first full-civilian orbital flight ever launched. On Friday, the crew sent back their first snapshots of the space journey through the mission’s Twitter account.

Photos posted on Inspiration4’s Twitter page showed the four passengers floating in zero-gravity inside a modified SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule (with a glass dome) with our home planet in the background.

The crew has been in Earth’s orbit for just a day, but have already seen the sun rise and set 15 times, the mission’s Twitter handle posted early Friday.

One of the crew members, Haley Arceneaux, a physician’s assistant at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, shared a 30-second video through St. Jude’s Twitter account of herself giving a virtual tour of the passenger cabin, especially the glass cupola, which SpaceX designed specifically for this mission to allow a better view from space.

Arceneaux is one of three passengers invited by the fintech billionaire Jared Issacman, who bought the entire flight. The other two passengers are Chris Sembroski, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and Sian Proctor, a planetary science professor at the South Mountain Community College in Arizona.

The Inspiration4 crew will spend three days in Earth’s orbit at an altitude of 357 miles, about 100 miles higher than the average orbital height of the International Space Station.

The crew is scheduled to give a live in-orbit update about their journey so far at 5 p.m. Friday. You can watch the event on SpaceX’s YouTube channel.

SpaceX Inspiration4 Completes First Day in Space: Take a Look Inside the Passenger Cabin

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Pedophile who ‘wrote the Bible on child abuse’ deemed to be at low risk of reoffending by Australian judge



Adelaide pedophile sentenced to 8 years

On Friday, an Australian court sentenced Geoffrey William Moyle, who sexually assaulted multiple children while filming the acts, to eight years and nine months in prison.

Going to prison: Moyle, 48, from Adelaide, Australia, pleaded guilty to sexually abusing Cambodian children aged 10 to 12 while allegedly working as a foreign aid worker for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, according to ABC Australia. The DFAT refuted the claim in January 2020.

  • The perpetrator was also charged for possessing child exploitation material in Australia during his arrest in June 2019 and was sentenced to nine months in prison. The charge carries a maximum of 14 years imprisonment, Armstrong Legal explained.
  • Moyle’s Commonwealth sentence of eight years and nine months, which also came with a non-parole period of four years and six months, began after his initial sentencing in 2019. He will be eligible for parole in 2024.
  • He feels remorseful for his actions and takes responsibility for them,” Judge Paul Cuthbertson said at Moyle’s sentencing. He described the man as a “loving father, son and husband” who is at low risk of reoffending.
  • Over a period of approximately two to three years, the offender was involved in the most vile sexual activity against children of the age of about 10 to 12 years old,” the judge added. “He must have known the children he sexually assaulted will be exploited, that this activity towards them will likely wreck their lives and their futures.”
  • On Friday, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Detective Superintendent Gail McClure said authorities are working relentlessly in their effort to catch sexual perpetrators and bring them to justice.
  • I’d like to issue a warning to any other individual who would seek to prey upon vulnerable children: the AFP and its partners will come for you, no matter when the abuse occurred and no matter where you are in the world,” McClure said. “There’s nowhere for you to hide.”

Arrest details: Moyle, who went by the online moniker “Waka,” had led international authorities on a 20-year manhunt, Daily Mail reported. He was reportedly one of the first people to film and share their child sexual abuse videos online.

  • The AFP began their investigation after he expressed an interest for Asian girls on a child abuse website in 2019. Authorities later found that the suspect was also being sought by the Cambodian police and U.S. Homeland Security.
  • Police were able to identify Moyle after scouring through countless pictures and videos of sexual abuse. Investigators also raided his parents’ house, where they found a watch and a pair of shoes similar to the ones seen his videos, in which his face is never shown.
  • Authorities identified three and found one of the six victims. Investigators believe the victims were girls held in a Cambodian brothel.
  • The victim reportedly demanded 84,000 Australian dollars ($61,367) as compensation through the Australian courts. According to The Guardian, this was the first time a child sexual assault victim living outside Australia sought compensation.
  • Moyle has allegedly been praised by other pedophiles for being the man who “wrote the Bible on child abuse,” according to The Advertiser.

Featured Image via 7NEWS Australia

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Injury-ridden UMass has challenge in Eastern Michigan



Injury-ridden UMass has challenge in Eastern Michigan

Heavy casualties are the fallout from opening the season with consecutive games against powerful Atlantic Coast Conference opponents.

That is the dilemma UMass coach Walt Bell is dealing with as he prepares the 0-2 Minutemen to host 1-1 Eastern Michigan at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at McGuirk Stadium.

UMass opened the season with a 51-7 road loss against Pitt on Sept. 4. The Minutemen’s home opener was a 45-28 loss to Boston College and both games took a devastating toll from a medical standpoint.

Bell opened the week of practice with nearly half his starting lineup out with injuries, a desperate situation for a young team that lacks depth and experience. UMass is an independent program that only played four games in 2020.

“As of (Tuesday) we are down nine starters,” said Bell. “We are beat up and that’s what you get when you play two ACC opponents in the first two games.

“How many guys we get back by game day is waiting to be seen. But that’s why you recruit and it’s next guy up and we have to figure it out and go play.”

UMass starting quarterback Tyler Lytle was 14-for-31 for 167 passing yards at Pittsburgh and scored the lone Minuteman touchdown. Lytle sustained 10 hits from the Panthers’ defense and was unavailable for the BC game.

Brady Olson, a 6-4, 200-pound, true freshman from Bellingham, made his collegiate debut against BC. After struggling in the first half, Olson found his traction in the second and finished with 14 completions for 214 yards with three touchdowns and two interceptions.

Lytle is Bell’s quarterback going forward but his status for Eastern Michigan is uncertain. So, which player Bell starts against Eastern Michigan will likely be a game-time decision.

“We are not sure yet and it all still depends on how quickly Tyler can get healthy,” said Bell. “If Tyler is healthy, he will get his chance to play but if he is not, Brady will be the guy.”

BC’s defense had not given up a point in its first six quarters, but UMass took advantage of turnovers and penalties to hang 28 points on the Eagles in the second half.

UMass registered 99 yards of total offense on 25 plays with seven first downs in the first half. UMass regrouped and rolled up 236 yards of offense in the second half that included a 56-yard pass from Olson to Rico Arnold that opened the scoring in the third quarter.

Bell doubles as offensive coordinator and relayed the plays to Olson on sideline checks.

The Minutemen’s fireworks in the second half against BC has Bell optimistic about the match with Eastern Michigan despite the rash of injuries.

“We just executed better and played better football,” said Bell. “We had some of the same opportunities in the first half and didn’t capitalize but we settled in and started playing better football.

“I would say it was the competitive effort, the intent and the purpose. To me, that was probably the best we’ve played since we’ve been here”

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Injuries on defense could hamstring Vikings vs. Cardinals



Cardinals QB Kyler Murray ‘looks like a video game’ when he plays. How do the Vikings stop him?


  • Kickoff: 3:05 p.m. Sunday
  • Where: State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Ariz.
  • TV: KMSP-Channel 9; Gus Johnson, Aqib Talib, Megan Olvi
  • Radio: KFXN-FM 100.3; Paul Allen, Pete Bercich, Greg Coleman, Ben Leber
  • Series: Vikings lead 17-11
  • Line: Cardinals by 3½

The Vikings are coming off a disappointing season-opening loss at Cincinnati, where they appeared to be driving for the winning score before running back Dalvin Cook fumbled near midfield, and the Bengals won the game 27-24 on a 33-yard field goal by Evan McPherson. The Vikings were penalized 12 times for 116 yards in the loss, something coaches worked hard to eliminate during practice this week. Kirk Cousins passed for 351 yards and two touchdowns, but issues on the line kept the quarterback from taking shots down the field: his passes averages a distance of 6.1 yards in the air.

The Cardinals, meanwhile, are coming off an impressive 38-13 victory over Tennessee last Sunday. Slippery quarterback Kyler Murray passed for 289 yards and four touchdowns, and rushed for a fifth. On defense, defensive end Chandler Jones sacked Ryan Tannehill five times — disconcerting for a Vikings offensive line that had issues against the Bengals, and a quarterback with a penchant giving up and taking a sack under pressure.

The Vikings also will be without linebacker Anthony Barr, who will miss a second straight game because of a knee injury, and defensive end Everson Griffen, who suffered a concussion in a car accident this week. And then there is middle linebacker Eric Kendricks, questionable on Friday’s injury list because of a quad injury. If Kendricks sits, that’s three key starters missing against a potent offense.

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Update: Man arrested over vandalized BLM mural



Albany man arrested for drugs, stolen handgun

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – On Thursday, Police arrested Ian Rawlinson, 43, of Albany, for vandalized a Black Lives Matter mural, on Lark Street.

At around 3 p.m., Albany Police said, responded to the BLM mural on Lark Street between Hudson Avenue and Lancaster Street, for reports of a man vandalizing the mural with graffiti.

Rawlison had used white spray paint to write the letters “KKK” and draw burning crosses on the mural, Police said.

Police arrested Rawlison, on Madison Avenue near Lark St., charged with fourth-degree Criminal Mischief, as a hate crime.

He is scheduled to be arraigned Friday, in Albany Criminal Court.

More from NEWS10

  • Rally in support of Puppy Mill Pipeline bill planned Saturday, Sept. 18 at Colonie Center
  • Suspect arrested for allegedly stabbing two people in Pittsfield
  • Police: Albany man arrested with loaded gun, cocaine
  • Empire State Weekly: Reviewing the first drafts of redistricting maps
  • FDA advisory panel rejects widespread Pfizer booster shots

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Stolen camper, boat, and UTV among recovered thefts items in Phelps County



Stolen camper, boat, and UTV among recovered thefts items in Phelps County

PHELPS COUNTY, Mo.– A camper, Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV), and boat are just some of the stolen items Phelps County deputies recovered from several locations over the past few weeks. The sheriff said the stolen items kept deputies busy.

Deputies got calls for thefts from at least 4 different properties between September 7 and September 14.

Deputies say a UTV and tools were stolen from a farm near Highway 68. The UTV owner spotted the vehicle at a different house and they were able to arrest a suspect in that case.

Also, deputies also found a stolen SUV, trailer, All Terrain Vehicle, and firearms that were stolen from another home. Those items were located in an abandoned truck which was also stolen out of St. James.

Phelps County deputies also worked to recover a stolen boat in Pulaski County.

Phelps County deputies also assisted notified Pulaski County about a stolen camper. Detectives found it and determined it was reported stolen out of Miller County.

The property crimes unit can be contacted by calling the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department at (573) 426-3860. Callers wanting to remain anonymous can call the confidential tip line at (573) 426-2936.

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