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7 Internet Marketing Tricks to Help Boost Profits



Running your own Internet-based business can be a difficult, and daunting task. It will test every ounce of your creativity and stamina. It will push you to the edge and make you wander if that 9 to 5 wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

It may be tough, but at the end of a long day you know deep down that it definitely worth it. Being your own boss and determining the outcome of your life is definitely worth it.

The following 7 tips are just a few ideas to help you get started and keep you going on your journey as an internet marketer.

Take a look at how you can earn money as an Internet marketer!

1. Track your Ads

You need some sort of tracking in place to be able to see how your ads are doing. Most any advertising services, like Google Adwords, will have this in place. By using split testing you can compare two slightly different versions of the same ad to see what does best.

2. Sell Content

An easy way to produce income online as an internet marketer is to sell content. Content can can be almost anything, from simple ebooks to complex graphics. Finding sources to have these things made is simply a search away.

3. Submitting Articles to Directories

One of the biggest parts of being an internet marketer is generating traffic to your site. (see link at the bottom of the page for list of directories) Article marketing is a major part of that traffic generation. Submitting the articles to directories will definitely help by getting those much needed backlinks and help improve search engine rankings.

4. Submitting Your Site to Link Directories

Another traffic generating idea is to submit your site to link directories (see link at the bottom of the page for list of directories). When you submit to link directories, you are usually able to include a description and your keywords to help your rankings.

5. Repeat What Works

The marketing business is a trial and error business. Find what works and stick with it!

Keep analyzing and discover what isn’t working and stop doing it. The definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting different results.

6. AdWords

– Boosting Your Click-Through Rate

One quick way to help improve your CTR (click-through-rate), is to use the main keyword in your headline of your AdWords ad. This will cause the keyword to be bolded in the headline and when it is searched for and help increase the chances of being clicked.

– Use the Right Headline

Once you are tracking your ads, you will need to start testing your results. The best way to find out how well a campaign is working is to split test an ad with small changes.

7. Affiliate Products

A great way to generate additional income besides selling your own products is by selling affiliate products. Great affiliate products are easy to find and the numbers of products are growing everyday.

Top 50 Article Directories:

Top Link Directories:

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How to Do Celebrity Voice Impersonations




How do I perform celebrity voice impersonations?

The last major league baseball player to hit four-hundred, was Ted Williams. People would often come up to Mr. Williams, and ask him, “Ted, what is the secret to your great hitting?” Though nowadays, Ted actually has his own website dedicated to the subject, back in the day, the answer was usually something a little closer to “I just can.”

The truth is, Ted had little secrets he would do such as counting the stitches on the ball as it rotated towards him, and making sure the ball was in his “happy zone.” But the fact of the matter is, there are two types of people, those that can just “do” and those that can “teach how they do.”

As a professional voice talent who specializes in celebrity voice impersonations, often times people will ask me the same type of question. The answer, is pretty much the same. “I just can.” But I will at least attempt to break down the thought process that I utilize when I attempt to impersonate voices that do not come immediately natural to me.

But before we run, we must at least learn to walk. I believe there are four impersonations that nearly everyone on the planet can do. The first three are Macho Man Randy Savage, Sylvester Stallone and Jimmy Stewart. Though they all stem from different areas of it, each of these voices begins and ends in the throat (as opposed to other more difficult areas which I will delve into momentarily), and they all fall into a range of pitch that is very user friendly to nearly everyone who has completed puberty. All without having to stretch the vocal muscles very far.

Which leads me to the fourth person, William Shatner. Even a three year old can impersonate the unique, “Stop and Start” and “quick” manner in which Mr. Shatner speaks. Almost everyone can grasp that timbre and manner of speaking enough to at least do a passable impersonation, good enough for being a hit at parties. However, truth be told, a very good William Shatner impression is almost impossible to come by.

For a great William Shatner impersonation, check out the Frank Caliendo video linked at the bottom of this page. Notice that he’s just not speaking in quirky sentences about Spock and Spaceships. He lowers his voice at the right times and applies the right emotions to it, and if we can think of the “impression” as an imaginary, physical, “ball-of-voice” for a second, then you can understand that the key to what makes this a great impression as opposed to a party trick, is that Frank moves that ball around through all the physical areas of his body that all humans use when speaking. More specifically, he gets Shatner’s pitch, and moves it through the same areas that Shatner does. Any of us can get the timbre and the vocal mannerisms down to pull off a Shatner, but what separates the men from the boys is actually getting the right pitch and movement first, and then applying the unique vocal mannerisms.

So, now you see why I separated the four into two specific groups. By understanding Shatner, now we can go back and understand a little more clearly why the first three are so easy to duplicate. Though Savage might be a gravel type voice, Stallone might be a deeper one, and Stewart might be a little higher pitched, again, none of them provide much of a stretch for us. On a scale of octaves, they’re pretty much right up everyone’s alley and their timbre and mannerisms are so unique, that anyone can throw them into a conversation and the listener will know exactly who you are impersonating. Not a big deal. Uniqueness is what makes them easy.

This is why I’m rarely impressed with Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonations as well. Aside of perhaps, Darrell Hammond who does a spot on version for all of the same reasons mentioned above on Caliendo’s version of Shatner.

Again, unique voices are a piece of cake. It’s the normal voices that are difficult. It’s why we’ve yet to see anyone truly do a great President Obama impersonation yet. Clinton, Reagan and The Bush’s made it easy. If you want to be really impressed, watch the following video. This is not really Harrison Ford.

So what other areas, besides the throat, are important?

Every voice obviously comes from the throat. Obvious, because that’s where the vocal chords are. But to some extent, every person also combines the nasal area, in addition to the chest and diaphragm areas of their bodies in their everyday vocal communications as well. The first key to doing a good impersonation is to identify which of those areas the voice you are attempting comes from. This is what makes doing a Morgan Freeman impersonation for example, exceedingly difficult if the voice doesn’t already come natural to you. I’d venture to guess that a good lot of the male population can find the right deep tone of voice, necessary for the impersonation. But can they apply the correct “rasp” to the voice, and then skillfully bring the voice from the diaphragm and sell it to the world through the nasal passages, all the while finding the right mixture of Freeman’s unique inflections? Not as easy for sure. But that’s the key. If you want to hear a good example, there’s one on my website.

In addition, and equally as obvious, is the mouth. One of my greatest challenges as a voice talent is concentration on proper enunciation. I have a tendency to speak very colloquially and fall prey to my Ohio accent at times. But, where I find difficulty in doing my commercial and promotional voice overs, I find treasure for doing impersonations, as these deficiencies in “proper” speaking means I can more easily pick up on the “flaws” that otherwise make a person or celebrity unique, and therefore make the impersonation more achievable. Gerad Butler and Sean Connery roll their S’s for example. Richard Burton requires a tightening of the mouth and a rolling of the R’s in a very Shakespearian manner. These are just examples, to show how important enunciation and mouth movement is to the process. For more, check out how strongly I enunciate my P’s and B’s on my Jesse Ventura impersonation linked below.

At any rate, no, this isn’t the end all de facto lesson on doing Celebrity Voice Impersonations, but it will get you started.

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10 Things to Evaluate When Buying a Home




Buying a home is a lifetime investment and you need to be very cautious to avoid losing money, buying the wrong house, or buying in the wrong neighborhood. Buying a house is a process that involves a series of steps with the goal of making the wrong choices. Sometimes, when buying a house, you need the help of professionals; for instance, for inspection to ascertain that the house is in the right condition. If you are considering buying a house, here are 10 things you should evaluate:

1. The roof

The roof of a house plays a key role in ensuring your valuable items and family members are safe from different weather conditions. It is important to understand that roofs have a lifespan, depending on the materials used, and the type of roof. Therefore, before you buy a house, ensure that the roof is in the right condition and that it has not exceeded its lifespan to avoid a leaking roof. You can have a roof contractor carry out an inspection to avoid incurring additional roof repairs or replacement after buying the house.

2. The plumbing system

The house’s plumbing system should be working properly to avoid additional costs. Ensure that you like the way the toilet flushes, check the drains, water pressure and faucets in bathrooms and kitchen. In addition, you need to know how long it takes for hot water to get to the shower, whether there is a water softener and the age of the water heater. Most water heaters have a lifespan between 10 – 15 years depending on the model, how they were maintained, and how often they were used as well as other factors. Therefore, checking the age of the water heater will help you know when you should replace it; thus helping you to determine whether it is worth buying the house.

3. The size and the floor plan

When buying a house, you are obviously thinking of settling down with your family as well as about your future. The size of the house and the floor plan are some of the factors you should consider in order to make the right choice. Depending on the type of family you want to have, the size of the house will be a determining factor, because a large home can offer enough space for your family and friends when they visit, as well as a home office. However, you will have to pay more for a larger home – both in mortgage and utility bills.

4. Location

Your neighborhood plays a key role when buying a house because it not only affects the value of the house but also availability of resources and security. You should gather as much information about the neighborhood as possible to make sure that it is safe and has all the facilities (social amenities) you need. Consider the proximity of your home to your place of work and ease of access because you will need that every day. However, you should know that the location might determine the value of your house.

5. Electrical systems

Just like the plumbing system, your electrical system should be working properly to avoid possible injuries and accidents. A good electrical system also has little or no maintenance and repair costs after you’ve bought the house. Therefore, when evaluating the electrical system, make sure you know how much the electrical system can handle, whether the electrical sockets are upgraded to take grounded plugs or the type of electrical system used to wire your house. If you cannot o the assessment yourself, hiring an electrician is a better option.

6. Kitchen appliances

You will need to use your kitchen every day after buying the house. Hence, checking the condition of the microwave, refrigerator, kitchen range, dishwasher and other kitchen appliances. If the house has a gas range, you should know whether it has a pilot light or an ignition starter and above all, know if these kitchen appliances will be sold with the house. You can make up your mind whether you want them or you will buy your own kitchen appliances depending on what your preferences and budget estimates are.

7. Interior environmental hazards

It is important to look for interior environmental hazards in a home to avoid exposing yourself and your family to health hazards from toxic substances. For instance, in an older home, you need to look for any asbestos coating on the furnace, pipes, heating systems and on water heaters. Make sure that the basement is tested for the presence of any poisonous gases e.g. radon which is carcinogenic and may cause lung cancer. You should also be on the lookout for carbon monoxide and vermin to make sure that your home is safe. Finally, an inspector should determine whether the house has any lead-based paints because they are poisonous. In fact, homes that are offered for sale should not have any lead-based paints under federal laws.

8. Structural problems

Although you cannot buy an old house in perfect condition, it should have few or no structural problems. If you buy a house that has numerous structural problems knowingly or unknowingly, you will end up spending a lot of money trying to fix them. Know the state of the interior walls, roof, gutters and downspouts, flashings, doors and windows. Remember to inspect the floor too, as well as the fence and other structures in your house.

9. The Bedrooms and bathrooms

First of all, you need to decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms your house should have and then start looking for such a house. This will be determined by your preferences, family size and budget. You will then evaluate the conditions of the bathroom and the bedrooms, their size and closets as well as the flooring. Your bathroom should have tiles for easy cleaning as well as a showerhead or a bathtub or even both. If you are thinking of adding extra room in future, have an architecture advice you whether it is possible after considering lot usage, space planning and city regulations.

10. Check outside the house

Finally, evaluate the exterior part of your house because it also plays a role when buying your home. Does it have enough landscaping and a fence, where are the lot (or property) lines and the condition of the garage? Don’t forget to check the condition of the fences, patio and the deck.

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How to Find Real Spells & Legit Spell Casters Online




Spells that work can be hard to find when you do not know what to watch for. Luckily, after reading this information, you VERY MUCH will be ready to tell a false Spell Caster from a Real Spell Caster!

When searching for Love Spells that work where do you begin? How can you separate Real Spells from phony Spells. There are countless Online Spell Casters in Cyberspace and it can be VERY confusing deciding on what Spells are real and what Real Spells are not. This article will give you some detailed pointers and information regarding your search for Real Love Spells that Work. Lets rewind shall we?

What are the best Love Spells that Really Work?

What makes a Love Spell Casting Effective and Real. Spells that Work are hard to find but do exist IF you know what to look for when searching for an online Spell Caster. If you are searching for a Love Spell here are a few things to look for to indicate the Love Spell Caster is indeed a real and professional Spell Caster that can deliver real results that Spells that work deliver.

1. Look for a Money back Guarantee — Real Spells that Work will always carry a rock solid guarantee. This is not always the case but if a Spell Caster is a professional and offers a real and legit Spell Casting service, why not offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee Right?

2. Check the website for Spells that could never work. — If you see Spell Castings for things that are impossible like “Spells to make You Levitate” or “Spell Casting to Make You Invisible” you can be CERTAIN the rest of this person’s professional Spell Castings are just are fake.

3. See how long the Caster has been online by searching how old his website domain is. — A website crated 2 weeks ago stands a pretty good chance of being one of the fakes. It is possible to find a real caster with a new site but Most online Spell Casters that are legit and offer real Spells that work have been online for years. This is a matter of opinion but it has very solid grounds for being a rule.

4. Wanting more money AFTER you pay them. — A common trick many Psychics and Magick Casters use is this… That will tell you they cannot perform the casting because they see a dark wall or a blockage from another casting or negative energy in general. Either way, the Psychic or Fake Caster will then proceed to ask for more money for the casting. If you have been told this and the Caster requested more money DO NOT PAY as this is one of the oldest tricks in the book fake Psychics use as well as fake Magick Casters. The 4th rule is if you only pay ONCE for your Real Magick Casting, it is a VERY good sign you bought a Real magick Casting that will work. Again, if they ask for more money AFTER you pay, RUN as they are phony casters.


If you use these 4 simple rules for searching for Real Spells that work you will have no problems finding the right Love Spell, Money Spell, Justice Curse, Luck Casting etc. Use your common sense and you will never go wrong. Spells that work ARE out there. With this basic information, you are far more likely to find the right one for you! The Below link will also provide you with fantastic Spells that work for any problem or desire.

Many stats show that a great deal of online Black magick services and Astrologists are very undertrained or not trained at all in their craft. When you make the choice to hire one you must be ready to do the right research to separate the good from the bad. Trust what your instincts tell you as well. They will not let you down if you truly learn to listen at a spiritual level.

Don’t let a few bad seeds ruin it for the legit Casters. Many work very hard to make sure every customer is very satisfied with their Magick Results.

Shamus Johnson

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