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Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)



Let’s start by answering the question “What is Earned Income Tax Credit?” also known as EITC we will use the abbreviation through out the rest of the article. The first word in EITC is earned which means you must have worked in the prior year for someone or had a business to receive the credit. The credit is for individuals with low income, the credit starts to phase out the more money you earn not the other way around.

Do You Qualify?

Because you worked does not mean you automatically qualify for these credits, there are guidelines we must follow. The largest shocker for this credit is the age range most people do not know you have to be between the ages of 25 and 65. You can receive this credit even if you do not have any children. You can not receive this credit for your parents. The following individuals will qualify you for this credit:

• Siblings – Sister, Brother, Stepbrother, Stepsister, Half Brother of Half Sister

• Children – Son, Daughter, Stepchild, Foster child, grand child

• Relatives – Niece, nephew

Your qualifying person must be 19 and younger. If they are going to school must be 24 and younger, and younger than you or totally disabled can be any age.

They must live with you for more than half the year and did not provide more than half of their own support. The qualifying person must not file a joint return or if they are filing a joint return it’s to receive the refund for income withheld or estimated tax payments.

Filing Status for EITC

The EITC filing status are: Married filing Jointly (MFJ), Single, Head of Household (HOH), or Widowed.

How Much Money Can You Receive

The most important part is how much is your refund. The EITC may help reduce the amount you owe for federal and State taxes. Yes, California has an earned income tax credit. If your filing status is Single, MFJ, HOH or Widowed your adjusted income must be less than $15,010 no qualifying children, one qualifying child adjusted income must be less than $39,617, two children income less than $45,007, three or more children income must be less than $48,350.

Married filing jointly adjusted income must be less than $20,600 no children, one child adjusted income must be less than $45,207, two children less than $50,597, three or more children adjusted income must be less than $53,950. Your investment income can not be more than $3,450.

The EITC maximum credit for no children is $510 some people might not think this is much money it helps reduce the amount of money you owe to the IRS. This is GREAT considering there was a time you couldn’t receive this credit without children. One child max credit is $3,400, two children $5,616, three children $6,318. The increase from one child to two children is $2,216 while going from two children to three is $702 as you can see the money decrease when you go from two to three children.

Add the credit to the money withheld from your check each year you can receive a hefty refund.

Take the documents below to file

If someone else is helping you with your return take the following documents to them.

• Social Security cards, a Social Security number verification letter, or other U.S. government document verification for all persons you may list on the return.

• Birth dates for all persons you may list on return.

• Copies of last year’s federal and state returns, if you have them.

• All income statements: Forms W-2 and 1099, Social Security, unemployment, and other statements, such as pensions, stocks, interest and any documents showing taxes withheld. If you own or run a business or farm, collect records of all your income.

• All records of expenses, such as tuition, mortgage interest, or real estate taxes. If you own or run a business or farm, collect records of all your expenses.

• All information reporting forms such as the 1095-A, 1095-B or 1095-C.

• Bank routing numbers and account numbers to direct deposit any refund.

• Dependent child care information: name and address of paid caretakers and either their Social Security number or other tax identification number.

Thank you for taking the time to read the EITC information.


The Power of the Number Nine – Is It Just Magic Or Is It Real




Most people don’t realize the full power of the number nine. First it’s the largest single digit in the base ten number system. The digits of the base ten number system are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. That may not seem like much but it is magic for the nine’s multiplication table. For every product of the nine multiplication table, the sum of the digits in the product adds up to nine. Let’s go down the list. 9 times 1 is equal to 9, 9 times 2 is equal to 18, 9 times 3 is equal to 27, and so on for 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, and 90. When we add the digits of the product, such as 27, the sum adds up to nine, i.e. 2 + 7 = 9. Now let’s extend that thought. Could it be said that a number is evenly divisible by 9 if the digits of that number added up to nine? How about 673218? The digits add up to 27, which add up to 9. Answer to 673218 divided by 9 is 74802 even. Does this work every time? It appears so. Is there an algebraic expression that could explain this phenomenon? If it’s true, there would be a proof or theorem which explains it. Do we need this, to use it? Of course not!

Can we use magic 9 to check large multiplication problems like 459 times 2322? The product of 459 times 2322 is 1,065,798. The sum of the digits of 459 is 18, which is 9. The sum of the digits of 2322 is 9. The sum of the digits of 1,065,798 is 36, which is 9.

Does this prove that statement that the product of 459 times 2322 is equal to 1,065,798 is correct? No, but it does tell us that it is not wrong. What I mean is if your digit sum of your answer hadn’t been 9, then you would have known that your answer was wrong.

Well, this is all well and good if your numbers are such that their digits add up to nine, but what about the rest of the number, those that don’t add up to nine? Can magic nines help me regardless of what numbers I am multiple? You bet you it can! In this case we pay attention to a number called the 9s remainder. Let’s take 76 times 23 which is equal to 1748. The digit sum on 76 is 13, summed again is 4. Hence the 9s remainder for 76 is 4. The digit sum of 23 is 5. That makes 5 the 9s remainder of 23. At this point multiply the two 9s remainders, i.e. 4 times 5, which is equal to 20 whose digits add up to 2. This is the 9s remainder we are looking for when we sum the digits of 1748. Sure enough the digits add up to 20, summed again is 2. Try it yourself with your own worksheet of multiplication problems.

Let’s see how it can reveal a wrong answer. How about 337 times 8323? Could the answer be 2,804,861? It looks right but let’s apply our test. The digit sum of 337 is 13, summed again is 4. So the 9’s remainder of 337 is 4. The digit sum of 8323 is 16, summed again is 7. 4 times 7 is 28, which is 10, summed again is 1. The 9s remainder of our answer to 337 times 8323 must be 1. Now let’s sum the digits of 2,804,861, which is 29, which is 11, summed again is 2. This tells us that 2,804,861 is not the correct answer to 337 times 8323. And sure enough it isn’t. The correct answer is 2,804,851, whose digits add up to 28, which is 10, summed again is 1. Use caution here. This trick only reveals a wrong answer. It is no assurance of a correct answer. Know that the number 2,804,581 gives us the same digit sum as the number 2,804,851, yet we know that the latter is correct and the former is not. This trick is no guarantee that your answer is correct. It’s just a little assurance that your answer is not necessarily wrong.

Now for those who like to play with math and math concepts, the question is how much of this applies to the largest digit in any other base number systems. I know that the multiplies of 7 in the base 8 number system are 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, and 70 in base eight (See note below). All their digit sums add up to 7. We can define this in an algebraic equation; (b-1) *n = b*(n-1) + (b-n) where b is the base number and n is a digit between 0 and (b-1). So in the case of base ten, the equation is (10-1)*n = 10*(n-1)+(10-n). This solves to 9*n = 10n-10+10-n which is equal to 9*n is equal to 9n. I know this looks obvious, but in math, if you can get both side to solve out to the same expression that’s good. The equation (b-1)*n = b*(n-1) + (b-n) simplifies to (b-1)*n = b*n – b + b – n which is (b*n-n) which is equal to (b-1)*n. This tells us that the multiplies of the largest digit in any base number system acts the same as the multiplies of nine in the base ten number system. Whether the rest of it holds true too is up to you to discover. Welcome to the exciting world of mathematics.

Note: The number 16 in base eight is the product of 2 times 7 which is 14 in base ten. The 1 in the base 8 number 16 is in the 8s position. Hence 16 in base 8 is calculated in base ten as (1 * 8) + 6 = 8 + 6 = 14. Different base number systems are whole other area of mathematics worth investigating. Recalculate the other multiples of seven in base eight into base ten and verify them for yourself.

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Is Your Boyfriend Loyal? Use These 3 Tactics to Check If Your Boyfriend Will Cheat on You Or Not!




Do you think that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Do you want to be able to catch a cheating boyfriend, but you just need a way? Would you like to have the truth behind all of the lies? If you want to be able to catch a cheater, then I strongly urge you to use these 3 methods to find out once and for all if your boyfriend is cheating on you….

Step #1: Make a fake profile online- make sure it has photos, and is believable. Flirt with your boyfriend from there, and see his response. If he wants to talk more with you, asks for a phone number, more photos etc, then he is definitely not loyal to you and is probably sneaking around behind your back.

Step #2: Get one of your friends to flirt with your boyfriend. Since a man will often cheat on you with someone you actually know, having one of your friends that you trust do this is a very good way to test the waters! You can either have her text him or call him and flirt, and if he has a positive response, you will know then that he is a cheater.

Step #3: Use reverse phone lookup to find out who he is talking to- collect all of the numbers from his cell phone, either by taking what is there already, using a cell phone spy to get deleted data, or pressing *69 to get the last number dialed. Once you have all the numbers, enter them into the reverse phone lookup, and it will tell you the name, address and other information of the person whose number it is.

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How to Protect Playing Cards




Card games are very popular. In my case I enjoy playing bridge with friends. Many playing cards can be purchased relatively cheaply, but if you play cards a lot you might find yourself repeatedly purchasing new packs of cards.

Cheap cards might not break the bank to replace, but suppose someone has give you a nice, decorative, boxed set of cards. There are lots around, and these can cost anything from around $15 (£12). Still not a huge amount, but you wouldn’t want to keep paying to replace them and the gift might hold sentimental value as well.

You want to look after your cards properly so you can enjoy using them but give them the maximum life possible before having to replace them.

There are very simple ways of doing this.

First, make sure your hands are clean before handling the cards. Sticky children’s fingers (and sticky adult fingers) will quickly stop the cards from fanning out and make dealing and shuffling difficult. If you are a bridge player and are playing with friends, maybe hand round a packet of wet wipes after that all important break for tea and cakes.

Secondly, make sure you are careful when you place the cards back in their box at the end of a game. It only takes a few seconds to tap the cards gently back into place so they form a uniform stack with no stray cards poking out edges or corners. If you don’t do this and stuff an uneven deck of cards back in their box you will quickly damage the edges and corners, which again will make dealing and fanning the cards difficult.

Thirdly, try to keep your cards away from a damp atmosphere. Storing them in a damp cupboard, on a windowsill prone to condensation or in a damp cellar will cause them to warp and discolour, making them unplayable.

Fourthly, if cards do become sticky because sticky fingers handled them, try cleaning them gently with a damp cloth that has been wrung out. This will remove any stick residue from sweets or cakes.

Fifthly, something I’d not come across until I started researching this article, but I think I will be buying some. Fanning powder. Available for just a few pounds or dollars on a well known site named after a South American river. You apply a small amount of the power to the surface of the cards and this helps them to fan out and deal much more easily.

This will reduce rough handling if players are having difficulty with fanning out sticky cards. It will also help players with reduced dexterity by making it easier to sort and handle their cards.

I did see it suggested that a small amount of talcum powder might have a similar effect. I think I’m going to try that one, too.

Sixthly. Handle your cards with care when they are in their boxes. Throwing them in a cupboard, dropping them on the floor, or wedging them at an angle between other heavy objects will damage the box and put pressure on the cards, causing them to distort.

Looking after your cards only takes a little care, but will pay dividends in lower replacement costs.

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Wolf Pack Territorial Fight




We have been taking glimpses into wild wolf society to help us understand dog instinctive behavior (both good and bad) that we observe in our pets. We find fascinating organization and rigid structure in wild wolf society, with swift, consistent, fair discipline and clearly drawn lines of leadership, support, and boundaries. The importance of coordinated participation from every wolf pack rank in the hunt, territorial fights, and really all other times, help us to understand the roles of dogs with different personalities, how they seek to interact with us and with other animals, and the kind of leadership and boundaries that your domestic dog expects from you — without which he is miserable!

A wolf’s sense of smell is at least 20 times stronger than ours (and so is that of your domestic dog). A wild wolf’s hearing is more than 40 times better. So the scent of a wolf pack that is trespassing is picked up by the pack that owns the land even if they are hours away from the trespassers. The wind carries scents and sounds.

Territorial fights are rare among rival wolf packs. Nine times out of ten, the trespassing wolf pack flees when the wild wolf pack who owns that land shows up. Even if the owning pack consists of only three wild wolves and the rival wolf pack consists of nine, the trespassers will still run. The landowner is the winner.

If the trespassers refuse to leave, then the male alpha leaders will begin a fight. The wolf pack members on both sides will stare as they look on to see who will win. (Mares do the same thing when stallions fight.)

The two alpha leaders rarely decide to draw blood on one another. It is more so a question of who raises his head the highest, or the first one to be pinned down on his back has lost.

Sometimes during the fight, in a clever ploy, a wild wolf on the side of the defending wolf pack will cross over to the other pack and steal a couple of adolescents. The leader of the trespassers will look at the theft, and thus lose the fight because of the distractions. The victor alpha leader will not allow the adolescents to return. They will become part of his wolf pack.

After a fight, the victors remark their borders. They completely drench the borders with such potent scent that it would make human eyes water. They groom and lick every bit of the new members to remove the scent of the old wolf pack, and then they rub their own scent on them.

Contrary to popular belief, much communication between rival wolf packs is simply that — communication — and not a challenge or threat. The alpha leaders constantly howl back and forth to each other about such things as how that year has been for them, if the pack is well or if they have had hard times, their victories, how much stronger the pack has grown, and such.

Wild wolves also howl friendly greetings to their relatives. For example, an adolescent female may cross over to a rival wolf pack and become a part of it, never to return to her birth pack. Still, those in her birth wolf pack will howl news and salutations to her. Relatives can cross territorial borders for a visit if first given an invitation; without invitation, though, the visitor would be fought for breaching the border. Her own pack would attack her, too, because that is against wolf law.

Rival wolf packs always respect each other, and their respective alpha leaders honor the position of the other as the leader of the pack. They acknowledge the achievements and activities of the other wolf pack.

Sometimes a wolf pack is more led by its female alpha than a male alpha leader. There is no sexist attitude in the world of animals. She will scratch the ground and lift her leg to remind the trespassers of the proper border. Only the alpha pair lifts legs to mark. All of the other members (male or female) squat. If a territorial dispute should erupt when one of the wolf packs is female led, the dispute might be settled by a voice contest (howling) instead of an actual battle in which the pregnant leader could not participate.

So as you see, territorial fights are not all that common among wild wolf packs, and when they do occur, bloodshed is rare because things are normally worked out another way. Wild wolf society is replete with rules that apply to all wolf packs and which lend stability to their members.

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Guzarish Movie Review




The new hindi movie “Guzarish” has been released on 19 Nov 2010, Directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, staring cast Hrithik Roshan and Aishwariya Rai Bachan. This is the third time Aishariya and Hrithik are costarring together, Guzarish is a unique story which moves around the magician Ethan Mascarenhas( Hrithik Roshan) who paralyses after a severe accident while showing a magic trick, Although that magician is a very strong person but he gives up after 14 years of suffering, than he decides to file a petition in the court for euthanasia (mercy killing).

Here the actual story begins because after being paralyzed Ethen becomes the Radio Jockey of an FM Station called Radio Zindagi. His listeners get shocked after coming to know about his mercy killing appeal because Ethen is the person who always gives hope and courage to others. Sofia D’Souza (Aishwarya Rai) is Ethen’s elegant and loyal nurse who takes care of him from past 12 years. The movie depicts the feeling of those people who face a lot of ups and down in their lives specially when they are unable to fulfill their basic needs such as Ethen. Although he was a very jolly person, he makes others smile, always tell them not to give up. But being a human being he fails to fight with his unfortunate situation, he loses hope of being able to walk ever again and live a normal life.

He decides to die and in this regard he takes help of his lawyer Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel) to file a petition for him, she herself is not convinced but somehow she agrees and files a petition in the court. Sophia comes to know about it through a newspaper which was obviously disappointing for her as she has given 12 years of her life to Ethen, she also gets angry with Devyani that she is supporting Ethen in such a miserable thing.

Aishwarya Rai looks stunning in the song “URI”, Hrithik also does justice to his role. Ethen loses his case as the court does not agree with the idea of mercy killing. Ethen feels very depressed and he could not even react the way he wants. Devyani Dutta (Shernaz Patel) gives him advice to ask his listeners to support him in his appeal. He faces a lot of criticism as most of the people are against him and his listeners want him to live and spread magic through his message, the very first vote that he gets in his favour comes from his x-girlfriend Estella Francis (Monikangana Dutta) who used to work with him in his magic shows. Nobody can understand his pain and helpless situation except her.

Once again court rejects his petition and he loses his case. During his case he also loses his mother Isabel who is also enquired while his petition and supports his son as she understands his condition.Sophia and Ethen both are affectionate towards each other but never express their feelings. But when Sophia is dragged away by her husband and that is the time when both realize what they mean to each other. Another beauty of Ethen’s character is that he wants to teach his magical tricks to Omer who is keen to learn magic, Although he knows that he is the son of Yasser Siddique (Ash Chandler) who was his ex best friend and was responsible for his unfortunate condition.

Gradually Sophia realizes the pain he is going through and how difficult it is to live like this. When she returns to Ethen they both express their feelings and Ethen proposes her for marriage which Sophia accepts.

Sophia also tells Ethen that she will help him in euthanasia. Last day of Ethen’s life, he is very happy as was going to get rid of his suffering and pain he invites all his friends to have a last dinner with him and discloses that Sophia now is his wife.

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How to Improve Your Skateboarding Style




In skateboarding, style is very important. You can learn all types of tricks but if you don’t have your own style, they won’t be as impressive. If you’re having trouble improving your style or just don’t know where to start, you’re in luck. The following tips can help you improve your skateboarding style so you can get the most from the sport.

The first step is to determine what style you want to use. If you’re not sure, watch some skating videos to learn a few different ones. Then, try them out until you find one you’re comfortable using. After choosing a style, you can begin implementing it to your own skating.

Be Comfortable Skating

Before you can improve your style, you need to feel comfortable skating. This means that you must be comfortable with your board. There are many different types of skateboards designed for different types of skaters. For example, the concave (how much the board curves in from the sides to the middle) will vary considerably in the boards.

You need to find the one that suits you the best. You also need to adjust the trucks to suit you. Some skaters like them tight and others prefer them loose. Adjust yours until you feel the most comfortable. You want to have proper control of your board.

Learn Control

Learn how to control your board. If you expect to maintain a style, you need to be able to control how your board moves even when you’re popping a high trick. If the board gets away from you, it’s going to leave you wobbling around trying to get it back under control and style will be last thing on your mind.

In order to have control, you need good balance. Good balance requires you to lean your body in different directions to prevent yourself from falling. For example, if you’re falling forward, lean backwards until you maintain balance. Bending your needs will help to absorb the shock of the board when you do tricks, which will also help you improve your balance.

Master Your Technique before Showing Off

Before performing a trick for others, learn how to do it correctly. You may still mess up occasionally but you should be able to do it right the majority of the time in order to do it with style. Now, the only thing that’s left to do is practice, practice and practice some more.

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Professional SEO and Linkbuilding After Google Penguin Update




Google frequently changes its search algorithm and penalizes duplicated content, reduces spam and eliminates poor link building techniques with irrelevant links, all to provide your website with a better ranking in Google searches.

If you do not follow the latest Google SEO news and updates like “Penguin”, you can lose your website position in search engines like Google. The idea behind the creation of the Google Penguin algorithm is reflected in rewarding sites with unique content. For optimal performance which is NOT based on a spam website positioning and techniques, professional SEO services for SEO link building that does do not contain spam SEO tricks and methods are constantly utilized to conform to and follow Google rules.

SEO techniques for building links after a Penguin algorithms update, and still maintaining a positive effect on positioning websites in searches are part of the old Google SEO rules:

Article Submission– Article submission is a good way of marketing and setting up back links to your website. Now the article submission is an increasingly rare way to back linking as Google has found many article directories and defined them as spam. We have still some good article directories where you can post your written articles, and one of these good article directories is exactly this one where you are reading my article. Still, the same rule applies as before, write good articles, construct a good and unique article.

Back links from forum profiles– Forums are great places where you can set links. On most forums,we have a text field, a field that is below your profile and the present profile online signature. This is a good place where you can write a short text and set the back link pointing to your website.

Comments on blogs– You can leave comments on blogs and can set forth your personal opinion. Due to that, some blog visitors can learn more about your “SEO services“. In addition to attitudes and opinions that can be placed on blogs, you can set the links to your website which further directs blog visitors to your website. You must find blogs that have topic appropriate to your niche and you need to check that blogs have follow, or no follow back links.

You need to find blogs that have followed links to achieve the right effect with Google.

How do you know if it follows or not?

If you know HTML code it will not be hard to find, just select the comment with link and you can see the source, all will be shown. If you do not know HTML code then you need to use some SEO tools to show that the back link does not follow. You need to pay attention to your comments parameters. Before you post a comment you must be sure that your comment have same topic as the article, so it takes a little time to read the article and understand the content. Avoid short comments like this “this is a nice article” for the moderator will not allow comments such as that to be published.

If you not follow the Google updates and your website has been hit with a new Penguin update you must monitor your back links and find some of the link building techniques that Google now punishes.

What should be avoided?

Dangerous websites– Dangerous websites that have a lot of advertising in the content, these websites are already punished or penalized by Google. Dangerous websites that promote spam or violence and pornography are NOT good for setting up links. Google checks the location where it directs users.

Paid back links– All back links that you pay for advertising on other websites, to promote your website and target specific keywords, should be abolished. Google believes that each stream of paid advertising is bad for organic search.

Spam Blog comments– Blog comments with a low Page Rank without filters to delete spam comments will not help your website to be positioned better in Google searches. The new Google Penguin update punishes blogs that don’t have good content and have lots of anchor text. Every blog, every website that does not filter comments is a kind of spam, so if you set a link your website may seem like spam.

You need to find and get organic back links. If you do not know how to get organic back links and are not sure how to not be penalized by Google it is best to find a professional SEO services to take care of your SEO. Your website must have a good and unique content, good content will help for better positioning in Google searches for all pages on your website.

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Hover Board Control and Stability Systems




As with the skateboards, hover board operators will be responsible for their skill level and thus need to consider this before trying any outrageously radical tricks or maneuvers. The rider provides the propulsion on a skateboard, but on a hoverboard, they will provide less propulsion, but rather assistance only for the hoverboard like a powered skateboard.

The rider will of course be in charge of Steering and Control on a hover board, but the board will fly and this means softer landings, more air off the ramps and new tricks that have never even been thought of. But realize too with better performance will come serious injuries whne mistakes are made and thus more skill, practice and perhaps high-tech training tools need to also be discussed prior to “off the chart” radical maneuvers by advanced and non-advanced riders.

Hoverboard instructors and trainers and digital training tools, eLearning tools and virtual reality simulators will add billions of dollars to the industry and thousands of potential jobs. Hoverboards may be outfitted with haptic sensors on the surface to sense the riders weight distribution as he or she leans on one or more parts of the board, thus anticipating the riders needs and adjusting accordingly and storing the information in memory by learning to work with a specific rider through the employment of Artificial Intelligence strategies.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence into the stability control system and hoverboard’s operating System will provide a smoother ride and become one with the operator for better execution of tricks and maneuvers and a more pleasurable ride. These systems are available and are quite simple in fact, considering their abilities.

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7 Ideas to Use "Found Time" During COVID-19




It’s no longer “business as usual” to say the least. During this COVID-19 pandemic, nothing is as usual.

You may have found yourself working from home – with or without children to care for – or discovering that many of your customers have shut down operations, so you’re wondering what to do with this “found time” in your schedule.

This could be an ideal opportunity to tackle those items on your business “to-do” list that you’ve neglected far too long. Here are 7 ideas to help you take back a bit of control in your business and prepare for when things get back to a new “normal.”

1. Check out the competition.

Go online and “creep” your competitors. What are they doing? What new products and services are they offering? What are they saying?

Obviously, you don’t want to copy what they’re doing or saying – but this can be an ideal time to find out how you can stand apart.

Look at the competition in your area and then see what others are offering in other countries. Then consider what you can do differently or what can you add to your roster that shows you’re a leader in your industry.

2. Review your Website and other marketing materials.

Is it time for an update? Often, creating new or updated content for your business is pushed to the backburner as you bring on new customers or work to deepen relationships with existing clients.

Now’s the time to read through your Website with fresh eyes – the eyes of your customer – and make sure the message you’re sending is the one you want others to read.

For tips for creating conversational content and maximize your impact, check out for more insights.

3. Update all social profiles.

Be sure your profiles share the outcomes that you deliver and don’t read like a job-seeking résumé. And be sure your profile is accurate for where you are today. Share your accomplishments. Share your story.

4. Update your presentations.

If you’re a speaker or trainer, go through all your presentations and give them an in-depth refresh. Stats change. The way we do everything changes. Make sure your presentations reflect your changing industry.

Look at your talks, your slide decks, and your signage. Would a few small tweaks make a significant impact or are they tired-looking and benefit from a complete overhaul? Note, if you’re bored with your presentation, chances are your audience will be as well.

5. Research new prospects.

This can be a great time to research to find new customers. LinkedIn is the ideal platform to find B2B contacts. Please note, this is NOT the time to be selling. If you want to share useful information/insights, then reach out. But creating a list of potential contacts now will make work so much easier when things begin to get back to normal, and you have a ready-to-go list of new connections.

6. Create videos.

You can easily create quality videos using your computer or smartphone. These can be a great way to train customers or staff, offer industry insights and helpful tips, showcase products, or introduce employees to “humanize” your company.

They don’t have to be perfect! I always recommend that you check your background to ensure it’s not distracting. The focus should be on you and not on all the stuff behind you. That being said, Gary Porter, President of Flash Displays, offered this brilliant suggestion to use your tradeshow display (or part of it, if it’s huge) to use as your video backdrop. What a great way to brand your videos! You can then use these videos to send to customers, use on social platforms, Webcasts, etc.

When I create my videos, I like to do several at one sitting and post them over time on a schedule. This makes perfect sense if you’re setting up your display once, shoot several videos, and you’re done.

Also, Gary mentioned that as many tradeshows have been cancelled, you could still set up your booth and video your display and share your presentation, training, or insights about your company.

7. Reach out to current and past customers.

This is an excellent time to pick up the phone and re-connect to find out how others are dealing with this crisis (again, not to sell). These are extraordinary circumstances, and many people are not dealing well with the forced isolation they find themselves in. Your check-in call could be a lifesaver on many levels.

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Why Do We Love to Listen to Songs in Foreign Languages?




French and Italian music are really something special to listen to. The way the words are pronounced and get mixed together is a true pleasure for me to listen to. The main reason why some people like to listen to music in a foreign language is mainly because you get to focus more on the sounds of the instruments and the voice of the artist. When you listen to music in a language you understand you focus a lot on the lyrics of the song and most of the times forget about the instruments. You seldom ignore the voice of the artist but it can happen when you focus too much on the lyrics and forget about who are singing.

The fact that you don’t understand the lyrics doesn’t make the experience necessarily frustrating. Your brain goes into passive mode because you don’t need to decipher the lyrics of the song, you only listen to the music passively. This is why it is easier to study while listening to music in a foreign language than it is when you understand the lyrics. This is when you show more appreciation for the voice of the artist in the first place and the combination of the musical instruments in the second place. During this process you detect sounds you would not normally detect when you were listening to music in your own mother tongue. You may also develop a bigger interest in the artist’s music because you are now listening at the core of the music.

Listening to music in foreign languages also gives you a break from your own cultural music. It is sometimes very interesting when you get exposed to music from other cultures and in the end you find that there are many similarities between that music and music from your own culture. Music is a universal language that can’t be restricted by language or culture. True music is sincerely and speaks from the artist’s soul. Lara Fabian once said “I don’t believe that a language will limit an emotion, so there is not a specific language to say something that comes from the heart. You can say something from the heart in Japanese, Indian, Italian, English, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is sincere. I truly believe specific feelings, true feelings have no limitations or no barriers when it comes to honesty.”

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