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How To Perm Hair: Hairdressing Perming Faults, Causes and Corrections



Learning how to perm hair is an intricate process which requires focus and skills. Often times at hairdressers and salons, if the perming process is not done properly, it could cause various problems and faults such as hair breakage, the perm is not curly enough, development of fish-hooks and sometimes pieces of straight hair, over processed hair, irritation to the scalp, and very slow perming process. This article will help you to know the causes of these faults as well as how to correct it.

Hair Breakage: Hair breakage is usually caused after the hair has been over processed, or if there is too much tension during the winding process. A good correction method is to suggest to the client to opt for reconditioning treatments.

Perm Is Not Curly Enough: First of all, it could be due to poor neutralizing, as well as the perm lotion not being left on long enough, or the perm lotion is just weak. If the perm curlers are too large, it could cause this fault as well. Simply re-perm the hair if this occurs.

Fish-Hooks: This is usually due to the ends are not smoothly wounded around the perm curler due to poor winding techniques. Settle this fault by trimming off the fish-hooks.

Pieces of Straight Hair: This could be due to poor perming techniques, such as accidentally leaving out pieces of hair, sections maybe too wide, not rinsing out the perm lotion enough, not applying the neutralizer enough, as well as using too large curlers. Re-perm the pieces of straight hair.

Over-Processed Hair: This is one of the most common faults when learning how to perm hair. It could be caused due to several reasons such as using perm lotion which is too strong, the perm lotion is left on for too long, using excessive heat during the process as well as too much tension during the curling. Suggest to the client to opt for conditioning treatments and regular haircuts.

Scalp Damage or Irritation: The perm lotion might cause irritation if in contact with the scalp, or the final rinse with warm water is not done thoroughly. Apply moisturising cream and seek the help of a qualified first aider to help the client.

Slow Perming: If the perming is too slow, it could be due to the usage of wrong perm lotion, the sections are too large or the salon is too cold. To overcome this, check the winding tension and use heat to speed up the processing time.

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