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Steel File Cabinet – Weighing Its Advantages and Disadvantages



You don’t have to get a steel file cabinet for your office. These days you can easily get cabinets made of either wood, plastic or a combination of materials. Sometimes these two alternative materials will work more to your advantage. Wood is definitely more attractive than steel while plastic is a whole lot cheaper. Steel filing cabinets however are not likely to disappear in the near future. This is because steel has some advantages.

Steel cabinets are, first and foremost, very strong and durable. Unlike wood, steel does not buckle down with scratches, stains and moisture. Some steel units can even withstand impact and rough, consistent use. By its very nature a steel file cabinet can stand the test of time and you may never need to get a new unit for years to come.

Another advantage to steel units is that they typically carry an array of special features. These include single lock, interlock system, nylon rollers, full drawer suspension, counterweight and more.

The only major disadvantage of steel is its appearance. Although some already carry more vibrant colors and more unique designs, most steel cabinets have colors limited to grey, black, white or putty. Those that don’t have very attractive designs can look drab or rigid. This may not be something you’d want if you need to establish a more inviting atmosphere for your office.

A steel file cabinet is definitely a good purchase. You’d have to make sure though that you can at least get a well designed unit if you want it to contribute to a better looking office.

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