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Tim McGraw features Waterloo singer in TikTok video



Tim McGraw features Waterloo singer in TikTok video

ST. LOUIS– Country singer Tim McGraw gave a big shout-out to a Waterloo woman after making a TikTok video featuring her cover of one of his songs.

The cover is from Alexandra Kay. She is singing McGraw’s song ‘Don’t take the girl’. It has already received 6.9M views on TikTok and another million on Facebook.

He posted the video Monday and said, “How awesome is this #coffeecover by @alexandrakaymusic ! Cheers to starting off the week right!”

The video shows McGraw making coffee while Kay sings her coffee cover. He includes the captions, “See if my coffee turns out as good as she sings this song.”

Another caption from McGraw said, “Okay, somebody needs to sign this girl to a record deal.”

Kay responded on TikTok and said, “Thanks so much! Let’s make a cup together soon!?”

Alexandra Kay’s website says she started working in hip hop and R&B in early 2012. She used the platform Nelly created to enter the St. Louis music scene. She worked with St. Louis artists like Nelly and Huey Alexandra created enough buzz to sign an independent record deal with Nettwork Entertainment in 2013.

 Her first single “No More” was a radio hit spending three weeks at #1 on the New Music Weekly Top 40 pop chart, also scoring at the top of Hot AC and Hot 100 charts.

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Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Galactic happenings and clear autumn skies



Mike Lynch’s Skywatch: Galactic happenings and clear autumn skies

Happy astronomical autumn! Summer switched over to autumn last Wednesday afternoon at 2:21, the moment of Autumnal Equinox. The sun’s daily arc across the sky from east to west will continue to get shorter, shrinking daylight until the first day of winter in December. Selfishly, shrinking daylight is fine by me because nights are longer for stargazing.

A great way to kick off the autumn stargazing season is to make a date to get out under the dark skies of the countryside, if you’re not already living there. Now that last week’s harvest moon is leaving the early evening sky, this will be a great week to head out. The clear autumn skies are more transparent because of much less moisture in the air.

I guarantee that this will be a treat that you’ll remember for a long time, no matter if you’re by yourself or with family or friends. Bring the blankets, binoculars, star charts, snacks and beverages, and be prepared to sleep in the next morning. Even better, turn this into an early autumn overnight campout.

Just for kicks, try to estimate how many stars you can see without the help of binoculars or a telescope. Traditional astronomy textbooks say that you can see about 3,000 stars with the naked eye. Don’t even try to count the stars, or you’ll fall asleep and the show will be over. In the dark countryside, you can’t help but notice the ghostly band of milky light that bisects the sky from roughly north to south. It’s a cosmic artist’s stroke across the heavens. That’s the Milky Way band. Every star you see, including the sun, is a member of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. The Milky Way band comprises the combined light of billions and billions of extremely distant stars that make up the plane of our galaxy. We’re looking edgewise into that plane. It’s the thickest part of the Milky Way.

No one knows for sure, but there may be well over 300 billion stars in our home galaxy, forming a nearly circular disk that’s broken up into spiral arms. There’s a massive globe of stars in the center. The Milky Way is a little more than 100,000 light-years in diameter and, on average, is 10,000 light-years thick. By the way, just one light-year equals nearly 6 trillion miles. Our sun is about 30,000 light-years from the galaxy’s center, located in one of the spiral arms.

All of the stars we see obediently orbit around the center of the Milky Way. Our sun takes over 200 million years to make one circuit. In case you’re wondering, the center of the Milky Way lies in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius the Archer in the low southwest sky. Sagittarius’s nickname is “the Teapot” because that’s what it really resembles. The Milky Way band is not all that much brighter around the teapot because there is a lot of dark interstellar gas and dust that blocks the globe of stars at our galaxy’s center. If we could see the Milky Way’s central region unobstructed, that area of the sky would possibly be as bright as a full moon.

Lie back on the ground or a reclining lawn chair and roll your eyes from one end of the Milky Way band to the other. A decent pair of binoculars will greatly enhance the celestial treasures you come across, like bright patches, dark rifts, and star clusters. You might even see a few human-made satellites roaming across the heavens.

While you’re enjoying our galaxy, keep in mind that the Milky Way is only one of millions of other galaxies out there. Astronomers have spotted billions and billions of galaxies more than 13 billion light-years away. It’s a big sky out there for you to enjoy. Don’t miss it!

Mike Lynch is an amateur astronomer and retired broadcast meteorologist for WCCO Radio in Minneapolis/St. Paul. He is the author of “Stars: a Month by Month Tour of the Constellations,” published by Adventure Publications and available at bookstores and Mike is available for private star parties. You can contact him at [email protected]

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The best places to get an oil change



The best places to get an oil change

(iSeeCars) – Getting your engine oil changed regularly is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. Not only does this routine maintenance extend the life of your engine, but it also prevents most powertrain warranties from becoming null and void. There are lots of places that offer this service, but not all oil changes are created equal. What are the best places to get an oil change? We break down the options to help you make this important decision. 

What Does An Oil Change Include?

When you get your oil changed, the engine oil and the filter should both be replaced. While it isn’t a requirement, if you don’t change the filter, the new oil will go in clean and come out dirty, negating much of the point of an oil change. A standard oil change typically includes a chassis lube, new oil, and a new filter, along with draining the old oil and replacing it with new oil, replacing the filter, and lubricating the chassis.

Finding the Best Oil Change: Things to Consider

Quality of Work:

When deciding on the best place to get your oil changed, you should choose a place that does high-quality work. Even though an oil change is a fairly simple process, not all service providers uphold the same standard of quality. For instance, some big-box retailers offer oil changes at a low price. But they certainly don’t specialize in automotive work. Wouldn’t you rather go to a place that employs automotive service professionals? 


Price is another consideration. Unfortunately, this is the factor that influences the decision most of the time. Many people see a coupon or a flyer for a quick, cheap oil change and take advantage of the offer. While it’s true that price should play a role in your decision, paying extra to have the work performed by a qualified professional is a sound investment. Like many services, the cheapest option is likely not the best option.

Oil and Filter Brands:

The next factor is oil and filter brands, which can be a matter of personal preference or specified by the manufacturer. If the manufacturer specifies an oil type and you want to ensure warranty coverage it’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. There are people who swear by certain brands, like Mobile, Pennzoil, or Valvoline. If you’re more comfortable with a particular brand of oil or filter, either choose a shop that uses these particular brands or buys your own oil and bring it to the shop when you drop off your vehicle. Some shops might order whatever brand you’d like from the local auto parts store if you call in advance. There could be an added cost for this level of service.

All the Extras:

The last factor is what we’ll call the x-factor. There are all the additional services you receive can be found at a full-service center. Do they wash your car afterward? Can they have you in and out in a reasonable amount of time? Can you get a free tire rotation and brake inspection if you need it? Do they check your tire pressure, air filter, and top-off fluid levels like washer and brake fluid? These are all questions that can factor into this decision if you want something beyond a basic oil change. 

Type of Oil: Conventional Oil Vs. Synthetic Oil

Regardless of where you get your oil changed you’ll be asked if you want conventional oil or synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is more expensive, but is it a necessary upsell? A synthetic oil change is better for your engine than a conventional oil change. While conventional oil is suitable and provides adequate performance, higher-quality synthetic oil offers better long-term engine protection.

While conventional oil (i.e., mineral oil) can provide adequate lubrication performance, it can’t compete with the overall engine performance and protection provided by synthetics. There’s also the option of a full synthetic or a synthetic blend. Full synthetic oils provide the best protection. 

Another benefit of synthetic motor oil is that it generally lasts longer than conventional oil. However, the recommended intervals between oil changes vary by brand and if you have a new vehicle warranty you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s interval levels regardless of what type of oil you’re using. 

High-Mileage Oil

High-mileage engine oils are designed for vehicles that have at least 75,000 miles on the odometer and have ingredients to help preserve older engines. They have special seal conditioners that can help prevent leaks. While high-mileage oils won’t repair existing leaks or engine problems, it will help keep a well-maintained engine running longer. 

Best Places to Get an Oil Change

1. A Reliable Independent Local Service Center

We all know a place that’s been recommended by a friend or family member for our automotive needs. A small, or sometimes not-so-small, privately-owned service center that is known for high-quality service. If you haven’t found one in your town, you can ask around and look on community forums. This is a shop that basically does all required car maintenance services. These auto repair shops are great because they typically only hire ASE Certified technicians and can still come in lower at price than most dealerships. And since they are privately owned, their tire-and-lube technicians are trained in-house. Owners of these shops know how important word of mouth is for their business, so they are often trustworthy businesses to deal with. But never take a single person or written review as your only indicator. Dig into the shop’s online ratings and comments before you decide to use it. Being a service center, it usually isn’t hard to find one that will include a free tire rotation and brake inspection either, since they do make their money fixing cars and all.

2. Your Vehicle Dealership

In terms of quality, this is usually the top-of-the-line. Not only will your dealership have factory-trained technicians, but there’s no technician more familiar with your particular make of vehicle than someone who works on them all day every day. There’s also the safety of knowing that he/she may be able to tell if there are any other problems with your vehicle through a computer diagnostics check and a short drive around the block that usually comes with a dealership oil change. This can nip unknown problems early before they get to be truly expensive to fix. This doesn’t mean that other service providers can’t use these methods, it’s simply that dealership technicians typically work on the same make of vehicle every day; they will know more about what to look for on certain models than general technicians would. Many dealerships also offer little perks like a free car wash after service, but dealers are going to be the priciest choice on this list. 

3. Big Name Service Station

By this one we mean a place like Sears Auto Service Center or Wal-Mart’s Tire and Lube Express, or any national chain auto shop that isn’t just a quick lube but, instead, offers additional mechanical services. In terms of quality, this one can be hit or miss. Many of these shops have a high turnover rate for technicians and employ young and inexperienced technicians. As for price, this is the middle of the road. The biggest drawback is that many of these chains only use certain types of oil and filters, so if you’re picky about your parts it may cost you extra.

4. Lube Stop, Jiffy Lube, Pep Boys, Valvoline Instant Oil Change, Any Other 10-Minute Oil Change Service

Remember when your mother told you that it’s better to take your time and do something right than to have to do it twice? That still seems like a pretty good rule. Quick-stop oil change stations are convenient, but they also suffer the highest turnover rate and least experienced technicians. Because they specialize in providing quick service, sometimes quality can suffer. Oil filters can get stuck, grease fittings can go bad, and drain plugs strip out. When you’re rushing to get a job done, little problems like these can turn into big problems if they’re dealt with hastily. Unless you’re in a pinch or know someone personally who works at one of these stations whom you can trust to work on your vehicle, the quick-stop oil change stations are not the best choice.

5. Do It Yourself

In terms of cost and quality, this one is all up to you. The big question is, do you have the necessary time and knowledge to DIY? As we said before, an oil change is a simple thing, but problems can occur. Most of these problems can be avoided altogether by doing your own work, but you should know what you’re doing for safety’s sake if none other. If you’re a technician or car junkie, and you can safely perform the oil change on your own, this is the cheapest option, and the quality of work is totally in your hands – as long as you’ve got the time and expertise.

Bottom Line:

When choosing an oil change place, you should always do your research and go with your gut. Whether you’ve had a good experience at an instant oil change service, or have a trusted mechanic to do the job for you, what’s most important is that you change your oil according to your car’s owner’s manual using the correct oil at the right time intervals. Remember that low oil or compromised oil from not changing your car’s oil on a timely schedule could damage your engine and shorten the life expectancy of your vehicle. 

This article, Best Places to Get an Oil Change, originally appeared on

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Are your old video games worth anything?



Are your old video games worth anything?

(NEXSTAR) – Thinking about unloading your old video game collection for some serious loot? Here’s hoping you remembered to keep those cartridges in mint condition.

Top-quality games of yesteryear are currently selling for big bucks at auction, with such titles as “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario 64” going for $870,000 and $1.56 million, respectively, at auctions earlier this year. Other popular games commonly fetch upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, depending of course on their condition and desirability.

“Interest in collectible video games doesn’t seem to be slowing down,” says Valarie McLeckie, the managing director of video games at Texas-based Heritage Auctions.

McLeckie, a collector herself, has been with Heritage Auctions for as long as they’ve been offering games, overseeing the sales of the aforementioned Zelda and Mario titles, among thousands of others.

“People have been collecting video games since video games have been made,” McLeckie notes. “There are people who have been collecting them to build a library of playable games. But there’s also a community that has been actively collecting sealed games since games have been around.”

It’s the gamers in that second group — the ones collecting sealed games — that are more likely to pay up for certain titles. And that’s become especially true in recent years, now that authentication organizations can certify and grade individual copies for collectors.

An unopened copy of Nintendo’s “Super Mario 64” sold at auction for $1.56 million in July. Heritage Auctions in Dallas said the sale of the 1996 video game broke its previous record price for the sale of a single title. (Heritage Auctions via AP)

WataGames, one of the most prominent video-game grading organizations, does this by assigning ratings based on a 10-point scale, taking into account the condition of the cartridges, the manuals, and the boxes, and whether the games are still factory-sealed or “complete in a box” (CIB), meaning they’ve been opened, but still come with the manual, sleeve, and any other components from the original package. Wata even assigns a grade based on the quality of the shrink wrap on sealed games.

“Their job is whether or not to say whether the game is genuine, or the seal,” says McLeckie, whose auction house utilizes Wata’s ratings when cataloging games.

Certain specific titles, however, are obviously more in-demand than others — sealed or not. But there’s recently been a shift toward more mainstream games, according to McLeckie.

“Prior to this boom in interest in collectible video games, collectors wanted titles that were rare, hard to find. Obscure, even. But with all the recent activity in the market, there’s been an increase in focus on games that have been universally popular, like ‘Super Mario Bros.’”

Games for the Nintendo Entertainment System are among the most coveted, she says, likely because the NES was so universally beloved upon its debut, giving rise to mainstream interest in gaming. But there’s “definitely” interest in games for other consoles, especially original PlayStation titles. In fact, one of the highlights of Heritage’s upcoming video game auction in October is a sealed long box copy of “Resident Evil” released for PlayStation in 1996.  

“A lot of culturally iconic series got their start on PlayStation,” McLeckie explains.

With buyers having such high standards for certain games produced for specific consoles, it’s no wonder that only the top-tier titles — in near-mint condition — make it to the auction block. But that doesn’t mean everything else is worthless.

The online market for old games in the less-than-perfect condition is still strong with collectors. Depending on the title, the right game could fetch hundreds, and sometimes thousands on eBay, according to recent confirmed sales. Just this month, a CIB copy of “Super Mario Bros.” sold for over $240 on eBay, while Wata-graded copies of CIB NES games went for over $1,000. (Loose games, however, were generally selling in the range of tens of dollars.)

“We’re finding that popularity and cultural relevance, combined with a high condition in a sealed state, are generally what buyers in the market are hungriest for,” McLeckie says. “But the interesting thing about collectibles is everyone buys into them for different reasons.”

To her point, McLeckie notes that the most valuable games she personally owns are probably a few CIB titles in the Pokemon series, but her absolute favorite game, and the one that holds a special place in her heart, is “Luigi’s Mansion” for the Nintendo GameCube, which she remembers playing — and beating — with her mother when she was younger.

“I’m getting to the point where I’m trying to get really nice CIBs of games that I played as a kid,” she says.

“And finding a sealed copy of a game is hard,” McLeckie says. “That’s not what these games were designed for. They were made to open and play.”

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Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home: ‘It’s disgusting’



Residents fed up with monkey noises, racial slurs being played by neighboring home: ‘It’s disgusting’

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Several residents in the Virginia Beach neighborhood of Salem Lakes are fed up with their neighbor after they say he’s taunted them from behind his front door for more than a year.

In the past, Jannique Martinez said her neighbor blasted banjo music so loudly that it would shake her home. And recently, after alerting the police about the music, Martinez said her neighbor has retaliated by playing racial slurs and monkey noises.

“Whenever we would step out of our house, the monkey noises would start,” explained Martinez. “And it’s so racist and it’s disgusting.”

Martinez, a veteran of the military, recorded some of the audio on her cell phone. She says the noises and slurs continue even when her school-age children are playing outside.

“My son is terrified of him. Terrified, terrified,” Martinez said about her child. “The N-word situation… They came to me and said, ‘Mom, what’s that?’ I didn’t subject my kids to that. I didn’t think they would ever have to learn what this means.”

Her family isn’t the only one feeling harassed by the neighbor’s antics. Other families in the cul-de-sac have songs played while they’re outside as well.

“He has played music to taunt the entire cul-de-sac,” said Martinez, who explained that her neighbors are antagonized with their own “specific song” as soon as they pull up in their driveways.

In addition to the sounds, neighbors are concerned about the home security cameras on his property.

“We are constantly under surveillance,” Martinez explained. “There are a total of eight cameras that we know of.”

A Virginia Beach police spokeswoman told WAVY that officers have responded to nine complaints about the neighbor’s activity. Seven of those calls were for nuisance complaints, and another three were in reference to parking or traffic complaints. So far, there have not been any criminal charges pressed against the neighbor in question.

Police tell WAVY the complaint would have to match certain criteria before the possibility of criminal charges is on the table.

Still, Martinez feels like nothing has been done to make her, or her neighbors, feel safe at their homes.

“I actually felt helpless a little bit. Because I’ve gone to the magistrate, I’ve gone to civil court, I’ve talked to a lawyer, she said. “I’ve done what I can to do it the right way.”

Neighbors were told there’s a fine line of when police can actually step in — and having a racial slur played over a recording may not meet that line.

According to the law, it’s just a statement or a phrase or he’s not doing enough or bodily harm or threats to my family, said Martinez.

“Why does it have to go that far before something that can be done? People shouldn’t have to live like this. I spent 11 years in the military. My husband is also in the military. We fought for this country, but yet there’s no one to fight for us.”

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Why the Monroe County Undersheriff won’t stop running



Why the Monroe County Undersheriff won’t stop running

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Monroe County Undersheriff Korey Brown is running a 5K every day during the month of September to say thank you and help raise money for the C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer Association.

“As many people know my grandson was diagnosed with cancer on two separate occasions before he was three years old,” Brown said. “C.U.R.E. Childhood Cancer Awareness just was so tremendously helpful. I tried to think of something I could do to give back.”

In September, along with nine other people who work for the Sheriff’s Office run a 5K every day Brown said and then post a picture of a child that day on Facebook and Twitter and ask for donations to C.U.R.E. for the families, they are sponsoring.

Kara Gielenfeldt is Brown’s Administrative Assistant at the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. She’s hoping to make a difference too.

“I also work for a company called Usborne Books and More and they do a fundraiser where I can get funds and get a stuffed bear and a book combo to give kids going through cancer Gielenfeldt said.

Undersheriff Brown calls his grandson Joel a walking miracle Brown said when a child is diagnosed with cancer it’s a life-changing moment for everyone in that child’s life.

“If you’ve never gone through it, you don’t really comprehend how life-changing this event is when your child is diagnosed with cancer,” Brown said. “My daughter, I think, spent a total of 10 months living at the hospital.”

Brown says If one parent is living with one child at the hospital and the other parent is at home with the other children, they help with things like getting your grass cut or help with extra payments that you have to make because you’re missing employment, or just giving parking vouchers so when people come to visit you.

“They really fill that gap you don’t even realize exists until you’re there,” Brown said. “They’re coming by constantly just seeing what support you need and how they can point you in the right direction. They really are a light when you’re going through such a hard time.”

Gielenfeldt has witnessed the impact of C.U.R.E.’s kindness. “It’s just nice that they have a support system that’s there and helpful. They’re just really great. I have loved working with them with the Undersheriff because they’re just so helpful and kind people,” she said.

The fundraiser goes through the end of September. To donate visit Korey Brown’s Facebook page, his Twitter @usbrownmcso, or go to

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Temporary closure of South Lake Boat Launches and some campsites



Temporary closure of South Lake Boat Launches and some campsites

HERKIMER COUNTY, N.Y. (WUTR/WFXV/WPNY/NEWS10) – On Monday, Sept. 27, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is temporarily closing the boat launch, parking area, and adjacent boat launch campsites.

The DEC said, South Lake Reservoir in the Black River Wild Forest, Ohio, NY, Herkimer County, will be temporarily closed in order for New York State Canal Corporation to perform necessary maintenance on South Lake Dam.

The temporary closure is in effect through Nov. 30.

Visiting canoers and kayakers may still launch boats off the shore alongside South Lake Road, but should not block the travel lanes, shoulders, or park in the vicinity of the construction area.

Alternative paddling opportunities can be found at nearby North Lake, two miles before reaching South Lake.

The South Lake Reservoir is located approximately 18 miles northeast of the village of Forestport, Oneida County. The lake is one of several Adirondack reservoirs and is managed jointly by DEC and NYS Canal Corporation.   

Contact DEC’s Herkimer office at 315-866-6330 or visit the DEC website for more information. DEC will announce when the boat launch and campsites are reopened.

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Defendant in University Hill riot gets probation as part of plea deal



Defendant in University Hill riot gets probation as part of plea deal

The first person to turn himself in to police after the University Hill riot in March also was the first to resolve his case, as he accepted a plea deal Friday and was sentenced to probation.

Henry Chardack, 21, pleaded guilty Friday in Boulder District Court to a misdemeanor count of criminal mischief and was sentenced to one year of probation as part of the plea deal.

Prosecutors dismissed the original charges, including three felony counts.

An estimated 500 to 800 college-age people gathered near Pennsylvania Avenue and 10th Street on March 6 in a large outdoor party that became destructive, with people flipping a car and damaging other vehicles and property.

A Boulder armored SWAT vehicle eventually arrived on scene to disperse the crowd, but the truck was damaged and three officers suffered minor injuries.

Chardack was the first to be arrested in the case after turning himself in the Monday after the riot. He told police he was near the car that was flipped, and then went into the car and grabbed a T-shirt.

Chardack’s attorney provided footage that showed him entering the flipped car.

“I recognize my conduct was wrong,” Chardack said. “I should have walked away.”

Chardack said while he did not help flip the car, he recently by chance ran into the owner of the car, who told him how much the incident impacted her.

“That put a lot of it in perspective,” Chardack told the court.

Boulder Chief Trial Deputy District Attorney Adam Kendall said that while the riot was a “frightening” event for the University Hill community, Chardack quickly “stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility” was the reason he was offered a misdemeanor plea deal.

“He came in, gave a full statement and took responsibility for his actions,” Kendall said.

Chardack’s attorney Lisa Wayne said Chardack was suspended by the school, but was hoping to return at some point to finish his degree.

“He recognizes he should have left and what he should have done in hindsight,” Wayne said.

Boulder District Judge Norma Sierra credited Chardack for taking responsibility as she imposed the stipulated sentence, and also said she hopes Chardack will get the opportunity to finish his time at CU Boulder and become a productive member of the community.

“Hopefully you will be permitted to return,” Sierra said.

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Walmart scrapping layaway, offering ‘buy now, pay later’ program instead



Walmart scrapping layaway, offering ‘buy now, pay later’ program instead

Walmart recently announced that the company is scrapping its layaway plan just before the holiday shopping season, and instead switching to a “buy now, pay later” program in partnership with lending company Affirm. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz, File)

(WJW) – Walmart recently announced that the company is scrapping its layaway plan just before the holiday shopping season, and instead of switching to a “buy now, pay later” program in partnership with lending company Affirm.

“We’ve learned a lot in the past year as our customers’ needs and shopping habits have changed,” a representative for Walmart said in a statement. “Last holiday season, we removed seasonal layaway from most of our stores with the exception of select jewelry items at select stores, and based on what we learned, we are confident that our payment options provide the right solutions for our customers.”

The company, which recorded total revenue of $559 billion in 2020, says this alternative to layaway allows customers to purchase products immediately and pay over time. 

Which items can customers purchase under this new plan?

Eligible categories include electronics, toys, and homes; ineligible items are alcohol, gasoline, and pet supplies. A complete list of categories eligible for financing is available at Walmart’s official site.

How long will customers have to pay it off?

Depending on what’s in the cart, shoppers can finance purchases for as little as 3 months or as long as 24 months.

  • For cart totals between $144–$799.99, customers may be able to finance purchases over 3, 6, or 12 months.
  • For carts between $800–$2,000, purchases can be paid over 12, 18, or 24 months.

All payment options are subject to eligibility.

How much is the annual percentage rate?

Zero-percent APR is the promotional financing for only certain products, and for a limited time. For other items, the APR rate is between 10–30%, depending on customers’ credit. The rate will appear in the Affirm app upon checkout.

Payments can be made or scheduled at or in the Affirm app for iOS or Android.

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Keeler: Ed McCaffrey must have angels on his side in Greeley. Because his first home win with UNC Bears felt Heaven-sent.



Keeler: Ed McCaffrey must have angels on his side in Greeley. Because his first home win with UNC Bears felt Heaven-sent.

GREELEY — Maybe the angels had Ed McCaffrey’s back. The parents of former UNC assistant coach Zach Hoffpauir, who’d passed away in May 2020, were honored at Nottingham Field on Saturday before the Bears took on Northern Arizona in their Big Sky opener.

Maybe it was stardust. UFC lightweight title contender Justin Gaethje, a former Bears wrestler, was recognized at halftime along with his fellow athletic department Hall of Fame inductees.

Maybe it was karma. About a quarter of the UNC roster and coaching staff had been unavailable against Lamar the weekend before, a game the Bears went on to lose in overtime.

Mind you, Dylan McCaffrey has another theory for the way his dad’s first home victory as the football coach at UNC ended up:

Divine intervention.

“When I was on the ground and heard our crowd cheering, I saw that the ball kind of bounced off that defender,” the younger McCaffrey said of his game-winning touchdown pass in overtime, a tipped dart that clinched the Bears’ 17-10 victory.

“(I) heard our crowd cheering and I just thought, ‘Wow, thank you, God.’ That was in God’s hands. And I thank the Lord. He was on the side of the Bears (Saturday).”

Hey, somebody happened to be smiling on the McCaffreys. How else do you explain Dylan’s 25th completion of the day, on his 40th attempt?

On 2nd-and-10 in the extra period and his pocket collapsing at the 15-yard line, Dylan, the former Valor Christian quarterback, fired a laser to UNC wideout Dylan Thomas, who was cutting right from the left hashmark near the 10.

While the younger McCaffrey hit the turf, the rock appeared to scrape off Thomas’ hands as he tried to clasp the ball and kept traveling behind him. Only instead of being picked, it found its way into the waiting mitts of another Bears wideout, Jaren Mitchell, who happened to be cutting from right to left almost directly behind Thomas.

“I was just in the right place at the right time,” Mitchell, who snared four balls on the afternoon for 40 yards, said with a grin. “I’ll put it like that.”

Mitchell somehow caught the thing in stride, turned, and crossed the plane before being tackled in the end zone.

“That’s the type of (win) that our program absolutely needed,” said the elder McCaffrey, the former Broncos star who moved to 2-2, 1-0 in the Big Sky in his debut season at UNC. “We needed to find to find a way to turn the corner. And find a way to win close games.”

For Dylan, meanwhile, getting knocked on your backside never felt so good. The younger McCaffrey had contemplated not playing against NAU because of lingering pain from injuries suffered over the first two weeks of the season. He’d left the second half of the Bears’ win at Houston Baptist back on Sept. 11 and didn’t play against Lamar.

“We kind of went into (Saturday’s) game questionable, to be honest with you,” Dylan told The Post. “I’m really happy we made it, though.”

So were the UNC lifers. Folks such as Tom Barbour, a ’69 UNC grad who was the Bears’ sports information director from 1977-83.

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Colorado State football comes up short following courageous battle at No. 5 Iowa



Colorado State football comes up short following courageous battle at No. 5 Iowa

Colorado State’s preliminary wishful thinking suddenly constituted an achievable feat on Saturday afternoon.

A hard-fought first half from the upset-aspiring visitors caused restlessness amongst the Hawkeyes faithful as Kinnick Stadium’s 65,456 fans nervously exited their seats and traveled toward the concession stands at the contest’s midway point.

Sure, plenty of action remained. However, no one sporting black and gold –– nor the majority of the nationally televised audience for that matter –– expected CSU to boast a realistic chance at victory after 30 minutes.

Nevertheless, with a $1.35 million check already in their back pocket for traveling to face No. 5 Iowa, the Rams glanced up at the scoreboard to see a 14-7 count in their favor upon entering the locker room with two halves remaining.

“Our team is a tough, resilient, competitive hard-fighting team,” coach Steve Addazio said. “I’m proud of our guys for the way they competed. We just have to stick together and keep competing. And they’re learning to do that. That’s evident.”

Before entering the hostile environment as 23-point underdogs, Addazio stressed the importance of constructing an all-around mistake-free game for his squad to create a legitimate opportunity to compete.

For the most part, such was the case over the initial two quarters as CSU posted zero turnovers and two penalties. Though it wasn’t as if the wheels fell off thereafter, miscues certainly surfaced during the final half of play.

Unfortunately, when battling a top-five juggernaut, seeing a potential win transpire as defeat only requires a few blips. Owning a drastically thin margin for error, the Rams couldn’t assemble perfection upon falling 24-14 against the Hawkeyes.

“We had a chance in this game,” Addazio said. “We made a couple of key mistakes along the way that were critical, and therein lies the game.”

The first of two costly, outcome-altering errors materialized early in the third quarter when CSU running back A’Jon Vivens failed to secure a handoff from quarterback Todd Centeio. The botched exchange resulted in an Iowa fumble recovery inside the Rams’ 20 while CSU clung to a 14-7 advantage.

IOWA CITY, IOWA- SEPTEMBER 25: Quarterback Todd Centeio #7 of the Colorado State Rams runs on a keeper during the first half against of the Iowa Hawkeyes at Kinnick Stadium on September 25, 2021 in Iowa City, Iowa. (Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images)

From there, it didn’t take long for the Hawkeyes to make the green and gold pay for their only turnover via punching the pigskin across paydirt on the very next play.

Soon after, though CSU’s defense enjoyed an all-around compelling performance, the unit endured a detrimental sequence that allowed Iowa to grab a lead it would never relinquish.

Facing third-and-11 just outside of field-goal range, freshman defensive back Robert Floyd bailed the Hawkeyes out with a pass interference penalty. Iowa quarterback Spencer Petras found tight end Sam LaPorta on the very next snap for a 27-yard score amid blown coverage in CSU’s secondary.

Two miscues, 14 points for the hosts. That’s all 24th-year coach Kirk Ferentz’s group needed to avoid a shocking demise.

“That’s how these games go,” Addazio said. “We said to the team, turnovers would be the difference. That’s what happened, and that’s upsetting. When you’re on the road playing the No. 5 team in the country, you’ve got to squeeze out all the errors. We didn’t do that.”

While the heavily favored Hawkeyes cashed in gift-wrapped opportunities from the Rams, CSU struggled to muster any sort of late-game rally as Iowa’s defense proved stout in all facets.

Specifically, the Rams totaled 90 yards in the second half while converting just 2-of-10 third-down attempts –– following a first half where CSU’s third-down offense influenced the hot start significantly.

Speaking of the introductory half, Addazio’s troupe knotted the score at 7-7 when Centeio darted up the middle for a 10-yard touchdown on third-and-9 late in the first quarter. Headlining the early ability to avoid fourth downs, the game-tying drive also included a pair of third-and-11 conversions –– produced by a QB scramble and Trey McBride reception.

Granting the Rams notable momentum and a temporary lead, Floyd corralled a crucial second-quarter interception while the Hawkeyes threatened to jump ahead. The former walk-on proceeded to return the ball 62 yards to Iowa’s 23, setting up Gary Williams’ 3-yard, go-ahead touchdown with 24 seconds left in Saturday’s opening half.

Upon keeping CSU inside striking distance all game long, Addazio’s defense stifled the typically rush-friendly Hawkeyes to 54 yards on the ground. Led by their defensive front along the way, the Rams accrued eight tackles for loss.

The Rams didn’t travel to Iowa City in search of a moral victory. Still, they exit Big Ten territory owning reason to hold their heads high as nonconference play concludes.

“Moral victories aren’t accepted around here,” defensive lineman Scott Patchan said. “At the end of the day, we didn’t get it done. But I’m not discouraged at all. If we take care of the penalties, the silly mistakes, we can go ahead and accomplish great things in this conference. We’ve shown that we’re a tough team. The writing’s on the wall. We were in a dog fight today. It’s disappointing that we weren’t able to leave with a ‘W’ because we fought hard enough.”

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