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Appalachian Time Worn Flooring – Worn Out Or Just Worn In?



Appalachian Time Worn Flooring is the epitome of styling and design from Anderson Hardwood floors. The look that this collection offers is widely sought after by designers, architects, and home owners nationwide and internationally. The plank is a 4-1/2″ wide engineered construction that is available in Ash, Maple, and Hickory. The hands of craftsmen form the hand scraping on the time worn flooring product and no two boards look alike. That is one advantage in purchasing a hardwood floor from Anderson, the hand scraped collections are done by hand with no machine scraping.

Most of the line consists of maple engineered products including four regular hand scraped and one fumed hand scraped maple. The fumed maple is Dancing Shadow and the fuming process really brings out the color and character of the maple along with the hand scraping making Dancing Shadow the most popular choice. The other regular hand products include Maple Autumn Vista, Maple Evening Light, Maple Reedy River, and Maple Morning Blush. Since Maple makes up most of the Time Worn Collection most designers feel more comfortable using this as a choice for the home or office of their client.

Hickory as we all know has the most inherent character among domestic wood species, and for that reason is makes a wonderfully hand scraped rustic looking floor. Hickory is also the hardest domestic specie, which a lot of consumers find attractive knowing that hickory will not dent as easily as oak, maple, ash, or other domestic species. In the Appalachian Time Worn collection hickory is offered in two outstanding colors in Hickory Twilight Embers and Hickory Mandolin Spring. Both of these flooring options contain the inherent character that hickory naturally possesses and make a beautiful hand scraped floor.

Last but not least is the Time Worn Fumed Ash Hearthstone. If you are looking for a unique product then this may be the hardwood floor of your dreams. With Ash floors you get a lot of grain similar to the grain in oak floors. Add this on top of fuming for a marbled color look and add hand scraping really makes the Ash Hearthstone product over the top in terms of uniqueness, color, and grain variation. Be sure and check this floor out and really look at the details it offers.

In conclusion the Time Worn flooring collection really offers some interesting looks and visuals that are manufactured right into the product. So your new hardwood floor will look worn out right out of the box and when backed by a new 50 year finish warranty from Anderson and you will be sure to rest knowing that your floor is there to stay and will maintain it beauty for the life of your home.

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