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How to Make Money Online by Creating and Selling Short Reports



How to Make Money Online With Short Reports

Writing short reports and selling them for a low price is one of the most powerful ways of making money online fast. In this post we will see how to write a short report and set it on autopilot so that it makes money 24×7.

What to Write About?

Look around you. What inspires you the most? What are your passions, how do you spend most of your time, is it reading? fishing? cooking?

Are you an expert in anything? Do people ask you for suggestions about something? There are literally thousands of ways to find inspiration, if you want to!

A great way to write a report that sells is by concentrating on something that focuses on relieving pain or solving a problem, that kind of stuff.

But before you get all excited and start creating a report, just make sure that the topic you are going to write about is in demand. One way to do that is by using a keyword tool. There is a free keyword tool out there which is more than enough for this purpose. The tool is Google Keyword Planner. Using this tool you can easily estimate the number of people searching for a particular topic and keyword each month. If you want more professional insight and want to find highly profitable keyword ideas go for paid tools like LongTailPro or Market Samurai. LongTailPro is a professional keyword tool which gives you keyword ideas and its profitability scores. You can also use this tool for getting blog post ideas, research a profitable niche for your next site and much more.

How to Write the Report

You can easily create a report using free tools like OpenOffice suite or a paid one like Microsoft Office. Create a document in word format and then export it in PDF format when saving the document. That’s it. Your report is ready. Don’t forget to add pictures and media where necessary in your report.

How Many Pages?

When you are just beginning try to keep it short. Anything between 20-30 pages should do. Remember it’s about the quality, not quantity.

How to Price Your Report

For a 25-30 page report you can price anything between $5-10, considering you are an amateur and nobody in the industry knows your name. Once you become popular you can even charge $100 for a short report provided it is a high voltage content.

How to Sell Your Short Report

You can opt for a cheap web hosting account and register a domain name. Once you are done with that you can hire a designer to create a sales page for you (which is going to cost you heavily) or buy Optimizepress ($97 for 3 domains).

Optimizepress gives you flexibility and you can create as many landing pages and squeeze pages as you want. It is easy to design. Another option is Leadpages which costs $37/month.

Once your landing page is ready subscribe for e-junkie which costs you only $5/month for one item. It is a digital product delivery system which delivers your report to the customer’s email once the payment has been processed. Remember, e-junkie doesn’t process payments. For accepting payments use the PayPal business account which can be easily connected to e-junkie and which is free to get started. This is only a one time setup. Set it up and it will earn you money on autopilot. PayPal does take a commission for each transaction carried out, but it is definitely worth it.

Once you start making enough money with your first report you can make several similar type of reports in different niches. By this way you have got a decent online business for you which earns on autopilot and supplies you with a continuous stream of passive income.


Huge Profits From Short Sales – Fantastic Pre-Foreclosure Tool For Savvy Investors




Louisville realtors, investors and debtors facing foreclosure ask me from time to time how short sales work. Consider this a primer.

I recently brokered the sale of a house for $85,000 to an investor. The house appraised for $120,000, giving the investor substantial immediate equity. The lender took a $60,000 loss. The owner/seller was forced to sell his house, for which he received not one red cent, and had to move into rental. How is it that all parties walked away from the closing table satisfied?!

In the beginning…

When a home owner owes his lender more than he has borrowed, he’s said to be “upside down on his mortgage”. This can come about in many ways, the principal amongst them occurring when he simply stops making mortgage payments, often because he is in serious financial difficulty. If his mortgage payment is $1,000 per month, and he stops paying, or pays intermittently, the fines, interest and principle can rack up pretty quickly. And if the owner can’t pay the mortgage, chances are he hasn’t been able to make necessary repairs to his home. This situation is almost invariably accompanied by despondency, which again leads to neglect of the house.

Stir into the mix bankruptcy, and perhaps divorce, and you’ll understand it’s not surprising to find the homes of these owner/debtors are often seriously degradated. That leaky roof is probably the last of the owner’s problems.

The “F” word

Foreclosure. It’s not a happy prospect for the lender or the borrower. Lenders have different tolerances for late payments. However by the time the debtor is late for the fourth consecutive month the vast majority of lenders begin foreclosure proceedings. In Kentucky the foreclosure sale of the home by public auction takes generally anywhere from 6 months to a year from the time the foreclosure procedures began. It can take longer – I saw one artful debtor drag on the foreclosure proceedings for more that 20 months! Her mortgage payment was $1,300 a month. After 20 months that became a significant debt compounded by late fees, interest, legal costs, and the potential cost of selling the property at a public foreclosure sale. To say nothing of the continuing, moment by moment deterioration of the property. By the time she moved out the bank had written off in excess of $80,000.

The lender’s and borrower’s conflicting interests

Capitalism is a wonderfully contrived system. It hands not only the power-barons a potent array of weapons with which to fight, but also the poor and destitute. Though the battlefield is nowhere near even, double digit interest thrust too deeply down an indigent debtor’s throat may precipitate his “nuclear” retaliatory option – Chapter 7 bankruptcy. And so these two, symbiotically entwined, are locked in an elegant dance, teetering between dividends and disaster, profit and poverty. One serious mis-step, and the band stops playing.

Thus, from years of bitter experience, lenders have learned that it’s often better (cheaper) to attempt to gain the cooperation of the owner and have him agree to voluntarily sell and vacate his home, rather than evict him under foreclosure. Lenders also understand that the chance of ever recovering the money owed to them by the debtor is slim. But many debtors choose not to sell because, around the time they realize they will never catch up on their payments, they often have another “Ah Ha!” flash of insight: that if they stop paying their mortgage and just wait for the foreclosure axe to fall (or better yet, engage in a hatfull of tricks to keep that axe at bay) they can live “rent free” for at least 6 months. So now the debtor turns from borrower to squatter, perceiving it to be in his best interest to prevent the foreclosure for as long as possible. And if the house, the lender’s “security”, should fall apart in the meantime, so be it.

The solution

The lender is in a position to offer the borrower a very important concession for his cooperation: to write off the entire debt if the borrower finds a buyer to buy the house at a price and terms acceptable to the lender, within the time stipulated by the lender. This is the essence of a short sale. Lenders set their own guidelines for what they will accept. They may say they need to get fair market price, but will in fact often be prepared to sell for much less. They do not want to chance selling this house at auction and risk receiving a very low price. Or worse yet, receive a bid so low that the property does not meet their reserve price, and they end up owning the property. In this case the property is administered by the lender’s REO (real estate owned) department, which will then list the property with a realtor. And the cycle begins again……

The Lender initially said The Willows house was worth $120,000, and wanted it sold at about that price. It got the $120,000 figure from someone it had hired to do a BPO. BPO is short for “Broker’s Price Opinion.” It is similar to a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) and serves the same purpose: to arrive at a fair market value for a property. Most are done as a “drive-by,” meaning that the “driver” (usually a realtor, maybe an appraiser) drives by the outside of the property, takes one to three photos and leaves. He then completes the lender’s BPO form on-line and e-mails it with the picture. Sometimes an “internal” is requested, in which case the realtor goes into the property, takes about 3 internal and 3 external photos and sends these through to the lender with the completed BPO form.

When the debtor had realized he would not be able to save his house in The Willows, he contacted me to see if I could help. He did not want a foreclosure on his credit report, which would have prevented him from getting a conventional mortgage for three years. Even with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the wait period is only 2 years from dismissal. He also wanted to have his debt forgiven. I was able to accomplish both these goals, saving him about sixty thousand dollars.

The short sale process

As a Realtor, the first thing I did was explain to my client all his theoretical options, including deed in-lieu of foreclosure, loan renegotiation and others. He settled on short sale. I listed The Willows property, and had him sign an authorization for me to contact the lender to see if it would agree to a short sale. Remember, when I list the property, the owner/debtor is my client (not customer). This means I must always act in his best interest. The lender is not my client and I owe it no such duty. In a normal sale the seller and buyer have greatly divergent interests: the seller wants to sell at the highest possible price, and the buyer wants to buy at the lowest. In a short sale there is no such contest between the parties: the seller wants to sell at any price the lender will accept, and will generally agree to any price offered, contingent upon the lender’s acceptance. So in a short sale, the lender takes on the mantle of “seller” vis-a-vi the buyer and these are really the parties who negotiate the contract. Now get your head around this one: as listing agent in a short sale I am often in the peculiar position of actively attempting to negotiate for the sale at the lowest possible price acceptable to the buyer! (But always with the caveat that this is in the seller’s best interest, and does not jeopardize the sale). This anomaly has many ramifications for the way I conduct and negotiate these transactions.

Price, Terms and Timing

Price: So how much will the lender lop off that price? I’ve generally found that as the day of auction approaches, lenders become more malleable. Pretty inefficient, because they loose a lot of time and money that way. I supplied the lender of The Willows property with objective material indicating that the drive-by BPO was inaccurate, given the condition of the house. The lender then had an internal BPO done. That was key to getting this particular deal done. I also sent off photos and comps of my own. In some cases I’ve sent the lenders well over 100 photos. Pictures speak louder than words, and it’s critical, when the property is damaged, that the lender understand the shape it’s in. Remember – the BPO realtor may be doing up to 50 BPOs a week – he could care less about this one deal. But as listing agent I need to keep the lender informed of all issues that coincide with my client’s best interests. The second Willows BPO came back at $100,000, and the lender initially tried to obtain that figure. Ultimately, with the foreclosure sale due to occur the next day, it reduced that amount to 80% of the $100,000 plus $5,000 to pay off non-mortgage related liens. At 4.50 pm the lender agreed to stop the foreclosure sale scheduled for 11.00 am next morning.

But hey, it ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings! Because the loss on this loan was $60,000, and because the lender had authority to settle up to $30,000 only, we had to wait for final word from the mortgage insurance company, which we eventually obtained, but not without many hours additional work.

As you see, the price of The Willows property was determined by the lender looking at the bottom line – how much net it would receive. And in order to get this number, all lenders in short sales request a “fake HUD-1” or a “net sheet” submitted simultaneously with the offer. In a normal real estate transaction the HUD-1 is drawn up at the end of the transaction, after agreement is reached. – in a short sale the title search is performed immediately upon listing, even before there’s an offer, so that the figures can be applied to the net sheet as soon as needed.

Terms: The most common terms distinguishing these deals are that the lender often requires terms such as “sold as is” and “proof of finance or funds required with offer”, and to protect the seller, the realtor should insert terminology indicating seller’s acceptance is subject to release from all liability for debt. None of this is carved in stone, and I’ve negotiated repairs and other concessions from lenders. Each case is unique. Paper will suffer any indignity – write the offer!

Timing: The REO, Foreclosure and Bankruptcy departments often appear to be understaffed and overwhelmed, so don’t expect instant responses. Some will take weeks to reply. Make sure the buyer and seller understand this. But once a deal is struck, the lender will often expect an unreasonably quick closing, and will attempt to penalize you with days interest for closing after a certain date. This all goes back to the net sheet calculations; because you have informed the lender how much it will receive by a certain date, it then attempts to hold the line at that date, even though they are generally very slow to respond. The Willows lender, after having not responded to multiple contacts, gave us just 2 days within which to close! Fortunately we well prepared, but it was very close.

Closing Note

The tax consequences of short sales fall outside the scope of this article. If you want info on how to handle competing offers, dual limited agency within this environment, or need a copy of the net sheet I use, you may contact me.


Here’s a new twist. A couple of weeks ago I submitted a $235,000 offer to a lender on a short sale, (Seller owes about $275,000) which the lender ultimately accepted. However, in it’s acceptance letter, at the very bottom of the sheet, the lender stipulated that it retained its right of recourse against the seller/borrower (my client)! And this despite seemingly contrary language in the main body of the letter. I explained to the lender that the ONLY reason my client had agreed to the short sale (and not to jerk the lender around in the bankruptcy proceedings) was because he expected to obtain a complete release from all liability at closing. After a weeks or so of wrangling, attorneys etc, the lender “saw the light” and agreed to the release.


Though the information provided is considered reliable, it is not complete, nor warranted accurate. Always consult your broker or an attorney.

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Rohan Online Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP-PvE)




Half Elf Ranger Class Build (PvP/PvE)

The half elf ranger build in my opinion is the king of solo. This build is designed to bombard enemies from an insane attack range. The Ranger has a decent critical rate and some great rooting spells.

Stat Build: Your leveling points should be distributed as 1VIT – 3 DEX or This ranger build has no psyche so you are gonna rely on pots for your mana so you must be careful not to deplete it too soon.. You will have some decent HP with 130 points of VIT just in case someone might be lucky enough to get close to you.

This build has a large distribution of DEX to boost your ranged attack quite a bit. You will have great damage and a long range to do it in.

PvE: The easiest class to solo with by far and one of the fasted classes to level also. Most mobs won’t even get close enough to you to do any damage since you have long attack range and have the ability to slow your target mobility speed. Only ranged mobs will have that chance to get a few shots off before they hit the ground bleeding. You only really need to cast one skill per mob before they die since you will be doing some nasty normal ranged attack damage. You will also have an easy time when in a high level mob grind party. You don’t really have to move around much just let tankers tank and do a little pulling here and there.

PvP: The ranger class i one of the few classes that do well against ranged and melee based classes in PvP. You take down magic type classes pretty easily and melee classes can be stunned and slowed down to a crawl before they can get to you. You can do some powerful critical damage at a long range using Critical Shot. The ranger has some great PvP skill at their disposal including Luxury Shot and Premium Shot leaving enemies with missed parts of their HP bar lol. A nice spell to initiate your PvP sequence is Speed Wind which boosts your attack speed to an insane rate that lasts 10 seconds. When a melee class finally does get to you, hit them with Brandish Kick which has a 70% chance to stun target for 9 seconds. You can kite away from enemies easily since you have increased mobility skills.

Conclusion: This ranger build is balanced and you will have extended use of your skills and will be able to solo and pvp well. You don’t have a whole lot of mana so be careful. Remember that range is your advantage, don’t let melee get to close or they will rip you up 🙂

Stat Point Build at Level 99

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Half Elf Archer Tree)

1. Darkness-Level 5: Increase dark dmg 100%, res50% 8% chance decrease target’s 30% atk spd for 7 sec.

2. Psychic Pierce-Level 1: 160% of normal dmg.

3. Long Shot-Level 5: Increase 50% of attacking range for 9 min.

4. Enchanted Arrow-Level 5: Increase arrow damage by 30 for 30 min.

5. Fainting Pierce-Level 5: 35% chance decrease target movement speed by 50% for 10 sec, last 18 min.

6. Bleeding Shot-Level 1: Effect ‘bleed’ dealt 70% of normal dmg every 3 seconds, occur 5 times.

7. Nimble-Level 5: Increase dex by 30%, lasts 30 min.

8. Brandish Kick-Level 5: 70% chance stun the target that last 9 second.

9. Feeble Arrow-Level 1: Decrease target 3% of str last 30 seconds.

10. Fatal-Level 5: Critical dmg increases by dex * 3.0, last 15 min.

11. Sprint-Level 4: Increase movement speed by 80% in 27 seconds.

12. Evade-Level 1: Increase evasion rate by 10% last 18 min.

13. Piercing Root-Level 4: Normal attacks 130%, 50% chance hold the target in place for 5 second.

14. Double Strike-Level 1: Increase 20% of normal dmg, attack target twice.

The recommended spell upgrades:

(Half Elf RangerTree)

1. Crossbow Mastery-Level 5: Increase X-bow’s atk by 25%, last 30 min.

2. Open Eyes-Level 1: Instantly removes root status.

3. Trick-Level 1: Wouldn’t get attack by npc guard during gvg and during red-name period, last 5 min.

4. Detect-Level 1: Detect hidden target within the range of 10m, last 30 sec.

5. Dissapear-Level 1: 50% chance become hidden, last 30min. moving, atking or using item will expose.

6. Siege Shot-Level 5: Unable to move for 10 sec, mean while atk + 90%.

7. Murder Shot-Level 5: Increase atk dmg by murder count * 90.

8. Speed Wind-Level 5: Increase atk spd by 160%, last 10 sec.

9. Kael’s Arrow-Level 2: Create 100 bolts with dmg of 120.

10. Alacrity Blow-Level 5: Increase dex by 15%, last 30 min.

11. Strip Shot-evel 5: Ignore defense, increase dmg by 70%

12. Rank Shot-Level 1: Total damage = weapon’s rank * 50.

13. Critical Shot-Level 5: When hit the target, 90% chance occur critical hit.

14. Premium Shot-Level 1: Increases weapon’s atk by 200%.

15. Magic Guard-Level 1: Do not affect by magics for 10 seconds.

16. Luxury Shot-Level 1: Increases weapon’s atk by 200%.

17. Winged Foot-Level 5: 18 mp per sec, party member increase movement spd by 100%.

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James Brown Versus Joe Tex




James Brown and Joe Tex; Two powerhouses of the R&B Soul Music World, both from the deep south. James Brown, from Macon, Ga. and Joe Tex (real name Joseph Arrington Jr.) from where else of course, Texas. They were both labelmates in the 50s on KING records. Joe Tex had his first hit with “HOLD WHAT YOU’VE GOT” in 1964. One of JB’s early singles, 1960’s “BABY YOU’RE RIGHT” was originally written and released by Joe Tex earlier on the ANNA label. James’version charted at #2 R&B/#49 Pop while Joe,s version didn’t hit the charts.

A rivalry soon erupted between the two when JB reportedly took Tex’s wife singer Bea Ford, who can be heard on the JB single “YOU’VE GOT THE POWER”. Apparently James wrote Joe a letter telling him he could have Bea back. By this time Joe had found a new woman and responded with the 1963 single, “YOU KEEP HER” which didn’t chart either. Not long after the landmark album “LIVE AT THE APOLLO” was released in 1963, James Brown returned to Macon to play a homecoming concert at the City Auditorium with Joe Tex.

The “Clown Prince of Soul” (as Joe Tex was becoming known) could imitate anyone he wanted and came out on the stage with a raggedy cape with a hole in it. He fell to his knees and all of a sudden, grabbed his back. He stated singing ‘Please, Please, Please–GET ME OUT OF THIS CAPE!” Here it was James Brown’s homecoming concert and Joe Tex was making a mockery of him. Mind you, James Brown was not the least amused by his fellow performer’s antics!

Later that night he found out that Joe went to a club where a band featuring a young Otis Redding was performing. Walking in with a shotgun in hand, Brown started exchanging fire with someone across the room. They kept shooting and reloading, either not hitting the other. Several people were shot in the melee while Joe Tex ran outside the club and hid behind trees and bushes. James ran outside and his tour bus pulled out of the parking lot with him behind the wheel. Not long after, someone gave each of the injured patrons $100 each and the whole thing was quieted down.

Reportedly Joe Tex had “SOUL BROTHER #1” painted on his tour bus until James got wind of it and it was removed. Then there was the question of who really invented the acrobatic microphone tricks that both performers mastered and exhibited on stage. Not that it really mattered because they both had different styles and showmanship. There is a clip of Joe Tex performing on the 20th Annual Grammy Awards in 1978 on YouTube. I remember seeing it on TV and his performance was nothing short of AWESOME!

As much as I enjoyed the dancers also, I thought it distracted from Joe,s mic-twirling, soul act (even seeing it I still couldn’t believe someone could actually rock the mic like THAT). There are also clips on YouTube of a live concert recorded in 1968 in Sweden called, “THE JOE TEX SHOW” , featuring the artist in his prime along with his touring band. It’s available on DVD but a little hard to find. Check to find out who downloaded the clips and then ask if they have or know where the dvd can be obtained.

Hopefully Spike Lee will still do the JB biopic because I think he is one of the few directors that could truthfully portray an enigma like James Brown. Hopefully it should be a 3 hour epic like the Malcolm X story to be done right. I have never been a big fan of Usher, but given his respect and love for the Godfather of Soul and having had previous acting experience, I feel he could do an incredible job. If Usher doesn’t get this role, get an unknown who has done some theater and somewhat resembles Mr. Brown.

James Brown’s life story should be put on the screen for his final due. Elvis, the Beatles, Ray Charles, have had their life stories grace the silver screen (the former two multiple movies and TV shows) and it’s way past time to give this man his due also. I enjoy listening to the “STEVE HARVEY MORNING SHOW” and the “MICHAEL BASDEN SHOW” in the afternoon, but neither hardly play any music by these two R&B legends. Musical styles change (disco, rap, etc.) but the roots are old school music which we should never forget.

So what’s truth and what’s fiction? Your guess is as good as mine but given the volatile nature of the Hardest Working Man In Show Business, it is very likely that the infamous “club shootout” was accurate. It’s a miracle both of them survived the incident(?) and went on to bigger heights in the business. I really shudder to think what course soul music would have taken without their input. May they both rest in peace.

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Squeezing Blood Out Of A Beet




You can’t squeeze blood out of turnip but you can out of a beet. You have to be careful with beets in fact. They bruise easily despite their tough appearance and release juices from the slightest scratch. Beet juice will stain your clothes and is very difficult if not impossible to get out. Why is this?

The answer is very simple. The cellular structure of the beetroot is quite fragile and breaks easily under any kind of pressure, causing leaking. Boiling fresh beets with their skins on, however, greatly reduces this leakage however, so this tactic should be considered when preparing beets. For borscht, for example, leakage is desired to produce the magnificent blood red color associated with the soup, whereas if served as a side dish one may want the beets looking as red as possible.

Be very careful with beet juice when preparing raw beets as a grated garnish for salad. Raw beets in particular ‘bleed’ a lot, and as salads are generally prepared in a hasty fashion it is easier to stain one’s clothing this way.

There is no other vegetable that leaks its juices so dramatically and prolifically as beets do, though some fruits such as plums do. Even the juice from the tomato is fairly clear- it’s the pulp that makes tomato juice red. As far as root vegetables go, beets are odd indeed. I’m sure the juice would make a good dye, though I’ve never heard of that being tried. It would certainly make for a good marinade.

The last word in handling fresh beets is this: with caution. If you are going to be a host at a party remember that beet juice will stain the skin on your hands for hours and you can’t wash it off. So if you are going to shaking hands with a lot of people, it may make you embarrassed to extend a beet red hand out to your guests.

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The Importance of Skateboarding Shoes




Skateboarding has come a long way since it was a hobby of 1950’s surfers. Now you see skateboarding everywhere; on TV, in the movies, in popular magazines like Sports Illustrated and even video games. To say the skateboarding culture has exploded in the US would be a massive understatement.

This new “skate rat” culture has created many things including its own language, clothes, funny hair styles and even music. Skateboarders wear such essential accessories as helmets, elbow and knee pads, and slip resistant shoes. While many young kids who have never even been on a skateboard wear these skating shoes, they do serve an important purpose- safety.

Many people are interested in buying skating shoes because they are stylish and go well with jeans and other clothes. However, if you plan on buying a new pair of skating shoes for skateboarding, then I suggest you follow these important tips.

You need to look for skating shoes that are both flexible and durable. These shoes need to be able to withstand a great deal of force, offer protection for your foot and an extreme amount of grip so you don’t slide off your board.

Of course they need to fit your feet properly or you will not only be uncomfortable, but at a greater risk of injury. Not only that, but shoes that aren’t fitted properly also cause painful blisters, making it almost impossible to skate.

The sole of these shoes also need to be quite durable as well. Many skateboarders use both grip tape and other gripping materials that can grind away the soles of regular shoes. Imagine taking sandpaper to the bottom of your workout shoes. This is basically what happens every time you skate.
Probably the most important factor is the grip of the shoe. If the shoes don’t have enough grip, you can easily slide off the board right in the middle of a trick. So it isn’t an exaggeration to say that buying the wrong skating shoes could put you in the emergency room.

A good pair of skater shoes will help keep you on your board and help to protect your feet. While a high quality pair can be quite expensive, in the long run they are a worthwhile investment for any skater.

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Cocker Spaniel Digging and How to STOP IT!




Is your Cocker Spaniel digging your yard and making it look like the surface of the moon or a strip mining excavation? Changes are you are probably feeling frustrated, annoyed and feeling helpless as you watch your pup do its thing. Digging is a natural instinctive behavior. All breeds of dogs have a digging fixation, some more than others. Before we can begin to solve the problem we have to look at the reasons why your Cocker Spaniel is digging.

Why is My Cocker Spaniel Digging?

It’s important to understand that your Cocker Spaniel is not digging up your yard to spite you or to deliberately make your life difficult. We need to look at and determine the reason for the digging. Ask yourself the follow questions to determine where the digging behavior is coming from.

1) Where does my Cocker Spaniel dig? Is it one spot or several spots?

2) What is it digging for? Old bones, buried rawhide chews, tree roots?

3) Does your Cocker dig when left alone?

4) Is the Cocker digging under a fence?

5) Does your Cocker bury its rawhide chews and toys?

Reasons for Cocker Spaniel Digging

1) Cocker Spaniels, particularly young ones, are bursting with energy. If you do not provide them with a proper and sufficient outlet for it, they will find their own. Your yard contains dirt, bugs, and maybe even small burrowing animals. It can become a play ground paradise for the young pup.

2) Your Cocker Spaniel loves to be in your company. This breed of dog desires a good deal of human companionship. If you leave your pup alone in the yard (or even with another dog) all day, the Cocker may dig due to loneliness, boredom, and/or separation anxiety.

3) Cocker Spaniels were originally bred to be sporting dogs used to hunt birds. That is where the name “Cocker” comes from, as they were particularly adept at hunting woodcock. Dogs that are bred to hunt or herd have a greater need for occupation and are more susceptible to boredom.

Ways to Stop Cocker Spaniel Digging

Now that we have discovered the reason we can start to correct the behavior. To start with don’t leave your dog outside unsupervised while you are trying to correct the digging behavior. Watch your dog and distract it if it starts digging. Since this is a natural instinct for your pup, you may want to establish an area where your dog is permitted to dig. The area can be made out of sand and soft dirt. It’s a good idea to bury treats and toys so your pup can dig them out.

Correct the Behavior

When you catch your Cocker Spaniel digging where it is not suppose to, look to see what it is digging for, remove the object if possible and replace in the allowed digging area. Pick the pup up gently and place it in the allowed area. Only praise and give your dog treats when the proper behavior has been displayed. This might take a few times but well worth the effort. Your Cocker is smart to begin withand will catch on fast. When you see the dog in the allowed area it is time for treat.

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Distract your Cocker Spaniel Digging

The good old can trick seems to work for many dogs. It is simply an empty pop can filled with a few pebbles, marbles or coins. Whenever you see the Cocker Spaniel digging, shake the can vigorously to distract the pup and stop the digging. Introduce your dog to the allowed digging area and only reward the dog if it digs in the allowed area. The can trick can be used to distract your pup from other undesirable behaviors. Only use the can to distract the dog to signal that its behavior is unacceptable.

Stop Digging in Flower Beds

Do not leave the dog alone until the digging behavior has been corrected. If your pup bolts for the flower beds promptly distract and place the pup in its own dig area. This system is simple and it works the only problem is that people seem to give up after a while. If you don’t follow through you’ll end up fencing off the follow bed.

Play Time

Use your yard to play with your pup. Play only none aggressive games like fetch; teach new tricks, and good behavior reinforcement. This will meet the Cockers exercise and companionship requirements. Playing aggressive games like “tug of war” allows the dog the opportunity to attempt and exert its dominance over you. These types of games should be avoided at all times. You don’t want to instill an aggressive behavior is your Cocker.

Take your Dog for Walks

Walks at least once a day is good for you and your Cocker Spaniel and will help your dog expend some of that energy.

The above tips and tricks will help solve the boredom, separation anxiety and pent up energy that is causing the Cocker Spaniel digging.

Never punish your dog it will only make matters that much more difficult to correct. A good trainer can lend a helping hand if needed. Positive and gently commands work best with your Cocker spaniel

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Native Hybridization of Web Apps!




The mobile world is getting more advanced day by day and a non-technical person will get confused with the new terms and methods used in the current software industry. We can hear some old people saying that mobile is driving today’s world and these small screens ease the life. Yes, mobile applications play a vital role now a days and changed the way we look at the web version to the apps on mobile device. As a user, we never bother about the backend or how it is developed until and unless the app creates any problem to the user.

As a developer or entrepreneur, who wants to build any mobile applications, you would need to understand how it works. You may need to run through some articles or books to get a knowledge of different routes before running off to develop a software. Identifying the target customer and the objective of application play an important role in choosing the right technology. It also depends upon the budget that you have in mind for development. Hope you can figure out target audience, use of application and budget. I would like to explain more about the technology you can go for based on the needs.

In the mobile technology domain, you will hear often the terms web app, native app and hybrid app. As you know, every technology has its pros and cons. A web app is nothing but an app written in web code with responsive design which renders and fits well in all screen sizes. You can see the application/website more interactive without any clutter. This is suggested only for organisation’s websites or websites which just used to see the pages on mobile. It is designed to work on tiny screens and searchable for any user without logging into the computer or web. The designer/developer/tester has to check the resolution and browser capability using Browserstack or any other tools before website goes live. It is bit a burden and time consuming at testing stage as they have to verify each screen size which is available in the market. The significant limitation of using web application in mobile devices are offline storage, security, slow processing etc. It doesn’t allow push notifications which is most important for the mobile applications. The web app is best for websites which require minimal native gestures and don’t require access to features from mobile devices.

On the other hand, native applications are written in the specific language with respect to the device (iOS, Android, Windows). This app is recommended for those targeting market-oriented business. The user has to install the app and it helps to market your business with free exposure or promos you wouldn’t get otherwise. Web apps are quite challenging with respect to the UI & UX and native applications solve this problem. Each mobile platform provides developers their own development tools, interface elements and standardized SDK. It’s common for developers that they specialize in one technology, so often you may need to find different coders to different platforms and cost to be double or triple if you want it in 3 platforms. If your budget allows it and requirement is very particular for native apps, then I would recommend for it offering the best user experience.

Here comes the solution which is a bridge for web app and native application. They are usually quicker to develop and cheaper than native apps. There are two main players in the world of hybrid apps: Phonegap/Cordova and Appcelerator Titanium. You develop using conventional web technologies i.e. HTML/CSS/JavaScript, design and build the app as if it was a website, then use Cordova/similar frameworks to wrap them into a mobile app. The user experience may not be as smooth as a native app. The good part is that it is also easier to maintain and you can change platforms. Being built on one single core, you can add functionality and have multiple versions of the app all benefit from it. Native apps are opposite in this matter as for every new functionality you want to introduce, the feature will have to be replicated on each platform.

As I mentioned, the option to choose the best solution depends upon various factors such as the quality of experience user needs, the complexity of features on the application and budget. Looking at your current priorities and requirement, you can choose it.


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History of ZZ Top




Like the state of Texas, where they come from, ZZ Top combines rural primitivism and urban image in a way that has led to a perfect synthesis between provincial rock’n’roll and high technology.

When, in the late 1980s, Forbes magazine published the list of celebrities in the entertainment world with the highest profits worldwide, only one rock group, U2, ranked above ZZ Top among those who had amassed greater fortunes. However, they have managed to stay curiously away from the rock’n’roll high society circus, and remain immune to the “rock messiah” syndrome that generally haunts other artists of their stature. In almost thirty years they have traveled the whole planet with their tours, although they have never been away for a long time from their base in southern North America, and the description someone made of them when they started, “that little old band from Texas”, even today they fit like a glove.

Billy Gibbons, who was a graphic arts student, began playing the guitar in The Moving Sidewalks, a psychedelic “garage” band from the 1960s whose debut single, “99th Floor,” ranked highest on the charts. Texas lists for five weeks in 1967. Dusty Hill and Frank Beard, meanwhile, graduated from The American Blues, a Dallas band best known for the fact that its members wore their hair dyed blue than anything else. The three met in 1970 and the pact they then sealed has withstood the test of time with an overwhelming solidity. Except for the brief contribution of a guitar accompaniment on the part of a stranger on one of his first albums, the three men have self-supplied up to the last note and the last rhythm of those that have been included in their albums, even if they have had even that to learn to play the saxophone or to execute a section of three metals, as is the case in some songs of their album Degüello. They have never enriched their live performances with extra musicians, nor have they recorded or played with other bands.

Their manager and producer since the first day has been Bill Ham, a non-conformist Texan with a management style very similar to Led Zeppelin’s first manager, Peter Grant. Ham categorically separated ZZ Top from television throughout the 1970s, preferring the band’s live performances to other procedures that guaranteed easier success. Although such principles had to be hard by force, the truth is that the foundations of the band were already unbreakable towards 1976, when it took place the tour Taking Texas to the People, an ambitious production that had them a lot of time on the road along with all their outdoor life equipment and a large fauna (an ox, a buffalo weighing 2,000 pounds, half a dozen vultures, two rattlesnakes six feet each, a pig and a wolf). Their aversion to TV was softened in the eighties, when they became peculiar stars of MTV thanks to a trilogy of videos directed by Tim Newman for the tracks “Gimme All Your Lovin”, “Sharp Dressed Man” and “Legs”, all of them included in his successful 1983 album, Eliminator.

Presenting themselves since the eighties as the “rock mausoleums”, ZZ Top is the only group that has seriously faced the commitment to age in a market, the rock’n’roll, which always trades with the currency of youth. To such capacity of permanence has contributed, without a doubt, the image that Gibbons and Hill conceived for the group when their members barely reached the thirty years of age, an image in which the most outstanding note are long beards that were not fashionable since the times of the Old Testament. This strategy freed them of concerns from then on, since, unless they dramatically increase in weight, they will not look older in twenty years than they appear now.

Given the enormous amount of works published by this band throughout its history, only those that have been most relevant are mentioned. The first is a LP of 1973 entitled Tres hombres, which made number three of its production at that time. Some people think that this has been the best album of his career. The tracks that open the album, “Waitin ‘for the Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago,” are two of the great opening salvoes of all time, along with “Route 66,” from the Rolling Stones’ first album, and “Whole Lotta Love” by Led Zeppelin II. In fact, the two inseparable songs continued being an essential component in the set of the subjects that touched in direct on the occasion of the tour of 1991, Recycler.Another interesting cut is “La Grange”, a lascivious tale set in a brothel that was a minor success in the United States, as well as “Precious and Grace” and the surrealist “Master of Sparks”, whose unconventional lyrics are adorned with a somewhat questionable Texan folklore. Although Tres Hombres reached number eight in the American charts, it was never recorded in the British, and is one of the most ignored great albums in the history of rock.

Another of the great works of ZZ Top is Degüello, published in 1979. It is a new collection of apparently casual brilliance, which illuminates, among other things, the consummate control of the textures of Gibbons guitar. It oscillates between the perfect Fender sound of “A Fool for Your Stockings” and the Marshall sound of “Cheap Sunglasses”. Half a decade before Michael Jackson and LL Cool J entered the scene, the ZZ Top demonstrated a perfect familiarity with the street language in “I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide.” The band’s fascination with car racing is also revealed through another of those surreal fantasy lyrics, “Manic Mechanic,” sung by Gibbons as if he were speaking through a broken megaphone. Dazzling versions of “I Thank You”, by Isaac Hayes, and “Dust My Broom”, by Elmore James, culminate a spectacularly rich composition.

When someone asked Gibbons what a guitarist could do to improve his technique, his response was to go out and buy an album called The Sound of the Drags (a recording that picked up the peculiar sound of car racing), and I absorbed all the warm feeling it emitted. The success of Eliminator, album released in 1983, is based precisely on having managed to capture that “warm feeling”; So much so, that the LP has become part of the legendary history of rock’n’roll, along with the car, the girls, the videos and the ten million copies that were sold of it. The trick they discovered was simple, but surprisingly effective. They trumpeted the guitar sound, made the choirs more dynamic and banished any kind of rhythmic overcrowding. Contrary to what is common in a heavy rock album, “Gimme All Your Lovin,” “Got Me Under Pressure,” “Sharp Dressed Man,” “Legs,” “Dirty Dog,” and “If I Could Only Flag Her Down “are held exclusively on a basic battery pulse.

In addition to Afterburner (1985), which was number two in the United Kingdom, two compilation albums of the band must also be mentioned: The Best of ZZ Top (1977) and Greatest Hits (1992), compilations that only share two themes, ” Tush”and” La Grange “, which gives a good account of the group’s creativity. The Best of ZZ Top collects an acceptable selection of the band’s work until 1977, paying special attention to Tres Hombres (which contributes four songs out of a total of ten). Greatest Hits, which was catapulted to singles charts for its version of the song “Viva Las Vegas”, shows the most modern and commercial face of ZZ Top.However, there are several notable omissions (“TV Dinners”, “Velcro Fly”, “Stages”) and other rather questionable inclusions (“Gun Love”, “Give It Up”) that make this, according to some, a summary of little confidence.

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5 Skills To Look For In A PHP Developer Before Choosing




Since the introduction of PHP in the 1990s, it has been the most popular and favoured server-side scripting language for building websites and web applications. PHP is considered the best technology among web development companies and businesses because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, enhanced visibility, lesser web development time, support for a wide range of frameworks, web development tools, simple syntax, large community support, and an extensive set of libraries. PHP powers nearly 83 percent of the active websites that counts up to nearly 40 million websites. This also means around 8 out of 10 websites that you visit on the internet are built using this programming language.

But with this huge popularity of the language and as it is so widely used, it may not be that easy to hire PHP developers having all the must-have skills and abilities.

Here are the most significant skills you need to look for to choose an expert and reliable PHP developer for your next project.

With millions of websites and web applications being developed on this programming language, it is expected that the demand for PHP is going to increase more in the years to come as well. Business owners who want to get a customised, dynamic, simple, high-performing, browser compatible, and secure website built for their businesses, must look for a few essential skills and abilities while choosing PHP developers for their projects.

Experience and technical proficiency in working with PHP:

The first and foremost thing you need to consider is the experience of the programmer in this field. It is essential to filter out the developers with less experience in PHP development. After all, you would definitely want to get a competitive website built for your business. And for this, you need to look for someone who has hands-on experience in using the languages and their features.

Also, make sure to choose a PHP developer with adequate technical knowledge and proficiency. With PHP frequently getting updated, the programmer must have familiarity and knowledge of the latest PHP web development tools and technologies. Also, the developer must have experience in working with all PHP frameworks like Zend, Symfony, Yii, CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, and more to ensure smooth, efficient, and well-organised coding with PHP.

Knowledge of other related programming languages:

Knowledge of PHP coding is not just enough to build a competitive website. A strong grasp of other programming languages like Java, Javascript, HTML, and CSS is also required. Also, the programmer must have adequate knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and database management.

Practical experience in PHP best practices and UI design patterns:

Knowledge of design patterns is required in PHP development. Knowing the design patterns can help to speed up the web development process by providing repeatable solutions to all web design problems and challenges. Some of the commonly used PHP design patterns are Strategy, Factory, Singleton, etc. Using these design patterns can save a lot of time and effort for the developers as well.

Also, following the best PHP development practices can ensure efficient and effective web development and can help developers to end up with a highly competitive website overcoming all the complexities, and challenges. Knowing the PHP best practices and certain tips can also help developers to avoid common mistakes, make the best use of the in-built classes, functions, libraries, and the other features of the programming language. These practices and tips can help in improving code readability and code quality as well.

Expertise in using the PHP Composer, PHPUnit, and PSR:

These are a few PHP web development tools that developers must know about. Composer is the dependency manager that takes care of the PHP classes, libraries, and functions and allows programmers to easily install and use different versions of these as per the project requirements. A Composer also checks for the availability of the new versions of the libraries and classes and also helps to update the existing ones used in the project.

The PSR or PHP Standard Recommendation is a PHP language specification, which is designed to standardise the concepts of PHP programming and improve the integration and interoperability of the PHP frameworks and components. Currently, there are 13 accepted PSR standards. Every PHP programmer must learn these to reduce all unwanted variations in the PHP codes.

Apart from these, the developers should also know about PHPUnit, a tool that allows effortless unit testing that is it automates the testing of smaller sections or units of the codes against the desired results.


PHP often gets updated and comes with new features and improvements. A PHP programmer must have adaptability skills and is he or she must be able to adapt these new and improved features to ensure modern and updated website development using the updated technologies. In other words, the professional should always be willing to learn all new PHP features and other related technologies.

It is extremely important to measure and observe the skills, expertise, and experience of a PHP developer while choosing as the competition is high on the web and only an experienced professional can ensure to build an out-of-the-box website making the best use of PHP, its features, frameworks, and the PHP development tools. And the points discussed above can help with choosing the right PHP developer for your website development.

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Social Media Marketing Tips & Tricks for 2018




As we enter into a new chapter on a new calendar year, it’s time to start thinking about effective social media marketing strategies for your small business. In order or you to stay ahead of the competition it’s imperative for you to adjust your marketing strategy to take advantage of prevailing trends and the ever evolving market for various business industries. The small business platform has changed a lot within the last few years and staying up to date with those changes can be a challenge.

Below are a few social media marketing tips To keep you ahead of the competition in 2018.

  1. Increase Your Visibility – The reason social media marketing is so huge is because so many people spend time there. You can’t increase visibility for your business and online personality with a private page. During the year 2017, I saw a lot of this and it made me scratch my head a bit. I’m not sure why but the drawbacks to this can hurt your brand. If your biggest concern is unwanted spam comments, this can be controlled and eliminated with the block button and by updating your settings. The goal is to accommodate your audience and generate leads. Make sure every piece of your social media strategy serves the goals you set and the people who will see it. Refine your social media presence. It’s vital to the survival of your brand. Increasing your visibility drives traffic and invites engagement.
  2. Focus on Mobile – Most searches and website visits are done via mobile. Unfortunately, most businesses are yet to truly embrace mobile within their marketing strategies. Make it a point to optimize your website content and digital assets for mobile users this year. The efforts will improve your ROI from all digital channels and will drive prospects to your website boosting traffic from search engines in the proceeds. I’m not only talking about design and loading speed, but truly optimizing the user experience for site search, commerce, form entry, navigation and general mobile usability.
  3. Make Engagement a Priority – You need to be social on social media. It’s not a soap box for you to stop by to stand on to make an announcement once in a while. It was built so that individuals around the world could connect with one another. The size of your “followers” on social media doesn’t matter if no one is paying attention. Large followings make you feel good but if there is no message for them to follow it’s unlikely your brand will make much impact. What really matters is engagement. Engagement is what earns you shares which generates leads that turns into sales and having loyal customers. You also should make it a point this year to frequently revisit your buyer personas to ensure your message stays fresh and relevant to your audience. This level of interaction is what solidifies your brand.
  4. Content – Planning your calendar and content strategy for this year should be at the top of your to-do list. If you haven’t got started yet, yesterday would be a good time. Paid ads on social media are great. They generate good leads. But, it’s equally important to learn how to create a reliable, predictable and scallable flow of traffic that converts into clients and customers so that business it stays afloat with or without it. This can only be done by producing great content. All it takes is some it takes some effort, trying out a few different tactics and consistency. If you’re willing to invest the time, you can have all the perks of a well-trafficked business and website without spending an astronomical sum on paid ads. As a business owner and content creator, it’s part of your job to deliver compelling info to your customers about your products and services. Great content, compelling headlines, back-links, optimized SEO, sales campaigns and email marketing generated excellent, reliable traffic, and sales long before the social media paid ad game was invented. It still does.
  5. Video Streaming – Video in real-time is becoming more and more popular with consumers. Many social media platform giants are all investing more money into improving their video streaming capabilities and with good reason. It offers new opportunities for content marketing as well as customer engagement. It is a format that has gained serious momentum in the last 12 months and is the future of branding. It’s a great idea to add it to your business marketing strategy this year.

In general, the more specific and strategic you can get with your social media marketing plan, the more effective you’ll be in its implementation. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, there’s so much you can do in the way of marketing and creating new opportunities for yourself while adding tremendous value to your clients, customers and readers. Don’t make your social media marketing strategy so lofty and broad that it’s unattainable. Balance is key. Always keep your customers and audience in mind. A good business objective will guide your actions, but it will also be a measure by which you determine whether you’re succeeding or failing.

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