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USENET for the Political Season



If you like keeping up with politics, USENET is a great place to be. Some people love a debate and, coincidentally, a lot of those same people seem to love the USENET system. The USENET system has some distinct advantages compared to Internet forums that you might want to consider if you’re into politics and if you’re following the presidential elections in the US this year in particular.

More and Less Focused

Internet forums tend to attract people who either wholeheartedly agree or passionately disagree with the overall position of the forums. For example, if you were to hop on an Internet forum that had to do with the environment, you’d likely find a rather dysfunctional mix of true believers and trolls who are constantly snapping at each other’s ankles. The USENET tends to be different.

First, there are newsgroups that are much broader in their subject matter than are most Internet forums. For example, you can go to groups such as talk.politics and enjoy conversations that aren’t limited by a forum moderator’s preferences. If you don’t like that newsgroup, you could go to soc.politics and see what they have to offer. These groups offer a broader selection of topics and debates than your average forum.

If you want very focused conversation, you could to a newsgroup such as alt.politics.usa.constitution to express your views on the founding framework of the United States. You’ll find that-particularly in this newsgroup-people on the USENET system are good at staying on topic compared to what you’ll see in Internet forums. Someone’s not going to barge into a conversation about economic policy and post a picture of their cat, for instance, which is nice for people who like to their conversations a bit more focused and intellectual.

Rarified Audience

The USENET is very popular-it’s got over 100,000 active groups on it-but it’s not as broad in its usage as is the Internet. The USENET is also set up in a way that encourages people to find the information they want by making targeted decisions about the newsgroups that they join. This creates a situation where most of the people on the USENET are subscribed to newsgroups because they want to participate in them rather than just wanting to cause trouble.

If you’re a political junkie or just a bit more interested than the average individual, USENET politics newsgroups might offer you something you’ll truly enjoy.


Burton Blunt Review




Here is the Burton Blunt review; many people are asking for this as this board is popular among snowboarders.

Generally beginners love this deck as it is progressive and forgivable. Following is a Burton saying about the Blunt: “Tank armor construction with a art of pure Freestyle”.

Because of its affordable price, its solid construction, the Burton Blunt is perfect for beginners and intermediate Freestylers who ride mostly in the park.

Burton also states that you can drop from a 20-star handrail without problems!

This is a skate like snowboard which now offers a wider stance width to bring more stability to mid-wide feet and every Freestylers. Every professional snowboarders know that a wider waist width makes the difference when stomping landings and getting tech on rails.

The core of the Burton Blunt is the Fly Core which yields the board to carry enough pop while still being durable. Its negative core profile makes it more flexible in adequacy to park, rails and pipe riding. The Twin-like shape offers versatility and added pop taken from a directional shape plus a twin inspired tail and tip for switch riding and landing.

The Burton Blunt also features Biax React Fiberglass conducting the deck to have a low torsional flex and forgiving feel and thus making it perfect for taking new tricks to the next level.

Burton shipped this Blunt with a Lightspeed Vision base. This base is simple yet carrying strength and speed while easy to maintain for a smooth ride. As always Burton takes the graphics as a very important factor. The design is a detail of the perfection of any professional work.

Many Customers have made a Burton Blunt Review, they generally love the board. Few riders have cracked a bit the deck on tail and nose, they must have gone very bad with the deck! With the Blunt you can kill the park and not your cash flow but don’t ride in the street tracked by a truck though!

The Burton Blunt is definitively a great first board easy to learn on and spinning around with control. Light and strong at the same time, you will enjoy buttering with it!

With your Burton Blunt, you should have soft boots and the bindings which fit them. For instance go for the Burton Freestyle Snowboard boots which are copied by many snowboard brands.

If you buy or have already bought this deck, it would be great if you drop a short comment here.

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The Experts’ Guide to Animal Crossing: New Horizon




The eighth and the latest game of the animal crossing series Animal Crossing: New Horizon, or the term you might be more familiar with, ACNH is a video game originated by the Nintendo gaming association. The game starts with us being a human character in the game where the village animals act like normal humans and perform regular human activities like hunting, fishing, etc. There are many characters in the game which perform different functions to make the game more enjoyable. It was released in March 2020. The game has not established many missions for the players but lets them do various activities in the rural village like chatting with other village members, planting plants, meeting new people, discovering islands, etc. The game is also based on human time, and the gameplay works accordingly as well.


The latest game has improved much more than the previous one, and regular updates are also performed to make it entertaining to the players. The latest game is very realistic with amazing graphics and has added more details to the game than before. Now the plants are much more real, and the climate changes are also relevant and reasonable. The characters are also more detailed, and the villages’ items are also more natural, which makes the game more convincing. The game also added a nook phone which lets the player call other characters and take pictures with the camera. There are also many other apps in the nook phone to play with.


The players who have been playing ACNH for a while know what the uses of the ACNH bells are in the game and why they are so important, but many people have recently started playing ACNH game and are unaware of the fact that these bells in the game are used as currency for buying items from the shops, trading with other villagers for goods and items, etc.

Although there are many ways we can get these bells in the game, there are not many opportunities, and many people don’t want to waste their time collecting these bells in ways like shaking trees, both money and normal, selling items to the stores, etc. Players can also send these bells to others as gifts.

There are many animal crossing items, which we can either get from working in the village or buy them online. Buying Animal crossing items from online websites is much more desirable for most consumers as we don’t have to waste much time, and by spending a few extra bucks, we can get the animal crossing items and animal crossing bells we always wanted. Buying these items online is easier and less time-consuming as well making it the preferred choice. Animal crossing bells for sale are also available on several websites. The websites that provide us these Animal crossing items can help us stop wasting our time within the game to get the items by doing some chores. Also, the price is quite reasonable on some websites, and some also provide the sale of these goods, making them more advantageous.

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Mig Welding Techniques – Tips and Tricks For Uphill and Overhead Welding




With about 5 minutes of training, anyone can run a bead with a mig welder. Thats why its sometimes referred to as “monkey welding”… you know… “so easy a monkey can do it”. or “you can teach any monkey how to mig weld.” But when it comes to welding vertical uphill and overhead, no monkeys have been trained lately to make good overhead or uphill mig welds. Its hard enough to find humans that can weld uphill and overhead. But with the right voltage and wire feed settings, and just a few good mig welding techniques, you can be confident on your uphill and overhead welding.

There are lots of good mig welding techniques that work. Today I am only going to give you one. But it is the main one, and following it can really improve your welding a bunch. It’s a mig welding technique that works for practically anything. If you read closely, and apply what you read, your welding will improve by about 200 percent.

Some come on in and have a seat and see if you can pick up what I am laying down…

It’s so simple that you will wonder why it isn’t on a placard on every mig welder sold.

Here it is:

“Trace the front of the puddle.”

So what is so great about this mig welding technique? Think about it for a second. The front of the puddle is the business end. Its where things happen… its where penetration occurs. And since the leading edge is always advancing, if you trace it in a rhythmic fashion, your travel speed will be just what it needs to be and your ripples will be evenly spaced and you will get a good looking weld that is also penetrated like it needs to be.

  • Lets face it, you need both. You don’t want to be known as the guy who makes gorilla welds. You know , ugly, but strong.
  • You also do not want to be known as the guy who makes pretty welds that you can peel off with a can opener.
  • Tracing the puddle gives you pretty welds that are strong too.
  • For vertical uphill welds, tracing the puddle might look like an upside down V, or it could look like a rainbow, depending on the joint type.
  • For overhead welding, it might look like a series of backwards C’s. depending on the direction. No matter what position or what type of weld, it works.

So remember this tip…”Trace the front edge of the Puddle”.

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Beating Cherry Master Slot Machines – Beating Slot Machines Takes Knowledge But is Possible




Cherry master machines and fruit bonus machines are a line of back room slot machines that are usually played in back room locations. They are a version of a slot machine but not nearly as intricate as a casino style slot machine. To beat cherry masters is as easy as picking the right system for the right machine. Some cherry master machines are not beatable so make sure the machine you find is on the list. I had a friend that did this and can say that I did see this work in person. It was hard to believe but very real.

To figure out the type of cherry machine you are dealing with you need to follow these guidelines. Sit back and watch the screens the game goes through while it is not being played. Determine the company that makes the machine. When the game screen flashes you can see the name in the upper left corner. It is either a “Dyna” or a “Game”. These are two separate company’s and make most of all cherry masters.

Then watch as the different screens show. The title screen will show the name of the program and sometimes the maker. The game screen will show you what program it uses. You need to look at certain aspects of that screen to determine how to play that particular machine.Also, this screen will usually tell you how high the Cherry and Bell Bonus go. You can usually tell whether or not the cherries go to 12, 9, 6 or 3, and also whether the bells go 7, 3 or 2. The best ones to beat are the ones that cherry’s go to 3 and bells go to 2.These will take less time to play and less money to beat.

Now start playing as follow:

Bet one credit and press start. If you do not win, repeat. You want to repeat this until you spin 5 straight times without winning. Once this happens, change your bet to 8 credits and press start. You are looking to see if the program lines up any 3 in a row. It could be organs, plums, and bars, cherries, or bells. It could also give you two 7’s any where on the screen. If it gives you any of the winners listed, then the program is beatable. You can now play out the system. But if it fails to do this by giving you a winner of some other type, like one cherry, or lined up two cherries, then you will repeat the system continually until either you have gotten a true winner (lined something up) or until you are reasonably certain that you won’t. You may want to play off 4 or 5 dollars worth of credits. If it doesn’t give you a true winner and you think that it has a burnt chip, then DO NOT play this machine. It probably has a fail safe added.

To beat cherry masters simply memorize the details and be patient. We will be writing a very interesting article soon on beating slot machines in casinos. These beatable versions were more abundant back in the late 90’s, but can still be found at over 70% of casinos.

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10 Tips for Opening Your Own Dance or Ballet Studio




As the owner of a brand new dance school, the process of putting together all the required equipment for dance and ballet studios is still very fresh in my mind. The following is a list of what is needed in each dance studio:

1) Marley or other vinyl floor covering. This is the preferred dance surface for ballet, modern/jazz, and tap instruction. There are several manufacturers of vinyl dance flooring products. Most come in 5-6′ wide rolls in lengths up to about 100′. Marley is usually rolled onto a hardwood floor and “floats” on the floor without any adhesive other than special vinyl tape used on seams and edges. Since the marley is not permanently affixed to the floor, it can be rolled up if needed for a performance in another venue. One important thing to note is that rosin cannot be used by ballet dancers on marley – the rosin damages the vinyl surface and is very difficult to remove.

2) Sound system for CDs and/or Bluetooth connection to a iPhone/Android device. It is essential to have a sound system with a remote control so the instructor can easily repeat sections of music as needed.

3) Barres, either wall mounted or standalone. Please refer to the section on barre construction below for more detailed information.

4) Wall Mirrors. Mirrors should be mounted on at least one wall (preferably two adjoining walls). They should start as close to the floor as possible, but even young dancers can see their feet from anywhere in the studio as long as the bottom of the mirror is lower than about 15 inches from the floor. The top of mirrors should be 6′ minimum from the floor.

5) A small table for instructor’s notebook or other instructional materials can also be used for the sound system.

6) Large wall clock. Dancers and instructors need to know class start and end times.

Ballet Barres – Build or Buy?

One of the most important pieces of equipment in a ballet school is the barre. There are many commercially available ballet barres, but in the end we decided to make our own barres for the following reasons:

7) Commercially available barres are expensive. Typically, a professional grade 12′ barre costs between $400-$1000 for a free-standing model, and between $300-$600 for a wall mounted version.

8) Our experience with commercially available free standing barres is that even the highest quality models eventually have failures at the connection points.

9) We wanted barres that were absolutely rock solid and would last for many years. We believe that most commercial free-standing barres are too lightweight and “flimsy”.

10) We wanted a barre system that was flexible enough to meet the needs of our school’s schedule of ballet classes for many age ranges as well as modern, jazz, and tap classes.

In order to give our school the maximum flexibility in our class schedule, we decided to build two free standing 12 foot barres for each of our two dance studios. We chose free standing barres so we could (1) have dancers on both sides of the barre and (2) orient the barres as either a single 24′ span or two parallel 12′ spans. Since (unlike commercial barres) we have no need to dismantle the barres for shipping, we decided to eliminate joints (and hence the possibility of joint failures) by using steel tubes and welding the joints.

The exact specifications of the barres are as follows:

– Tubing material is schedule 40 1 ½ inch steel black pipe. This pipe has an outside diameter of 1.9″. The use of 1.9″ diameter tubing (a) makes welds much stronger and (b) is very comfortable to grip

– The top of the barre is 12′ long and is 42″ above the floor.

– The legs of the barre are an inverted “T” with the “feet” (i.e. the part of the leg that lays flat on the floor) being 2′ long.

– The top of the barre overhangs the legs by 18″ on either side. This allows for easy moving of the barre.

– We decided to have a lower barre welded between the legs at a height of 32″ for our younger dancers.

Schedule 40 pipe is available at most steel suppliers (search “steel pipe cityname”). The pipe comes in 21′ lengths, and the steel vendor will usually make one cut per pipe at no additional cost. I had the pipes cut into 12′ and 9′ lengths to minimize waste.

Our welder had no trouble fabricating the barres. Included in the fabrication was thorough de-burring of all exposed ends. The result is a smooth, rounded edge that does not require any type of end cap.

After our welder completed the barres I purchased rubber feet (1.5″ diameter and 1″ thick) and bolted them to the ends of the “feet” of the barre. This has worked extremely well in eliminating damage to the marley in our studios.

To finish the barres, I first sanded the surfaces with 180 grit sandpaper to smooth out the horizontal gripping surfaces and prep for painting. I then sprayed with textured black paint. Three coats resulted in a beautiful finish that resembles powder coating at a fraction of the price.

Dancer response to the barres has been uniformly excellent. Though heavy (they weigh about 60 lbs each) two young dancers have no trouble moving them into the center and back up against the walls when needed. We have had no issues with the fixed heights of the barres.

Total cost for 4 barres was about $450 in materials and $400 for welding services, for a total cost of $850, or $212 per barre.

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How to Choose the Right Longboard – Know Your Riding Style and Shape




Choosing the right longboard can be confusing. There are so many different styles, sizes and shapes available and as a beginner it can look overwhelming. Even when you are an intermediate or experienced rider there are many things to choose from.

To make things easy, start with understanding your preferred riding style and the most common shapes. That way you can choose which board you need. The better you understand the styles and the shapes, the simpler it is to choose the right longboard.

What is your longboard riding style?

Cruising and Carving [Beginner]

  • Used for a fun form general-all purpose way of transportation. It is a board that can take wide turns so you feel like you are surfing on concrete. It will get you from A to B and has gentle rides.

Freestyle [All levels]

  • This is one of the oldest styles, original used in skateboarding. Freestyle riding involves many technical tricks on a flat surface. It is all about creativity: dancing, goofy riding, sliding, board-tricks, and regular riding. This style is fine for beginners as well as advanced longboarders.

Free ride [Intermediate]

  • This is for performing maneuvers downhill – for example quick sliding in various speeds and technical tricks in quick succession with one another.

Downhill [Advanced]

  • Speed, speed, speed! This style is used to ride down the hill as fast as you can. Bombing the hills and going fast while maintaining control. You are using a crouch position to get more speed. If you are a beginner it is best to take it slow with this style until you gained some more experience.

Which longboard shape should you get?

Based on the style you choose above, you can now look at the shapes. There are 2 general longboard shapes that all designs fall into. Both shapes are for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders.

Directional: these boards are meant to go into one direction: forward. The most popular one is the pintail.

Symmetrical: these boards look the same no matter how you facing it. The back looks the same as the front. These boards are commonly used in free-riding and freestyle.

Boards come in different deck styles for every riding style. Here are the top 3 common deck styles:

  • Cruiser – the board is flat and these are the most popular ones.
  • Drop down – the board is “drops down” between the wheels and is very low to the ground, which makes it very stable – great for cruising and free ride activities.
  • Drop through – the trucks are mounted through the board, which lowers the deck – for long-distance riding, free ride and downhill.

Both directional and symmetrical boards come in these 3 deck styles.As you see, there is some overlap between the shapes and the riding styles. In the end it’s your personal choice which one you like best. Many shapes are right.

If possible try a few longboards before buying, so you know which one suits you best. What is the best board for your friend doesn’t have to be the best board for you.

Go shred it and have fun!

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3 Quick and Easy Ways to Make $1000 a Week Online (Without Spending a Dime on Traffic)




Who else wants to learn how to make real money online? Are you sick and tired of being lied to? Of being deceived, duped and disappointed? If you are like most of the people who enjoy our articles about EASY online wealth creation, the simple truth is that you are just FED UP.

But…I want you to do me a favor.

  1. Imagine being able to generate a veritable AVALANCHE of traffic to any site, service or offer…and NOT having to pay a dime to do it.
  2. Imagine having your PICK of highly qualified, fresh leads that are already interested in your offer…BEFORE they arrive at your site.
  3. Imagine being able to build a BOOMING business on the broad back of FREE traffic……without ever relying on shady tricks or techniques that will NEVER work (nor make you feel good inside even if they did)

The truth is, I’ve mastered a very specific traffic generation strategy that I call content marketing…and the very best part is just about ANYONE reading this right now can do what I’m about to lay out for you.

Why should you believe me? I’ve written over 5,000 (yes thousand..:-) pieces of unique content that have generated MILLIONS of readers, tens of thousands of subscribers in many different niches and an empire of blogs, web sites and affiliate product promotions that you can COPY…simply using the 3 simple techniques below.

Ready? Here are my top 3 ways to generate a 4 figure WEEKLY income using nothing but free traffic derived ENTIRELY from content marketing methods. And remember, you ONLY need to make about $150 a day to get to that number, which may FEEL like a lot right now, but it’s not…and you CAN do it if you follow through.

1 – Root Level Redirection: Pick ONE high EPC product (I like an EPC of 80 or above if you are using one of the main affiliate networks like CJ) and simply install a root level re-direction that forwards the visitor from YOUR offsite content directly to the vendors landing page, with your cookie.

This works very, very well for a whole hodge podge of different products…and “free trial” offers can often convert at 3 or 4% using this approach. (and usually pay out 35 dollars PLUS per sign up…which adds up hyper fast)

2 – One page review sites: I love this approach, and this WILL convert better than the root level re-direction above…PLUS you get the added benefit of search engine optimization and natural traffic from natural search as well. (rather than just from the content directories themselves…which is pretty much where you’re going to be limited in our first example)

The key? Simply expand your product selection to 3 products, rather than one! Very easy…and while the actual click through rates are going to be less….you will probably make MORE money using this approach for sure.

3 – Relationship Marketing: Build a list. Build rapport…and relationships. And then sell your OWN suite of services. Become a coach. Or consultant. Personal services is the absolute BEST way to make a fortune online that endures in value…and won’t disappear if the products you’re promoting come down. (as CAN happen in our first two examples, and can also be a pain in the rear end AND your bank account when it does)


You can make 3, 4 or even 500 dollars a day as a coach, often taking whatever you are MOST personally passionate about into perpetual piles of profit…AND making it happen in a hurry!

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How to Ollie Fast – How to Ollie in Two Weeks or Less




The ollie is one of the easiest skateboarding tricks, yet one of the most important. Learning how to do an ollie can seem like a challenging task to beginner skateboarders, but if set and follow a two week action plan, you’re guaranteed to learn how to ollie in no time!

I strongly recommend that you practice from half an hour to an hour a day if you want to learn how to ollie as quick as you can. I suggest you practice on weekdays and take a break or just go skate around on the weekends.

Before you start, you must know what the ollie looks like. I suggest you watch some “how to ollie” videos on the internet so you know how they should look and the basic steps.

Days 1-2

For the first two days, you’ll want to practice getting the foot position down. Footing is key in learning how to ollie!

You want to place your front foot a little ahead of the board, and your back foot on the tail of the skateboard, with the ball of your back foot in the center of the tail. For the first two days, just practice this foot position and make sure you’re comfortable.

Days 3-5

For the rest of the week, I recommend you practice the general motion of the ollie. One of the most helpful ways to learn how to ollie is to visualize the trick in your mind first.

Stand over the board, in the ollie position. See yourself:

1. Popping the tail by slamming your back foot down hard on the tail

2. Jumping up

3. Dragging your front foot up towards the front of the board and

4. Leveling the board out and landing on the skateboard bolts

The key in learning how to do an ollie is being able to put those three things together.

After you visualized the ollie, it’s time to stand on the board and try it out. Remember to slam, jump, and drag.

Days 8-14

For the second week, you should continue practicing your ollies. By now, you should know exactly how to do an ollie, but probably have trouble actually getting the skateboard up. If you’re having a little bit of trouble, try out these tips:

– Do not bend too far down, because this can throw off your balance. Just give a slight squat.

– Suck up your legs after you pop to help get the board in the air

– Stay centered over your board as you pop and aim to land over the bolts

The only way to overcome this is practice and persistence. You have to experiment with the timing of the trick until you find something that works for you. It took me more than a month before I learned how to ollie.

Congratulate yourself when you finally learn how to ollie. You can now take them to new places, such as onto curbs, off of ledges and over obstacles!

Good luck learning how to ollie!

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Parrot Tricks – Why Peek-A-Boo Should Be Your Parrot’s First Trick




The first thing owners should know about their birds when teaching them parrot tricks is that it’s an immensely fun activity for both parties. A lot of people that have no experience in this and do it for the first time are surprised how enjoyable it is. In fact, teaching tricks to parrots is actually a part of proper parrot care because by nature these birds are social animals and love getting attention from their owners.

It should be noted however that it is very important to determine whether your parrot is tame first before trying to teach it tricks. You won’t get anywhere if your parrot hasn’t been trained to obey and acts violently at your training attempts.

A good first trick to train parrots is one that doesn’t require you to take him outside of his cage. This will prevent any injury to you and your precious bird if he’s not accustomed to being let out yet.

The game of peek-a-boo is one of the most amusing parrot tricks you can teach your adorable pet. Putting a towel (slowly and carefully) over a portion of his cage and going away from his line of sight will yield amusing results. Soon your parrot will peek out of the covered portion and when he does this, say “peek-a-boo!” and repeat the process. Your parrot will love this game because they naturally hide behind things like leaves and branches in the wild so it is part of their nature to peek out from behind objects. You can also try this by alternate covering the parrot cage with covering your head and exposing your face while saying “Peek-a-boo!”

Proper parrot care involves training your parrot to prevent him from injuries. If you plan to let him out of his cage at times and have no plan to clip his wings, window training is extremely important. Taking Polly out of his cage regularly and tapping his beak on the glass of all the windows will train him to be aware that flying through windows can be deadly.

Owning a parrot without training it how to talk would be ridiculous. Speech training is an inherent part of the wide array of parrot tricks you can teach your pet. Remember two things in teaching a parrot how to talk – repetition and consistency. Say the words clearly and louder than normal and do it constantly each day until he learns it. Only then can you teach him another word.

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Things to Know About a Smart Watch




Smart watches are the new in thing today. They do a lot more than just displaying the time. They can have different applications and can do a number of useful things like alert you when your phone rings. Even though they have separate operating systems and processors, smart watches are mainly meant as an accessory to smart phones, like the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. Samsung indeed was one of the first companies to bring this wearable electronic device into our lives, and on our skin!

Do you know all the features?

Some of these watches that have been recently launched can do a plethora of interesting things. They can take pictures, give you driving directions and a lot more. perhaps the most useful application of a smart watch is reading emails and texts from your wrist. These devices connect to your tab or smart phone through bluetooth and access the applications therein. What’s more, they are easy to use and has a number of apps too. If you are lucky, you might even get one of these wearable devices that actually sports a cool camera. Some of these smart watches today actually sport a 5 MP camera that can help you take pictures in a much easier way.

Let’s be truthful, how useful are smart watches?

You might ask yourself the question as to why do you really need these watches. After all, you have your own smart phone. What’s more, your smart phone can do all the things that your smart watch can do, right? Well, think of it this way. Your camera can take better pictures than your smart phone. Yet, you do use your smart phone, don’t you? It is all about convenience and how much easier it is to handle these smart watches. You just wear them and forget about them. What’s more, with the good battery life they come with today, you surely can do a lot more with them than you can do with your smart phone.

Keeping record on your activities

Another application of these watches is keeping a record of your activities. For example, after the completion of a workout, data can be uploaded onto a computer or sent online to create a log of exercise activities for analysis.

Google has introduced its own Android operating system for smart watches. The operating system is designed to offer a smart phone like experience right in the wearable device. That’s not all. You can also run several Google-specific apps, including but not limited to Google Maps and Hangouts. Imagine chatting from your smart watch or looking at the map. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

If Google persists on its path, the wearable device scenario will be a lot different after Google Glass is launched. Google Glass is not a smart watch though and is a wearable device. Even so, there are no scarcity of choices with many companies running to capture the novel market. Apple is stated to be coming out with its own iWatch soon which will be another milestone.

Be sure to choose wisely

However, not all wearable devices are amazing. These watches are unusually large in size, for starters. Secondly, the prices are too extravagant. The Samsung Galaxy Gear costs as much as the tablet itself. Thirdly, insufficient battery life is an ongoing problem. The more the number of applications the lesser will be the battery life of the smart watch.

This is why you may think you don’t need them. They are a luxury, and a pricey one. However, they are definitely a prized possession for a tech savvy person and a novel thing indeed!

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