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Shiba Inu Bullish Flag Breakout – Will SHIB Price Kill A Zero to Hit $0.00001115?



Shiba Inu Bullish Flag Breakout - Will SHIB Price Kill A Zero to Hit $0.00001115?

Popular cryptocurrencies weakened sharply over the past 24 hours due to a sudden spike in volatility. The majority of the altcoins crashed due to the overall weakness in the cryptocurrency market. As a result of the ongoing marketwide dump, BTC’s 24-hour losses lay in excess of the 5% mark.

Among the top Altcoin, Ethereum has lost 6.1%. Meanwhile, Cardano Price is one of the worst performers with an 8% loss. Meme Coins After being trapped inside a tight trading range for several days gradually declined in price. DOGE Price has plunged 9% trading at $0.2174, SHIB Price dropped by 2% trading at $0.000007503. 

Recently, Shiba Inu got listed on coinbase pro, and as a result, SHIB price surged more than 30 % in one day. Since the May crash, this was the highest single-day growth. With an extended rally, the token rose more than 55% from September 13th to 17th. However, the meme token failed to sustain the rally and retraced 17% since then the price is consolidating within the $0.00000963 level. 

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Shiba Inu Price Analysis 

At Press time the Dogekiller dropped by 2% trading at $0.000007503. SHIB made a false breakout of the resistance at $0.00000793 it seems that sideways trading is relevant. The immediate support lies at  $0.0000062, in case the SHIB Price drops below this level we can expect an extended bearish trend. 

Now, SHIB is currently consolidating between two crucial barriers, anticipating a volatile move.

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Will SHIB Price Reach $0.00001115 ? 

The meme token is currently consolidating between the $0.00000768 and $0.00000835 levels as the buying pressure is in the same league as selling pressure. Thus, we may expect the SHIB price to rally and test the major resistance level at $0.00000963. On a successful breakout, an extended uptrend can take the token price to $0.0000101 which is quite unlikely looking at the current market sentiments. 

On the flip side, if the SHIB price fails to hold $0.00000768 support, the price may drop near the $0.00000654 support level with a more than 15% plunge. However, the extended bearish trend can take the price down to the $0.00000549 level. 

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Top 6 Altcoins Traders Should Bet This Bull Season



  • The price of ETH has dropped by nearly 2% to $4,112.
  • Bitcoin has lost over $5,000 in a single day.
  • Cardano prices have dropped roughly 3 per cent to $2.16.

Two days after the launch of the first bitcoin futures marketplace fund in the United States. Bitcoin fell from its all-time high, causing cryptocurrency values to collapse, which has continued into today. Bitcoin has lost nearly $5,000 in one day, whilst Solana has gained approximately 10% since the previous trading day.

It is now trading for $4,112 per token, a decrease of approximately 2 percent. Compared to the previous day, Cardano prices have dropped roughly 3 percent to $2.16, while dogecoin values have dropped 3 percent to $0.24.

Although Bitcoin (BTC) has just reached new highs and has experienced other swings. Crypto analyst and trader Michal van de Poppe is optimistic about the future of various alternative currencies (altcoins).

He explains his most recent analysis on Chainlink’s native assets in a new strategy session, which marks the beginning of the new planning session for the prominent trader (LINK).

At this point, I believe that Chain Link will still be in the field of concern if interested in taking a strategy on this one.” The way I see it, everything is perfectly OK; it’s just waiting for the right moment to explode.“

Traders’ attention now turns to the Curve DAO Token (CRV), the asset that drives the automatic market maker protocols of the same name.

The currency, he predicts, will move sideways in the short future before making a significant breakout.

In his opinion, the Curve has been witnessing a nice retest, a lovely structure in which we will most likely see continuing toward opposition here, before some minor comprehensive and multidimensional phases into the area here. Then we will break out at some point later on.

Next, Van de Poppe examines the Skale (SKL) decentralized internet protocol suite (DApp), a decentralized application (DApp) protocol that intendss to aid developers in avoiding Ethereum congestion issues.

The SKL, according to him, will begin to rise by the end of the month next.

In the following section, Van de Poppe examines the charts for The Graph, a decentralized Blockchain Indexing Service (DBIS).

THORchain (RUNE), a decentralized cross-chain liquidity protocol expected to post a higher bottom. Signaling that yet another upwards surge is in the works, according to the cryptocurrency researcher.

Especially in the case of supply network VeChain (VET), van de Poppe says he’s sticking to his prognosis from early October, anticipating that the coin will go below at least 0.00000149 BTC  before a long-term rally can begin.

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