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RIP: LaBelle Co-Founder Sarah Dash Dead at 76



RIP: LaBelle Co-Founder Sarah Dash Dead at 76

Derrick Salters/

LaBelle co-founder, singer and actress Sarah Dash has died at age 76. No cause of death was disclosed.

Dash’s death was confirmed by Trenton, NJ Mayor Reed Gusciora in a Facebook post late Monday.

“Our resident legend and Trenton’s very first music ambassador, Sarah Dash, has passed away.”

The Trenton, NJ native was best known as co-founder of Patti LaBelle & The Bluebelles, which was later renamed to simply LaBelle in the 1970s.

Dash was born the seventh of 13 children to her pastor father and nurse mother.

She originally sang gospel but later sang R&B music when she moved to Philadelphia in the mid-1960s and met singers Nona Hendryx, Patricia “Patsy” Holte (Patti LaBelle) and Sundray Tucker.

The girls formed “The Ordettes” in 1961. In 1967, member Cindy Birdsong, who replaced original Blubelles member Sundray Tucker, left the group to join The Supremes.

1632229461 791 RIP LaBelle Co Founder Sarah Dash Dead at 76

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Dash, right, helped to transition the doo-wop R&B group into pop/rock/R&B group LaBelle that tackled controversial and sexually outspoken subjects. LaBelle opened for the Rolling Stones on tour.

Under Dash’s direction the group ditched their bouffant wigs and glittery costumes for afros and jeans.

The group’s biggest hit, “Lady Marmalade,” was released in 1974 and went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

“Lady Marmalade,” with its sexually suggestive French chorus of “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” (“Do you want to sleep with me?”) made the group a household name.

“Lady Marmalade” held the number-one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for one week, and was ranked number 479 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of The 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

1632229461 549 RIP LaBelle Co Founder Sarah Dash Dead at 76


In 1978, Dash, center (with Nona, left, and Patti, right), released her self-titled debut album, which included the top-ten disco hit, “Sinner Man.”

After working with The Rolling Stones, Dash also performed in The BeatlesSgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1978.

She went on to release solo albums and reunited with Nona Hendryx and Patti LaBelle in 1995 to record new music.

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Tom Cruise Makes Rare Appearance With Son Connor, 26, At Baseball Game — Photos



Tom Cruise Makes Rare Appearance With Son Connor, 26, At Baseball Game — Photos

It was a father/son day out for Tom and Connor Cruise as they attended a baseball playoff game together on Oct. 9.  Tom was interactive with the crowd around him as he spent some time with his only son.

Tom Cruise attended the San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers game in San Francisco on Oct. 9, and he was joined by his son, Connor Cruise, 26, for the ball game. It’s extremely rare for Tom to be photographed out with any of his kids, so this was quite an unusual sighting. The action star was all smiles as he sat beside his adopted son and took in the game, while also taking the time to chat with fans who were seated around him.

Tom Cruise attends an MLB playoff game with his son, Connor. (Jeff Chiu/AP/Shutterstock)

Video from the stands show Tom taking selfies with fans and shaking hands with a big smile on his face. Connor was seated to his right and seemed unbothered by all the attention that his famous father was getting. The men were just a few rows back from the field, so they had great seats to watch as the Dodgers dominated the Giants in a 9-2 victory.

tom connor cruise
Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise attend the Dodgers/Giants game on Oct. 9, 2021. (Jeff Chiu/AP/Shutterstock)

Tom adopted Connor with his then-wife, Nicole Kidman, in the mid 90s. The two also have an adopted daughter, Isabella Cruise, who is 28. Tom and Nicole divorced in 2001, and for the most part, Isabella and Connor have enjoyed a life out of the spotlight. Like their father, Bella and Connor are both Scientologists.

Despite living a more low-key lifestyle than his parents, Connor boasts more than 30,000 followers on Instagram, where he publicly gives updates on his life once in a while. Quite often, Connor shows off his love for fishing, revealing his catches while hanging out on boats with his friends. He also has a food-based Instagram account called Connor’s Meat Shack, where he posts photos brisket, burgers, chicken and more.

In addition to Connor and Isabella, Tom also shares a daughter, Suri Cruise, 15, with ex-wife, Katie Holmes. Meanwhile, Nicole has two daughters, with her now-husband, Keith Urban — Sunday Urban is 13, while Faith Urban is 10.

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‘Heels’ Star Kelli Berglund Reveals Season 2 Hopes After Crystal’s Win: She’s ‘Freaking Out’



Kelli Berglund

There’s a new DWL champion in town! The final moments of the ‘Heels’ season finale saw Crystal on top. HL spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Kelli Berglund, who broke down Crystal’s triumphant moment and more.

Crystal took charge and ended up as the new DWL champion in the Heels season finale. With Jack and Ace on the ground after a brutal fight in the ring, Crystal climbed the ladder and snatched that championship belt. Considering she started out as just a valet, this is an incredible achievement for Crystal.

So where does Crystal go from here? Kelli Berglund told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that Crystal’s likely “freaking out” a little bit. She admitted that Crystal’s win will be an “adjustment” for everyone in season 2, and she also wants to learn more about Crystal’s troubled family. Read our Q&A below:

Kelli Berglund as Crystal on ‘Heels.’ (STARZ)

Crystal’s the new champion! What was your reaction when you read that in the script? I feel like at the beginning of the season, Crystal was probably the last person we would have expected to be on top.
Kelli Berglund: I love it for that reason. We’ve been rooting for Crystal this entire time and we want to see her win, but I don’t think we ever expected her to be the one climbing the ladder, which is why it’s such a shock. It was such a shock to me when I read it. It made me cry. It was exciting. It felt like a full-circle moment for her. Even now, every time that I watch the episode it still gets me. I still cry because on the day when we filmed it, I was crying as I was walking up there, climbing up that ladder, and snatching the belt. It was a very overwhelming, emotional thing for Crystal and for Kelli, so it was by far one of my favorite things that I filmed this season.

Where do you think she goes from here?
Kelli Berglund: It’s really interesting, I’ve thought about this a lot. I think part of Crystal is panicking because she totally just stumbled into the spotlight. She wanted her moment, but I’m not sure she wanted it to happen in front of thousands of people accidentally. She did the right thing by saving this match because it would have been a disaster for them if somebody didn’t step in when they were beating each other up and ruining the end of the match, but I think that she knows she’s been in this place for so long and looked at a certain way and wants to be acknowledged, but this is just taking a huge leap into something else. So I think just as a human, she’s freaking out a little bit. What does this mean? By technical terms, snatching the bell means that she is now the champion. So does that mean they have to form a women’s league for her to be able to wrestle? Could she wrestle the guys? I’m not sure what it means. I think it puts her in a position of leadership, which I think is really cool, and probably a position of equal respect with some of the others here like Jack Willie, maybe Ace. Ace just might be pissed off he didn’t get the bell. But it is kind of a question mark, and it’s going to be an adjustment for every single person at the dome going into a season 2.

We’ve seen over the course of the season how Ace can’t really handle not being the center of attention, not being the face. We see him walk out at the very end of the match. Do you think he could ever be truly happy for Crystal?
Kelli Berglund: I’m not sure. I think he can, and I like that we see a friendship and this kind of broken relationship seems like it’s on its way to being mended before they ever go out. When she shows up as Bunny Bombshell, he’s all about it. Before they go out, they do that little fist bump like they’re in this together and want to be cool and want to be on good terms. But I think mainly he is just so angry with his brother at this point. I think Crystal’s just involved by association. It’s not really her fault, but especially coming from this high of he thinks everything’s all good to then finding out what Jack did to him, that just sends him into a spiral. That’s why he starts beating him up for real. He’s just fed up. He was so excited to get the belt, so I’m sure a part of him is really upset. If I had to guess, and this is more of an Alexander question, I think his emotions and his anger, and his frustrations really lie with his brother at this point.

Kelli Berglund
Kelli Berglund and Alexander Ludwig on ‘Heels.’ (STARZ)

Obviously, it’s a little bit more complicated because they are brothers, but is there a part of Crystal, who may be scared to trust Jack?
Kelli Berglund: I think so. I think there’s a lot of heavy trauma and toxicity between the two of them just because of what they’ve dealt with with their father. That’s weighing on both of them heavily. Jack feels like there’s a lot of pressure on him to keep the dome running and make sure Ace is okay because Ace is just kind of off the rails all the time. But I think in the past, Crystal has known that these people are human and they’re dealing with their emotions and that’s why she hasn’t really said anything. She’s been kind of in the background because she is happy to be here. She doesn’t want to make anyone upset, but she also knows her place and wants basic respect, which is why I think sometimes she challenges it because she wants to see how much she can get away with, which doesn’t seem like a lot ever. But we see a nice little bond starting to form between Jack and Crystal throughout all these episodes where it’s like, okay, maybe we are on the path of you can see me as an equal, you can acknowledge my ideas are smart and that I know what I’m talking about. So I think that will definitely be expanded. I mean, there is no reason to look at Crystal and think that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about because she’s proven herself so many times. I think she just respects them as people and that they’re dealing with a lot, but there comes a point where you can deal with this trauma and this heaviness on your own, and then it starts affecting the people around you in a really, really negative way. I think we’ve seen that with these two brothers in the way they treat each other, the way they treat Crystal, and the way they treat other people and their business. I think Crystal’s not going to be as afraid in season 2. I think she’s going to stand up for herself a little more.

Wild Bill and Crystal became the most unlikely duo. How did you react when you saw Wild Bill was going to actually sh*t his pants? 
Kelli Berglund: I do love this weird little Crystal-Wild Bill thing. I think he sees a lot in her, which she does really appreciate, even though he is such a shit show. He’s somebody acknowledging that she has talent, and I think at first he was just doing it to piss off Ace and Jack and try to get under their skin because that’s just what he does. But there’s that moment in episode 5 where none of those guys are around and we’re at the autograph signing and these kids ask for a picture with Bill. He’s like, “No, Crystal’s going to get in this, too. She’s gonna be a star.” And then he has that whole dialogue with her before she decides to go off-script. He was probably tried to stir sh*t up, but that ignited something in her. It’s weird, honest, playful, insane when the two of them are together. I don’t think she has any problem standing up to Bill, which I think is very funny. But she’ll put up with this just for the sake of being a part of this community, so at least he opens the door for her. In ways, he protects her and wants to showcase her. I think when he does actually sh*t his pants, she’s like, okay, we’re not going to make a big deal out of this. It’s going to be fine. I’m saving you guys. Bill won’t be in there. We’re trying to help each other. That’s what I guess she signed up for being his valet, even though part of her hates it. She’s like, you know what? I’m going to be Bunny Bombshell. It’s going to be great. I’m going to support my wrestler. That’s what valets do, and then it just gets crazy.

Where would you like to see that dynamic go? I feel like it’s almost a father-daughter-type relationship. 
Kelli Berglund: It does almost feel that way, especially because we don’t know Crystal’s backstory. We don’t really know where her family lives. I think it’s pretty clear that her parents aren’t very present in her life. We have a lot of crazy characters in this town and in this show. I think he could be a real catalyst for some success for Crystal now that she has the belt. We’re not quite sure what that means. Is crystal ready for all this success? Does she want to go on to a larger league and be on TV. Maybe Bill can help with that. That glimmer of acknowledgment and knowing that she has talent really means a lot to her, which is I think it affected her so heavily for her to go off-script. That’s the first time she heard anything like that besides from Bobby and her friends. To get her that excited about herself, and she rightfully deserves to feel excited about herself, it’s probably very overwhelming for her because she’s been stuck in this position of just being in the background and being a valet. Maybe this will drive her to make some poor choices after getting her so worked up. Maybe she’ll act on impulse potentially because Bill’s not the best influence. I will say that we feel for Bill in some of these episodes. He is a human, he does have emotion, and I think maybe this fatherly thing is brought out because of Crystal. They bring out good things in each other.

Do you have any other hopes for season 2? I would love to know more about Crystal’s backstory.
Kelli Berglund: That is honestly number one on my list. I’ve written some of these things down just to talk with our producers about, just potential ideas. Number one, and I think this is the case with a lot of characters on the show. I want to know how they got here. I want to know their backstory I think it’d be really interesting to do a deep dive on Crystal. Just in the way that I have pieced it together in my head, without knowing too many details because I just didn’t, I think she probably comes from a broken family. Maybe her parents dealt with alcohol. She talks about it with Jack in the car how her mom’s drinking gin all the time, so I’m sure that was problematic between her and her family. She probably has to step up and be the adult and contain her emotions and get herself through life, which is why she’s so contained in season 1 and we see her have a grip on her emotions most of the time. I think that probably comes from that. I want to know when she got into wrestling, why she got into wrestling. Is this something she was watching on TV? She said she’s been going to the dome since she was little. But why did she start doing that? Also, I would love for her and Willie to be this female power duo. I feel like we’ve seen Crystal in a very female versus female situation, like her versus Trisha, her versus Willie in some way more towards the beginning of the season. We haven’t seen her really establish a friendship with another female, so whether that’s Willie, whether that’s a new girl that comes into the dome to be a female wrestler, that’s one thing I would love to have in Crystal’s way and see how she handles it.

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Mark Hampton: 5 Things About Christina Ricci’s New Husband Who She’s Expecting A Baby With




Congratulations are in order for actress Christina Ricci and her new husband Mark Hampton, who officially tied the knot! Here’s 5 things to know about him.

Christina Ricci has not only found love with hair stylist Mark Hampton, but the pair are now officially married and expecting a baby! The actress, who had a highly publicized, tumultuous split from ex James Heerdegen, looked happier than ever in new snaps which were taken on their wedding day. But who is her new beau? Read on for everything you need to know about Mark Hampton!

He & Christina Are Officially Married

Mark and Christina officially said their ‘I do’s in October 2021. They made the exciting announcement just two months after they revealed she was pregnant with their first child together. “Mr. and Mrs.,” Christina captioned the first photo of them from their wedding. The couple posed for selfies underneath an arch of roses. Mark kept it casual in a button-down shirt without a tie, while Christina opted for a collared top. She accessorized with delicate drop earrings and a sleek low ponytail. She went on to caption the second post, “Also Mr. and Mrs.” Too sweet!

The Couple Are Also Expecting A Baby

As fans would know, the announcement that Christina officially walked down the aisle came just two months after she revealed similarly happy news: she’s going to be a mom of two! “Life keeps getting better,” she captioned the snaps. Later in the month, she opened up to fans at Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. about the side effects of her pregnancy. “I feel good. I have really terrible acid reflux right now. My ankles are the size of my neck. But other than that, I’ve been pretty good,” she said. “I”m still doing lots of stuff. I run every day. The actress has also shared a snap of her growing baby bump. She took to her Instagram Story to share a rare pic of her bare belly while rocking a black Calvin Klein bra and grey lace underwear back in August.

Mark Is A Hair Stylist

He is a London-based hair stylist, who has been in the industry for over a decade. According to his Instagram page, which highlights his professional work, Mark has done several different styles including braids and sleek ponytails while working for brands like Hugo Boss and Banana Republic.

He Has Worked With Other A-Listers

Although it’s not known how he and Christina initially met, it seems Mark rubs shoulders with a slew of A-listers, having previously worked with the likes of singer Grimes and actress Carey Mulligan.

Mark Will Become A Step Dad

Although this is the couple’s first child together, Christina does share a seven-year-old son Freddie with estranged ex James Heerdegen. She told PEOPLE in 2016 that “having a child changed everything” for her. “It’s made everything in my life actually important and matter. I now have to take things seriously, and I never did before,” she said, adding, “I want to succeed for him. My choices matter more.”

Christina wed her film producer beau in an intimate ceremony back in 2013, but filed for divorce after seven years of marriage. The Casper star met James in 2011 when they were both working on the set of short-lived drama series Pan Am. They began dating the following year, and tied the knot on October 26, 2013. Christina cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce when she filed documents at the L.A. County Superior Court on July 2.

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Kris Jenner Bundles Up In A Red Coat After Kim’s ‘SNL’ Debut With Khloe & Corey Gamble – Photos



Kris Jenner

Fresh off their unforgettable ‘SNL’ cameos, mother-daughter duo Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian were spotted leaving NYC on the morning of Oct. 10.

Kris Jenner, 65, looked fabulous in a bright red coat as she left her New York City hotel! The self-proclaimed momager hilariously held onto a mug of coffee as she stepped outside on the morning of Sunday, Oct. 10 alongside her daughter Khloe Kardashian, 37, and boyfriend  Corey Gamble, 40. The trio were all in town for Kim Kardashian‘s Saturday Night Live hosting debut, which Kris and Khloe also appeared on.

Kris Jenner holds onto her coffee mug as she leaves her NYC hotel. (BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID)

Despite the early morning hour, Kris’ makeup was flawless as she glowed under the camera lights. The 65-year-old paired her cozy wool jacket over an all-black ensemble, including a black heeled boot. Khloe was decidedly more laid back with her early 2000’s inspired outfit, which had a military vibe. The Good American founder wore an olive green pair of wide legged pants, along with a camo printed puffer with neon orange accents. She kept her face hidden behind a face mask and wide black sunglasses, finishing the look with a pair of Travis Scott’s Nikes and a nude colored Hermès bag.

Khloe Kardashian
Khloe Kardashian left the same NYC hotel with her mom Kris Jenner. (BlayzenPhotos / BACKGRID)

Kris and Khloe both brought the laughs during their unexpected cameos on SNL, including one that spoofed their entire family. Kim hilariously impersonated Kourtney Kardashian, 42, in a sketch dubbed “The People’s Kourt.” In the spoof of real-life court series The People’s Court, various members of the KarJenner clan attempted to sue each other in front of judge Kourtney. “Order, order in the Kourtney,” Kim-as-Kourt hilariously said while banging a gavel.

Khloe was up first, alleging that Kim stole her makeup artist. After calling her sister “an evil sloor” who didn’t need makeup as she was wearing her “Met Gala outfit” (the Balenciaga one that also included a controversial face cover), the two seemed to agree to disagree.

Kris and Khloe also popped up in a pre-taped sketch where Kim switched lives with Aidy Bryant. After the SKIMS founded decided she was done with living as the SNL cast member for a day, a backstage kerfuffle lead to Aidy accidentally switching places with Kris! Due to the magic spell, Kim and Khloe didn’t realize a switcheroo had taken place — leading to some serious laughs during the episode!

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Timothee Chalamet Transforms Into The Iconic Willy Wonka For New Film — See 1st Pics



Timothee Chalamet

Timothee Chalamet took to Instagram to share exciting new pics of him dressed up in character as the beloved Willy Wonka while wearing a top hat and blazer, giving fans a sneak peek of his upcoming ‘Wonka’ film.

Timothee Chalamet, 25, got his fans’ attention on Oct. 10 when he shared epic first pics of him as Willy Wonka for the first time! The talented actor is starring in the upcoming film Wonka, which is set to come out in 2023, and looked so much like the title character that it took our breath away! In one pic, he’s standing in the snow and giving off a serious facial expression while wearing Willy’s iconic outfit, including a high brown top hat, maroon blazer and patterned scarves. Check out the pics HERE!

In a second pic, his hand can be seen touching the top of the memorable cane Willy was known to carry. It included a purple present figurine with a red bow on the very top. “The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last …🏭WONKA🍫,” he cheekily captioned the post, referencing a line that Gene Wilder (the original Willy Wonka) said in the 1971 original adaptation, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Timothee Chalamet at a previous event. (Shutterstock)

Although plot details for the film have been kept under wraps, the Warner Bros. prequel will reportedly be about how Willy Wonka became the candymaker everyone knows him as. Since the movie is also a musical, Timothee is set to sing and dance throughout, something his fans are super thrilled about.

Shortly after he posted the latest pics, he received a plethora of kind and enthusiastic comments about what’s to come. “I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED FOR ANYTHING,” one fan wrote while another asked if the hat he was wearing was made out of chocolate. Others shared more quotes from the 1971 original and one fan admitted they were “screaming” with happiness.

Timothee Chalamet
Timothee Chalamet is set to play the iconic character of Willy Wonka. (Shutterstock)

Timothee’s role as Willy Wonka comes almost 60 years after the story and character’s debut in the 1964 novel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dohl. The book was about a poor boy named Charlie Bucket who wins a golden ticket to tour the mysterious and magical chocolate factory run by Willy. The book was adapted in the 1971 film as well as the 2005 film that starred Johnny Depp as Willy. Paul King is the director of Timothee’s prequel and it’s set to be released on March 17, 2023.

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Amal Clooney Is Stunning In Strapless Gown On Red Carpet With George At London Film Fest — Photos




Amal Clooney and George Clooney were all smiles as they attended the London premiere of his latest film ‘The Tender Bar’. See the pics!

Amal Clooney has stepped out on the red carpet for a rare appearance with husband George Clooney, 60, in London. The couple were all smiles as they attended a screening of his upcoming film The Tender Bar at the London Film Festival. The acclaimed lawyer looked glamorous in a strapless, sequin gown in a gorgeous off-white shade. She paired the floor length dress with a pair of cream pointy toe heels, and silver drop earrings as she swept her raven tresses to one side in sophisticated curls.

George and Amal. Image: David Fisher/Shutterstock

Meanwhile, her actor beau cut a smart figure in a black suit, as he sported a salt and pepper beard. The A-lister, who shares twins twins, Ella and Alexander, 4, with Amal, recently opened up un a new interview about whether he would ever run for office. “No, because I would actually like to have a nice life,” George, who famously played a politician in the 2011 film The Ides of March, told the BBC on October 8. He noted that he would prefer to spend his spare time doing “the things I love.”

George continued, “I turned 60 this year and I had a conversation with my wife and we were working a lot, as we both do, and I said we have to think of these as the halcyon years. In 20 years, I will be 80 and that’s a real number. Doesn’t matter how much you work out, what you eat, you’re 80 and so I said we have to make sure we enjoy and live these years in the best possible way.”

George and Amal. Image: David Fisher/Shutterstock

He certainly has been living it up, spending most of the summer in Lake Como at his home in Villa Oleandra. George first purchased the residence in 2002 as a vacation home, but after he and Amal married, the European mansion has become a second home for the family. In a January 2021 interview with AARP, the Ocean’s Eleven actor got candid about how he and his wife keep their love as strong as ever.

“Even in lockdown [during the coronavirus pandemic], I’ll write a letter and slip it on her desk, or she’ll write a letter and leave it under the pillow; I’m a big believer in letters,” George said of the classic love letters he and Amal write one another. “If it were a text, it would feel different,” George went on. “Maybe that’s a generational thing, and maybe it won’t be that way 20 years from now, but for me, somebody sat down and wrote it.”

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Jennifer Garner Sweetly Holds Hands With Son Samuel, 9, As They Stop By A Farmer’s Market – Photos



Jennifer Garner & Samuel

Samuel was rocking his longer blonde hair as he carried and cream-and-navy blue shoulder bag, perhaps with some goodies.

Jennifer Garner enjoyed an afternoon with her 9-year-old son Samuel Affleck. The 13 Going On 30 actress sweetly held her youngest child’s hand as they stopped by a Farmer’s Market in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles on Sunday, Oct. 10. Samuel could be seen holding onto a cream and navy blue colored tote bag for the excursion, perhaps to load up on some fresh baked goodies and other items from the outdoor market.

The 9-year-old was sporting his longer blonde hair and opted to keep his face covered with an orange printed face mask. He matched his mom’s navy blue Patagonia zip-up with his own navy blue t-shirt, which he sported with a cozy pair of green sweatpants. Jennifer also opted for an athleisure vibe, rocking a camo printed pair of leggings and black sneakers. The West Virginia native threw her brunette locks into a high ponytail, also adding a face mask and a black pair of sunglasses.

Jennifer Garner and her son Samuel visited a Farmer’s Market on Oct. 10. (Boaz / BACKGRID)

At one point, she pulled out a turquoise chevron quilted Chanel change purse to buy fresh vegetables from a stand. Jennifer kept the pricey accessory in her hand as she made her way back to her vehicle, also holding onto a filled tote and plastic bag with purchased items.

The Alias alum has had a busy weekend with her kids, also stopping by a friends’ home in Santa Monica with Samuel and oldest daughter Seraphina, 12, on Oct. 9. The two siblings looked so cute as they twinned in matching plaid shirts while standing outside of the home. Meanwhile, Jennifer stayed cozy in her same blue Patagonia zip-up.

Both outings come amid her ex Ben Affleck‘s latest trip to New York City with rekindled flame Jennifer Lopez, 52. Bennifer looked phenomenal as they posed on the red carpet for the American premiere of his film The Last Duel on Oct. 10. The pair shared a sweet snuggle and kiss for photographers, looking happier than ever! Both looked dressed for the glam occasion, too: Jennifer stunned in a two-piece brown outfit, while Ben was dapper in a corduroy suit.

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Bravo Producers Subpoenaed for Unaired Erika Jayne Footage From RHOBH, Erika’s Salary Revealed? Her Attorney Speaks



Bravo Producers Subpoenaed for Unaired Erika Jayne Footage From RHOBH, Erika's Salary Revealed? Her Attorney Speaks

The ongoing legal drama surrounding Erika Jayne doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

In fact, new revelations just dropped as it’s being revealed the producers of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills were sent a subpoena this past week over unfaired footage of Erika.

As Erika’s estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, stands accused of embezzling over $20 million from his former clients, Erika finds herself facing a number of different lawsuits along with Thomas, including a $25 million suit which claims he funnelled that amount from his law firm into Erika’s LLC in order to help boost her career. A report then broke down how she allegedly spent that money including $14 million in charges on an AMEX credit card during a period of over a decade.

Last week, the NY Times published a story regarding the legal woes and shared some major bombshells including the revelation that a subpoena was sent to the RHOBH producers seeking footage that involves Erika.

Jay Edelson, who is suing both Erika and Tom over missing money belonging to orphans and widows of plane crash victims, sent a civil subpoena last week to Evolution Media — the production company that produces the RHOBH. The subpoena is requesting unaired recordings that may depict Erika speaking about anything that could be helpful in their hunt for assets.

Alex Baskin, the president of Evolution Media, was also interviewed for the story as he made it clear that Erika did not receive any special treatment or preferential edit amid her legal issues.

“The show is an authentic reflection of what occurred in real time,” said Alex. “No accommodation was made for Erika while shooting.”

Erika’s attorney, Evan Borges, was also interviewed and he reiterated that Erika had no knowledge of Tom’s alleged wrongdoings. He shared how he prepped Erika for the upcoming 4-part RHOBH reunion, hinting that he encouraged her to show some humility.

“There is a certain kind of toughness that she presents… The first comment to her was: You don’t have to be the tough one. Also, it is OK to be humble,” shared Evan on what he told Erika ahead of the reunion filming.

The article also appeared to hint at Erika’s RHOBH salary, stating: “Ms. Girardi is likely earning more than $600,000 from her turn this year on the show, which is still pennies compared to the amount of money she is used to having at her disposal.”


One thing’s for sure, with this season of the RHOBH currently bringing in the highest ratings this year out of the Real Housewives franchise, it’s no surprise that producers are reportedly planning to make Erika the focus of the new season as well.

A recent report by TMZ stated filming for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 is scheduled to begin this week as producers moved up the filming date in hopes of capitalizing on Erika’s legal issues.

As for the RHOBH reunion, that will begin airing on October 13 at 8/7c.

Photo Credit: JOHN NACION/startraksphoto

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Justin Bieber’s Sexy Tattoos: See Pics Of Every Piece Of Ink On His Incredible Body



Justin Bieber’s Sexy Tattoos: See Pics Of Every Piece Of Ink On His Incredible Body

In light of Justin Bieber getting a new face tattoo, we thought now would be the perfect time to put a spotlight on every piece of ink the singer has ever gotten! See all the pics, here.

Justin Bieber, 24, has dozens of tattoos covering his incredible body. He has so many, in fact, that in June 2016, there was a complete guide to 56 of them. FIFTY SIX. And clearly, he’s gotten a lot more since then. Now, his entire chest is covered in ink, and most recently, he got a matching tattoo with Hailey Baldwin above his eyebrow! So we felt there would be no better time than now to give you an updated guide on all of Mr. Bieber’s tattoos. Because let’s be real — it’s hard to keep up.

“It seems like I have a lot of stuff,” Justin once said in a GQ interview when discussing his tattoos. He also called the whole process “mad uncomfortable.” It’s no secret that Justin loves showing off his tattoos. From shirtless selfies to pics of the singer wearing nothing but a towel, he’s done it all. And while some may shame him for doing so, we think he deserves a little positive attention for all the discomfort he went through while getting the tattoos. Especially when you consider the fact that he’s been getting them since he was 16!

Justin Bieber showing off his tattoos during a previous outing. (MEGA)

Since he was 16, Justin has gotten various religious tattoos, including David Beckham-style wings on his neck, an anchor below his right ear, a big cross across his chest, a crown on his right collarbone, the word “purpose” above his belly button (a clear tribute to his album, Purpose), a seagull on his left hip and more! He even had a tribute to ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez on his wrist (her as an angel), but in 2018, he covered it up after reuniting with Hailey. He also got a tattoo on his upper leg that reads “BETTER AT 70” to remind him “to work everyday to be better at 70.”

In 2019, Justin continued his tattoo trend when he mirrored Hailey’s “lover” neck tattoo with one of his own that read “forever” underneath a sparrow. He explained what the significance of the bird is in an interview with Vogue in 2021. “It’s a reminder to use the gifts God has given me and give it all I have—to fly above all of the bullsh*t,” he said. He went on to also add a laurel wreath around his neck and a rose rising from his collarbone to his neck in 2020.

Justin Bieber
A close up of Justin Bieber’s many tattoos. (MEGA)

And believe it or not, Justin has a lot more than those we listed. Want to see them all? Click through our photo gallery above!

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RHOP: Gizelle Bryant Claims Wendy’s “Not Happy” and Slams Her, Plus Wendy Shades Ashley’s Marriage




Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo

Gizelle Bryant believes Dr. Wendy Osefo is out of line with her ongoing comments about the relationships of their Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars.

As Wendy continued to make jabs at Gizelle and Robyn Dixon, both of whom were unwed (at least at the time the season was filmed), Gizelle said she didn’t like Wendy as Robyn warned that Wendy’s negative comments towards them could come back to “bite [her] in the a–” and Karen Huger accused Gizelle of being “jealous” of Wendy’s marriage to Eddie Osefo.

During a recent RHOP episode, Wendy suggested that Gizelle doesn’t fully understand the sanctity of marriage because her marriage to her ex-husband, Jamal Bryant, wasn’t good marriage, and because she’s currently single with no relationship to protect. This was in response to Gizelle deciding to discuss the unsubstantiated rumors about Wendy’s husband on the show,

“Wendy’s extremely judgmental,” Gizelle stated on the RHOP: After Show. “Wendy thinks that if it’s not [what] her picture-perfect relationship is then it is to be talked about, [and] it’s to be judged. And I don’t like people like that.”

“Life is bigger than whatever it is that you’re living so you’re just showing everybody, Wendy, who you are. And you’re not happy. Sorry, I know you try to make it seem like you are. You’re not happy, honey,” she added.

“Some people try to pretend,” Robyn agreed.

According to Robyn, she believes Wendy puts her “perfect life” and “perfect relationship” on display so she has something to “hold over our heads.”

“Hopefully she won’t have to go through anything I’ve gone through in the past but for the most part, relationships are hard. So if I was her, I would just be careful about how you throw daggers at other people’s relationships because a lot of times, it can come back and bite you in the a–,” Robyn warned.

During her own segment, Wendy suggested that the other relationships seen on the show don’t have the “understanding and commitment” that she and Eddie have in their marriage.

“So many people tout their relationship status but it’s not about your relationship status it’s about the level of joint understanding and commitment from both people,” Wendy explained. “I don’t expect someone to understand where I’m coming from just because they were married or they’ve been married.”

Because she and Eddie have mutual respect for one another, and they took a “sacrament of marriage,” she feels her RHOP castmates shouldn’t “play with that.”

“I said this to Gizelle, ‘You can play with everybody else’s relationship but don’t play with mine,’” she recalled.

Wendy went on to specifically suggest that Ashley isn’t in a real marriage with her husband Michael Darby.

“We talked about Ashley earlier. Yeah, Ashley’s married but [Candiace interjects to ask “Is she?”]… and that’s the truth… that’s not shade,” Wendy alleged.

Karen also weighed in on the back and forth, saying that when it comes to Gizelle and one other, they’re only “wives by association.”

“So when you don’t have something to lose, of course, you’ll come after it and you don’t respect the institution. [Gizelle] doesn’t value that. And if you don’t value that, then you’ll come for that because you’re jealous of those who have that,” Karen added.

RHOP Live Viewing – This is also the live viewing thread for tonight’s Real Housewives of Potomac season six, so share your thoughts in the chat below as the new episode airs at 8/7c on Bravo.

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