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9 Effective Home Remedies For Earache



Earache Remedies

Ear pain can be excruciating and extremely uncomfortable. But this doesn’t mean that you always have to go for antibiotics and harsh pain relief medicines. Ear infections are not always bacterial or require prescription medication. Fortunately, you can find all the relief you need at home with treatments like

1. Apply Cold or Warm Compresses

Cool or warm compresses, like a heating pad, ice packs or damp washcloth, are often used to relieve pain. Ear pain can also be treated in the same way. This method is safe for both children and adults.

Place a warm compress or an ice pack over the affected ear and alternate warm and cold after 10 minutes. You may use either a cold or a warm compress, depending upon your preference.

2. Sleep In The Right Position

The position you sleep in can either aggravate or relieve your ear pain. Elevate the ear affected by the ear infection when you sleep rather than lying it down towards the pillow. Depending on the situation, this can help with ear drainage.

You can also elevate your head by using extra pillows. You can also do this to help drain the ears faster.

3. Use Ginger Or Ginger Oil

Natural anti-inflammatory properties in ginger can help relieve the pain from earaches. Apply ginger juice or warm oil that has ginger in it, around the outer ear canal. Always use your finger or a cotton bud to apply the oil. Never put it directly into the ear.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Throughout history, hydrogen peroxide has been employed as a natural remedy to treat earaches. You can use hydrogen peroxide to treat this by placing several drops into the affected ear. Drain the liquid into a sink after letting it sit for several minutes. Rinse your ears with distilled water afterwards.

5. Apply Garlic Oil

Garlic is both antibiotic and pain-relieving. Garlic soaked in olive or sesame oil for several minutes can be used to relieve earache. Drain the garlic from the oil and apply the oil inside the ear canal.

6. Follow Some Neck Exercises

Earaches can be caused by pressure in the ear canal. You can relieve this pressure by performing specific neck exercises. Exercises involving neck rotation are beneficial.

Follow these steps to perform neck exercises:

  • Sit up straight with both feet flat on the ground.
  • Rotate your neck and head to the right until your head is parallel with your shoulder.
  • Put your head parallel to your left shoulder by rotating your head the other way.
  • Raise your shoulders high as if you were trying to cover your ears with your shoulders.
  • Stretch slowly, holding the movement for five counts, then letting it go.
  • Throughout the waking hours, repeat these often.

7. Use Olive Oil

Folk remedies suggest the use of olive oil for earaches. Olive oil drops in your ear canal may not relieve ear pain since no solid scientific evidence supports this claim. But the AAP says that putting a few warm drops of olive oil in the ear could be moderately effective.

You may still want to consult your doctor before trying this method, especially when it comes to children. Use a thermometer to ensure the olive oil does not exceed your body temperature. You will avoid burning your eardrums this way.

8. Take Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers

As you don’t need a doctors prescription to buy these OTC products, this counts as a home remedy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends over-the-counter (OTC) pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen to treat pain associated with an ear infection called acute otitis media (AOM).

You can use them with or without antibiotics, but follow the dosing instructions on the label. Additionally, these medications can help lower a fever if accompanied by an earache.

Children should be prescribed a dose according to their age. Many OTC pain relievers are available in children’s and infant’s versions.

9. Distract

There is no denying that ear pain can be debilitating, but a lot of it is psychological too. Distracting yourself from the pain will help you relive a lot of it. Simply put your favourite movie on or colour your pain away. Have a bubble bath or play a sport. Munch on your favourite snack or simply spend a day with your loved one. All of these might seem simple and useless, but these home remedies will help you the most.

The Right Step

Earache can often be a symptom of some other problem. It can be because of a cavity in your teeth or mucus in your throat. This kind of pain can only be treated by treating the very problem first. But if the pain is solely due to an ear infection, it can be soothed by following these simple home remedies. Not all ear infections and pains can be treated through home remedies. One might require special medical attention, so you should consult the best ent specialist islamabad through



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