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Rustam Gilfanov: Biography of a Venture Partner of the LongeVC




Rustam Gilfanov is an IT entrepreneur, a co-founder of a large IT company, and a venture partner of the LongeVC Fund.


Rustam Gilfanov was born on January 6, 1983, in the village of Basim, Perm Province. The future businessman’s mother worked as a teacher, and his father was military. As a child, Gilfanov was interested in mathematics and science fiction.


After graduating from high school, Rustam Gilfanov enrolled at the Udmurt State University. The future IT business star received his Degree in Law in 2005, later post-graduating in Arbitration Management. As a student, Rustam Gilfanov took an active part in various events and conferences.


Gilfanov studied in university at the time the Global Network was developing actively. During his undergraduate studies at the Department of Law, the future investor showed keen interest in information technology, which eventually brought him to the idea of establishing his own IT startup company. But first, Gilfanov had gained a lot of experience in working on several unique international IT projects. Rustam Gilfanov’s thorough knowledge of Law helped him in his self-confidence at that time.

Having enlisted his partners’ support in 2006, Rustam Gilfanov announced a foundation of a small IT company that has by now deserved the reputation of one of the leading software developers in the financial, gambling, and marketing sectors. His company has created over a hundred unique game apps and opened branches in Malta and Cyprus, working productively in Ukraine and Latvia at the same time.

Since the company’s foundation, Rustam Gilfanov saw in his brainchild a new format of modern entrepreneurship. His company has mainly concentrated on providing high-quality support for young talents and creating the most comfortable conditions for personnel development. In five years, the company was employing 1,000 professionals, providing them with maximum opportunities for actualizing their work potential.


Rustam Gilfanov is a philanthropist and constantly integrates various projects of developing corporate social responsibility in his IT company. The company maintains a particular focus on initiating educational projects for the youth.

One of Rustam Gilfanov’s most famous charity projects is LakiBuks, co-founded by the ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ Foundation. The project’s primary goal is to support talented authors and popularise teenage non-fiction in Ukrainian.

They announced LakiBuks at the Book Arsenal Festival in 2017. A year later, the project became a partner in the children’s program of that most notable Ukrainian book festival. LakiBuks has toured numerous cities in Europe as well as in its native land.

LakiBuks has its roots in the cooperation among several children’s libraries located in Eastern Ukraine. To date, it already boasts 200 libraries across the country. One of its particularly notable achievements is the distribution among the libraries of over 5,000 copies of teenage pop-science books in 2018. The South and East Ukraine libraries were the first to receive the copies since Ukrainian non-fiction literature is in a particular undersupply in those regions. Rustam Gilfanov calls LakiBuks one of his most personally valuable projects.

Another significant enterprise actively supported by Rustam Gilfanov was the maximum possible restoration of Kyiv Children’s Library to transform it into an innovative library hub, the idea implemented in collaboration with the Maybutnyy Library Project. The renovated library has a computer lab and holds open lectures read by the company’s top employees. Initially conceived as a one-off project, it has now spread over the entire country.

Rustam Gilfanov has long been actively cooperating with the famous ‘I Am the Future of Ukraine’ Foundation, sponsoring its numerous social enterprises. Apart from that, the businessman provides financial support for single mothers and families in crisis.

Private Equity Financing

Rustam Gilfanov has recently announced quitting his executive activity to concentrate on financing the most attractive, for him personally, IT projects in the live-streaming, financial technologies, and the recently-activated gaming industries. Currently, Rustam Gilfanov is a venture partner of the LongeVC Fund.

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Why Should You Maximize Use Of LED Screens For Hire For Advertising



LED screens for hire

Advertising is a key aspect when it comes to product marketing. Advertisements allow you to inform and educate the viewers about the quality and properties of your products. However, advertising is not a one-time process. You need to do it continuously if you want to stay in business. And that’s where the tricky part lies.

With traditional methods like posters, flyers, and TV ads, you need to invest a large sum every time you want to make changes. And over the long run, it all becomes quite expensive. Therefore, you need a solid solution that has maximum impact while staying within your budget. And that’s where LED screens for hire come into the picture. Using LED screens for advertising has many benefits over other methods.

Here’s why you should maximize the use of LED screens for product marketing.


The purpose of advertising is to catch the attention of the public. And with LED screens, this becomes quite easy. With high-quality screens, you can use interesting videos and animation to create eye-catching advertisements. Any person who sees the big screen will take a moment to watch what’s being displayed on it. And that’s your engagement right there.


With posters and banners, you have to keep the words extremely limited, or else it will be too difficult to read. However, LED screens allow you to display a larger amount of information in a shorter period of time. In a matter of minutes, you can give out all the details about your products and features, and the viewers get to see it all in an attractive and engaging way.

Best for Product Launch

If you are launching a new product, you must surely hire quality LED screens for promotion purposes. For maximum impact, it is important to display all the catchy factors about your new product. And LED screens are the best option for it. You can use big screens on product launch events and put up a few out-of-home digital billboards to generate awareness about the new launch. For events and conferences, you can also get indoor screens to boost the engagement of the presentations.

Affordable Advertising

When you consider the number of benefits you get with LED screens for product promotions, you will find it the most affordable and effective advertising tool. Especially when you hire from a reliable service provider, you will get the right screens on time for every promotion and event. And the prices are highly reasonable too.

You Can Get Top Quality Screens for Hire

Another benefit of hiring LED screens from a reliable service provider is that you always get the best quality. Professional service providers house a wide range of modern screens to suit your needs. You can also get custom screens for your events like conferences, product launches, concerts, etc.

How to Find Quality Service Providers?

Well, this is the easiest part. Just run an online search, and you can find the top service providers in your area. Experienced professionals have full-fledged websites with all the information about the various products and services they provide. So, you just need to check them out and give them a call and enquire about the services.


As you can see, LED screens can boost the performance of your product launch events and other advertisements. And with professional service providers and LED Screens for Hire, you can enable this option without busting up your budget. Now that’s a win-win for you.

So don’t wait anymore. Contact professionals and get LED screens to promote your business now.

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SMS Marketing and the Super Bowl



sms marketing
SMS Marketing

The Super Bowl and other huge television viewing events, like the Oscars, offer great opportunities for advertisers and mobile marketers. Many of the major Super Bowl advertisers, such as Audi, are expected to incorporate social media and SMS marketing in their ads this year, acknowledging how important these two channels have become for engaging consumers and extending traditional media’s capabilities. Even if you haven’t plopped down $3 million for a 30-second spot during the big game, though, you can still capitalize on the enormous reach of these high profile television events (the Super Bowl was viewed by over 100 million people last year, and more than 41 million viewers tuned into the Academy Awards).

The Opportunity

Most people when watching television have their mobile phones or smartphones with them, and they use their mobile devices to connect with friends or do mobile Web searches. (This is part of the reason why advertising text message marketing campaigns on television is so effective.) The Super Bowl may be the quintessential representative of how the mobile phone has become an integral part of our television viewing experience. A report from Mobile Marketer indicates that smartphone usage during the Super Bowl could be more than double that of computer usage, and 59 percent of smartphone users will be sending mobile emails or text messages about the game, 32 percent updating their status on social networks, 18 percent checking out online ads, and another 18 percent visiting advertiser web sites (yes, nearly 1 out of ever 5 respondents actually plans to engage with advertising at this time).

Targeting Your SMS and Mobile Ads During High Profile Events

Super Bowl spots — and even a commercial during the Oscars, estimated at around $1.4 million — are incredibly expensive, though. Mobile campaigns, by contrast, not only reach more devices (3 billion phones worldwide versus 1.5 television sets), but cost significantly less; whether you use a self-serve platform or have a dedicated mobile agency, you can choose to spend as much or as little as you want, e.g., $20,000 for a simple SMS marketing campaign. And you can target specific locations or demographics, in addition to advertising nationally with SMS marketing. Promote your product or service during the high profile event and your message is likely to be read and — if the offer is of value to the recipient — passed around. If you can tie in your offer or product/service to the show, even better.

For example:

  • Before the Super Bowl, other major sports event, the Academy Awards, or other television show which people tend to watch together, send a special offer to your SMS marketing subscribers for a discount off of your related product (e.g., party supplies, beverage or snack, sports gear, etc.)
  • You could also do a quick SMS voting campaign where subscribers can choose their favorite television ad or which team or actor, etc., will win, and drive voters to your mobile website for the results (and more information about your brand).
  • SMS contests or sweepstakes should see a lot of uptake at these times too: users can enter the “Your Widgets Super Bowl Sweepstakes”, for example, for a chance for a free widget. As sports sponsorship today proves (e.g., the “T-Mobile NBA Half Time Report”), most types of products can be associated with sports events just in title alone..

Not all messages need to be related to the particular show, however. You can promote a seasonal offer, such as a winter car tune-up or Valentine’s Day dinner special, during these prime mobile usage times as well. The main idea is that when people are watching television, there’s a high likelihood that they’ll be using their mobile phones or ready to pick up a targeted text message.

Great TV and Mobile Usage Events

Besides the Super Bowl (first week in Feb.) and the Academy Awards (Feb. 27 this year), other high profile television events include:

  • The MLB World Series
  • Olympics
  • FIFA World Cup
  • The New Years’ Eve ball drop
  • Thanksgiving Day parade
  • Special television performances, premieres, or series finales

You can finely plan your mobile marketing to take advantage of these high viewership events, as well as specific programming that makes the most sense for your brand or client.

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How To Create A Business Website Using WordPress?



WordPress development company in Melbourne
wordpress, wordpress development, wordpress services

Do you want to represent the business in the online marketplace? If yes, then you need a website first. There are multiple sources available to create a website, such as – creating via website builders, developing on your own, etc. To get your website developed quickly, you can choose the option of a website builder. WordPress is one of the best content management systems and website builders. You can hire a good WordPress developer for the quality services and building the website as per your desires. 

Why Should You Choose WordPress?

When it comes to trust and services, then no one can beat WordPress. There are several other reasons available. The following are some major ones. 

  • With WordPress, you can develop any kind of website by adding lots of unique features, functionalities, and elements. 
  • WordPress is an open-source platform, and anyone can easily access its services without spending any money. 
  • It has a big collection of different types of themes and plugins. You can use plugins for adding different kinds of functions to the websites. 
  • Use of WordPress makes you a part of a big community where you can get technical support. You can raise queries in the community’s support forum and get assistance from the professionals. 
  • Over 35% of websites are using WordPress all over the world.

It doesn’t matter; you are running a small or large business. WordPress has multiple options for all business websites- small, medium, and large scale. 

Let’s Create Your Website With WordPress

WordPress is the easiest and most efficient way to design & build a website. It’s free CMS services make it more effective and set up higher priority levels. It is the priority for everyone who wants to start a web blog or a complex eCommerce website. 

Let’s start:

Step 1: Technical Requirements 

Before working on WordPress designing and other operations, you have to fulfill some basic technical requirements. It is vital for all websites and should be completed initially. 

Buy A Domain Name 

Firstly, you have to buy a domain name. While choosing a domain name, you need to keep the following things in mind. 

  • Business Name 
  • Domain Extension 

Your website is going to represent your business and become a face in the online marketplace. It is the only proof of your online existence. Due to it, you should pick the domain name similar to the business name. Another important aspect is the domain extension. Most commonly, people think of a website with.COM extension only. 

Due to some reasons, you may not get .COM extension, or it may already be owned by someone else. Here, you should pick .NET or local area extensions like .UK, .AU, .US, etc. as per your location. 

Selection Of A Hosting Plan

For publishing a website on the internet, you need to avail the web hosting services. Hosting services provide you some space on the servers for operating and regulating the website functions. Selecting a hosting plan and server is a crucial decision. In case you pick the wrong option or hosting services, then it directly impacts your website performance. 

With less space or a weak server, your website starts creating issues while running. It delivers bad results to the audience and overall affects the business directly. Everyone has to choose the hosting plan as per the size of their website and projected traffic at the initial stages. In case you are creating an eCommerce website, then it is good to have a VPS (virtual private server) hosting plan. 

WordPress Theme 

WordPress offers a big collection of themes for all types of websites. You can get both free and premium themes in the store. All types of themes are available with different types of features, functionalities, and appearance. It depends on you, what kind of looks you want, how you want to interact with the audience, what functionalities you want to add, etc. 

A free theme can provide lots of important features by which you can develop a good business website. With a premium theme, you have several additional options such as – multiple designs for the homepage, new features, more user-friendly, no customization barrier, and much more. 

All types of themes have demos that can help you understand the website’s elements’ arrangements. You can get guidance from the WordPress developer for choosing a suitable theme option. 

Content & Visuals 

After all these things, you should figure out the content and visuals related to the website’s requirements. Based on the needs, you have to create the complete content. Content is not all about the textual elements. You have to focus on visuals & images, posters, featured images, banners, etc. The business owners need to prepare this data before working on website customization and designing. In case you are working on an eCommerce platform, then you have to keep product descriptions ready. 

These are some major requirements for creating a useful website. In all these operations, you have to work carefully and professionally. If you miss anything or did something wrong, bad results will appear in the future. 

Step 2: Website Setting Up

In this step, you will know how to set up a complete WordPress business website. 

WordPress Installation 

To create a WordPress website, you have to install it first onto a web server. For the installation, you have to login to cPanel first. You can get cPanel login credentials from the web hosting service provider. After logging the cPanel settings, you should find out the website installers or one-click installers option. 

Here you can see the option of WordPress. You have to click on it and install WordPress onto the server. You should not leave the page until you get the final message or confirmation that WordPress has been installed. Now you can log in to the WordPress dashboard. 

For accessing the login page, you can run your domain name.extension/wp-admin URL. Here, you have to enter WordPress login credentials that you get while installing and activating it on the servers. While installing WordPress, you should not forget to change the username. 

Theme Installation 

After accessing the WordPress dashboard, you have to install the selected theme. For the installation, you should go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. In case you want to work with a premium theme, then you have to buy it externally. In consideration, you receive a zipped folder with all essential files. 

Here, you have to click on the UPLOAD button and choose the zipped folder. When the installation is done, then you can see an ACTIVATE button. You should click the button, and now you can work on the theme for designing the website accordingly. 

If you want to work on a free theme, you will get lots of options in the theme store. You can apply filters for theme options as per the requirements and some other factors. 

Installation Of Plugins 

To add different features and functionalities to the website, you have to get help from specific plugins. You should start installing plugins as per the requirements. Here, you have to visit Plugins > All Plugins on the dashboard. 

After the installation of all plugins, you should activate one by one. While choosing the plugins, you have to be careful. You can find several plugins with similar functionalities in the plugin store. You should check out reviews, ratings, and the total number of installations before choosing one. 

When all these tasks are done, it is time to work on the website’s customization and setting up all pages accordingly. 

Step 3: Website Customization 

For simplifying the customization procedure, you should import demo settings. Demo theme settings can save you lots of time. With a pre-built website, you have to replace your content with the existing one only. Working with a premium theme can provide lots of options regarding the website layout. 

You should inspect and figure out all the layouts perfectly and install the suitable one. When the complete data of the selected theme and layout has been imported, then you should start customization practices. You should start with some basic changes such as – 

  • Fonts 
  • Colors 
  • Logo updates 
  • Favicon 
  • Website name & slogan

These basic changes can help you in providing a brand image to the website. After making these changes, you should work on the demo content and all pages. Firstly, you have to work on the homepage. 

On the WordPress dashboard, you should go to Pages > All Pages. Here, you can see all the pre-drafted and published pages. Here, you can see a page with a home tag and access it. Now the backend of your homepage appears in your front. You can edit the page’s appearance and all other elements. You have to do the same with all pages one by one. Customize the page as per the business requirements. 

Step 4: Additional Stuff 

When you are done with the website customization, then you have to focus on additional things like – promotions and maintenance. For the promotions, you can get help from digital marketing and SEO Melbourne experts. To perform all these operations perfectly, you need to install some additional plugins. The following are five major plugins you need for a good business website. 

Security Plugin 

Protection is the first concern of all types of website owners. No one wants to become a victim of a cyber attack and get their complete data stolen. WordPress is a secure platform, but you can install a good security plugin to strengthen the security measurements and cover all loopholes. 

Caching Plugin 

Website caching is an essential step for providing a better user experience and increasing its loading time. It can be possible with the help of a caching plugin. The plugin allows storing your website’s cache data in the visitor’s browser. Caching is useful in sending some basic data and website elements in advance. You can see it’s overall effects on the loading speed of the website. 

If your website has a fast loading speed, it also increases the chances of holding higher SERPs positions. You can install the best caching plugin and avail of such a benefit. 

Backup Plugin 

With the help of a backup plugin, you can create backups of the website’s database. The use of a plugin will help you in automating the complete procedure. It means you don’t have to visit the cPanel area for creating back up again and again. If you have backup files with current updates, you can recover it when you want and without losing any data. 

SEO Plugin 

SEO (search engine optimization) is an integral part of promotions. It helps in getting organic traffic on the website and improving search engine rankings consistently. With an SEO plugin, you are capable of working on on-page optimization techniques. With it, you can manage the web page indexing related activities. 

Final Saying 

It is the complete procedure by which you can easily create a WordPress business website. In case you don’t have any technical knowledge or are facing any confusion, you should hire a WordPress developer. A developer has expertise in creating websites on WordPress and the capability of delivering the best results.

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