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The Newest Lengths Thieves Will Go to in Order to Steal Your Identity




There is no shortage of news stories on identity theft. That’s because identity thieves will go to any lengths to acquire your information. Once they do, they can use it in endless ways, like the poor woman who went to apply for FEMA assistance only to discover someone had applied for and received payments in her name.

There are a lot of ways identity thieves get ahold of your information that you probably already know about. We rely on companies to use software that assures identity vulnerabilities aren’t overlooked so your info is safe when you shop, you probably know not to click on questionable links in unfamiliar emails, and you know not to give your personal information over the phone when someone calls asking you to confirm your account.

Even if you’re careful, you can still become a victim of identity theft because thieves are going to new lengths to get your information.

Monitoring Your Credit

Identity thieves often get ahold of a little of your information before they go the final mile and decide your identity is even worth stealing. With just a few bits of personal information, thieves can open credit monitoring accounts with the top credit bureaus so they can see which accounts you use, and which ones you don’t.

Then, they will choose a card that you don’t use and have a new copy sent to their address. Specialty cards are especially popular, like cards from furniture stores and clothing stores, because many people open these cards to get the initial deal, then never use them again.

Pinpointing Where You Live

Not only do thieves want to see if there are any accounts you aren’t using, they may also want to see if you’ve got enough wealth to even make it worth their time. After all, it’s much more lucrative to steal the identity of someone in an upscale neighborhood than someone living in an apartment on the bad side of town.

Many identity thieves will use websites like Google Maps and Zillow to find out where you live and see exactly what your house looks like before they decide who to target.

Hacking More Than Just Computers

Computers are a popular device to hack because much of the work we do and the bills we pay are on the computer, but there are other devices that hackers can target. Some of them might surprise you.

Cell phones are a popular target, especially since they can be hacked without you having to click on a single questionable link. Tablets can be hacked too, but so can surprising devices like:

  • Smart TVs
  • Smart refrigerators
  • Baby monitors
  • Thermostats
  • Security systems
  • Voice activated systems
  • Garage door openers
  • Smart cars

Even stranger devices have been hacked. Medical devices are hackable, and one hacker even managed to hack into the aquarium thermometer at a casino. Hacking that one item enabled them to extract information from the casino’s high-roller database.

USB Charging Stations

It’s not just your devices you have to look out for. You also have to look out for the outlets where you plug in your devices.

Juice jacking is a creative way hackers are gaining access to personal information. Instead of targeting your device, they target the USB port where you plug your device in. The ports you have at home are relatively secure, but the ports you find in hotel rooms and in airport lobbies are not.

Criminals load malware on public charging stations, then the devices that are plugged in are infected with that malware, providing them with all the personal information that’s on your device.

Going Through Your Garbage

A lot of people pay a lot of attention to their security online, but many people are getting lazy when it comes to the classic ways information is stolen.

Dumpster diving thieves are still out there! That means you have to focus on ways to keep your identity safe when you throw your trash away. Shredding paper that contains your personal information is still recommended.

Keep an eye on what you throw in the actual trash, but you also have to keep an eye on items you put in the recycling bin. Thieves are more than happy to go through both!

Identity thieves are still placing phone calls and sending out emails, but they can do a lot more today than they ever could before. By staying informed, you can better protect you and your information from criminals.

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Home Made Power Plant – A Real Review




Why I Decided to Buy Home Made Power Plant

I had financial problems because of a failed stock investment, and I was searching for a way to save on everything, starting with electrical energy. In fact, I have many home appliances including the dishwasher, the washing machine and a personal computer that cost me nearly $350 every month.

So I went online, surfing the web for any information on saving on electricity bills and I found this manual ( Home Made Power Plant ) explaining how to save up to 80% on electricity bills utilizing solar panels.

I decided to gave a look at it and I bought the manual.

What is it about
Home Made Power Plant is an eBook written to help home owners to significantly decrease their electricity cost. It’s a 115 pages ebook, and when I ordered it, I received also 3 bonus:
Bonus #1- “Biodiesel- An alternative solution for your car and home”
Bonus #2 – “Best Tricks & Tips To Save Energy”
Bonus #3 – “Free Updates For The Next 10 Years”

Frank Patrick, the creator of Home Made Power Plant, said that those bonus were available just the day of my order, but they are still now available, so no need to worry about that: I think they will be available for many months.

I took one and a half day to build the solar panel following the Home Made Solar Plant’s plan. It wasn’t such easy to build, but it wasn’t difficult. Well, think that I’m an alternative energy researcher, a scientist, not an engineer! However, after less than 2 days, I was able to make my solar panel work.

My personal opinion
Now, at the time of writing, my solar panel has been working for more than one month and it saved me about 135 dollars in electricity this month. To be really honest, I did not save 80% this month, as the Home Made Power Plant’s website says, but something more like 55%.

I think that the product is worth its cost, because with the little investment of less than 50 dollars, I was able to save more than 130 $ just the first month. 130 dollars a month aren’t big bucks, but you must remember that you will save more or less these figures not just the first month after the installation, but for all the following years to come.

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ADD – ADHD Medication Treatment – 7 Tips on Finding the Challenging Sides of the Therapeutic Window




The Sides of the Window are Puzzling and Require a Few More Office Questions. The reason to ask the questions is simple: we want to know exactly how the medication is working in the context of time of day, duration of effectiveness, and predictable expectations from the specific medication in question.

All of these questions arise from the essential philosophic overview of medication delivery systems: if you know the science, and have clear objectives, you can measure the treatment outcome objectively, and correctly adjust the medications according to that specific individuals biochemical and metabolic individuality. Measure that ‘Window’ for predictable outcomes.

The simplified version of that statement: Cookie cutter medicine based upon weight, age, body size is outdated, and simply ineffective. – So let’s get the details right every time by starting from the same place using the same predictable grid for measurement of effectiveness. These 7 Tips for the Sides of the Therapeutic Window, coupled with measurements from my other articles here on 7 Tips from the Top and the Bottom of the Therapeutic Window will outline precise treatment objectives. I have been using these ‘Window Strategies’ with thousands of patients for more than 12 years, and I can assure you, they work like a correctly timed clock. Predictable outcomes should be the standard of care.

The 7 Tips For The Sides of The Therapeutic Window for Stimulant Medications.

  1. The Sides of the Window Are Based Upon Time: The Expected DOE – Duration of Effectiveness of that specific medication for that specific persons metabolic rate, and must be customized for every person from the outset and throughout the duration of treatment. Every person burns medications at different rates that cannot be predicted by superficial appearances of weight or size. I have an ex-Navy [Nuclear] Commander who stands about 6’6,” and looms over me, – has to duck when he comes in the door, – he takes only Adderall 10 mg XR and the DOE is a reasonable 10 hr. We want to have a specific match between expected duration and clinically effective duration.
  2. Know the Medication DOE Expectations from the Outset: Authorities and studies disagree on some of the next points on specific medications I am about to discuss. Pharmaceutical companies have done their homework, and are focused on these same DOE objectives, – I simply disagree with some of their DOE findings based upon my own abundant office experience. Many studies range in the thousands of patient hours over years of treatment using a determined focus on this ‘Window’ grid. See the 7 Tips for the Top of the Window Article for more details on specific medications.
  3. Start Working: Measure Precisely the Time DOE At Every Meeting: Easy questions: “When did you take it and when does it stop working?” If taken at 7 AM and it lasts until 3 PM – that is the DOE. The Math is Simple: 5 hrs in the AM %2B 3 in the PM = 8 hrs. A medication might work for 8 hrs, but still keep the person out the Top of the Window if the IR is pushed too high.
  4. The First Side Objective – AM Onset: All meds should be working in 30-45 min after taking the medication. IR [Immediate Release] Tablets have a fast onset, but the sides of the window are too narrow, and the DOE [Duration of Effectiveness] Is out just too fast – meaning it simply lasts only a short part of the day. IR meds need 2-3 times a day dosing because the DOE is far too short. If the AM Onset is more than 45 min the dose is either too little, it isn’t working at all, or it can be too much – see point 4 of the 7 Tips for the Top.
  5. Regulating the AM Onset: Breakfast is Essential, Protein Breakfast Works Best More Often: With meds, since we are now paying attention to the rate of metabolism, the DOE, we are much more interested in “rate limiting steps.” Breakfast is an imperative rate limiting step that is essential for all psych meds to prevent irritation of the gastric mucosa [stomach lining]. With breakfast that early side of the ‘Window’ is more gentle, and less involved with uncomfortable peaks of medication excess.
  6. The Second Side Objective – The PM Release – When They Stop Working: The extended release capsules from Concerta to Adderall XR are all mechanically released, and have unpredictable release times based upon acid base variables in the stomach and bowel – and upon the transit time of the bowel contents. Long transit time often means greater sensitivity to meds and a relative accumulation of meds over time, with a narrowing of the ‘Window.’ Metabolic challenges with bowel function almost always change the PM release time, when the meds stop working. Vyvanse is not as vulnerable to rate changes based upon acid/base balance or transit time.
  7. The Mystery Objective: The PM Release with Vyvanse: Vyvanse deserves it’s own tip because it is so effective, with such an excellent, predictable 12-14 hr DOE. Think of this simple point when measuring the DOE with Vyvanse – the metabolically released stimulant is so different that many don’t “feel it working” and therefore miss when it “quits working.” Remember with Vyvanse: look for the original cognitive, “mental” objectives, not the somatic, buzzy effects. When Vyvanse quits in the PM the ability to finish tasks is gone.
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How to Avoid Just Being a Fling to Him? 7 Ways to Make Him Take You Extremely Seriously




There are many sad and disillusioned women today who have found themselves cast away like an old shoe! If you want to avoid being taken advantage of and just a fling to the man you love, make sure you do the right things to make him take you seriously. Here are some awesome ways to make him serious about you.

Don’t get too chummy with him
If you get too friendly, chummy and familiar with him too early in the relationship, you are bound to force yourself and your charms on him. He will definitely think you are always going to be there for the taking and therefore he will stop having real feelings for you. He will regard you as someone with whom he can just have a good time without being committed.

Don’t let him put his stamp of authority on you
Don’t let him bully you in any way. If you allow him to rule your life in every way, he is bound to take you for granted and there will be nothing to stop him from discarding you when he has had enough of you! Let him know that you need to be respected and have a mind of your own right from the beginning.

Don’t settle for second best
In fear of being alone or being passed over, a woman can settle for second best. This can lead to the guy treating her badly or even leaving her when he has had enough! If you don’t want to be a fling or a passing affair to him, make sure he comes to know the type of person you are and make him fall deeply in love with you.

Don’t let him have his way too often
If you let him have his way too often with you, he is bound to get spoilt and pampered. This will make him selfish and he will begin to treat you badly. If you put your foot down and make him realize that you are not going to stand being treated like a fling, he will be forced to acknowledge your feelings.

Make him fall in love with your character
The more he falls in love with you, the more he will become serious about you. It is only when he is not really in love with you and your character that he can behave in a manner that proves that he is only playing with you. Once he loves you deeply, he will never treat you like a fling.

Prove yourself to him in every way
A man needs to see for himself if you are worth his love and commitment. Unless he is truly convinced and sure of your character, qualities and traits, only then he will be able to think of you as someone he can get serious with. As long as he does not have proof of your admirable traits, he will find it difficult to get serious about you.

Make sure you earn his respect
Do things that will prove that you are honest and trustworthy. These qualities will help you earn his respect. Once he respects you he will never be able to treat you like a fling or a “passing fancy”. He will never be satisfied with having a casual relationship with you. He will want something more.

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