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3 mountain homes in Colorado that you can buy for under $200k, $300k and $400k



3 mountain homes in Colorado that you can buy for under $200k, $300k and $400k

If you’ve been looking to buy a home these past few months around Denver, you probably know how unimaginable, absurd and downright rude real estate prices have become.

And that’s with things improving. Listings stayed on the market for an average of 11 days as of last month; the median home price fell to $581,000 (down from a $600,000 all-time high in June).

How fun for those of us looking to own a house with a yard anytime soon!

My day job is to write about food, but by night, I switch to scouring real estate sites for some unicorn — likely still in need of work, to be sure. And at the end of the summer housing frenzy, I found three houses on the market, in the mountains, that seem almost too good to be true.

Woodland Park cabin for $175,000

I love the gingerbread feel of this 516-square-foot cabin outside of Colorado Springs. The house is halfway through a remodel, which is better than a cheap flip for my money, and still leaves room for the right finishes and fixtures throughout. And the price is just fine for that (for someone who’s up for the work). Fresh wood paneling on the walls would make for pretty shiplap, the lofted bedroom has a balcony all its own. And I’m eyeing one outbuilding to be converted into a sauna, with a wood storage shed attached. 83 Gentian Road, Woodland Park,

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This National Historic Registry home was built in 1890 and completely refurbished in 2015.

Historic in Central City for $288,000

Options galore on this one, which starts at $288k for the 528-square-foot 1890 home (that’s been completely updated as of 2015). Then, there are four surrounding lots that can be purchased for up to $600,000 altogether, with options to build. The closest lot features an (even older) cabin that I’d just love to preserve — arts and crafts room, anyone? The bathroom needs a little love, for my taste. But the sweet outdoor space and position overlooking the mining district is hard to beat anywhere. 305 Bates St., Central City,

Cuchara double A-frame for $398,000

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