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COTI (COTI) Hits New ATH $0.64 – Will it Hit $1



COTI (COTI) Hits New ATH $0.64 – Will it Hit $1
  • COTI has hit its new all-time high (ATH) of $0.64. 
  • COTI aims to bring a scalable global payment system.
  • Recently, COTI collaborated with Cardano stablecoin hub, Ardana.

The world’s first platform developed for creating price-stable coins is COTI. Today, COTI has hit its new all-time high (ATH) of $0.64. It continuously displaying a bullish signal, if this trend continues then COTI can hit $1.

Furthermore, the first application, that is self-described as a fully encompassing finance on the blockchain is COTI Pay. The ecosystem was developed especially to face all the challenges associated with traditional finance.

More so, the COTI aims to bring a scalable global payment system. It facilitates a faster, more trusted, and affordable payment mechanism. The main advantage of COTI is its simplicity, ease of access, user-friendly environment, volatility, transparency, and so on.

Current Market Status of COTI

According to CoinMarketCap, the COTI price is trading at $0.6375 at the time of writing with the 24-hour trading volume of $836,744,896. In the last 24-hour the COTI price has increased by over 21%. The circulating supply of COTI is 868,672,118.03 COTI.

The above chart depicts a 24-hour price chart of COTI, currently it displaying a bullish sign. Eventually, if this continues without a breakout then traders can expect the hit of $1 soon.

COTI Collaborated with Ardana

The main reason behind the price upsurge of COTI is the latest announcement of COTI that it is collaborating with Ardana. It facilitates stablecoin payments to AdaPay. This means, using their stablecoins, users can purchase things wherever Adapay is accepted. The collaboration will build stablecoin crypto-to-fiat payments to the Cardano network.

Therefore, this might be the major reason for the price surge and the hit of the new ATH. With the forthcoming collaboration, upgrades, and updates we can expect more price gain in the upcoming days, we can also expect that the COTI price will hit $1 soon.

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Charlie Lee Sums Up Litecoin ‘s 10 Years History. Part Three: SegWit Intro



Litecoin, an Antminer by Bitmain

The last time we checked with Litecoin, its creator Charlie Lee left Coinbase to focus on his own project. The mission at hand was implementing SegWit in the Litecoin blockchain, which is easier said than done. This story is as exciting as they come. It has twists and turns and it ends with a bang. Through the following tale, we’ll learn a lot about consensus. One of the most mysterious aspects of the cryptocurrency space is how decisions are made. Are you ready to learn through a practical example?

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But before we get into it, let’s let Mr. Lee himself define Segwit:

“SegWit stands for Segregated Witness. It’s basically an upgrade that would separate out the signature (i.e. witness) from the transaction.”

By extracting the signature, the transactions occupy less space. So, there’s more space in each block to add more transactions. SegWit effectively increases the block size limit of the blockchain.

That being said, let’s get back to Litecoin ’s 10-year history.

Why Did Charlie Lee Wanted Litecoin To Implement SegWit?

At the time, in the Bitcoin network, miners were blocking SegWit. “Basically the fear was that once SegWit is activated, miners can steal any coins sent to SegWit addresses. Anyone technical enough knows that this was not true.” So, Lee’s plan was to implement SegWit on Litecoin to show everyone that the upgrade was safe, and thus help clear up the FUD that surrounded it.

Bitcoin’s Testnet wasn’t helpful in this case because its coins are worthless, so it doesn’t provide an incentive for bad actors to attack it. So, it couldn’t “test out the game theory of the blockchain.” On Litecoin, on the other hand, there would be “incentives for people to attack it. If miners can steal millions from anyone-can-spend coins, they would.” Besides helping Bitcoin beat the FUD, Charlie Lee had other reasons to implement SegWit in his project.

“So you may wonder why I’m pushing for SegWit. Litecoin does not have a block size problem. That’s right, and SegWit is not just a block scaling solution. I would even say block scaling is just a side benefit of SegWit. The main fix is transaction malleability, which would allow Lightning Networks (LN) to be built on top of Litecoin.”

LTC price chart for 10/12/2021 on Gemini | Source: BTC/USD on

The Foundation Of The Litecoin Foundation

A quick subsection, because this series is about Litecoin’s history. While the SegWit story evolved, Warren Togami stepped down as lead developer. Shaolin Fry joined the team specifically “to help us get SegWit activated on Litecoin.” Loshan and Thrasher also joined to help with the code. 

At the same time, they created The Litecoin Foundation with Xinxi Wang, Franklyn Richards, and Charlie Lee himself as Directors.

Enter The Bad Guy Of The Movie

It’s time for the Litecoin and SegWit story to meet that legendary period known as The Blocksize War. At the time, mining was a relatively centralized affair and Bitmain was the… main player. They produced the “most efficient ASICs” and miners were heavily incentivized to vote with them… or else. 

The co-founder of Bitamin, Jihan Wu,is a big supporter of scaling Bitcoin onchain,” Lee informs. That means, he was against SegWit and against The Lightning Network as scaling solutions. Jihan Wu was in the camp of simply forking Bitcoin to increase block sizes, a notion that the community ended up rejecting. However, at the time, Wu was singlehandedly stopping SegWit adoption in Bitcoin. And he had great influence over Litecoin too.

So, how could Charlie Lee and his band of misfits circumvent this huge obstacle blocking their way? “The difference between Bitcoin and Litecoin is me,” he said. “Bitcoin is more decentralized. There’s no one to come out to speak on what their vision of Bitcoin is.” Lee could and did promote his support of SegWit among the miners and try to seduce some of them to vote his way. “Anyways, this was what I set out to do. I met and talked to many miners throughout the end of 2016 to early 2017.” 

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We know that his plan worked, but it was a lot harder than expected. Jihan Wu had the resources and influence to render his efforts obsolete, plus he had an ace up his sleeve. How did Charlie Lee proceed? How did he make SegWit on Litecoin happen and who stepped up to the plate to help him? Find all of that and more in tomorrow’s next and final episode of Litecoin ‘s 10-year history.

Featured Image by InstagramFOTOGRAFIN from Pixabay - Charts by TradingView

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Harnessing the power of Aurum’s Reward System with Pressure Vault




The limitless possibilities of the crypto world are one of the biggest lures of cryptocurrencies. Most DeFi projects allow users to stake one cryptocurrency in a liquidity pool to earn a different token with their interchain operability. However, only a few projects have mastered this concept, and Aurum is one of them.

Aurum is a DeFi project with an aim to set GOLD standards for reward tokenomics and BSC security. The project operates on the three principles, decentralization, robust security and unparalleled rewards to offer a seamless and rewarding experience to the users.

The great thing with Aurum is its ability to allow the $AUR token holders to choose their own automatically redistributed BEP-20 token reward. While the native reward token for holding $AUR is BNB, users can diversify their pools of investments by adding the contact address of any BEP-20 token of their preference. Users can choose from large-cap tokens such as ETH, Binance pegged BTC, ADA, LINK, DeFi tokens such as CAKE, BANANA or stablecoins such as USD.

Aurum Pressure Vault

Aurum Pressure Vault harnesses the power of Aurum’s rewards system to create ultimate buy pressure for any Binance Smart Chain Project. As previously explained, Aurum utilizes its Smart Contracts to automatically redistribute BNB or any preferred BEP-20 token to the holder’s wallet. This mechanism, however, automatically creates a buying pressure for the reward token which users select.

As the demand for the selected BEP-20 token increases, it creates a buy pressure in the market, which significantly boosts the price of the token and the popularity of the BSC project. This ability to create an upward buy pressure is the main purpose of Aurum Pressure Vault.

Moreover, Aurum ranks registered products who purchase and hold $AUR tokens on a weekly leaderboard. The top three projects on the leaderboard gain access to several benefits including,

  • Access to Aurum’s locked “Buy Pressure Wallets” to buy and burn the selected project’s tokens.
  • Pre-listing on Aurum Rewards dashboard to increase the ease of selection of the project’s token as an automatically redistributed reward.
  • Promotion of the top three projects using Aurum’s social media platforms.

Aurum is also working on adding the perks by developing Pressure Vault, such as the opportunity to feature on Aurum’s array of communication platforms (Twitter, Medium blog, Reddit, Discord and Telegram AMA Video Chats).

The Pressure Vault also brings more utility to $AUR holders as increased trading volume, exposure to several investment communities and more use cases of $AUR token. Aurum Pressure Vault is a useful tool for any BEP-20 project as it can kick start their project and create a buy pressure while increasing the demand of the token.

To learn more about Aurum Pressure Vault and other products, visit

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$Forint: The Token That Is Changing the Way We Buy Cryptocurrencies




Forint Finance believes that Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies are the way of the future, and we want to make cryptocurrency adoption accessible to everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic background, financial means, or technical knowledge. It’s a platform that is open to onboarding everyone who’s even a tad bit interested in understanding how this seamless and beautiful technology works.

We are convinced that cryptocurrencies will lead to a more equitable financial system in which no one is left behind by the present banking system, and we are working hard to achieve this aim.

We will contribute to the transformation of the current inadequate and unfair financial system by taking care of the entire procedure from beginning to end (wallet creation to tax responsibilities).

With reduced barriers to entry and minimal resources, you can make the most out of it and educate yourself for the future of Finance.

Therefore, we have $FORINT as the native token of the FORINT ecosystem.

Comprehending the role of Tokenomics in the Forint environment is crucial to understanding the massive impact of this complex system: every transaction in the Forint environment will not just benefit holders via redistribution, but other purposes as well;


Once a week, 7% of all transactions are dispersed in BUSD (Binance USD) according to the number of Tokens owned among all holders. Holders will receive BUSD once a week for every purchase.


The team uses 2.9% of every transaction to further enhance the Forint Ecosystem.


Every transaction contributes 0.1% to charitable causes important to our community. Weekly, according to community norms, the fund is distributed to charities (NPOs and NGOs).


You should keep 90% of your Wallet in order to profit from our ecosystem and be an early investment in our Platform.

Holders of Forint tokenomics gain from redistribution. Every step forward in the project’s progress will rely on this mechanism. Simply HODL!

Some important statistics to note about the $FORINT token are:

  • FORINT is currently trading at $0.00000256000.
  • $2425.442804203 24 hour trading volume
  • 1,000,000,000,000 in total supply
  • 11,575,669,000 in circulation

The $FORINT token will benefit you in the following ways:

  • $FORINT tokes will give you a discount on the NFT marketplace based on the number of tokens you hold. You can easily transact in the market and contribute to your favourite charities safely.
  • By purchasing Forint Token, you will join a small subset of Forint Finance’s early investors, as well as enjoy lower transaction fees across our whole platform.
  • Once this technology is being developed In the future, the $FORINT token can be withdrawn from FORINT ATMs just like Fiat currency, and this method will also be useful when users need to buy goods and services on the Forint Platform, or just wish to get their Forint tokens without going through too many intermediaries.

HODL to live that enriching FORINT experience!

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Hodooi Lists on AscendEX



Hodooi Lists on AscendEX

AscendEX is excited to announce the Hodooi token (HOD) listing under the trading pair HOD/USDT on Oct. 7 at 1 p.m. UTC. In celebration of the listing, AscendEX and the HOD team will launch several limited-time promotional events, taking place between 1:00 a.m. on Oct. 12 and 1:00 a.m. UTC on Oct. 19, 2021, offering users a chance to share 30,000 USDT worth of HOD pooled rewards!   

HoDooi is a multi-chain digital content NFT platform where users can efficiently create, buy, sell, and resell digital content NFTs. A creator just needs to upload their digital content, select a blockchain network, and choose the settings of the NFT, to mint the NFT and create the auction listing.   

Founded in 2021, has been carefully designed and engineered to allow its users to create, buy, and sell NFTs in a decentralized, permissionless environment utilizing the Binance Smart Chain. The HoDooi platform is not limited to a single blockchain. Their aim is to create a multi-chain platform that will incorporate the Ethereum blockchain and other NFT blockchains as the platform grows. Cross-chain compatibility will be an important differentiator for Hodooi in the NFT space. 

Their network is supported by the HOD token, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. HOD can be used for payments, participation in the platform’s tiered membership program, access to exclusive NFTs, and decentralized governance of the protocol.  

In the near future, HoDooi plans to partner with businesses to form a path towards creating NFTs that represent physical items of value with an existing ecosystem around them, for example, collectible artworks or real estate. Tokenizing physical objects gives users more options to diversify their portfolio, and owners more potential liquidity when they need it.   

HoDooi takes a user-first approach to platform development. Users will be able to provide their input on how the platform develops from a product design perspective.

Hodooi was founded by a team of individuals with experience across blockchain, business development, and e-commerce. HoDooi’s mission is to push forward the mass adoption of blockchain technology and NFTs with their product offering.  

About AscendEX 

AscendEX is a global cryptocurrency financial platform with a comprehensive product suite including spot, margin, and futures trading, wallet services, and staking support for over 200 blockchain projects such as bitcoin, ether, and ripple. Launched in 2018, AscendEX services over 1 million retail and institutional clients globally with a highly liquid trading platform and secure custody solutions. AscendEX has emerged as a leading platform by ROI on its “initial exchange offerings” by supporting some of the industry’s most innovative projects from the DeFi ecosystem such as Thorchain, xDai Stake, and Serum.

AscendEX users receive exclusive access to token airdrops and the ability to purchase tokens at the earliest possible stage. To learn more about how AscendEX is leveraging best practices from both Wall Street and the cryptocurrency ecosystem to bring the best altcoins to its users, please visit

For more information and updates, please visit:





About Hodooi

HoDooi is a multi-chain digital content NFT platform where users can create, buy, sell and resell digital content NFTs easily. A creator just needs to upload their digital content such as an image, select a blockchain network to use, and select the settings of the NFT, to mint the NFT and create an auction listing.  

For more information and updates, please visit:




Disclaimer: This is a paid Press Release. Any information contained in this website is not proposed to be and doesn’t constitute financial advice, investment advice, trading advice, or any other advice. TheNewsCrypto is not responsible to anyone for any decision made or action taken in conjunction with the information and/or statements in this press release.

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TA: Ethereum Bears Keep Pushing, Why ETH Could Slide Further




Ethereum failed to clear the $3,650 resistance against the US Dollar. ETH price is moving lower and it might extend its decline below $3,450 in the near term.

  • Ethereum struggled to gain strength above the $3,600 and $3,620 levels.
  • The price is now trading below $3,550 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.
  • There is a key declining channel forming with resistance near $3,550 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD (data feed via Kraken).
  • The pair could slide towards $3,350 unless it breaks the $3,550 resistance zone.

Ethereum Price Faces Hurdles

Ethereum failed to settle above the $3,600 pivot level. ETH formed a high near $3,620 and started a downside correction. There was a break below the $3,550 support and the 100 hourly simple moving average.

The price even broke the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $3,375 swing low to $3,620 high. Ether is now trading below the $3,520 level, and it is now consolidating near the $3,500 level. An initial support on the downside is near the $3,480 level.

An immediate resistance on the upside is near the $3,635 level and the 100 hourly SMA. The first major resistance is near the $3,550 level. There is also a key declining channel forming with resistance near $3,550 on the hourly chart of ETH/USD.

Source: ETHUSD on

The next major resistance is near the $3,560 level, above which the price might start a fresh surge. In the stated case, the price could climb towards the $3,620 level. The next key resistance might be $3,650.

Dips Limited in ETH?

If ethereum fails to continue higher above the $3,550 and $3,560 resistance levels, it could extend its decline. An initial support on the downside is near the $3,480 level. The first key support is now forming near the $3,450 level.

It is near the 61.8% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $3,375 swing low to $3,620 high. A downside break could lead the price towards the $3,400 support zone in the near term. Any more losses could push ether price towards the $3,375 support zone. The next key support could be $3,300.

Technical Indicators

Hourly MACDThe MACD for ETH/USD is gaining pace in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSIThe RSI for ETH/USD is now below the 50 level.

Major Support Level – $3,440

Major Resistance Level – $3,550

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TA: Bitcoin Holds Strong, Here’s Key Resistance Turned Support




Bitcoin extended its rally above the $57,000 against the US Dollar. BTC could continue to rise if it is above the $56,000 support zone.

  • Bitcoin is trading in a positive zone above the $56,000 support zone.
  • The price is now trading above $56,000 and the 100 hourly simple moving average.
  • There was a break above a key declining channel with resistance near $55,400 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken).
  • The pair is correcting gains, but the bulls could remain active near $56,000.

Bitcoin Price Eyes More Upsides

Bitcoin price remained well supported above the $55,000 pivot level. BTC gained pace and it was above to clear many hurdles near the $55,500 level.

There was also a break above a key declining channel with resistance near $55,400 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair. The pair climbed above the $56,000 resistance level and settled above the 100 hourly simple moving average.

There was also a break above the $57,000 level and the price traded as high as $57,837. It is now correcting lower and trading below $57,500.

There was a break below the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $54,396 swing low to $57,837 high. On the downside, an initial support is near the $56,200 level. On the upside, the bulls are facing resistance is near the $57,000 level.

Source: BTCUSD on

The first key resistance is near the $57,500 level. A clear break above the $57,500 resistance could open the doors for a decent increase. The next major resistance sits near the $58,500 level. Any more gains could set the pace for a move towards the $59,200 level.

Dips Supported In BTC?

If bitcoin fails to clear the $57,500 resistance zone, it could correct lower. An immediate support on the downside is near the $56,200 level.

The first major support is snow forming near the $56,000 level. It is near the 50% Fib retracement level of the upward move from the $54,396 swing low to $57,837 high. A downside break below the $56,000 support zone could open the doors for a larger decline.

Technical indicators:

Hourly MACD – The MACD is slowly gaining pace in the bearish zone.

Hourly RSI (Relative Strength Index) – The RSI for BTC/USD is now near the 50 level.

Major Support Levels – $56,200, followed by $56,000.

Major Resistance Levels – $57,000, $57,500 and $58,500.

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Bitcoin Over $100,000 Is Still Possible By Year-End, Says Research Analyst



Picture of a shadowy bull emerging from smoke with two gold bitcoins in front of it

Bitcoin has made a number of marked recoveries in its price lately. The most notable of this recovery has been the break above $57,000. This effectively set a new four-month high, hitting price points that have not been reached since the market had peaked in May.

It is no doubt that the bulls currently have control of the market and investors’ sentiment is very positive with this. But CrossTower research analyst Martin Gaspar thinks this may only be the beginning of the rally. It would seem the analyst is in the camp of investors who expect the digital asset’s price to hit $100,000, which Gaspar says could very well happen in the three months left of 2021.

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Market Holding Steady

The CoinMarketRecap podcast hosted CrossTower research analyst Martin Gaspar on its latest episode to talk about the future trajectory of the top cryptocurrency. Gaspar, who took a bullish stance on the digital asset, emphasized the asset’s growing scarcity as a good thing for its value going forward.

Bitcoin’s scarcity is partly attributed to the increase in long-term holders of the asset. A reported 81% of the entirety of bitcoin’s supply is currently held in wallets that are holding for the long-term, also referred to as diamond hands. And this has put significant buy pressure on the market as bitcoin heads into a historic supply squeeze.

Gaspar also commented that the expected 200,000 BTC coming into the market from the Mt. Gox settlement will not lead to a mass sell-off. The analyst believes that the investors who are finally getting their bitcoins back after years of fighting for it are most likely just going to hold the coins given the growth of the asset in the past few years.

“I don’t think we’re going to see as much selling pressure from these sorts of investors. Bitcoin has continued to outperform all other assets during this timeframe, so I think a lot of them will feel it may just be safer to hold on to their Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Hitting $100K By Year-End

Martin Gaspar outlined factors that influence bitcoin price towards the end of the year. The analyst explains that the time-crunch of the year running out usually has traders putting money into the market to squeeze out more gains before the year runs out. Also, Gaspar says, that traders are coming out from the slow months of summer, and this resumption in activities can boost the market.

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Even with the recent gains in the market, Gaspar sees the market trending higher for the rest of 2021 and well into the first quarter of 2022. With this trend, the analyst puts the price at the end of the year above $100,000, perhaps even trending as high as $150,000. But Gaspar believes investors will hold through this point. Only seeing some sell-off around the $200,000 mark.

Featured image from BlockPublisher, chart from
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Bitcoin Retakes May Highs With Spike In On-Chain Activity



bitcoin btc btcusd

Anyone paying attention to Bitcoin in the past months will notice a subtle, but importance change in its fundamentals. As BTC’s price made its way back to May’s high, just before the first capitulation event, there was an uptick in on-chain activity.

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Unlike the sell-off period that occurred from May to end of July 2021, there was an increase in Bitcoin transactions. This rise led to an increment in network fees, as shown by explorer


At the time of writing, a high priority Bitcoin transaction needs to pay a 20 sat/vB to be included in the blockchain, one of the highest fees in the past month. Conversely, BTC trades at $57,632 with a 19.3% profit in the daily chart.

BTC on a rally in the daily chart. Source: BTCUSD Tradingview

Although the Bitcoin network is still far from the levels of activity experienced during its price peaked, the uptick is significant and could point towards a sustain rally by end of 2021.

According to a recent report by Glassnode, the boost in network activity suggest fresh demand for Bitcoin could arrive to the market in Q4. The research firm records a 19% grown in individual participants on-chain during the past 7-days.

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This metric stands at 291,000 active entities per day. Glassnode noted the following on what this could mean for BTC:

This value is on par with counts from late 2020 at the beginning of the last bull run. More active market participants has historically correlated with growing interest in the asset during early stage bull markets.

Source: Glassnode

In addition, there has been an increase in the median transaction size during September. This metric stands at over 1.3 BTC, the research firm claimed.

A surge in the median transaction size doesn’t necessarily implies a continuation of the current rally, but suggest more institutions are coming into the market, Glassnode added:

Generally speaking, periods near the end of bear markets are when smart money start to accumulate in size. These periods are often characterised by lower (but rising) on-chain activity and increasingly large transaction sizes.

Bitcoin To Enter Bullish Phase?

Additional data provided by Glassnode notes an increase in some important metrics. For example, the Bitcoin Percent Supply in profit for the past week reached a 4-month high.

The transaction volume in the BTC Perpetual Futures Contract reached a 3-month high of $281,278,010 on crypto exchange Bitfinex. This suggest that the derivatives market is also starting to heat up and could once again become an obstacle for the BTC bulls.

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However, the Transfer Volume as a percentage of the Realized Cap, a metric used to compare on-chain activity with the “value stored” in Bitcoin, recently rose above 3%. As Glassnode indicated, this suggest BTC could be about to enterer a bullish market phase.

Transfer Volume has once again broken above the 3% threshold suggesting growing demand for on-chain settlement of value. This is a bullish a development worth watching in the coming weeks based on its high historical signal.

Source: Glassnode
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NFT Marketplace SuperRare (RARE) Is Now Available On Binance Exchange



NFT Marketplace SuperRare (RARE) Is Now Available On Binance Exchange

The NFT marketplace SuperRare (RARE) is now being listed on Binance. 

Users can buy, trade, and withdraw RARE on Binance on the following dates:

  • Deposit & Trading: October 11th, 2021 at 06:00 (UTC).
  • Withdrawal : October 12th, 2021 at 6:00 (UTC)

SuperRare (RARE)

SuperRare is an NFT marketplace where users can buy and trade unique NFTs. These NFT are created by creators in the form of digital arts, images, videos, game items, and video games. Moreover, RARE is a marketplace for purchasing unique and single-edition artworks in NFTs.

RARE is the platform’s governance token, where token holders can control key platform parameters. Significantly, it allows holders to transfer funds from the community treasury, and to vote on proposed network and protocol enhancements.

According to Coinmarketcap, RARE is currently trading at $2.56 with a trading volume of $559,080,157 in the past 24-hours. Additionally, the price value of RARE has surged over 87% within a day.

For more information and updates, please visit:




Binance Overview

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange that is known to investors all over the world. The exchange currently has many trading pairs of cryptocurrencies on its platform. Besides, every week Binance witnesses at least one cryptocurrency getting listed on its platform.

Furthermore, Binance is constantly striving to supply the highest quality coins, which enhances trade volume and transaction rate. Binance also has its own BNB cryptocurrency, which is based on the blockchain. As a result, the Binance exchange’s listing cost for all new coins or tokens will be 0 BNB.

For more information and updates, please visit:




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Top 3 Gainers Of The Week: SHIB, STX, FTM



Top 3 gainers of the week : SHIB, STX, FTM
  • The top three gainers of the week are SHIB, STX, and FTM.
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) has jumped over 240% within a week.
  • Meme-currencies and other potential altcoins are performing well.

Across the social media platforms, it is well seen that young millennial investors are showing interest in the crypto market. These youngsters call Bitcoin “BOOMERCOIN” and they believe that some altcoins have more potential than bitcoin. But not all investors agree to this point, some hold on to the top largest cryptocurrency.

While, on the other hand, investing in any cryptocurrency seems risky, experts suggest being careful in this segment. Users should be willing to take risks when it comes to investments in digital assets. But, this young generation hunts for meme-currencies and other potential coins rather than mainstream cryptocurrencies as it’s within their budget.

Accordingly, the price chart of this week proves the power of altcoins capturing the position of highest gains. As per the data from Coinmarketcap, the top three gainers of the week are SHIB, STX, and FTM.

Current Market Status

The top highest gainer of the week is Shiba Inu (SHIB), which has already been in the bull run for the past few weeks. The price value of SHIB has jumped over 225% within a week and ranks as the 20th largest cryptocurrency in the market.

The second top gainer of the week is Stacks (STX), which displays the bullish trend for the past week. At the time of writing, the trading price of STX is $2.13 with a trading volume of $1,066,363,093 in the past 24-hours. The price value of STX has surged to 63.75% in a week and over 10% up in the last 24-hours.

The third top gainer of the week is Fantom (FTM), which has soared to 45% within a week. The current trading price of STX is $2.08 while it is 15% lower than its all-time high at $2.44. Moreover, FTM holds the 35th rank by market capitalization value.

However, meme-currencies and other altcoins are shining like a star. Investors understand the potential of these currencies and invest them valuably. On this financial run in the digital world, digital assets are considered to be the future of finance. Many investors acknowledge the merits of cryptocurrencies and invest accordingly rather than going for gold. Furthermore, there are many other altcoins that perform well competing the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

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