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NFT Project To Donate 100% Of Income To Help Afghan Women Access Education



NFT Afghan women, an NFT company has partnered with a New York-based company, Women for Afghan Women to help women in Afghanistan have access to education.

Under the new Taliban-run government, women in Afghanistan have had their rights to education restricted by the fundamentalist militants. Since this development, Afghan women have taken to the streets to protest. Over a dozen women protested outside the premises of what used to be the Afghan Women’s Affairs Ministry – until the Taliban turned it into the department for the “propagation of virtue and the prevention of vice.” NFT announced that it would be releasing a non-fungible token on October 5, and the proceeds of its sales would be given to Women for Afghan Women (WAW). Women for Afghan Women is a grassroots civil society organization dedicated to protecting and promoting the rights of disenfranchised Afghan women and girls in Afghanistan and New York.

According to the company, the inspiration for the NFT was Louisa May Alcott, who was a pioneer for women’s rights. “Not only did her many famous writings seek to lift women in society, but she was an ardent feminist, abolitionist, and supporter of women’s suffrage. As such, she seemed a perfect inspiration for our charity focus this month, which is dedicated to helping the woman and girls of Afghanistan find equality in all aspects of life.”

Total crypto market cap drops to $1.93 Trillion | Source: Crypto Total Market Cap from

The NFT is a portrait of Louisa May Alcott with two different butterfly wings. It signifies the hopeful emergence of Afghan women and girls from the restrictions that impede their freedoms. The background colors of each NFT are also different, signifying the diversity of backgrounds that make up the women and girls that Women for Afghan Women serve. There are also four different versions of this illustration to represent the 40% of Afghan children who suffer from malnutrition.

The company says it will mint 2200 copies of this NFT to represent the reported 2.2 million girls currently excluded from school in Afghanistan. 100% of the money raised from the sale of the NFTs will go towards Women for Afghan Women, with a 5% residual for each subsequent sale. The price starts at 0.025 Ether (ETH).

Other NFT And Crypto Donations To Afghanistan

There are several ongoing projects in the digital assets space that are focused on charity work towards Afghanistan. About a month ago, Jack Butcher, the founder of Visualize Value, launched a series of NFT “care packages,” that cover one Afghan family’s emergency needs for one month. This care package is still accepting donations via The Giving Block.

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Other organizations are also accepting crypto donations through The Giving Block to provide humanitarian aid in Afghanistan. They include: Save the Children. International Medical Corps, Direct Relief, and Code To Inspire.

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Nevada’s Goldfield Hotel Said to Be Portal to the Other Side




After gold was discovered on nearby Columbia Mountain in 1902, the town of Goldfield, NV ranked as one of the biggest and brightest mining towns in the west. In its boom year of 1906, the town’s mines produced $11 million in gold. A year later in 1907, the mines were generating close to $10,000.00 a day.

The earthquake-proof, four story, 154-room Goldfield Hotel was built on top of an abandoned gold mine in 1908 for $500,000.00. Being the finest lodging between Denver and San Francisco, the hotel was known as “The Gem in the Desert.”

When it opened in 1908, the hotel boasted an Otis elevator then considered the most modern lift of its kind West of the Mississippi. The Goldfield Hotel’s crystal chandeliers, elegant, mahogany-trimmed lobby with black leather upholstery, gold leaf ceilings and gilded columns rivaled the best hotels in San Francisco.

In an era when few homes or businesses had telephones or carpets, the extravagant hotel featured a sophisticated switchboard and a telephone in every guestroom. Meals were “exquisite European cuisine,” featuring oysters, quail and squid. Patrons came for dinner attired in formal clothing – black tie and tails and ball gowns

Once the largest city in Nevada, Goldfield was connected to the rest of the United States by five railroads and with Goldfield’s mines producing more than $10,000.00 a day at their peak, the town’s five banks thrived. Goldfield even had several mining stock exchanges and three newspapers. As the town boomed, its leaders were considering bringing in a trolley to run through downtown.

But, as the mines bled dry, the city lost its allure and the once splendid Goldfield Hotel ceased operation in the 1920’s. During WW II, the military took it over and added a few improvements that included a grill in order to house Army-Air Force wives whose husbands were stationed and training in the nearby remote desert.

At the end of the War, the Goldfield Hotel was once again abandoned and boarded up. Then in the 1980’s, a well-to-do new owner began to pour millions of dollars into modernizing the hotel. His dream to open the former “Gem in the Desert” in all its original splendor went broke before completion. He lost ownership to back property taxes. Vandals carried off most of the newly installed bathroom and light fixtures, eventually taking all but the bare walls.

Today the town of Goldfield is home to fewer than 300 residents, although remains the seat of Esmeralda County, which at fewer than 1,000 residents, is Nevada’s most sparsely populated county. There is no gas station, no bank, no grocery store and much less a newspaper, a far cry from when the city was known as the “Queen of Camps,” for its more than 25, 000 residents.

The Forlorn Elizabeth Haunts

With its glorious past, the ill-fated hotel remains the most prominent symbol of Goldfield’s former glory. But contributing to its ghostlike mood is the fact much of the original luxurious woodwork has been destroyed by vandals. All of the old fixtures stripped away through the years by modern day gold seekers and sold.

Before the hotel was privately purchased at auction for back taxes in August 2003, the Goldfield Historical Society opened the hotel for special “ghost” tours several times a year. Bringing famed as one of the “Scariest Places on Earth,” when the Fox network filmed an episode for Halloween by the same name that aired in October 2001.

During filming members of the crew reportedly observed a ghostly presence in the halls. Feeling unsettled, one crewmember left, refusing to go back inside. Later orbs (foggy ghostlike objects) were seen in several of the photographs taken inside, including my own photographs.

Since about 1910, room 109 has been considered haunted. Legend has it, that this room is haunted by a prostitute named Elizabeth, whom while pregnant was chained to the radiator in the room by the original hotel’s owner George Winfield.

Winfield was so angered when he discovered Elizabeth was pregnant; he denied her freedom to leave. Once her child was born, it was torn from her arms and discarded. Thrown into the cute of the abandoned gold mine over which the hotel was built.

With the disposal of Elizabeth’s child, Winfield left the young woman to die and for days, she cried out for mercy. Rescue never came, she found herself alone and abandoned. Fearing Winfield’s authority, hotel employees were afraid to come to Elizabeth’s rescue and hotel guests could not hear her because of the isolation of the room and the thickness of the walls.

Psychics that have visited room 109, say Elizabeth was either left to die there or murdered soon afterwards. Her spirit is trapped within the modest room that looks out onto a brick side wall of the hotel. On dark forlorn nights, the infant is heard crying by passerby and nearby residents.

On the first floor, George Winfield’s presence has been felt near the lobby staircase. The smell of cigar smoke and ashes have been found periodically by people inspecting the hotel and once, fresh ashes were discovered by an electrical worker within a fuse box that had not been opened in more than 50 years. Ghost hunters on the third floor have also detected high psychic energy.

Many that enter room 109 find it colder than the other rooms and feel a presence in the room. Discoloration from age on the wall where the radiator stands appears to have the outline of a human form. Cameras have been known to malfunction while inside this room.

Other ghosts have reportedly been observed in the halls and on the lobby staircase. Doors sometimes slam and mysterious odors linger. Clairvoyants who have come to examine the building, say the Goldfield Hotel is among several portals or gateways to the otherworldly.

During the annual Esmeralda County land auction in August 2003, the Goldfield Hotel was sold for $360,000. The new owner was said to have plans to refurbish the bottom two floors of the four-story hotel and open them to the public. To date, the hotel remains empty and boarded.

Goldfield is located hallway between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada on U.S. highway 95.

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How To Buy Furniture With Various Credit Options




As necessity is mother of the invention, many look for opportunities in times of crisis. There will be some solution for every problem. People all over the world are working to finance their needs. People who are in dire need of money look for those who can make their work easier. Coming to the point, buying something costly needs money. So explore various options and arrive at a conclusion.

After the sub-prime crisis of 2008, industries took some years to get out of that shock. Real-estate and furniture business often go in hand in hand. The furniture industry received set back in that period. People felt a bit wary about the credit card system. But after signs of recovery, shopping malls and online sites witnessed more sales over the years. Many of the people can’t afford high-end furniture. But, one can find many options for financing the furniture. Whether it is online or brick mortar store, look for a credit option.

To clear the air, I will be discussing a few popular options here.

Linking Credit cards

Many sites and shopping centers provide this service to engage their customers. Every month the customer due got automatically deducted from the card. Though it comes with an extra cost, it is a simple and easy option provided everything goes fine.

Retailer Financing

The name says it all. Due to competition from online and offline businesses, some retailers and e-commerce sites are experimenting this option. They are offering good options in terms of repayment. And this option can be bait in some cases. So go through all the details carefully. If there is confusion about the volatility in the interest rate, leave this option.

Payday loans

These are a kind of short-term loans. Agencies providing such products charge exorbitant rates of interest. So while choosing this option, prepare for the next day.

Financing agencies

These are third parties which issue their own credit cards and debit cards to purchase. Now many financing agencies like Quickspark and Synchrony are coming with shopper-friendly financial products. They also help businesses to grow in multifold given the rise in credit purchases. The majority of purchases are done in this method.

Long-term products- For example, if the price of the sofa is 200$, with the long-term financing, the price of the product soars. It can even cost 400$ at times. So calculate everything related to the price and make a decision.

Financing should be beneficial to both customers and business organizations. The customers should calculate the risk. Customers with zero knowledge on this area can get entangled in many problems. It sometimes can be legally problematic besides confiscating properties.

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The Right Mortgage Option for Buying a Home




Things that can affect which type of mortgage option is right depends greatly on the home buyer. There are different types of low down payment and no down payment mortgages. Some homes loans are best suited for specific types of homes. Distressed homes, for instance are best matched with an FHA 203k renovation loan. This type of home loan has funds for repairs structured into it.

Of all the mortgage options available, fixed rate loans are the safest. Back in the days of subprime lending by predatory lenders, many borrowers fell prey to overwhelming debt. A fixed rate home loan is more secure for many home buyers; there’s no confusion about monthly payments and interest.

Compared to an ARM, it’s much easier to calculate a fixed rate mortgage too. The most familiar of these is the 30-year conventional. Home buyers usually make a 10% – 20% down payment with a fixed interest rate. FHA loan products have a 3.5% deposit.

Conventional loans have a lender insurance premium when less than 20% is deposited. This premium called PMI, or private mortgage insurance, protects lenders in case of borrower default. If the loan-to-value reaches 80%, PMI can be dismissed. Buying at lower rates enables buyers to make extra principal payments. This means PMI can be dismissed sooner rather than later.

For some home-buyers a 15-year or bi-weekly fixed rate loan is more attractive. These debts are paid off much faster than 30-year conventional mortgages.

An ARM, or adjustable rate mortgage, can be a useful product for some home buyers. This type of loan is best for buyers when interest rates are low. What borrowers must consider is the length of time they intend to stay in the home. Borrowers benefit if they are going to stay only a few years, sell the property and move before rates rise. If a borrower can pay the mortgage off before rates rise, that’s even better.

ARM’s also have fixed rates, but harder to understand. There is a specific rate which, as interest rates rise and fall, remains the same. As rates go up and down, a percent is added or subtracted but subject to caps. These caps dictate the maximum and lowest rates you can expect. Make sure you understand the loan terms on an ARM.

Buyers should spend time calculating mortgage options with different down payments and interest rates. This helps them to see how the expense of carrying a mortgage will impact their finances.

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Home Loan – The Best Option For Our Basic Need




A nice home to stay is what every body may desire for but is everybody able to fulfill this aspiration is questionable. In India majority of the people belong to middle income group and to buy a house out of their bank account may just be impossible for them. Even though the middle-class salaries are rising, the inflation in India is balancing on the increase and people are finding it hard to improve on their savings. So under such a situation an individual can only look for finance options to fulfill even his basic needs.

A house to stay is just one of the basic requirements of a person but investment in the same in not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore to overcome such problem Indian banks have introduced home loans. Home loan in India provides funds to an individual who wants to purchase a house. These loans provide anytime availability of cash for buying a house.

Housing loan is the best option on which we can rely to complete our need for a house. Home loans are easily available in the market and there are many banks and housing finance companies that can extend you a loan at affordable interest rate. However one should always remember that there are a lot of hassles that may come your way of availing a home loan.

Home loans are available for varying tenure at different interest rate. Repayment of the loan is made through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) that is calculated by the lender and it depends mainly on the interest rate charged on loan and the loan tenure. However different lenders have different calculation methods of estimating the EMI. Besides one can easily opt for an EMI that suits his budget.

Again these home loans are offered at two kinds of interest rates-fixed and floating- that provides a choice to the borrower. Fixed home loan keeps your interest rate fixed throughout the loan tenure while under a floating rate loan interest rate varies according to the market interest rate. The leading home loan lenders in India are SBI, ICICI, HDFC, etc and if you research well on them, there are a range of home loans that vary from 7% to 16%.

So can easily avail a home loan floating in the market but it is better to compare the interest rate offered by different lenders while you go for your home loan shopping. Also carefully read the loan agreement that you have to sign at the time of availing the loan. The borrower also has to provide certain documents to the lender to avail such a loan.

Hence shelter which is inevitable need for any person can be taken care by home loans. Merely by following an easy course of action, home loan can be availed by any individual in India.

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Bad Debt Consolidation – Solace From All Debt Strains




Small irregularities and even ignorance from a borrower can lead to the creation of debts for him. These debts have a lasting effect on the credit history of the borrowers in case there is a requirement in the future. To take care of such debts and combat their effect on future financial dealings, bad debt consolidation is the action which is recommended to all suffering borrowers.

The debts that are created for the borrowers may be due to missed repayments or arrears which are created knowingly or unknowingly. These debts lower the credit score of a borrower and a bad credit history for the borrower is created if the score goes lower than 580 on the FICO scale. Bad debt consolidation helps the borrowers by managing these unpaid debts so that an improvement can be made in the credit standings of the borrower.

Consolidation of bad debts can be done by taking up a loan which equals all the debts combined together. The total amount borrowed will pay off all the unpaid amounts that the borrower owes. Now instead of multiple debts of the borrower, he will now just have to repay only one loan with a single lender. Also, this saves the money of the borrower since the new loan taken up is sought at a lower rate of interest.

The borrowers may take up the money for bad debt consolidation through the secured or the unsecured form depending upon the amount required and also the availability of assets. Also, those borrowers who already have a bad credit history can also take up this process to improve their credit history.

Applying online for obtaining bad debt consolidation will help the borrowers get lower rates for the loan amount. Moreover, professional help can be sought better through the online mode with the wide variety of resources that are available.

Bad debt consolidation removes the burden of debts from the borrowers. They can make use of this chance and improve their credit history easily by removing all pending debts.

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DeFi’s Bullish Outlook Surpassed Blockchain and NFTs



DeFi’s Bullish Outlook Surpassed Blockchain and NFTs

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is now emerging at a lightning speed providing the users to experience digitized financial services. Through this, DeFi’s contribution is expanding resulting in a rise in the crypto market capitalization. Grabbing the attention of the users into the digital space, DeFi is now incredibly succeeding the crypto market 

Recent times, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain technology were in trend evolving around the town. Besides, NFTs had a great power representing anything to digital which scored a massive hike in the market. And NFTs and blockchain were some of the trending subjects in the crypto industry. 

But, now DeFi increased its Total value locked (TVL)  more than 80% reaching $200B surpassing both NFTs and Blockchain crypto trends.

Boom of DeFi

DeFi assets are more likely providing a digital and a decentralized platform for all financial products and services. The main aim of the DeFi ecosystem is to break the traditional practice of all services related with funds. Rather, it is enhancing the system to work with smart contact technology on blockchain networks. 

Besides, through its innovative technologies DeFi is seeking a lot of recent attention from notable investors around the world. Perhaps the decentralized financial systems help the investors to ease their digital transactions to the next phase. Thus, DeFi adoption by a large number of users booms its value and its market presence. 

Last week, DappRadar submitted a report  to the Dapp industry regarding the developments of the blockchain ecosystem. The provided data is the developments in the blockchain in Q3 2021 along with latest trends of NFTs and games. Among all other digital platforms, DeFi space is more competitive by consolidating Terra, Solana and Avalanche as DeFi players. Besides the TVL crossing $178.12 billion in the industry. 

DeFi -The Game Changer

More so, DeFi initially started on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and till now more than 70% of DeFi assets are associated with ETH for the smart contract feature. Thus, Ethereum is popularly known as the backbone of DeFi.

Further, with all new technologies and developments, DeFi can become the future of the crypto world. The crypto networks aligned with DeFi empowers the investors to earn, trade and transact the assets without any intermediaries and paperworks. 

Therefore, DeFi protocol is delivering a world class decentralized financial services which benefits the investors on a large scale. Thus the performance of DeFi in the crypto market will make a game changing impact in the digital world.

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Shortcaps of the Cardano (ADA) Summit 2021



Shortcaps of the Cardano (ADA) Summit 2021
  • Cardano Summit 2021 outshines the whole platform.
  • The platform to be innovated in aspects of NFTs and DeFi.
  • Announcements confirm numerous partnerships on the rise.

The Cardano Summit 2021 was a huge success, as far as the team from Cardano Foundation insists. But yet, many exciting news were announced officially, regarding the future plans for the platforms, numerous partnerships and more. 

Plans for the Cardano Platform

The Cardano Foundation is said to have founded the Cardano (ADA) Summit too. Accordingly for the year 2021, the Cardano Summit was held in about six different countries in a period of two days. Upon this, the Cardano Summit 2021, held in the month of September in 2021 gave out a huge aura of positivity.  

In spite of all this, the CEO of Cardano Foundation, Frederick Gregaard states that the main notion of their platform is to technologically excel.  This will be for adopting more and more new functions that could be enabled upon it.  

Also, the CEO states that numerous partnerships are being made. These are mainly focused on developing the platform in both technical aspects as well as business wise too. 

Furthermore, he terms that the platform is being extensively on profuse research and development in order to accommodate both Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) extravagantly. 

The Partnerships

Besides numerous partnerships which were announced, Cardano now ties up with Rival, an ESports platform. This in turn means that Cradano will be dealing in one or more ways with EPL, NBA and NFL teams profusely. 

In addition, Cardano will be serving as the technology partner for Veritree, an organization which uses blockchains and more environment oriented projects, specifically growing trees and much more. 

Furthermore,  Cardano has also partnered with Union Bank of Philippines in terms of funds, finance technology wise with Venture Studios, and also with powerhouse technology firm AID-TECH. 

With all these into account it seems that Cardano is making itself even more solid and stable, at the same time, a pathway to grow profusely. Therefore, it all contradicts that Ethereum (ETH) will soon be at stake!

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Quick History: The War On Tokens & Crypto Bans



The war on digital money continues.

Since the drop of the first token in 2009, there has been a battle for control going on within the digital world. This war is generally financially based, as countries try to secure greater control and grip on decentralized exchanges and cryptocurrency.

Here is a brief look into a few different perspectives from countries that have tried to close the door on cryptocurrencies.

A Brief Look Into The Hate

We’ll take a fundamental look at crypto’s history for those who are less familiar on details that can impact geographical and geopolitical perspectives. For those who are less familiar around cryptocurrency and it’s history we will take a quick dive in: the first crypto coin to bless us was Bitcoin in 2009. Starting as an idea on paper, it grew into a $50K+ top dog coin and blockchain that is finding it’s way into New York’s stock market via ETFs.

With its 9,000,000% rise in the last decade, it’s safe to say Bitcoin is the founder and start of where this war begins.

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As time progressed and Bitcoin grew, more coins started to arise and make a mark in the world of digital currency. In 2013, China attempted to ban the coin, and label it an insufficient and illegal currency. 

At a high level, what makes these coins a hot commodity to control is the ability to use these coins across the web to buy and purchase many things both online and off. On top of that, it has formed into the new “gold rush,” as young and old investors took a liking to the profit and growth of these coins – especially Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has long positioned itself as the top dog and face of crypto.: BTC on

The first to enact an official ban was Bolivia’s central bank, as they banned all forms of currency that were not regulated by the government, including Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency across the world in June 2014. Many other countries have since created loopholes and laws to regulate and/or ban these coins.

Egypt has not yet made the ban official, but according to Sharia law all crypto currency is prohibited, according to the Islamic legislation. Many countries fear that these coins could become more damaging then helping for their economy, and the “war” around crypto has led to some countries enacting laws accordingly.  

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The Latest “War”: China’s Ban

This year, China made headlines again by indefinitely banning all cryptocurrency and crypto-mining. The Chinese government proceeded to have banks and exchanges shut down crypto-related activity. This really is no surprise after their attempts stemming back to 2013; meanwhile, their approach (or one similar) has also been adopt from countries like Turkey, Algeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Bolivia. Additionally, the UK dropped the hammer on Binance for not meeting money laundering requirements.

It is especially difficult for countries, states, and cities across the globe to regulate and monitor the activity on the blockchain, and how we use this new form of currency – emphasized by it’s mystique and ability to stay below the radar when it comes to making transactions.

What countries will do battle in this new era of financial war?

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OpenSea Upon Controversy on Hitler NFTs!



OpenSea Upon Controversy on Hitler NFTs!
  • Numerous Adolf Hitler based artwork NFTs are available on the OpenSea.
  • Many raise concerns upon certain disturbing NFTs.
  • OpenSea assures removal of any sort of disturbing NFTs to ensure trust.

Controversies upon the crypto industry and among altcoins, one dragging the other and many such are a usual thing. However, a controversy upon one of its attributes, specifically the non-fungible tokens (NFT) platform is obviously not so. There have been certain disputes regarding the copyrights and stuff, but nothing as much to this extent. 

Accordingly, the world’s largest and most renowned NFT platform and marketplace, the OpenSea is now facing immense pressures. This is due to the fact that many NFTs, mostly artworks based on Adolf Hitler are prominently available on the platform.

Hitler NFT Controversy 

The OpenSea is really an open sea for the NFTs. Being the largest and most well established NFT marketplace all over the world. Despite all this, OpenSea now faces certain controversial issues regarding the availability of certain artworks. 

The availability of Hitler based NFTs on a large number has kindled the fire. Apart from being available in large numbers, many NFTs possess titles which are quite disturbing. Titles such as ‘Heil Hitler’, ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’, ‘ Hitler the leader’ are a few of such. 

Also, digital artworks of the same based on Hitler are quite being best sellers upon the OpenSea platform. 

In spite of all this, numerous concerns and controversies were created upon the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

Indeed, the OpenSea platform handled the situation quite well. In spite of all the hustle and bustle created, OpenSea declared officially that any sort of disturbing or violent or offensive NFTs upon their platform will be removed immediately irrespectively. 

Moreover, they mentioned that their sole goal is to establish a wide range and availability of all sorts of NFTs of any relative topics. 

Also they term, they are in obligeance to the law and will always ensure maximum trust upon their customers. 

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Solana’s Growth Has Been on a Rise, but There’s a Catch!



Solana's Growth Has Been on a Rise, but There's a Catch!
  • Solana’s DeFi projects surpassed $3 billion. 
  • SOL’s NFT market value reached $1 billion.

It was a thrilling and nerve-wracking quarter for the crypto-community. While Bitcoin and Ethereum had good quarters, it was the younger protocols that dominated. Projects like Solana, Avalanche, and Terra have seen substantial growth in smart contract platforms, outperforming the broader market. All of the above gained above 300 percent on the charts.

Despite a surge in new user adoption owing to the fast growth of NFTs, the Ethereum network suffered from record high transaction fees throughout the year. This includes $1.96 billion in fees only in Q3.

As consumers looked for low-cost Ethereum alternatives, this helped competitors like Solana and Avalanche. With ETH’s transaction cost above $55, SOL’s price soared almost $200 in early September.

Solana Can Compete with Rivals

The corresponding peak in SOL and ETH’s mean transaction cost raised suspicion that Ethereum was driving SOL’s rise. Was this all SOL’s growth?

As the alt currency reached $200 per token in August-September, the market dubbed it “Solana Summer.” This from only $2 at the start of the year. Pessimism took hold shortly after the asset’s ATH of $215. This fueled suspicion that ETH had triggered SOL’s rise. But Solana’s rally was more organic than it appeared. In September, Solana’s DeFi projects surpassed $3 billion. The sheer number of SOL projects shows it can compete with ETH and other ETH-killers.

Solana benefited from the emergence of NFTs as an interoperable blockchain platform. On October 2, SOL’s NFT market value reached $1 billion. The same highlighted the fact that new funds have entered the coin markets.

SOL/USDT: Source: TradingView

Solana’s market has been slow lately, but it has held onto the $164 barrier. With Ubeswap collaborating with Allbridge to provide both Solana’s native asset SOL and Saber’s governance token SBR to Celo, the alt got a social boost. Regardless of the costs. Even if a price pump reverses the damage, it is doubtful that SOL will see a prolonged recovery in the foreseeable future.

Nonetheless, Solana’s rise has been undeniable. Despite price consolidation, the seventh-ranked coin has maintained its chart position. Daily and weekly advances of 2.89 and 10.10 percent may make a bigger return when cryptocurrencies rise. According to CoinMarketCap, the price of Solana today is $157.83 with a 24-Hour trading volume of $1,776,247,536.

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