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Tainted: Did you see someone stealing a catalytic converter from a handicap van?



Tainted: Did you see someone stealing a catalytic converter from a handicap van?


Thursday, Sept. 23 between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. a thief or thieves stole the catalytic converter from my nephew’s handicap van while it was parked in a handicap spot in front of the Marcus movie theater in Oakdale.

My nephew is still recovering from major surgery just two weeks ago. It’s very sad that someone would steal from a quadriplegic.  This van (a 20-year-old black Ford) is my nephew’s only transportation.

If anyone saw this crime being committed, please alert the Oakdale Police Department.

Allen Eldridge, Maplewood



On Sept. 21 I was riding on the trail near Powers Lake and my billfold must have fallen out of my bike pack. While I was back searching for it, my wife called and told me a nice young couple had just stopped by our house to return my billfold which they had found on the path.

Since they would not share their name, all she could do was to thank them profusely.

It is very nice to know that in this divided time in our country, there are people who do the right thing. Thank you VERY much.

John Pletcher, Woodbury



Episcopal Homes long-term-care center on University Avenue needs to be Sainted.

My father needed a nursing home a year ago, and we found a bit of heaven at the Episcopal Homes. It is like a home away from his home. The staff were so careful with caring for the residents during the COVID outbreaks. The women and men who work hard everyday helping my father with his daily needs are definitely saints. I too have been greeted with great kindness and understanding.

I don’t look forward to growing old and perhaps needing help with daily living but if Episcopal Homes are still around, I hope I can spend the last years of my life with the kind and caring staff of there. I will never be able to express my appreciation enough. I hope this is a small step in knowing what incredible people there are in this world. Thanks, Episcopal Homes.

Sheila Walker, St. Paul

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