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Kelly Price finally comes forward to clear the air (Video)



Photo may have been deleted


After days of rumors about her health, gospel singer Kelly Price has finally come forward to clear the air.

Kelly, who was hospitalized with Covid-19 in August, explained to TMZ that she had been at home battling Covid-19 with the help of her doctor and her secret husband, Darrell Crump.

Kelly’s doctor advised her to go to the emergency room when her fever spiked and she experienced shortness of breath at home.

Fighting back tears, Kelly told TMZ she “flatlined” in the emergency room and remembers waking up to her doctor asking her what year it was to test her memory.

1632751067 925 Kelly Price finally comes forward to clear the air Video

Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

She was released home when her vital signs stabilized and the hospital needed the bed.

Kelly claims she infected her husband with Covid-19 but he is now recovered with no long haul symptoms.

Kelly’s sister sparked speculation when she called into a YouTuber’s show to say the singer was still missing and she had not heard from her in months.

Singer Kelly Price Missing After Covid 19 Hospitalization

JLN Photography/

However, the “Friend of Mine” singer explained she is estranged from her sister, and she wouldn’t allow visitors to her home because she and her husband were sick with Covid-19.

Kelly also accused her sister of manipulating her two adult children. She said she hasn’t seen her sister since their mother’s funeral years ago.

Kelly claims she was forced to leave her home recently because “fans” have been dropping by her home to check on her all hours of the day and night.

Kelly thanked her fans for their well wishes in an Instagram post on Monday.

Rumors swirled over the weekend that Kelly, 48, was in an acute care facility on a ventilator after Covid-19 destroyed her lungs.

Kelly’s Atlanta attorney, Monica Ewing, said Friday that her client was “safe” and recovering from Covid at an undisclosed location.

Watch Kelly’s video below.

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You Good, Bro? Boosie Tweets Homophobic Rant Suggesting Lil Nas X Should ‘Commit Suicide,’ Montero Masterfully Responds



You Good, Bro? Boosie Tweets Homophobic Rant Suggesting Lil Nas X Should ‘Commit Suicide,’ Montero Masterfully Responds

Boosie Badazz is clearly fighting some demons of his own, and for some reason, he’s still taking that out on Lil Nas X.

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Over the weekend, Lil Nas X continued to do what he does best: troll. In a clip from Instagram Live, which made its way around social media, the “Industry Baby” singer joked that he has a song with Boosie on the way.

“I been working on this song with Lil Boosie, bro. I have this song with Lil Boosie, gonna come out,” he told fans at the time.

Once Boosie caught wind of this harmless joke, he does what we all expected him to do and threw even more homophobia Lil Nas X’s way–but this time, it was even more violent than usual.


While the tweet remained published for a while, it has since been deleted for violating the platform’s rules.

In true Lil Nas X fashion, he didn’t respond directly to the alarming homophobia and self-hatred oozing from Boosie at all times. Instead, he took advantage of his name trending on Twitter to troll us all.

“I am truly saddened. i have never been so mortified in my life,” he began. “I can’t believe disney channel has yet to play halloween town this entire october.”

Of course, this is far from the first time Boosie has come for Lil Nas X, but back in September, the singer implied the comments did not affect him.

“I was listening to Boosie in the club the other day. I don’t really care. Honestly, I wish they didn’t say it, I guess,” He said of the rapper during an appearance on The Breakfast Club. “But I like the music, I’m gonna listen to the music. If somebody got beef with me, that doesn’t mean I got beef with them.”

When asked if he would consider replying to the hateful messages, Lil Nas X said, “Only if I have something really witty.”

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Emily Ratajowski, Nicholas Braun & More Appear In Halloween Talk Show Sketch On ‘SNL’ With Jason Sudeikis



Emily Ratajowski, Nicholas Braun & More Appear In Halloween Talk Show Sketch On ‘SNL’ With Jason Sudeikis

Kenan Thompson’s ‘D’Andre’ hosted the ‘SNL’ talk show sketch, which included a few familiar faces — including cousin Greg from ‘Succession’!

You never know who might pop up on Saturday Night Live — and October 23rd was no exception! While Jason Sudeikis, 45, hosted the episode, the former SNL cast member had a supporting role in this sketch which was all Kenan Thompson. As a BET logo flashed on the screen, Kenan introduced the spoof talk show called, “What’s Up With That — Halloween Edition” that included some major guests like Emily Ratajkowski, Oscar Issac and Succession’s Nicholas Braun.

Nicholas Braun, Emily Ratajkowski and Oscar Issac appeared as guest stars on Oct. 23. (SNL)

“We’re taking on the issues of the day with soul,” Kenan declared, rocking a longer hair ‘do and a ’70s inspired burgundy suit. He went on to introduce his guests — Oscar, who was dressed as a pirate, Emily, as a cat in tiger ears, and Succession actor Nicholas Braun — who appeared to come as just himself.

Jason Sudekis
Jason Sudeikis was a back up dancer on ‘What’s Up With That?’. (SNL)

Kenan didn’t let the gang do much talking, however, as he continued on with his rather repetitive song. “I woke up this morning and I got out of bed…hid from a ghost and a scary black cat….ooh wee. What’s up with that, what’s up with that?” Kenan’s D’Andre crooned with a little help from another guest star: Fred Armisen as Giuseppe the saxophone player and Jason Sudeikis, who appeared to be channeling The Royal Tenenbaums in a red Adidas suit while doing his doing as a back-up dancer.

“Well thank you very much for joining us. We’re excited about Halloween! It might get a little creepy. It might get a little stinky!” Kenan then told the group, as Chris Redd busted a move in the audience before turning his attention to Fred’s Giuseppe.

“I hope your wife is feeling better,” Kenan said to a chuckling Fred, rocking a long wig just like Kenny G (who is one of the most successful artists of all time). “That wasn’t a joke, Giuseppe,” Kenan clarified. After brief chatter with his guests, D’Andre appeared to be confused about Nicholas — confusing him with Lindsey Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.

“He has been on every show that we have ever had for the last 12 years — Lindsey Buckingham,” D’Andre announced, seemingly thinking the legendary rocker was dressed up as Cousin Greg from Succession. “The best cousin Greg from Succession I have ever seen,” he noted to a confused Nicholas.

“I’m Nicholas Braun,” the Succession star corrected multiple times throughout the sketch. The guests — including Oscar — didn’t get the chance to do much talking, though, as Kenan went right back into his song.

“Well, we outta time — but I wanna thank Oscar Issac for being here,” D’Andre said at the end, with Oscar noting, “That’s how I thought it would go.”

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Jason Sudeikis Hilariously Spoofs Ellen DeGeneres On ‘SNL’ With ‘Mellen’ — Watch



Jason Sudeikis

Move over Ellen — Mellen has arrived in the form of Jason Sudeikis! The actor brought his spin on the talk show host to ‘SNL.’

Jason Sudeikis, 45, brought all the laughs on Saturday Night Live — including in this Ellen DeGeneres spoof! The Ted Lasso star played spoofed male version Mellen who dressed just like the talk show host, and had a show in a very similar looking set as a voice over explained the difference between the two.

“Mellen’s a man man! You never know what Mellen might do next! He won’t just hi-five the audience, he’ll fist pump them too,” they explained, noting there were some similarities — including sneak up surprises!

Jason Sudeikis spoofs talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. (NBC)

“Just like Ellen, Mellen has sneak up surprises,” the voice over said, as Mellen interviewed Chris Redd‘s character who appeared to be against the COVID-19 vaccine. As Chris was speaking, a nurse pupped up from behind and stuck a syringe right into his neck for a Gotcha! moment. “You just got vaxxed, Mellen style!” Jason’s Mellen quipped.

The actor’s journey to his long-time role at SNL — which gave him the platform for a successful film career — came after he wanted to become a member of the Blue Man Group. “They flew me out to New York…That was August of 2001, right before 9/11. And I got to see myself bald and blue,” he hilariously said to GQ last year. Shortly after, he was asked to audition for Lorne and the Saturday Night Live team — which he wasn’t keen on.

“I didn’t want to work on SNL,” he confssed. “At a certain point in your comedy journey, you have to look at it as like McDonald’s…You have to be like: ‘No. Never’,” he reasoned, eventually, of course, saying yes. “It was like having a crush on the prettiest girl at school and being like, ‘She seems like a jerk.’ And it’s like, ‘Oh, really? ‘Cause she said she liked you.’ ‘She what?!” he went on, drawing a parallel to his actual feelings.

Jason has been in the headlines in recent months for changes in his personal life: the actor’s longtime relationship with Olivia Wilde, 37, came to an end in Nov. 2020. The exes are parents to Otis, 7, and Daisy, 4, who they continue to co-parent. “I’ll have a better understanding of why in a year…and an even better one in two, and an even greater one in five, and it’ll go from being, you know, a book of my life to becoming a chapter to a paragraph to a line to a word to a doodle,” he said in the same interview. “That’s an experience that you either learn from or make excuses about. You take some responsibility for it, hold yourself accountable for what you do, but then also endeavor to learn something beyond the obvious from it,” he also said.

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