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Nick Cannon reveals his therapist told him to ‘take a break’ from sowing his seed



Photo may have been deleted


Father-of-seven Nick Cannon reveals his therapist told him to “take a break” from sowing his seed and try celibacy.

The media mogul told Entertainment Tonight that his therapist recommended celibacy after he welcomed three babies back-to-back this year.

“My therapist said I should be celibate. Okay, give me a break. I’m [gonna] take a break from having kids.”

Nick welcomed three babies in June by two mothers — son Zen with model Alyssa Scott, and twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with DJ Abby De La Rosa.

Six months earlier his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell gave birth to their daughter Powerful Queen, and they already share a 4-year-old son named Golden.

Photo may have been deleted


Nick also shares 10-year-old fraternal twins Moroccan, left, and Monroe, right, with his ex-wife, superstar singer Mariah Carey. They divorced in 2016 after 8 years of marriage.

Nick never remarried, but he went on a seed-sowing spree, fathering children with multiple women– until his therapist told him to take a break.

The doting dad spends most of his free time with his three eldest children – twins Moroccan and Monroe and son Golden. He often posts them on social media.

Photo may have been deleted


In a video shared on Nick’s Instagram account, the three siblings recorded the theme song for daddy’s new daytime TV talk show.

He also spends quality time with his four infants. Meanwhile, Nick is constructing a compound in California where all 7 of his children will grow up together.

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‘Rhodes To The Top’ Preview: Brandi Worries Contractions ‘In My Back’ Means Her Baby Is On The Way



‘Rhodes To The Top’ Preview: Brandi Worries Contractions ‘In My Back’ Means Her Baby Is On The Way

Brandi Rhodes wonders if she’s going into labor in this EXCLUSIVE preview of ‘Rhodes to the Top,’ and she – along with Cody Rhodes – share why they ‘pulled back the curtain’ on their lives with this show.

Things are going perfectly fine for Brandi Rhodes at the start of HollywoodLife’s sneak peek at the upcoming episode of Rhodes To The Top. The Chief Branding Officer for All Elite Wrestling is about to throw “80s Night” for AEW Heels, a “community that I constructed for female fans to talk about wrestling.” However, Brandi – pregnant with her and Cody Rhodes child – gets a call she cannot ignore. “I’m having pretty intense contractions,” says Brandi in a confessional. “They’re in my back, actually, which I’ve never really felt before. So, kinda starting to wonder if this baby’s actually coming.” A chat with the midwife doesn’t really shed some light, as they’re left to wonder if this is Braxton-Hicks (false labor pains) or the real deal. Fans will have to tune in to TNT on Saturday (Oct. 16) at 10 pm EST to see what the doctor has to say.

Rhodes to the Top shows all the drama and joy involved with AEW’s power couple. As to why the couple would want to invite a camera crew in to document this high-stressful time in their lives, Brandi and Cody say that this is a chance to give back to the fans who have supported them from day one. “This is the ‘perfect storm’ moment,” Brandi says during an EXCLUSIVE interview with HollywoodLife. “We are now at a point where our personal lives are peaking — in that, we’re becoming parents and growing our family —  I think it was just kind of the perfect moment for all of that stuff to be something that we share. Our [AEW] fans have been with us since day one, so they kind of feel like they were on the ground floor when everything happened. I’m sure they’re clamoring to see a little bit of a ‘behind the curtain’ to see what else is going on that maybe we don’t know about that we weren’t there for.”


“And of course, the fans of Cody and I, we’ve been together for a long time working together,” says Brandi. “In different companies and on television, our fans have always wondered when we are going to have a family, and now, we are. So, we’re pulling the curtain back on that process too.” Brandi also said that Rhodes to the Top works because they have “easy content,” where other reality television shows struggle to fill a half-hour. The Rhodes didn’t have that problem. “It became ‘what don’t we film?’ That became the issue here,” she said.

“We put the mics on us, turn the camera on, and being producers on this show, we were able to keep that true,” adds Cody. “So I’m very proud of what people are going to see. If anything. It’s a really authentic show.”

Rhodes to the Top promises to show Cody and Brandi navigating both the wrestling world and the unknown territory of becoming parents for the first time. “There’s a balance between what you see behind the scenes,” says Brandi, “and then a balance of what you see with us in the family life. As the series went on — you know, for most of it, I was pregnant. We get this kind of crescendo of having this baby, and then it’s a little bit of the cliffhanger.”

“I am hopeful for more seasons of the show, and I’m hopeful that, in those seasons, we’re able to see a little bit more of some of the family life, because like I said, we filmed so much stuff that didn’t even make it. Hopefully will be shared socially, but a lot of that stuff was with family and friends. So, we’ll see.”

1634328498 680 ‘Rhodes To The Top Preview Brandi Worries Contractions ‘In My

Brandi also doubled down on her promise to return to the ring. “I don’t say things that I don’t mean, so I absolutely intend on making a return,” she said. “I intend on doing a lot of things. I’ve never been someone who intended on being a stay-at-home mom.”

Since Rhodes to the Top is about family, Cody revealed what he thought his father — the late wrestler, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes – would think about his son having a reality television series. “With respect to my dad, I would hope he would see a show called Rhodes to the Top and see these giant billboards popping up everywhere as his legacy. His name and his grandchild being part of it, that he would just be as entertained as we hope everyone else is.”

“I know that the story of ‘rags to riches’ that Dusty presented — being the son of a plumber. It’s very different when you look at the ‘American Nightmare.’ That’s more of a riches-to-riches story. So, I feel like he probably would have a lot of conflicts with who I’ve become, the executive that I am, but that’s always what’s been and made our family, in my opinion, very special,” says Cody. “I’m not doing a tribute act Dusty, Dustin [Runnels, Cody’s brother and fellow wrestler] isn’t doing a tribute act to me. We’re all very different. We want to be different to just bolster this thing that Dusty started. I would hope he gets a special kick out of it. I know Michelle [Rubio, Cody’s mother] — you know they were married almost forty years to see her on-screen and know how hard it is to get her on-screen. He would go nuts for “hat.”

Rhodes To The Top airs on TNT with the next two episodes airing on Saturday, October 16 at 10PM ET/PT and on Saturday, October 23 at 10PM ET/PT.

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Dem Tings Tingin’: A Gallery Of Feathered Baddies Who Stunned At Miami Carnival 2021



Dem Tings Tingin’: A Gallery Of Feathered Baddies Who Stunned At Miami Carnival 2021

Feathered and fine

Life is so unseasoned and ashy without Carnival SZN that returned with the sun-splashed Miami Carnival where thousands of beautiful baddies flaunted their fabulously feathered costumes in the heart of south Florida.

For those tardy to the party, Miami Carnival begins the week before Indigenous Peoples’ Day in October with the official J’Ouvert popping off on Saturday morning.

The Parade of the Bands features over 18,000 masqueraders in over 20 masquerade bands having the time of their lives on an approved parade route.

Each band has a theme that comes alive in a kaleidoscope of colors, as well as huge King and Queen costumes – some of them more than 15-feet wide and 20-feet tall.

On the big stage, the bands act out their portrayals before judges from across the globe to win the coveted title of “Band of the Year” along with the huge cash prize.

If you’ve ever attended a Carnival parade (as a spectator or participant), you know the music, caribbean cake-clapping and pageantry are legendary.

And that’s only one of several events that include a concert showcasing international Caribbean stars like Machel Montano, David Rudder, Super Blue, Stalin, Crazy, Rikki Jai, Shurwayne Winchester, Byron Lee’s Dragonaires, Leon Coldero and Code 868, Kes The Band, Burning Flames, Hot Flames, Jam Band, Alison Hinds, Bunji Garlin, Fay-Ann Lyons and many more.

Have you ever attended Carnival? if so, what’s your fondest memory? If not, what are you waiting for? Tell us down below and enjoy a gallery of feathered baddies who stunned at Miami Carnival 2021.

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How To Dress Up As Kim Kardashian From The 2021 Met Gala This Halloween For Under $50



kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian shocked the world when she rocked a completely covered-up all-black outfit to the 2021 Met Gala & we have the perfect costume you can wear to recreate her look this Halloween for under $50.

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, we may receive an affiliate commission.

Kim Kardashian is always taking risks when it comes to fashion and that’s exactly what she did at the 2021 Met Gala. She arrived on the red carpet wearing a head-to-toe black Balenciaga ensemble featuring a tight tunic, skintight leggings, pointed-toe heeled boots, and a tight face mask that covered up her entire face.

Kim Kardashian at the 2021 Met Gala. (Matt Baron/Shutterstock)

Kim’s outfit caused a major stir on social media as people were shocked to see her covered up in the unique ensemble, and thus, all of the memes ensued. Just in time for Halloween, we rounded up a bunch of pieces for under $50 that will allow you to recreate her look to make the perfect costume.

1. ZaneGear Costume Skin Mask

Kim’s entire face was covered at the Met Gala and this headpiece looks just like hers. Even better, it’s breathable and comfortable so you don’t have to stress about wearing it all day long. If you want to make room to pull a ponytail through, as Kim did, then simply cut a hole in the back and slip your hair through. $15,

2. Hi Clasmix High Waisted Leggings

Kim also wore a pair of skintight black leggings and these are a perfect option. Not only can you wear them on Halloween, but you can rewear them throughout the winter. They’re super comfortable and the high waistband makes them super flattering. $13,

3. TORARY Long Sleeve Tunic

Style the pair of leggings with a skintight long-sleeve black tunic that’s ruched at the waist, just like Kim’s. This top is available in sizes ranging from X-small to XX-large and the best part is, you can keep wearing it throughout the winter. $21,

4. Liliana DB54 Suede Pointy Toe Stiletto Boot

Add a tall black over-the-knee boot to your outfit to complete the look. These boots come with a pointed toe and a 4-inch heel, plus, they’re super stylish, so when you’re done with your costume, you can rock these in the winter with jeans or a cute dress. $47,

5. REYOUST Detachable Tulle Overskirt

Kim’s outfit had a long train in the back, so this detachable skirt is the perfect final addition to your look. It clips on easily and if it ever gets annoying, simply take it off, and your costume will still be just as good as Kim’s. $30,

6. Bluland Spandex Full Body Suit

If you are not in the mood to put a bunch of pieces together, then you cannot go wrong with this skintight spandex one-piece. Cut a hole in the back of the headpiece for your ponytail, add the detachable skirt, and you are good to go. $24,

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‘Hightown’ EP: ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ In Season 2 With Jackie Going After Frankie



Monica Raymund

‘Hightown’ returns for season 2 on October 17. HL got EXCLUSIVE scoop from EP Gary Lennon on Jackie’s life after Junior’s death, a post-jail Frankie, Renee’s ‘feelings’ for Ray, and more.

Hightown’s first season came to an end with a number of jaw-dropping moments. Junior died of a tragic overdose just as he was about to start over, and Frankie was let out of prison after Renee betrayed Ray and exposed their relationship.

When the hit STARZ show comes back for its second season, the stakes are higher than ever. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with executive producer Gary Lennon about what season 2 has in store. From her grief to her facing off against Frankie, Jackie has her work cut out for her. He also noted that season 2 will explore the complicated love triangle between Frankie, Renee, and Ray. Read our full Q&A below:

Monica Raymund and James Badge Dale in season 2. (STARZ)

The first season ended with Junior’s tragic death. How is that going to hinder or propel Jackie in season 2?
Gary Lennon: That’s a great question. I think it does both. I mean, our desire is to have characters live truthfully under imaginary circumstances, and we wanted to portray if in fact this had happened to Jackie, how would she behave in her life? I think we dramatize in season 2 how it holds her back in some ways and how it propels her. Obviously, that’s all in the details of what the stories are and how they unfold themselves, but there are very specific details which you’ll see in season 2 of how Junior’s death really has resonated with Jackie. Obviously, one is she wants to take Frankie down because she feels he’s responsible. And then the other is that grief comes out in so many different ways, especially for addicts. You don’t know when it’s going to come. You may not even cry for a year, and then break down. We dramatize and explore all of that, but that’s a great question. I love their relationship so we definitely use it.

When Jackie goes hard, she goes really hard for the people she loves. What is the dynamic like between Frankie and Jackie, especially since she blames him for Junior’s death?
Gary Lennon: It’s a little bit of cat and mouse, but I would say all hell breaks loose. Frankie is now a free man, and he feels empowered. That is going to wreak havoc in everyone’s lives and all of our main characters’ lives. Their dynamic is, who’s the man? You know what I mean? Who’s the boss? They’re going to be at each other. It’s sort of like Moby Dick. Will she catch the whale? It’s a really a hard-hitting push and pull between the two of those characters.

Renee betrayed Ray and went back with Frankie. Frankie and Renee do make good partners. But what is their relationship going to look like going forward? I still feel like Ray is an elephant in the room. 
Gary Lennon: Absolutely. I would say season 2 is a triangle. We really dive into that triangle. I think it’s really interesting because Renee did betray Ray. I think something a theme that we played out over the entire first season is that you can love someone and still fail them. It may seem, if you will, that Renee just played Ray, but there are feelings that developed. They’re still there. We’re going to tease that out for everybody involved.

That could be dangerous for Renee and Ray. If Frankie finds out about those feelings, it’s not good.
Gary Lennon: It will be. It could be very dangerous for all of them.

With Ray not being on the force anymore, I feel like this really will open us up to who Ray really is and his background. Is that going to be the case this season?
Gary Lennon: That’s very insightful. In fact, when you bring a character to his knees, when you kneecap him, you bring him to his bottom, and you’re down to one, it reveals a lot about your character. We do that this season with Ray where we reveal his character, reveal more of his backstory. We will dive into his personal life more and explore what are the incidents in this man’s life that made him the way he is. Nobody’s just born that way, and we show you this season why Ray is the guy he is.

Riley Voelkel
Riley Voelkel and Amaury Nolasco in ‘Hightown’ season 2. (STARZ)

I feel like, for a man like Ray who’s always been in charge, this is not a good situation for him.
Gary Lennon: Absolutely. I mean, think about it. He’s been kneecapped. All his power has been taken away from him. And power itself is like a drug, right? So what’s he going to do to get his next fix? What’s he going to do in order to satiate that desire for power? It’s going to be a roller coaster ride until he gets what he wants.

He leaves Alan behind on the force. How does Alan handle not having Ray around? For all his faults, Ray still got the job done.
Gary Lennon: Their relationship is also an interesting one that we wanted to explore. One of our executive producers KristieAnne Reed for Jerry Bruckheimer TV is a real Alan fan. Dohn Norwood is a wonderful actor. When we were bringing stories to them to have them sign off and approve on them, she often talked about Alan. You’ll see Alan step into his own power and what it’s like when two friends have a relationship and that relationship is inverted and one person has more power than the next and how that causes friction between the two.

What can you tease about some of the new players this season that we’re going to meet?
Gary Lennon: I would say keep an eye on Charmaine and the young actress named Imani Lewis. I think that as an actress she’s a force to be reckoned with. I think she’s really talented, and we’re just getting to see what she’s capable of doing. In season 1, when we saw the dailies and the cuts come in, she had very little screen time. But it made me excited to see her and we wanted to write for her more. And that sort of happened to us on Orange Is the New Black. Uzo Aduba, who ended up winning Emmys as Crazy Eyes, once we saw her in dailies we were like, ‘Oh my God, we need to write for this woman. She’s so talented.’ And that sort of happened with Imani.

Jackie does become a cop this season, and this is her dream. How is she going to be navigating that and playing by the rules more?
Gary Lennon: I think it’s very rough on her. I think that we also dramatize with this storyline the idea that sometimes when you get what you want, it’s not exactly what you thought it would be. We play in that playground with Jackie. We give her wins, we give her losses and everything in between. But it will be challenging because sometimes getting what you want, it’s like that Peggy Lee song: Is that all there is? Sometimes when you get what you want, it loses its value.

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#BlackburnTakover: Students And Alumni Protest Substandard Conditions At Howard University



#BlackburnTakover: Students And Alumni Protest Substandard Conditions At Howard University

If you haven’t been up on the #BlackburnTakeover at Howard University, just know it’s a mess—literally.

The sit-in protests that have captured media attention since they began on Tuesday at the university’s Armour J. Blackburn University Center are all about the mess that comes in the form of living conditions at the well-known HBCU. Students said that they have been subject to rodents, roaches, and mold in their dorms and even in the spaces where they eat, among a list of other issues, and school administrators have responded with inaction, slow action, and an unwillingness to communicate with those affected the most—the students. 


According to The Hilltop, protesters said that, over the last two months, they have been made to grapple with substandard living conditions and a slew of administrative issues that extend well past the scope of minor inconveniences.

These issues include, but are not limited to, a campus-wide WiFi shutdown that reportedly occurred the first week of September due to a cyber-attack; residents in College Hall North being left without running water and air conditioning for more than 48 hours; mildew in the showers, insects in the dorms and students being displaced constantly due to all of the above.

Students said they tried to address their easily understandable (because…ew) concerns without pivoting straight to protests, but administrators wouldn’t participate in discussions.

On Tuesday, students, alumni, and Shaw-Howard residents gathered for a town hall hosted by the Howard University Student Association, but when they looked for their president and other administrators, they found they might as well have been talking to the roaches and rats directly to request that they get gone.

“The HUSA Town Hall hosted today was intended to connect students to resources and be a meeting point for peers with questions, grievances, and concerns regarding their Howard experience,” one student stated, according to The Hilltop. “Administrators were invited to attend but unfortunately did not.”

The HUSA said Howard President Wayne A.I. Frederick and every member of his administration were extended an invitation to the meeting and none of them showed up, so what choices were students left with but to stage protests?

Of course, the protests did inspire school officials to declare that they would take action—against the protesters.

According to the Washington Post, on Wednesday, administrators sent out an email warning that protesters risked “consequences up to and including expulsion from the university.” This prompted demonstrators to add legal and academic immunity to their list of demands.

The list of demands also included the reinstatement of student, faculty, and alumni representation on the school board of trustees after a measure was announced in June that they were being phased out after what officials called an “extensive review” that “included consultations with an external firm and more than 40 interviews with students, alumni, faculty members, former trustees and other members of the community,” the Post reported.

School administrators eventually changed their tune, apparently, saying in a statement that the “well-being of our students is one of our top concerns and the university continues to offer support to students who report needing assistance.”

“In the past two weeks, university administrators prioritized meeting with the students over lunch and already addressed many of the concerns this group of students has voiced,” the university went on to claim.

As for the issue with the board of trustees, administrators said they “have addressed this decision with the student protestors in recent talks and have made clear that the decision was made with increased efficiency and real stakeholder representation in mind.”

“The University is continuing to develop new ways to encourage meaningful and truly representative leadership from its students,” the statement continued.


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Brody Jenner Siblings: Meet All Of His 9 Brothers, Sisters, & Step-Siblings



Brody Jenner

While some of his step-siblings have become reality TV icons, Brody Jenner has been a fixture on reality TV for years. Find out more about all of Brody’s siblings and step-siblings.

Brody Jenner, 38, has been a reality TV fixture for over 15 years. The son of Olympic athlete Caitlyn Jenner (who was still going by Bruce, when he was born) and songwriter Linda Thompson, Brody made his debut in 2005 as the star of The Prince of Malibu. He also gained more attention when he dated The Hills star Lauren Conrad in 2007, and became a cast member on the iconic reality series. Of course, his half-siblings: the Kardashians have built their own reality TV empire with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Keep reading to find out more about all of Brody’s siblings and step-siblings.

Burt Jenner

Brody’s oldest sibling is his half-brother Burt, 43, who was Caitlyn’s son from her first marriage to Chrystie Scott. Burt is a professional truck racer, a passion that started when Caitlyn took him go-karting as a little kid. Burt has two sons of his own: Bodhi, 5, and William, 2. Both of his kids are with his girlfriend Valerie Pitalo, who announced that she’s expecting their third child in August, via Page Six.

Cassandra ‘Casey’ Marino

Brody also has an older half-sister from Caitlyn’s first marriage in Cassandra Marino, 41. Casey mostly stays out of the spotlight, but she has come forward to speak about her famous dad on a few occasions. Cassandra is married to Michael Marino and has three children: Isabella, Francesca, and Luke, according to The Sun.

Brandon Jenner

Brody’s older brother Brandon, 40, was also a star of ‘Prince of Malibu.’ (Barry Brecheisen/Invision/AP/Shutterstock)

After Caitlyn and Chrystie split up, the Olympic gold-medal winner married songwriter Linda Thompson. Before Brody was born in 1983, the pair had Brandon, 40, in 1981. Brody’s big brother is an accomplished musician, having played with his ex-wife Leah Felder under the name Brandon & Leah. The band effectively broke up in 2018, when the couple separated, but Brandon has kept releasing music on his own, and he’s now married to Cayley Stoker, whom he has twin sons Bo and Sam with. He shares a daughter Eva with his ex-wife. While music may be Brandon’s main focus, he was also an integral part of his brother’s early reality TV career, co-starring with him in The Prince of Malibu.

Kendall Jenner

1634325498 603 Brody Jenner Siblings Meet All Of His 9 Brothers Sisters
Brody’s half-sister Kendall, 25, was born after Caitlyn’s marriage to Kris. ( Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Brody also has two more half-sisters from Caitlyn’s third marriage to Kris Jenner. The first half sister born out of that marriage was Kendall Jenner, 25. Kendall is a model and followed the family’s path to reality TV stardom through appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kendall is an incredibly successful model, and she also has her own fair share of business ventures as the founder of 818 Tequila and a designer.

While Brody and Kendall will always be siblings, it seems the pair may have a somewhat strained relationship. When Brody tied the knot with his ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter in 2018, Kendall and Kylie didn’t attend the ceremony, and he claimed they didn’t RSVP to the wedding. While there may have been some drama, Brody has shown that some of his big brother instincts have shown with Kendall. He told a friend to “go f**k [himself]” when he asked for Kendall’s number, because she was “ridiculously hot” in 2018.

Kylie Jenner

1634325498 312 Brody Jenner Siblings Meet All Of His 9 Brothers Sisters
Brody’s youngest half-sister is Kylie, 24. (Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Brody’s other half-sister Kylie, 24, is also a successful entrepreneur and fashion icon. Like Kendall, Kylie rose to prominence by appearing on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and she’s been able to turn her reality career into a billion-dollar business, when she started the brand Kylie Cosmetics.

While still family, a source close to Brody told HollywoodLife in 2019 that The Hills star had a strained relationship with the Kardashian family, and difficulty connecting with Kris made relationships with Kendall and Kylie harder. “Brody had a lot of trouble building a relationship with Kris which was also a factor and another reason why the relationships are all strained. He feels he tried everything with the family. He’d love to have a relationship with his younger sisters deep down, but it’s really hard when he feels the way he does about their mom and dad. It’s really sad,” the source said at the time.

Kourtney Kardashian

1634325498 0 Brody Jenner Siblings Meet All Of His 9 Brothers Sisters
Brody gained three step-sisters including Kourtney, 42, when his dad married Kris Jenner. (Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Through his dad’s marriage to Kris Jenner, Brody also gained three step-siblings, who should be very familiar. His eldest step sister is Kourtney Kardashian, 42. The siblings came from Kris’s earlier marriage to lawyer Robert Kardashian, who she divorced in 1991. Robert later passed away in 2003. Kourtney was a star of KUWTK and has starred in other reality TV shows like Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami and Kourtney and Kim Take New York. She’s also partnered alongside her sisters for business ventures like a clothing line with Bebe, and she’s been a spokesperson for the brand PerfectSkin. She also has a lifestyle website called Poosh.

Unfortunately, it seems like Brody and many of his step-sisters don’t have very strong relationships, as the source revealed to HollywoodLife in 2019 and mentioned that The Hills star “holds on to a lot of hurt feelings and resentment towards the Kardashians.”

Kim Kardashian

1634325498 700 Brody Jenner Siblings Meet All Of His 9 Brothers Sisters
Kim, 40, is another one of Brody’s step-sisters. (Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Brody’s next step-sister is Kim Kardashian, 40. Other than starring in KUWTK, Kim has proven herself to be a very successful businesswoman, starting the brands KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrances. She was also married to rapper Kanye West from 2014 until they separated in January 2021, and they share four children. Unfortunately, Kim’s wedding to Yeezy was a point of contention in the Kardashian clan’s relationship with Brody. “Brody still feels like the family never fully accepted him and one of the final straws was Kim not extending an invitation to now wife, Kaitlynn Carter [note: Kaitlynn and Brody are now separated], to her wedding to Kanye West,” a source told HollywoodLife in a 2019.

Khloé Kardashian

1634325498 927 Brody Jenner Siblings Meet All Of His 9 Brothers Sisters
Brody vacationing with his family, including his step-sister, Khloe, 37. (Nikos Vinieratos/Shutterstock)

Brody’s last step-sister is Khloé, 37. Like her sisters, Khloé is a fashion and reality icon. Other than KUWTK, Khloé has appeared on other reality shows like The Celebrity Apprentice and The X Factor, which she co-hosted for season 2. Khloé has also starred in her own shows like Kocktails with Khloé and Revenge Body With Khloé Kardashian.

Rob Kardashian

Brody also has a step-brother in Rob Kardashian, 34. Like his sisters, Rob has starred in a number of reality shows other than KUWTK. He competed and came in second place during season 13 of Dancing With The Stars. He was also the star of the short-lived reality show Rob & Chyna, which followed him and his then-girlfriend Blac Chyna, as the pair prepared for the birth of their daughter.

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‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Pretty N’ Pinkness: Whose #RHOPReunion Look Is Your Fave?



‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Pretty N’ Pinkness: Whose #RHOPReunion Look Is Your Fave?

The Real Housewives of Potomac reunion is on the way and the ladies’ looks are HERE.

Source: SOPHY HOLLAND / Bravo

As previously reported the ladies will recap season six with not only Andy Cohen but Nicki Minaj who dropped in as guest host and grilled them “for hours.”

Bravo reports that the ladies got glitzy and glamorous in rose-colored gowns to “rehash RHOP’s most dramatic season yet” and FashionBombDaily got a first look at all the alluring outfits.

See details below.

Gizelle Bryant:

Gizelle who’ll surely have a shade-off with Dr. Wendy over those Eddie Osefo rumors and “crumble” comments, went for a hot pink Aaron Michael dress, styled by the designer himself. She also donned Giuseppe Zanotti, shoes and her tresses were tousled by Kalixto Blount.

Karen Huger:

The Grand Dame stunned in a feathery Chasity Sereal dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. As always, her face was flawlessly beat by Tatiana Ward a.k.a. BeatFaceHoney and her hair was styled by Steven Thomas a.k.a. The Hair Doc. 

Robyn Dixon:

Beautiful “bandit” Robyn Dixon donned an NYC Glamour Couture dress with styling by Brian Robinson. Those show-stopping shoes are by Mach & Mach.

Ashley Darby:

Ashley Darby’s dress was designed by Riley Knoxx Couture and paired it with Jimmy Choo shoes. Riley Knoxx of course is the designer behind Monique Samuels’ stunning season 5 reunion gown and a close friend of the star.​​

Candiace Dillard Bassett:

Candiace will surely have an interesting time at the reunion amid reports that Nicki Minaj “went hard at her”, although the rapper said she was equally tough with everyone, not just Candy. The shade/lettuce leaf thrower donned a Karen Sabag gown and Versace shoes for the occasion. Her hair was styled by Stephanie Davis, and that blunt-cut bob wig is by Octavia B.

Mia Thornton:

Candiace’s radicchio rumble co-conspirator looked pretty in pink at her first reunion. Bravo reports that Mia wore a Nneka Alexander for Brides By Nona Couture dress, Pleaser shoes, and hair styled by Jada Jenkins.

You like?


Wendy Osefo:

The professor was in the building at the season six reunion. Dr. Wendy Osefo donned an Ese Azenabor dress , and Alexandre Birman shoes. Her hair was styled by Roslyn Amakiri with makeup by Kristina Menaker and nails by Nancy Lopez.

Askale Davis:

Assignment understander Askale Davis might have won the season six reunion. The “friend of the show” stole the show in a JAELL by Jayda Ellis dress and Christian Louboutin shoes. That perfectly positioned high-pony is via Dominique Nicole with makeup by Fifi Tesfatsion and styling by Amy J.


Black Barbie, is that you?

Whose look was your fave?


Bravo has yet to reveal when the #RHOPReunion actually airs, but new episodes of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” air Sundays at 8PM ET/PT on Bravo.

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Drake Threatened Legal Action Against ‘Degrassi’ After His Character Was Shot, Writer Reveals



Drake as Degrassi's Jimmy Brooks

Drake apparently once almost quit ‘Degrassi’, the hit television show that made him a star, after his character wound up in a wheelchair.

Before he was the ‘Champagne Papi,’ Drake was just neighborhood teenage heartthrob Jimmy Brooks on the Canadian hit television series Degrassi: the Next Generation. Even though the “Flip the Switch” rapper was part of the cast for seven seasons, Drake almost left the show after his character was shot and confined to a wheelchair toward the end of his time on the show. That’s according to a new oral history, Degrassi writer James Hurst revealed to the A.V. Club on Friday, October 15.

Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, played Jimmy Brooks on the popular Canadian teen television show Degrassi: the Next Generation. (©CATV / courtesy Everett Collection)

“There was a letter from a law firm in Toronto, and it was from Aubrey,” Hurst told the A.V. Club. “It was an odd letter that said, ‘Aubrey Graham will not return to Degrassi season 6 as Jimmy Brooks unless his injury is healed, and he’s out of the wheelchair.’ I said, ‘Get him down here.’” For those who didn’t watch the who, Drake’s character Jimmy Brooks was shot by schoolmate Rick Murray in the season 4 episode “Time Stands Still,” which aired as a two-part episode in December 2004.

But apparently Hurst also recounts that Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham, said that the rapper claimed he was not aware of any letter being sent on his behalf when James confronted him about it. When the two finally did talk about issues Certified Lover Boy had with the direction of his character’s story arc, it still took some convincing, for Drake never seemed to quite settle into his character’s new life living with a disability.

Drake, whose real name is Aubrey Graham, played Jimmy Brooks on the popular Canadian teen television show Degrassi: the Next Generation. (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

“He’s like, ‘All my friends in the rap game say I’m soft because I’m in a wheelchair.’ And I said, ‘Well, tell your friends in the rap game that you got shot. How much harder can you get? You got shot, and you’re in a wheelchair.’ He was like, ‘Yeah, yeah,’” Hurst recalled. “There was a letter from a law firm in Toronto, and it was from Aubrey,” Hurst said. “It was an odd letter that said, ‘Aubrey Graham will not return to Degrassi season 6 as Jimmy Brooks unless his injury is healed, and he’s out of the wheelchair.’ I said, ‘Get him down here.’” But despite any hesitation Drake had playing the role that launched his career, the TV show is still a great and powerful influence for people who grew up in 90s and early 2000s, and younger generations who have come to discover the show today.

But don’t get it twisted — Drake has been more than grateful and happy to have spent some of the most formative years of his career and young adulthood on Degrassi. He’s had several reunions with former castmates like Miriam McDonald and Nina Dobrev, and has even featured his fellow colleagues in his music videos as he continues to settle into super stardom. Whatever it takes, Drake!

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FED UP: Cardi B Reveals Why She Doesn’t Publicly Discuss Politics Anymore



FED UP: Cardi B Reveals Why She Doesn’t Publicly Discuss Politics Anymore

Cardi B responds to a fan asking why she took a step back from politics, revealing a pretty simple reason for her decision.

Source: Marc Piasecki / Getty

Ever since Cardi B has bust on to the scene, she’s always been outspoken and made sure to do more than just share her opinion without looking into the facts. Before stardom in 2016, she endorsed Bernie Sanders and his attempt to become president. Cardi also lent her talents to Desus and Mero for their 2016 election night special.

During the 2020 Presidential campaigns, her name was mentioned time and time again. Cardi went beyond an entertainer and used her platform to talk to candidates and asked questions we all wanted answers to. She didn’t sugarcoat anything or any of the questions, putting politicians brave enough to answer them in the spotlight.

While we’ve long known Cardi to be outspoken on politics, it seems like she’s let those conversations take a backseat recently. Last night, a fan on Twitter asked her why she’s been so quiet about politics and her answer was simple. Basically, her peace was more important.

“I was tired of getting bullied by the republicans and also getting bashed by the same people I was standing up for,” she responded.

Hopefully, by the time major elections roll around, Cardi isn’t too afraid to speak up again.

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Stephanie Mills: ‘Michael Jackson and I should have married’



Photo may have been deleted

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Stephanie Mills says she should have married Michael Jackson to protect him from music industry influences.

Stephanie, 64, posted a photo of herself with Black Michael. The image is one of many photos taken of the friends together.

Stephanie captioned the image: “Michael and I should have married. I would have protected the beautiful one.”

There were rumors that Stephanie had a crush on the late pop icon in the 1980s, but they were never romantically linked, according to insiders.

1634323193 981 Stephanie Mills ‘Michael Jackson and I should have married

Afro American Newspapers/Gado/Getty Images

Stephanie was 17 when she gained international fame for her electrifying performance as Dorothy in the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical The Wiz from 1974 to 1979.

Stephanie’s song “Home” from The Wiz soundtrack was a Number 1 U.S. R&B hit for her. The song was performed by Diana Ross in the 1978 film adaptation of The Wiz.

1634323193 555 Stephanie Mills ‘Michael Jackson and I should have married

Even though Stephanie never got to first base with Michael, she did marry singer/dancer Jeffrey Daniel, of Shalamar and Soul Train fame.

1634323193 400 Stephanie Mills ‘Michael Jackson and I should have married

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Jeffrey, pictured with Jackie Jackson of The Jacksons in 1982, is credited with teaching Michael Jackson the Moonwalk.

Stephanie and Jeffrey, 64, divorced in 1983 after three years of marriage.

Stephanie later married Dino Meminger: (1989–1991) and Michael Saunders (1993–2001). She has a son, Farad Mills, who was born with Down syndrome.

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