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Practical Tricks For How To Get Your Newborn To Sleep At Night



Babies are one of the most precious gifts for parents. In simple words, it is a blessing for parents. Having experience of becoming a new parent is undoubtedly a feeling that cannot be expressed into words.

But apart from this, there are still a few things which you as a new parent do not know or mentally not prepare, and somehow this becomes the reason for creating a bit of fuss in your routine cycle.

For a new parent, one major thing that becomes a bit problem is when the baby won’t sleep at night hours, so what new parents start to do Is finding the ways and start searching.

To consider this, today in this article, I try my level best to jot down some of the effective ways for how to get your newborn to sleep at night, through which you can be aware of it a bit early especially before your delivery time and then able enough to tackle your baby after your delivery.

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball roll, and unveil the tips about how to get your newborn to sleep at night together.

Tricks that help to make your baby sleep well at night

Feed well:

One of the major mistakes which most new parents make is to not be sure or set the time that when and which time you need to feed your baby.

So my advice for all the new mothers wondering how to get your newborn to sleep at night is to make sure that during night hours, specifically at the time when you sleep, avoid feeding your baby. As for babies, there is no day and night time, and they sleep when they want to sleep.

So, one trick which you can adopt is to make sure that your baby is not sleeping too much in the day. Try to entertain your baby or spend day hours with your baby, so through this automatically, your baby will sleep at the time when you sleep.

The second thing is, try not to feed your baby in sleeping hours. Make sure that you feed your baby well, and your baby is not hungry before sleeping.

A white noise:

White noise is also one of the best considerations which you can pick at night time. If your baby wakes at night or in the middle of the night, then play a sound like a lullaby or a gentle/ soothing sound. You can play that near your baby, so doing this will help your baby to make him sleep at night.

Keep your surrounding calm and comfortable:

Make sure that at night times your room lights are properly off, the surrounding of your baby room is calm and comfortable. Additionally, also try to avoid switching on and off the lights during the time of your baby sleeping.

As most of the time, a little bit of distraction or disturbance in your baby sleep becomes the reason for keeping your baby awake.

Hope after reading this little piece of guide regarding how to get your newborn to sleep at night will help you and let your baby sleep well at night hours.


Tips When Installing Corner Bathtubs




Although you have a lot of different choices whenever installing a bathtub in the bathroom, there may be times whenever corner Bathtubs are preferable to any other type. This is especially the case whenever you’re dealing with limited amounts of room or perhaps if the plumbing is only available in that area. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of corner and kohler bathtubs that are available on the market, one of which is sure to be perfect for your own living space. Before choosing from among these corner Bath tubs, however, it is important for you to keep a few things in mind.

First of all, you must make sure that you measure accurately in order to fit the tub into the corner properly. Not only do you have to keep in mind the size of the tub itself but you also must keep in mind any type of installation features that are installed along with the tub. For example, many corner Bathtubs are installed in such a way that they are actually seated down into a standing platform. You may go in with the size of the tub in mind, and forget about the platform as you are measuring for it. Others may include everything, and are pre-finished on the outside as well as the inside.

One problem that you may run into is that installing bathtubs is often beyond the ability of somebody that likes to do the work themselves. Not only do you need to line the drain properly in order to ensure that it doesn’t leak, there are a number of other issues that you can run into which may require the use of a contractor. Always make sure that you give yourself extra time when doing a project yourself as you would invariably run into problems along the way.

It might also be possible that you don’t want to purchase something new and there certainly are some antique corner bathtubs which are excellent for use in any home. Although they are not the most commonly found, you can even find some antique cast-iron bathtubs which will go well in a corner. Many times, you can find these in your local area at some antique shops but it may take a little bit of looking on the Internet in order to find exactly what you need so that it fits properly.

Finally, you want to make sure that any corner bathtubs that you purchase are well-equipped with any accessories that you might like as well. For example, many of these bathtubs are going to be sunken, which makes a perfect area for a Jacuzzi. Oftentimes, these corner bathtubs come equipped with the small jets already installed but there are also some installation kits that can install the jets after the tub is already in place. The look of the corner bathtubs can also be changed rather easily by swapping out the fixtures. In fact, many people like to upgrade the bathtub fixtures from what comes installed standard, as it often gives it more of a classic look.

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What is Skateboarding?




Here’s a simple question that may prove challenging and difficult to actually answer: what is skateboarding? Now, we know what a skateboard is, and what the activity of skateboarding looks like. For those who are unaware, a skateboard is a flat piece of wood with wheels affixed to its bottom and skateboarding is the act of moving by shifting your body on the topside of the skateboard deck. Now, that, of course, is a very rudimentary definition of the entire skateboarding package – but hopefully you’ll at least get the drift of it.

Skateboarding can, in fact, be many different things. It all depends on how and what you intend to actually use your skateboard or longboard for. For many skateboard deck professionals and enthusiasts, the act and the usage of a skateboard can have many different variables to it. Let’s take a look at some of the many different ways in which people use a skateboard:

1. As a mode of transportation: This makes the most amount of sense, as a skateboard is designed to allow people the freedom to move about quickly. Many young people are realizing that skateboarding is a great way to navigate through an urban center without worrying about gas prices, locating places to park and about emitting harmful toxins into the environment. Just as more and more people are cycling to work, many people are also now skateboarding to their workplaces – or to wherever they need to go.

2. Skateboarding as an activity: Some people run, some people swim, some people climb mountains and other people decide and choose to skateboard for fun and recreation. Skateboarding is a great way to get in shape and improve your overall body balance, posture and flexibility. Additionally, skateboarding as an activity is relatively inexpensive to begin when compared to other forms of sports, recreations or hobbies.

3. The skateboard as an art form: If you’ve seen some of the tricks and moves that high-level skateboarders can perform on their decks, then you would definitely agree that skateboarding is an art form. The sheer fluidity of how the board moves to the gravity-defying heights that boarders reach to the flips and turns that they can achieve while in mid-air truly makes skateboarding a form of physical performance art. As well, some of the designs on the skateboards themselves are true visual sights to behold.

4. As a profession: Yes, there are professional skateboarders out there who make their living participating in competitions all over the world. From tricks to jumps to races, more and more athletically inclined people are looking to the skateboard as a way to make money. An established part of the X-Games, skateboarding has taken hold in all corners of the world and people realize that skateboarding is, indeed, a profitable and fun way to earn a living. In fact, one might argue that it’s just a matter of time before skateboarding makes its way into the Olympic Games.

So, the next time that you look at a skateboard, don’t just view it as a piece of wood with wheels attached or affixed to it. Consider all its possible definitions and possibilities, and how people are utilizing the skateboard in their everyday lives – both personally as a source of fun and enjoyment, and professionally as a source of income. Since it’s development in the 1940’s, skateboarding has exploded like few cultural activities either before it or since.

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Learn Why Google Keyword Rank is Important to Your Website and How You Can Improve It




Ask any successful online marketer and he will tell you that the importance of Google keyword rank cannot be overstated. Google is the undisputed leader of search engines and a huge number of people use it to find any information they need on the web. In other words, a vast majority of your visitors are likely to come from Google than any other search engine. So, if you need organic traffic, Google ranking is something you need to take very, very seriously.

When people search for something on the web, they are likely to click on the first few results that appear on the search engine results page. Experts say that 70% of people are likely to click on the first three to five results that appear on the search results page. So, to make the best use of Google, you need to make sure your website ranks high – preferably within the first five or ten results. This is something you need to keep in mind when it comes to Google keyword rank.

Ranking within the first five results of Google search results page can benefit your website immensely. It is, however, not an easy task as there is immense competition among webmasters to get the coveted number one position in Google. So, you have to implement a lot of search engine optimization strategies to rank highly in Google. Before you get started with the SEO steps, you need to know how high your site ranks for various keywords. The best way to find it is by using a keyword ranking tool.

There are a number of SEO tools that can help you find out how high your site ranks for important keywords related to your business. All you need to do is enter your domain name and the relevant keyword into a keyword ranking tool. The tool will immediately display your site’s rank for that particular keyword. You can make a list of important keywords related to your business and check your site’s ranking for all of them using these tools. If the results are satisfactory, you need to work on your site to make sure it stays right on top continuously. If the results are poor, you need to work on your site to get to the top position.

To rank high in SERP, you need to implement a number of onsite and offsite optimization techniques. Writing a keyword-rich META description, adding appropriate SEO META tags, using title tags, using important keywords for anchor text and internal anchor text, and adding a sitemap are some of the onsite SEO tricks that can help you get better ranking in Google. Getting high quality one-way links and submitting articles to popular article directories are some of the offsite SEO tricks that can help you improve your site’s Google keyword rank.

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Shockwave Flash Crash – Learn Easy Fix For Shockwave Flash Crash in Your Internet Browser




What exactly is a Shockwave Flash crash and what causes it in your browser? The problem becomes a great nuisance when the videos do not play on the internet. There may be some error with the Shockwave Flash plugins or some settings in your Windows. What you need to do is to maintain your computer and perform a little maintenance activities on it to get rid of such crashes.

The plugins contain various active-x components and they may conflict with each other which can cause the Flash content to crash on internet browsers. The first thing you should try to figure out is that whether you are having this problem in all browsers or just one browser. For instance, some people are experiencing Google Chrome Shockwave Flash crash only. If this is the case you could try fixing and repairing Windows Registry through some powerful registry repairing solution.

However, if you are encountering the same situation in all web browsers you should follow some concrete steps detailed in the following lines.

— Try to uninstall the Adobe Flash Player Active-X and Plug-in components and then reinstall Shockwave Flash Player as there could be traces of previous versions in the computer which are interfering and making it difficult for the browsers to properly display videos on your computer. You can do this from the user settings and manipulating the “Add/Remove” programs list.

— Try to use the latest Flash Player if your Flash Player 10 (or the current version) is not working fine. You can simply download it from the Adobe official web site.

— Update the drivers. Some of the softwares/hardware have their drivers available within the computer but you might have to download the files through internet and run these files on your computer to successfully update all of your computer drivers.

— The problem behind the Shockwave Flash crash could be your sound drivers. Follow these steps:

1) Open Device Manager

2) Look for the sound-card device

3) Note down the name for that device

4) Just uninstall the it.

5) After uninstalling restart your machine.

6) Your Windows 7 or Windows Vista would automatically download and reinstall the sound driver. You can also do it manually through approaching the sound card company’s web site.

— Fix your Windows Registry which is a highly recommended thing you should do to find a quick and reliable fix for common PC errors and crashes.

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Quick Text Thunderbird – How to Install and Use Quick Text




The default setting of Mozilla Thunderbird merely allows you to set up one signature for all your e-mail correspondence. The least you can do is to either use the signature template or configure your setting every time you send an e-mail to a different group. The solution to this is to learn Quicktext Thunderbird – how to install and use Quick Text, a Mozilla Thunderbird extension that allows you to choose from a list of template signatures, variables, and e-mail forms.

Once you have installed Quicktext, you will notice an added icon above the message window where you can choose among a dropdown list of message templates sorted into different groups. You can also set variables for your first and last name, subject lines, and other information you can lift from your Address Book. The best thing about it is that you can even setup attachments you want to send to several sets of recipients.

Quicktext Thunderbird – how to install and use Quick Text should be mastered by anyone who needs to routinely send the same e-mail messages to a group of recipients. Aside from that, you can also assign a signature to a specific group. You may use the same dropdown menu to insert messages that you commonly use in your e-mails such as salutations, letterheads and other variables. These texts will automatically appear at the current location of your cursor.

To install Quicktext, you just need to follow the instructions on Quicktext Thunderbird – how to install and use Quick Text. Go to the Add-ons page for Mozilla Thunderbird and download the Quicktext extension to your computer. After that, open the Thunderbird application, click Tools on the toolbar, select Add-ons from the dropdown menu and select Install. You will be prompted with another window where you can browse the extension you have download. Select the file and click Open. After that, click Install Now.

Once you have installed the extension, close Thunderbird and re-open it. Go to Write to view the message window and you will find a new dropdown menu just above it. Go back to Tools and select Quicktext to start setting up your message templates.

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Help! A Pokemon Is Trespassing On My Lawn




Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock since 6 July 2016, you will at least know that millions of people all over the globe are now spending every spare moment out hunting Pokemon. (For the uninitiated who are about to correct my grammar, I’m assured that Pokemon is both singular and plural, there’s no ‘Pokemons’). It’s an international obsession, that saw the new ‘Pokemon Go’ app downloaded more than 15 million times in the first 6 days after its launch in Australia, Japan and the United States.

What’s a Pokemon? Technically it’s a small critter found in video games. Catch one, and you can train it to help you battle others. The basic concept hasn’t changed, even though (believe it or not) Pokemon are now 20 years old. That’s how long ago it was when some clever computer people dreamed up the Pokemon video game for Nintendo’s hand-held Game Boy device. At that stage, most people didn’t have access to the internet, and Pokemon were strictly offline beasties. Even so, according to Wikipedia the Pokemon franchise has sold about 280 million units, making it the second most popular game franchise ever, based on unit sales. Gross revenues for the franchise have exceeded $46 billion over that period, which might technically make the empire of Pokemon bigger than Greenland or the Cayman Islands. Those guys should seriously think about getting a national dragon!

For the past two years, some other clever people working at Niantic, partly owned by Nintendo, have been beavering away, or should I say ‘pokemoning’ away (yep, it’s a real word) to produce the latest and greatest edition that was released on 6 July 2016. On that date, the cages were opened and Pokemon ran, swam and flew to all the four corners of the earth where they can be found today. Right now. I can see them. Of course I can only see them though my Android looking glass, but Niantic promise that very soon I will have my own personal ‘Pokemon Go Plus’ wearable device – a kind of lapel clip – that will alert me to the presence of a Pokemon nearby and enable me to hunt it down without touching my phone. Everywhere you go on earth you will see these lapel clips, buzzing away. Buzz. Buzz. And you thought mobile phones going off in theatres was a distraction!

Why does this matter anyway? Bear with me while I wear my geek boy glasses for a moment. Firstly, Pokemon Go is a kind of ‘augmented reality’ system. Many people and organisations have tried to take these systems into the mainstream, with zero commercial success. The early popularity of Pokemon Go shows that augmented reality might really be a new revolution on our doorstep, changing our lives more than texting and selfies (for example). Hunting Pokemon is just the start of this revolution. Secondly, the convergence of artificial intelligence and augmented reality opens the door to a world where constant companions will be with us wherever we go, hugely enriching our experience of the world. Think Siri on Anavar.

Some readers will remember ‘Clippy’ and other attempts to supposedly enrich users’ experiences of desktop productivity software. If you don’t remember Clippy, count yourself lucky. Clippy was an irritating wannabe that sometimes made you feel like punching the screen just to make him go away. And perhaps that’s the point here. We don’t want enrichment foisted onto us. What we want is enrichment that is there when we need it or choose it, like a friend in our life who we invite to come places with us. Pokemon may be beguiling and magnetic, but they don’t invade our space unless we opt in. Put simply, friends are for when we want to play, or share experiences, and sometimes when we want to pour our hearts out to a good listener. News flash: Dr Pokemon will see you now.

However, sometimes friends lead you astray and get you in trouble, and apparently “‘I was collecting Pokemon’ is not a legal defence” according to police in Western Australia. Really? So if I chase my imaginary monster friend into your back yard I can’t plead insanity? (find “Pokemon insanity” online. It’s a thing already). I hear that people are putting up signs on their properties now, telling Pokemon trainers not to trespass there. In fact, some lawyers are suggesting that if you come onto my property and take my Pokemon it’s theft. You have been warned.

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Harry Potter – The Chamber of Secrets – Printable Trivia Questions and Answers – Round Two




After a long wait the much anticipated sixth book in the Harry Potter series is finally coming out on film. The Half Blood Prince will make its screen debut in July of 2009.

It seems a long time ago that the second book in the series hit the theatres. It was actually released in 2002. How much do you remember about the second movie/book? Can you remember who was the house elf? Or what was the name of Hogwart’s history teacher? Try these questions and see exactly how much you do recall.

Nearly Headless Nick the Gryffindor House ghost is terribly upset because he has been denied entrance into a certain ghost club. What club is it?

A: The Headless Hunt. According to the club rules he cannot join because he is not completely headless. He would be unable to play head polo or head juggling.

What does Lucius Malfoy accidentally give Dobby which frees him?

A: Harry’s sock. A house elf is freed if a master gives them clothes. Harry tricks Lucuis into throwing one of his socks and dobby catches it.

When Harry is fighting the monster in the chamber of secrets, Fawkes brings him the school sorting hat. What does Harry pull out of the sorting hat?

A: A sword. It was Godric Gryffindor’s sword.

For years people have been trying to find the entrance to the secret chamber that is hidden somewhere in Hogwarts school. Where is the entrance to the chamber of secrets?

A: It is in the bathroom that is haunted by moaning Myrtle.

What kind of animal does Albus Dumbledor keep for a pet?

A: A phoenix. It is a magical bird named Fawkes.

What kind of monster was in the chamber of secrets? They are ‘born from a chicken’s egg, hatched beneath a toad’?

A: A basilisk. They are feared by spiders and have a deadly stare.

On Christmas morning Hedwig flies into Harry’s room with a gift from the Dursleys. What is it?

A: A toothpick. They also include a note asking if Harry can stay at the school for summer vacation.

Who is the only teacher at Hogwarts who is a ghost?

A: Professor Binns. He teaches history.

In the wizarding world the mail is delivered by owls. Harry’s owl is a snowy owl named Hedwig. What is the name of the Weasley family owl?

A: Errol. He is very old and has trouble with his landings.

Hermione, Ron and Harry are invited by Nearly Headless Nick to attend his 500th death day celebration. This is a celebration of the day on which he died. What day of the year does this take place?

A: October 31st. Instead of going to the Halloween feast the three go to the dungeons to celebrate with Nick and his ghost friends.

Hagrid has a number of different pets throughout the Harry Potter series. Probably the most normal of all his animals is his large cowardly dog. What is his dog’s name?

A: Fang. Hagrid asks Harry and Ron to take care of his duff while he is away in Azkaban.

What is the name of Ron Weasley’s favorite quidditch team?

A: The Chudley Cannons. Their colors are orange and black.

Harry Potter plays seeker for the Gryffindor house team. Who is the seeker for the Slytherin team?

A: Draco Malfoy. He gets the position because his father buys new brooms for the whole team.

Ron, Harry and Professor Lockhart all enter the chamber of secrets together. While they are in the pipes Lockhart tries to wipe-out Ron and Harry’s memories. What is the magic word that he uses?

A: Obliviate. Unfortunately for the professor he uses Ron’s wand which is broken and the spell misfires.

Hermione, Ron and Harry all drink polyjuice potion. Harry and Ron change into Crabbe and Goyle. Who is Hermione supposed to change into?

A: Millicent Bulstrode. The plan was for Hermione to change into Millicent but by mistake Hermione uses a cat hair in the potion.

Harry and Ron both get detentions for arriving at Hogwarts in the flying car. Harry has to spend detention with Professor Lockhart helping him with his fan mail. What does Ron have to do?

A: Ron has to help Filch polish the trophies in the trophy case without using magic.

None of the students are killed by the monster in the chamber of secrets but rather they are petrified. Hermione is protected by the mirror, Mrs. Norris was protected by the water. What kept Colin Creevey safe?

A: He saw the monster through his camera. The gaze of the monster melted the insides of the camera and film.

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Man’s Best Friend – The Dogs




My favourite animal is the dog. It is sometimes called ‘Man’s best friend.’ My Uncle’s favourite animal is also the dog. He also has a dog. Its breed is a Mini Schnauzer and it is called Bailey. Let me tell you more about dogs.

There are many different breeds of dogs. Retrievers, Terriers and Spaniels are just a few examples. They all have at least one difference. Each breed is very unique. For example, a big Giant Schnauzer standing upright will nearly be as tall as a grown man!

Different types of dogs can be used for different purposes. For example, Greyhounds are used for hunting while the Australian Kelpie is used for rounding up sheep. Bailey’s purpose will be just for a pet.

Did you know that dogs can be used for other special purposes as well? Dogs can be ‘eyes for the blind’ and ‘ears for the deaf’ too? Dogs can help draw their owner’s attention to something, for example, drawing the deaf mother’s attention to the crying baby, or guiding the blind person to a seat on the bus.

Do you know how dogs learn tricks? First, the dog must be in a place surrounded by treats. Then, you must tell your dog the trick you want to teach him in one word. For example, you want your dog to learn how to retrieve a stick. You bring him to a place full of treats and throw a stick. Then you shout, “Fetch!” Your dog then retrieves the stick and you give him a biscuit. For every successful trick you must give him a treat or your dog will never learn.

Let me tell you some ‘Amazing Dog Records.’ As far as I know, the fastest dog breed is the Greyhound, which can reach speeds of 64km per hour. The biggest dog is the Giant Schnauzer, who can grow up to the size of a man!

I hope to have a pet dog one day. Dogs are really nice. I like Bailey a lot. The breed I would like to have is the Golden Retriever. Dogs are both useful and lovable. It’s no wonder they are called ‘Man’s Best Friend!’

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Golden Eaglets of Nigeria Came, Saw, But Could Not Conquer at Canada in 1987




Canada is a beautiful country located in North America consisting of ten provinces and three territories. Canada has a population of approximately 33 million people and has her capital in Ottawa. This beautiful country played host to the Golden Eaglets of Nigeria when the FIFA U-16 tournament was declared opened on the 12th of July 1987. The tournament took place in five major cities: Montreal, Saint John (N.B.), St. John’s (N.F.) and Toronto.

The Golden Eaglets landed in Canada brimming with so much confidence, as defending champions of the FIFA U-16 World Cup. With a team made mostly of They played a 1-1 draw with Soviet Union in their first match with Albert Eke scoring the decisive equalizer in the 79th minute to share the points, before brushing aside a resilient Bolivian side 3-2 in their second match with mercurial midfielder Philip Osundo scoring a hat-trick (24th minute, 66th minute and 77th minute). Their confidence was dealt a great blow with a 1-0 defeat suffered against Mexico. They however qualified for the quarter-final as runner-up despite the loss to Mexico.

In the quarter-finals, they came up against Australia, and they won 1-0 thanks to a second half goal coming from Christopher Nwosu to set up an exciting semi final clash with Italy. The semi final clash with Italy ended in similar fashion 1-0, with the solitary goal coming once again from Christopher Nwosu. The victory greatly motivated the Golden Eaglets were within grasp of a second FIFA U-17 World Cup trophy.

The dream was however distorted by a determined Soviet Union, who held the Golden Eaglets to a 1-1 draw at regulation time. The Russian had taken a 6th minute lead via Yuri Nikiforov before Philip Osondu equalized for Nigeria in the 11th minute. The game had to be decided via penalties, and it was the Soviet Union that carried the day with a 4-2 triumph, after the Nigerians missed two of their spot kicks.

This was a tournament that brought out the best in a certain Philip Osondu. The mercurial midfielder produced some extraordinary display throughout the tournament, that the World Football governing body-FIFA, gave him the “Adidas Golden Ball Award” Peter Ogaba, Fatai Atere, Lemmy Issa and Christopher Nwosu all shone like a million stars at the competition, despite losing to the USSR in the final. They were tipped as the foundation for the future Super Eagles team, but they never made it beyond the junior cadre. The team was led to the tournament by experienced coach Sebastian Broderick Imasuen.

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Good Abdominal Exercises




One of the exercise trends that personal trainers and fitness coaches have huge problems with is the way people think about abdominal exercises. Most people still think that what were considered “good” abdominal exercises fifty years ago are the best ways they can build their stomach.

Sit ups and crunches are in fact not as effective as most people have thought. Personal trainers have known this for years, but many people still think that these are good abdominal exercises. Sit ups are relatively effective, but almost nobody does them correctly and it is a difficult exercise to replicate. So you might be doing them right one day, and wrong the next day – but not notice any difference in the way you are doing them!

The reason that sit ups are not such good abdominal exercises is that the smallest change in posture can shift the focus of the strain away from your stomach and onto your hips or back. Back strain is the major risk when you are dealing with abdominal exercises, so you need remember to stop if you feel like your back might be hurting. If your back is hurting then you are doing almost no good to your stomach, because you are using your spine to pull your body.

A lot of women and people who want to lose weight around their stomach buy in to the “many reps, long sets, low weight” strategy, which does tend to work for calves, arms and thighs. However, this is not the most efficient way of burning fat and many people are doing good abdominal exercises, but they are doing them inefficiently! To really burn fat in the stomach area you first need to target the transverse abdominus (the deepest of all of your abdominal muscles) by doing slow, intense exercises with long time intervals.

This might sound like a bulk training strategy, but just try it for yourself and see what happens! Give up on the sit ups and try doing bicycle kicks, lying on your back. Use your stomach to lift your hips slightly off the ground, and move your legs in slow, control bicycle-peddling movements. The slower you do these while maintaining your position, the faster you will develop your deeper abdominal muscles and this will make it a lot easier to burn off that surface fat.

When it comes to good abdominal exercises, most people tend to neglect a tried-and-tested strategy: water exercises. These can be difficult, but if you stand in water up to your chest and center your core so that you can’t drift off or lose your balance you can really burn some fat! Once you have a comfortable position that won’t allow you to lose your footing, extend your arms to either side and make your hands into paddles. Make slow twisting movements from side to side, using your lower abdominals to take up the strain.

This, and other core water exercises, are all good abdominal exercises that will help to burn fat at the sides of your stomach, on your hips and of course on your belly. Next time you are at gym or in a pool give it a try. You will find that the number of reps it takes to burn fat in water is far lower than on land where the only thing you are working against is gravity and your own resistance.

Remember, if you want to do good abdominal exercises that will really help you to burn fat and build muscle, keep away from the sit ups! Rather find abdominal exercises that work well for you and achieve the goals you have set out for yourself. Don’t be afraid to challenge what you know about exercising – most people who do this experience incredible results!

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