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The hottest cars on the market right now in each state



The hottest cars on the market right now in each state

The global microchip shortage is showing no signs of slowing down as major automakers continue to halt production, leading to lower inventory levels, especially for the most in-demand vehicles. Demand for new cars has continued to outpace supply, with new cars selling over a week faster than in July, while demand for used cars has remained relatively steady.

Analyzing nearly one million new and used cars sold in August 2021, determined the new and used cars that were in the highest demand and vanished the quickest from dealer lots. Here are the fastest-selling new and used cars by state:

Fastest-Selling New Cars by State

What were August’s fastest-selling new cars across the country? Here are the new vehicles in the highest demand by state:

Fastest-Selling New Car in Each State – August 2021
State Vehicle Average Days to Sell
Alabama Chevrolet Corvette 1.8
Arizona Mercedes-Benz GLS 3.1
Arkansas Kia Carnival 4.5
California Subaru Crosstrek 4.8
Colorado Kia Telluride 4.7
Connecticut Subaru Crosstrek 7.9
Delaware Toyota Camry 3.1
Florida Toyota Highlander Hybrid 4.7
Georgia Toyota RAV4 5.5
Hawaii Hyundai Palisade 4.1
Idaho Ford Bronco 3.1
Illinois Kia Telluride 5.2
Indiana BMW X7 3.0
Iowa Toyota Sienna 5.8
Kansas Kia Telluride 1.5
Kentucky Hyundai Venue 5.1
Louisiana Toyota Sienna 4.7
Maine Hyundai Palisade 7.5
Maryland Hyundai Santa Cruz 3.8
Massachusetts Chevrolet Spark 3.9
Michigan Mercedes-Benz GLE 4.0
Minnesota Chevrolet Corvette 4.4
Mississippi Ford Bronco Sport 1.9
Missouri Chevrolet Corvette 4.5
Montana Subaru Forester 5.3
Nebraska Toyota Venza 4.4
Nevada Chevrolet Corvette 2.1
New Hampshire Chevrolet Trailblazer 2.0
New Jersey Hyundai Santa Cruz 4.4
New Mexico Lexus GX 460 9.0
New York Jeep Wrangler 3.5
North Carolina Cadillac Escalade 2.0
North Dakota Hyundai Tucson 5.4
Ohio Hyundai Santa Cruz 3.2
Oklahoma Toyota RAV4 Hybrid 3.1
Oregon Kia Seltos 3.5
Pennsylvania Chevrolet Corvette 5.8
Rhode Island Mercedes-Benz S-Class 1.2
South Carolina Mercedes-Benz GLE 4.6
South Dakota Hyundai Palisade 8.5
Tennessee Kia Carnival 3.1
Texas Toyota RAV4 Prime 3.7
Utah Ford Bronco 2.4
Vermont Ford Bronco Sport 1.7
Virginia Lexus RX 350 4.0
Washington Chevrolet Corvette 3.4
West Virginia Honda Civic 2.5
Wisconsin Jeep Wrangler 4xe 4.5
Wyoming Hyundai Palisade 10.6
  • The fastest-selling new car in the most states is the Chevrolet Corvette in six states.
  • The second fastest-selling new car is the Hyundai Palisade in four states.
  • SUVs are the fastest-selling vehicle type in 32 states.
  • Hybrid cars are the fastest sellers in 7 states.
  • The fastest-selling new vehicle across all states is the Mercedes-Benz S-Class in Rhode Island at 1.2 days.

Fastest-Selling Used Cars by State

Here are the fastest-selling used cars by state:

Fastest-Selling Used Car in Each State – August 2021
State Vehicle Average Days to Sell
Alabama Honda Odyssey 17.8
Alaska Chevrolet Silverado 1500 33.1
Arizona Honda Insight 9.0
Arkansas Jeep Wrangler 15.4
California Honda Insight 14.0
Colorado Volvo S60 17.2
Connecticut Honda Odyssey 14.1
Delaware Nissan Altima 13.5
Florida BMW 2 Series 18.5
Georgia Tesla Model 3 12.7
Hawaii Honda HR-V 12.6
Idaho Subaru Crosstrek 23.0
Illinois Toyota Prius 17.5
Indiana Toyota Prius 17.3
Iowa Nissan Armada 21.2
Kansas Mazda Mazda6 13.6
Kentucky Mazda CX-9 19.0
Louisiana Honda HR-V 16.8
Maine Ford Mustang 29.6
Maryland Tesla Model 3 12.4
Massachusetts Toyota Prius 15.4
Michigan Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 16.3
Minnesota Toyota Prius 14.5
Mississippi Honda Accord 15.2
Missouri Mazda CX-9 11.5
Montana Toyota RAV4 16.2
Nebraska Subaru Crosstrek 18.8
Nevada Toyota Prius 13.7
New Hampshire Honda Ridgeline 18.5
New Jersey Fiat 500x 22.6
New Mexico Chrysler 300 22.5
New York Porsche Panamera 17.6
North Carolina Lexus RX 350L 13.3
North Dakota Hyundai Elantra 16.0
Ohio Mazda MX-5 Miata 17.2
Oklahoma Hyundai Accent 11.1
Oregon Chevrolet Bolt EV 18.3
Pennsylvania Toyota Prius 18.6
Rhode Island Nissan Rogue 11.4
South Carolina Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 17.1
South Dakota GMC Yukon XL 24.8
Tennessee Land Rover Discovery Sport 10.2
Texas Tesla Model 3 13.5
Utah Subaru Ascent 12.4
Vermont Toyota RAV4 28.3
Virginia Toyota Sequoia 14.5
Washington Volkswagen Golf 12.7
West Virginia Honda Pilot 18.9
Wisconsin Buick Envision 14.8
Wyoming Toyota RAV4 40.1
  • The Toyota Prius is the fastest-selling used car in the most states with six.
  • In second place is a tie between the Tesla Model 3 and the Toyota RAV4, which are the fastest-sellers in three states.
  • SUVs are the most represented vehicle type as the fastest-selling used car type in 22 states.
  • The fastest-selling used car across all states is the Honda Insight in Arizona at 9.0 days.
  • Electric vehicles are the fastest sellers in four states, and hybrid vehicles are the fastest sellers in eight states.

Buyers who are making a new or used car purchase might have difficulty finding these in-demand vehicles and may end up paying a premium for them in the used car marketplace amid microchip-related inventory constraints. As demand continues to outpace supply for new cars, consumers should act quickly if they see their desired vehicle for sale, and buyers may have to be flexible on color and trim options for in-demand models.

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