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Last night’s debate: Trudeau gets caught up, O’Toole has his moments and Singh misses the mark



Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, left to right, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, and Conservative Leader Erin O

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Jason Markusoff, of Maclean’s, has the rundown you need on Thursday night’s English language debate, which did not go well for the prime minister.

Time and again, the Liberal leader was attacked on his government’s record and tried to swing back aggressively. If it wasn’t Jagmeet Singh hitting him on taking Indigenous kids to court, it was Erin O’Toole criticizing his ability to meet climate change targets—to which Trudeau replied that 2030 remains nine years away, in one of multiple moments in which he flashed visible irritation, or got unusually combative. At the outset of this campaign, it seemed Trudeau might coast to victory on the strength of his record. But some of the Liberals’ shortcomings look glaring if cannily framed, and his opponents did that on Thursday.

Markusoff writes that the moderation “squeezed most of the light out of this affair.”

Lead moderator Shachi Kurl, a pollster and former journalist, rapidly cut off many attempts to pivot from one topic to the next, and hawkishly watched the clock to ensure all of the myriad elements of the program had their slotted times. It led to a moment that some observers believe will raise anger in Quebec, and potentially draw votes to the Bloc: Kurl wound up arguing with Yves-François Blanchet, the Bloc Québecois leader, who claimed he’d been shorted when it came to timing. This came after she’d begun the debate with a tense exchange with Blanchet over Quebec’s controversial Bill 21 banning religious symbols from public workplaces. At another point, Kurl offered Trudeau an absurdly paltry five seconds to respond to various critiques of his record. Some past debates have gone wildly off topic or off-kilter and would have benefited from a moderator with a tighter leash. Kurl’s leash often seemed like a choke chain, stifling many exchanges from blossoming into actual, you know, debates.

Also in Maclean’s:

Shannon Proudfoot finds Trudeau still struggling to explain why we are all engaged in this exercise.

The greater energy he’s displayed over the last week, as his campaign finally seemed to get its shoes on, was turned up too high and of the wrong kind to be useful to him on Thursday. Of course, as the incumbent he went in with more baggage and more soft underbelly exposed than the other party leaders. But the very first question he had faced—amid a barrage of similarly pointed questions to each of the leaders in succession—centred on the core question hovering over the entire proceedings: why are any of us here right now?

Your correspondent is inclined to think that O’Toole looks likelier to be prime minister after he did well, Trudeau did not, and the moderator picked a fight with Blanchet.

The election isn’t over, but it almost is. Advance voting begins today. Millions may vote by the mail. Trudeau will surely try to pivot before long to making pleas to soft New Democrats, but it will get harder to make that work as more votes go into boxes. And the Blanchet story—which looks set to take off in Quebec today—could put the Liberals on the defensive in the territory they desperately need if they are to stave off a Tory challenge.

Justin Ling thinks Jagmeet Singh did a good job of roasting Trudeau but a poor job at selling himself as a PM-in-waiting

But when it came to offering voters specifics of how he would govern, or even a compelling emotional reason why he’s better suited to lead than the others, Singh largely repeated the script he’s been reading for the whole campaign. Would he scrap the Trans Mountain pipeline upon being elected? Who knows. Where would his investments go to get CO2 emissions down by 50 per cent? Couldn’t say. How would he protect Indigenous ancestral rights to logging, fishing and hunting? No idea. Voters at home would certainly come away from Thursday’s debate knowing that Singh wants to “make the rich pay their fair share,” as if that were ever in doubt. But that often sounded like the deepest policy proposal he had under his belt.

Quebec plot twist: A dispute between the moderator and Blanchet made headlines in Quebec on Thursday night, seeming to presage a vote-moving phase of the campaign in that province.Le Devoir led with the dispute (translation), as did La Presse (translation).

 The only debate in English by the leaders of the electoral campaign turned into a trial of the laws adopted by the National Assembly of Quebec on the secularism of the State and the protection of the French language. During an evening when cacophony also reigned supreme, Bloc Québécois leader Yves-François Blanchet was forced to defend Legault government policies in his second language while the other leaders, with the exception of the Party leader green, remained silent. Raising the curtain of the debate, Mr. Blanchet received a frontal affront. The affront did not come from one of his opponents, but from the moderator of the debate, Shachi Kurl, who launched the exercise by repeatedly asking him how he could support “discriminatory” legislation, by speaking of Bill 21 and Bill 96.

Francophone Quebecers appear to be affronted by the conflict, which may rattle an until-now fairly stable campaign in that province, and raise questions about the conduct of the debate.

Aside from that, the consensus seems to be that Trudeau struggled.

In the Star, Susan Delacourt concludes that Trudeau must be asking himself why he called the election.

Every one of the leaders walked into these debates with a lot to save — even political careers — but no one as much as the Conservative and Liberal leaders. O’Toole needed to preserve the fragile momentum he’s accumulated to date in this election. In effectively batting away Trudeau’s standard anti-Conservative attacks, he may have succeeded. Trudeau, meanwhile, needs to save his Liberals from defeat in the election he unleashed on the country. This pile-on won’t have helped.

In the Globe, John Ibbitson comes to a similar conclusion.

On Thursday night, as the minutes ticked away, Mr. Trudeau failed to launch his attack, because he so seldom had an opening.

Where we stand: As the leaders gathered for the debate, Maclean’s polling wizard Philippe J. Fournier concluded that the race is tightening: CPC 34 (0), LPC 32 (-1), NDP 20 (+4), BQ 6 (-2), PCP 4 (+2), GPC 3 (-4). Projected seat count: LPC 142 (-15), CPC 134 (+13), NDP 34 (+10), BQ 26 (-6), GPC 2 (-1). Bracketed numbers show changes since 2019 election. Fournier wonders if the Conservatives have room to grow.

Before dissolution, I had hypothesized that the CPC was stuck in a “high-floor, low-ceiling” scenario with Canadian voters. The CPC surge early in the campaign was testament to Erin O’Toole’s effectiveness at getting himself better known to Canadian voters, and several early polls in this campaign showed O’Toole’s personal numbers rising days prior (see this Abacus Data poll from Aug. 20). However, while some would suggest the Conservatives may have “peaked too soon” in this campaign, it is plausible that they simply peaked, and that the 34 to 35 per cent mark represents the party’s new ceiling.

Enter Legault: On Thursday, after the second of two French language debates, Francois Legault pronounced himself concerned with the centralizing tendencies of the Liberal, NDP and Green platforms and said nationalists should hope for a Conservative minority, La Journal de Montreal reports (translation).  “I am a nationalist. I want Quebec to be more autonomous, to have more power, and there are three parties, the PLC, the NDP and the Green Party, which want to give us less autonomy. I find it dangerous.”

Rescue operation: Writing in the GazetteTasha Kheiriddin theorizes that Legault may have felt the need to come to O’Toole’s rescue after a flat debate performance.

Quebec commentators were not impressed with O’Toole, including columnist Chantal Hebert, who quipped that “On his last big opportunity to establish a stronger connection with Quebec voters and to impress them, (O’Toole) missed the mark.” So in rode Legault to the rescue. If his endorsement turns the tide for O’Toole, it could put the Tories over the top — and put the new government firmly in Legault’s debt.

A lament: Speaking of debates, the reviews of Wednesday night’s French language debate are mixed. In Maclean’s, Paul Wells laments that the debate wasn’t what it could have been even though good people were doing their best.

For starters, the participating news organizations want maximum on-screen time for their journalists. Every organization that participated in the consortium sent a prominent colleague. None preferred to sit the night out, for the sake of simplicity and clarity. That’s how you get five people in moderator/interrogator roles. And if La Presse’s Paul Journet wasn’t all that interested in pressing leaders on their non-answers to questions from Hélène Buzzetti of the newspaper syndicate Les Coops de l’Info … well, that brings us to the parties’ interest. The parties want minimum on-screen time for their leaders. Or at least, they want the smallest amount of risk for every second of screen time. How much time did Erin O’Toole want to spend explaining that the only source of cost reduction in his platform is the abolition of Liberal day-care plans, and that in every other way his party has become as spendy as Trudeau’s? Zero.

In La PresseMichel C. Auger, writes that the debate was over before it began, because the Conservative platform calls for the elimination of child-care deals, a “question (O’Toole) will have to explain himself on for the remainder of the campaign.” (Translation)

PPC gravel link: The People’s Party of Canada removed the Elgin Middlesex London riding association president — Shane Marshall — after it was alleged that he is threw gravel at Justin Trudeau at a rally in London on Monday, CBC reports.

Marshall is known in anti-lockdown and white-supremacist circles, said Peter Smith, of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network. “This is a person who expresses, through memes and videos as well as his appearances at multiple protests dressed in a balaclava waving a flag from Canada’s colonial past, an explicitly white nationalist view.” Police are investigating.

Far right haters: The hate we are seeing in this campaign is alarming, writes Fatima Sayed in Maclean’s, pointing out the links between white supremacy and the anti-vax movement.

Hate, too, is a virus and it grows rapidly if left unaddressed. And it’s been left unaddressed in Canada for far too long. There is a  link between the anti-vaxx movement and far-right groups that we need to talk about. (Note: the movement is separate from vaccine-hesitant people who have legitimate concerns.) An upcoming study by Amarnath Amarasingam, Stephanie Carvin and Kurt Philips for the Institute for Strategic Dialogue documents the connections, finding that “anti-mask, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination movements in Canada are predominantly propagated by the far-right. Some of the most vocal critics of lockdown measures and vaccines are leaders of far-right groups or political parties, including People Party of Canada (PPC) leader Maxime Bernier.

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Valentina Sampaio Says She Hopes To Portray The ‘Beauty Of Being Trans’ Amidst ‘Cruel’ Anti-Trans Laws



Valentina Sampaio

HollywoodLife spoke with Valentina Sampaio who shared her thoughts on the record-breaking number of discriminatory laws aimed at the trans community.

Transgender supermodel Valentina Sampaio, 24, is speaking out against the anti-trans laws that have swept the nation. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model spoke with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY and explained why she believes the trans community is facing “cruel” anti-trans laws as 2021 breaks the record for having the highest number of anti-transgender bills in history.

“Trans youth need love and support, but instead are being targeted by measures that will harm them,” the Victoria’s Secret stunner said. “We should be uniting around ways to uplift trans youth today and always, not making life harder for them. I hope that trans youth see women like me at photo shoots and on runways and recognize the beauty of being trans. I want them to watch our film and see trans joy during this time when so many unnecessary and cruel laws are being passed.”

Transgender supermodel Valentina Sampaio is speaking out against the anti-trans laws that have swept the nation. (Shutterstock)

Sampaio is a Brazilian model and LGBTQ+ advocate. Her modeling career solidified when she appeared on the cover of French Vogue, becoming the first trans model to ever appear on any Vogue cover worldwide. Since then, she has continued to break barriers becoming the first trans woman to appear in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, as well as becoming Victoria’s Secret’s first trans ambassador.

Her reaction to the anti-trans laws comes amid Arkansas’ ban on gender-affirming treatment for trans youth, Mississippi’s transgender ban for female sports, and Dave Chappelle being slammed for his anti-trans rhetoric in his latest Netflix special.

On April 6, Arkansas lawmakers made the state the first to ban gender confirming treatments and surgery for transgender youth, enacting the prohibition over the governor’s objections. The Arkansas measure bans doctors from providing gender-affirming hormone treatment, puberty blockers, or surgery to anyone under 18 years old. It also prohibits doctors from referring the patients to other providers for treatment. Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves signed a bill to ban transgender athletes from competing on girls or women’s sports teams, making Mississippi the first state this year to enact such a ban.
Valentina Sampaio
The beauty shared her thoughts on the “cruel” anti-trans laws as 2021 breaks the record for having the highest number of anti-transgender bills in history. (Shutterstock)
The Texas Senate passed a bill on April 15 that would force transgender athletes at public schools to play sports using the gender listed on their birth certificate. More than 20 states are proposing restrictions on athletics or gender-confirming health care for transgender minors this year. Conservative lawmakers are responding to an executive order by Democratic President Joe Biden that bans discrimination based on gender identity in school sports and elsewhere. Biden signed it Jan. 20, the day he took office.
Meanwhile, Valentina made NFT (non-fungible tokens) history with her transgender-themed film, Lambada Dyed Red White Blue, and an auction of a CGI dress to benefit LGBTQ non-profits. Her CGI dress became the all-time highest priced fashion item NFT has sold at $300,000. She dished on her short film: “This project was such a labor of love for all involved,” she said. “It was a team of co-creators from around the world, across different industries coming together to raise awareness for trans lives and the violence transgender people are facing today, in support of our LGBTQ+ charities:  Ali Forney Center, GLAAD and Pride Live. I feel so proud of what we’ve accomplished and am so grateful to have this platform to be able to amplify issues impacting the trans community.

“I feel so honored to have been able to spend that day with the beautiful all-trans cast on Rockaway Beach dancing our hearts out,” the Brazilian model said. “Much of our cast also included trans youth, who were so amazing to be with.  It was such a wonderful celebration of trans joy and trans community! It’s so important for Trans youth to see the joy and beauty of who they are – who we all are.”

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Alan Cumming Applauds Selena Gomez, Martin Short & Steve Martin’s ‘Only Murders in the Building’



Alan Cumming

Alan Cumming is watching all sorts of fall TV shows right now but the main show that’s caught his attention is a hit series starring Selena Gomez.

Someone give Alan Cumming a magnifying glass and a microphone because this man is ready to join the mystery-snooping tenants of the Acronia! The Tony-winning actor EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife that one of his new favorite fall television shows is Hulu’s breakout series Only Murders in the Building. The show stars pop sensation-turned-chef Selena Gomez, and comedy legends Steve Martin and Martin Short. “Witty and clever and elegant,” the triple-threat performer said during our interview on Thursday, October 8 at the Hudson River Park Friends charity gala held at Chelsea Piers in New York City.

Alan Cumming accepts high honor at Hudson River Park Friends charity gala on Oct. 7. (Getty Images)

Only Murders in the Building follows three tenants of a ritzy Upper West Side apartment complex who suddenly find themselves investigating a mysterious, grisly murder of a fellow resident. “It’s sort of a parody of an old murder mystery, as well as being an old murder mystery at the same time,” the Schmigadoon! mayor said of the show’s premise.  The trio take it upon themselves to start a true crime podcast in hopes of solving the homicide and of course, as to be expected with Steve and Martin, hilarity ensues. “It’s such a hoot,” he added.

Alan gushed about the way the show tackles a subject that’s relevant to today’s culture while also executing the entertainment feat of offering something that multiple age groups can enjoy. “I love the fact that it’s different generations,” the Spy Kids star said. “I love the fact they’re sort of parodying the idea of crime podcasts. I think it’s hilarious that already we’re being sort of satirical about something that we so recently started doing.”

Selena Gomez, Martin Short, Steve Martin
Selena Gomez, Steve Martin & Martin Short star as a trio of mystery-solving tenants in Hulu’s Only Murders in the Building. (Craig Blankenhorn / ©Hulu / Courtesy Everett Collection)

But Only Murders isn’t the only show Alan’s binge-watching these days: he’s hooked on American Crime Story: Impeachment as well. The Ryan Murphy anthology series hones in on Monica Lewinskys story, focusing on the infamous chapter of her – and former President Bill Clinton‘s – life that rocked headlines and shook the world throughout the mid-1990s. “My friend Monica [Lewinsky] is featured which is played by Beanie Feldstein. It’s fascinating,” he said of the pop culture icon and activist, who also accompanied Alan at the gala.

The talented silver screen icon also told HollywoodLife how glad he is to be back at work and on set while at Hudson River Park‘s charity gala. “I think I’d had enough doing podcasts and writing at home. It was nice to get away and travel again and do all that,” he said. Alan was honored by the organization and presented with an award by friend and broadway star, Kristin Chenoweth, for his outstanding community activism and career success.

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Teresa Giudice Gives Tour Of Her Massive New NJ Mansion, Which Includes A Bed In Her Garden



teresa giudice

It’s move in day! Take a tour of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Teresa Giudice’s stunning new mansion.

Teresa Giudice’s new home belongs on the cover of Architectural Digest. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star, 49, moved into a new mansion in New Jersey on October 7. Her interior designer Jessica Fratantoni offered a grand tour on her Instagram Story on Thursday, many of which were re-shared by the star.

An outdoor daybed in the garden, grandiose spiraling staircases, and coffered ceilings are just a few of the features in the stunning estate, which has an entrance framed by a long, winding driveway. The star’s interior designer documented the village of people that it took to transport all of the boxes and put together furniture, including a massive dark oak dining table.

Teresa purchased the extravagant home with her new boyfriend Luis Ruelas. The estate has been described as “Beverly Hills-style mansion in New Jersey.” A source told Page Six on Friday that the moving process will be a “huge undertaking.” The source added, “They paid significant attention to detail,” calling the home “absolutely breathtaking.”

The couple purchased the home in February for $3.35 million. At 7,728 square feet, it has seven bedrooms as well as a library, six-car garage, theater, and gym, as previously reported by TMZ. A source told the outlet at the time that Luis, 46, invests in real estate, and that the duo weren’t living in the new home together — but it looks like that has changed.

In September 2020, Teresa finalized her divorce from husband and RHONJ co-star Joe Giudice after 20 years of marriage. The childhood sweethearts announced their separation in December 2019. They share four children together: Gia, 20, Gabriella, 17, Milania, 15, and Audriana, 12. A source told PEOPLE at the time that despite the split, the two were at a good place.

“Joe and Teresa are in an amazing place and are very supportive of one another,” the source said. “They still have love for each other, they just aren’t in love with each other.” Joe has even met his ex-wife’s new boyfriend, having gone to dinner with them in the Bahamas in April. Teresa told Andy Cohen in March that her new beau wanted to meet Joe.

“They’ve talked over the phone. Luis wanted to go to the Bahamas and meet him, which I thought was the most amazing thing ever,” she said while on on Watch What Happens Live. “He said he just wanted to talk to him and let him know he’s not trying to take his place or anything.”

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Tom Selleck’s Wife: Meet Jillie Mack, His Love For Over 33 Years




Find out everything to know about ‘Blue Bloods’ actor Tom Selleck’s wife of more than three decades — British actress Jillie Mack.

Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck and former West End performer Jillie Mack are among the most low key couples in Hollywood. The A-list Magnum P.I. star has been married to British born Jillie for more than three decades, however very little is known about their romance. The couple met when Tom was in London filming the movie Lassiter, and his future wife caught his eye when he saw the stage production of Cats on the West End. Here’s everything you need to know about Jillie.

Tom and Jillie. Image: Picture Perfect/Shutterstock

Who Is Jillie Mack?

Jillie was born in Wiltshire, England and is a dancer and actress. She’s appeared on the small screen in TV shows like Frasier, SilverfoxER, Hooperman, and even her husband’s show, Magnum, P.I. However, it was her turn as Rumpleteazer in the London production of Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Cats that caught the eye of Tom. Since falling in love with the American actor, Jillie has relocated Stateside, and stepped back from her life as a performer. She isn’t active on any social media platforms, however she often accompanies Tom to major events and film premieres.

How Long Have Jillie & Tom Been Married For? 

Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have been married for more than 30 years. The pair met in 1983 during the successful West End production of the musical Cats, and Tom was reportedly smitten from the first time he saw Jillie. In a 1987 interview with People, Tom’s Lassiter co-star, Jane Seymour, opened up about his Cats obsession. “He kept telling me how great Cats was,” she said. “I thought it was good, but I couldn’t see going back a dozen times.”

Tom and Jillie. Image: Mediapunch/Shutterstock

Four years after they met, in 1987, Tom revealed the pair had wed in a top secret ceremony in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. The couple went above and beyond to keep the ceremony out of the tabloids, according to People. The outlet reported that all arrangements were made under the pseudonyms “Tom Jenkins” and “Suzie Mark.” Even the reverend who married them didn’t know their true identity until minutes before the ceremony! It’s also believed Tom only allowed Polaroid cameras to be used at the ceremony so photos could not be leaked to the press.

“They were both nervous, like any other couple about to get married,” their wedding officiant Rev. David Immel told the magazine. “He was very concerned that the service be heartfelt, very concerned for her that the service be meaningful. He is a very warm, caring man.” The couple now live on a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California, which they’ve owned since 1988.

Do Jillie & Tom Have Any Kids?

Tom Selleck and Jillie Mack have one child together, a 31-year-old daughter Hannah who is the spitting image of her mom. She is now a professional equestrian, and previously opened up to Equestrian Living about her A-list parents. “Because [my parents are] both artists, they believe in the idea that you have to be very passionate about what you do to be successful. They encouraged me to be passionate about it and immersed in it, and from there it was kind of on me how much I wanted it. They always let me take the lead. If I wanted to move barns or trainers, that was my decision,” she explained.

Tom also has an adopted son, Kevin, from his first marriage to model Jacqueline Ray. The former couple said ‘I do’ in 1971, when they were both in their mid-20s. They were married for 10 years, bur eventually called it quits in 1982, reportedly because Tom’s move to Hawaii to film Magnum P.I. was too challenging. He later revealed that he quit the show in order to prioritize his family. “I quit Magnum to have a family,” Tom told People in 2012. “It took a long time to get off the train, but I try very hard to have balance, and this ranch has helped me do that. We both thought it was the best environment for [Hannah] to grow up.”

During his decade long first marriage, Tom adopted Kevin Shepherd, who became Kevin Selleck when he turned 21. He is now 54 and is a musician and actor with credits in Scream 2 and Magnum P.I. It seems Tom’s family life is incredibly healthy and happy, and makes a point to be open and honest with Jillie. “[We] have a pretty good partnership,” he told the New York Daily News back in 1999. “We don’t do anything or make any decisions without consulting each other. And if one of us makes a decision involving [our daughter], the other parent completely supports that position, even if you disagree.”

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Kyle Richards Says Andy Was “Relentless” Against Erika at RHOBH Reunion, Addresses Her “Confusing” Stories



Kyle Richards Says Andy Cohen Was "Relentless" Against Erika Jayne at RHOBH Reunion, Explains Why Some of Her Stories Were "Confusing"

Kyle Richards is confirming what’s been widely reported and teased in the recently-released trailer for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion: Andy Cohen “went hard” on Erika Jayne.

With the four-part special just days away, Kyle admitted to feeling that Andy’s questioning of Erika was “relentless” before applauding Erika as “supportive and kind” and explaining why many of her season 11 stories were likely “confusing” to viewers.

“I was like, ‘My God, this is relentless,’” Kyle recalled to Us Weekly of Andy’s reunion behavior toward Erika on October 8. “But he has a hard job. He knows the audience is expecting these questions and expecting answers. I know it was hard for him. I mean, my makeup artist, who was there, she was like, ‘I was feeling so bad for Erika. Oh, my God. That was like a nightmare for her.’ And I’m like, ‘He has to ask these questions.’”

While Kyle knew many questions needed answers, that didn’t make the taping any easier.

“It’s so emotionally draining… We couldn’t get out of bed for a day or two. [Erika] probably couldn’t for two weeks,” Kyle admitted. “It was very, very difficult for her. It’s never easy for anybody, but she was, for sure, the person that had the hardest time in this reunion.”

Despite the allegations against Erika, which include claims of embezzling $2 million from widows and orphans of plane crash victims, Kyle said her opinion of her castmate hasn’t wavered.

“Erika has been nothing but a great friend to me and supportive and kind. I know that she puts on a tough girl act, but she is a very sensitive person. And I think with so many people who don’t know her coming at her, she’s kind of had to put up the shield,” Kyle explained.

During a number of moments on RHOBH season 11, Erika attempted to speak to her castmates about what was going on in her life. However, because some of her stories seemed elaborate or even contrived (especially her claims about Thomas Girardi confronting a robber and being hospitalized, and her son, Tommy Zizzo, rolling his car five times in Southern California), even Kyle was confused at times. That said, Kyle believes there is a logical explanation.

“There are a lot of things I didn’t get, [stories] that were not clear to me. It’s hard when you’re talking on camera and she’s probably nervous about what she’s saying. You don’t know what’s going through her mind and the audience doesn’t always get that, but I could tell she was nervous. And that’s why some of the stories were probably confusing for people,” she explained.

Luckily, when it comes to the lingering questions of season 11, viewers will soon get the answers they’ve been looking for, which Kyle was happy to see, especially for Erika.

“There’s a lot of things that people have been talking about. They’re going to find out, ‘Oh, I get it. OK. That makes more sense,’” Kyle revealed. “So I was happy for her in that sense, even though it was very difficult for her.”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 11 reunion begins airing Wednesday, October 13, at 8/7c on Bravo.

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We Got A Lil Baby Crush: R&B Newcomer Jordan Ward Releases His New EP ‘Remain Calm’



We Got A Lil Baby Crush: R&B Newcomer Jordan Ward Releases His New EP ‘Remain Calm’

If you’re looking for new music to check out this weekend we’d love to recommend Jordan Ward’s new EP ‘Remain Calm’.

Source: Ricky Alvarez / Ricky Alvarez

Within the last several years, Jordan Ward has emerged as one of R&B’s rising stars. Developing an affinity for music and dance at a very early age, Jordan polished his skillset after first trying his hand as a choir member before transitioning into musical theatre. His influences include a diverse roster of music luminaries ranging from Marvin Gaye, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Lauryn Hill, Kanye West, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, and more. After first experimenting with rap, Ward later focused on singing and dancing. By 18, he moved to Los Angeles and joined Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour in 2016. Ward’s dance abilities earned him gigs as a dancer for Janet Jackson and Beyonce, as he appeared in the singer’s Homecoming documentary for her epic Coachella performance.

In 2017, Ward began his musical quest after releasing his EP, A Peak at the Summit. It wasn’t until 2019 that Ward’s breakthrough became the talk of R&B. His debut album ‘Valley Hopefuls’ was propelled by his single “Okok (Hibachi)” and “Sandiego,” which was produced by singer Arin Ray and music producer heavyweight No ID. Now, Ward’s silky croons and elevated songwriting abilities are at peak form as he readies his journey into universal acclaim in the R&B world.

Watch the video for his single “Lil Baby Crush” below:

We love it! That was so sweet. We’ve all had a lil baby crush, right?!

Following the release of his first single, “Lil Baby Crush,” St Louis polymath Jordan Ward unleashes his new EP Remain Calm. The five-track effort proves to be an evocative showcase by the budding singer, who eyes unyielding love and happiness. Established in standout records “Standards” and “Thrive,” Jordan’s buttery vocals and gentle energy are supple enough to keep listeners enthralled for the long run. After a successful trek as an opener on Duckwrth’s ‘A SuperGood Tour’ last month, Remain Calm is the next step in cementing Ward’s leap into stardom. In honor of his new EP, Ward held an intimate release party in Los Angeles to celebrate his journey, where he treated attendees to a live performance.

Listen HERE.

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#RedBullDanceYourStyle Atlanta: Uncontested Crowd Fave Prince Wayne Dishes On His Trophy-Taking Street Dancing [Exclusive]



#RedBullDanceYourStyle Atlanta: Uncontested Crowd Fave Prince Wayne Dishes On His Trophy-Taking Street Dancing [Exclusive]


An uncontested crowd favorite took the top spot during a one-on-one street dance competition.

Source: Keenan Litmon / Red Bull Content Pool

On Thursday, October 7th, Red Bull Dance Your Style continued its 2021 iteration with its Atlanta debut, and the city’s Believe Music Hall was bristling with energy as onlookers witnessed dancers of diverse styles face-off.

The event was hosted by Paige Shari’ Addison, Celebrity Host at REVOLT TV…

Red Bull Dance Your Style: ATL

Source: Brian Hall / Red Bull Content Pool

and DJ Thrilla [below] provided a spontaneous soundtrack of mainstream hits to timeless classics for the night. The audience also enjoyed a special showcase performance by Remote Kontrol.

Red Bull Dance Your Style

Source: Keenan Litmon / Red Bull Content Pool

Following 16 rounds of electrifying 1:1 battles, the crowd hand-picked De’Wayne “Prince Wayne” Martin Jr. as the winner of the Red Bull Dance Your Style Atlanta qualifier. By securing his win, he will head to the U.S. Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals taking place in Washington, D.C from Friday, October 22 through Saturday, October 23.

Red Bull Dance Your Style: ATL

Source: Brian Hall / Red Bull Content Pool

According to Red Bull, Prince Wayne has been dancing his whole life but only began battling four years ago. Boasting a diverse repertoire of dance styles, Prince Wayne is on a journey to turn his passion into his profession and he credits dance to being his main form of creative expression, noting it helps him keep his “mind, body, soul, heart and spirit in alignment.”

Red Bull Dance Your Style: ATL

Source: Brian Hall / Red Bull Content Pool

This was Prince Wayne’s first time competing in Red Bull Dance Your Style and for his final battle, his footwork, Vogueing, and gravity-defying spins to Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” and Pitbull’s “Hotel Room Service” carried him to victory. The evening’s runner-up and Wayne’s final competitor, Tracey Wong, put on an exciting show as well.

Red Bull Dance Your Style: ATL

Source: [Dancer Tracey Wong] Brian Hall / Red Bull Content Pool

After Prince Wayne’s win, the excited winner dished to BOSSIP about his trophy-taking moves while giving props to a fellow competitor.

“It was a lot of fun, I had a lot of fun,” said Prince Wayne. “I want to shoutout [dancer] Don Soup because he straight-up inspired me today. I know it’s about me right now but he was my favorite dancer of the whole night. It was a good experience and I like the music choices,” he added giving DJ Thrilla his props.

Red Bull Dance Your Style: ATL

Source: [Dancer Don Soup] Brian Hall / Red Bull Content Pool

The dancer who’s trained in dubstep, breaking, ballet, modern dance, jazz, and contemporary also revealed the “secret” to securing a win at the U.S. Red Bull BC One National Finals in D.C. later this month. 

“I’mma twerk as much as possible,” Prince Wayne jokingly told BOSSIP. “I can twerk too! I told my mom if I have to twerk, I will and I had to twerk [tonight], and it worked. Hashtag, ‘the twerk worked!’” .

Red Bull Dance Your Style

Source: Keenan Litmon / Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull Dance Your Style competition continues with additional regional qualifiers to follow in Memphis and Miami before the Finals. One competitor will go on to represent the U.S. at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals taking place in Johannesburg, South Africa, on December 4-5. Viewers can keep up with each stop by watching the live stream on



Friday, 9.10 — Boston Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, Tall Ship

Friday, 9.24 — Chicago Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, Thalia Hall

Saturday, 10.2 — Los Angeles Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, Pershing Square

Thursday, 10.7 — Atlanta Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, Believe Music Hall

Sunday, 10.10 — Memphis Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, Railgarten

Sunday, 10.17 — Miami Red Bull Dance Your Style Qualifier, LIIV

Friday, 10.22 – Saturday, 10.23 — Red Bull Dance Your Style National Finals USA in Washington D.C., Howard Theatre


For more information about where to buy tickets and event details follow the Red Bull Dance Your Style website and be sure to follow @RedBullDance on Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube and Caffeine.

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Married Army sergeant who fatally shot pregnant mistress on Georgia highway is arrested in N.C.



Photo may have been deleted

Cumberland County Sheriff

A U.S. Army sergeant who fatally shot his pregnant mistress as she drove on a Georgia highway, was arrested in North Carolina.

Alonzo Dargan Jr., 30, was arrested at Fort Bragg in Cumberland County on Thursday.

Dargan was on active duty at Fort Bragg as a staff sergeant, Channel 2 Action News reports.

Dargan is accused of killing Akeila Ware, 29, of LaGrange, Ga., and their unborn child, as she drove on Highway 18 in Troup County, Ga. on Tuesday, October 5.

Dargan has been charged with murder, feticide and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

Authorities initially believed Ware was shot during a road rage incident.

After Ware was shot, her bullet-riddled Honda Accord veered off the highway and crashed near E. Drummond Road.

Georgia State Patrol troopers responding to a report of a single-car crash found Ware unresponsive inside the car, authorities said.

Ware and her unborn child were pronounced dead at a Columbus-area hospital.

Photo may have been deleted


Ware, a single mother of five, was expecting her 6th child.

Dargan is married with children. None of Ware’s other children were fathered by Dargan.

Troup County Sheriff James Woodruff announced Dargan’s arrest in a press conference on Friday morning.

“I could not believe somebody had shot and killed a young mother with five children,” Woodruff said. “And on top of that, killed her and she had a baby inside her that resulted in the death of that baby.”

Woodruff said Dargan grew up in Troup County.

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Charlie Sheen Spotted On Solo Grocery Shopping Trip After Denise Richards Child Support Drama



charlie sheen

Following his child support victory in court, Charlie Sheen stepped out to shop for some groceries in Malibu.

Charlie Sheen stepped out for a grocery run ahead of the weekend in Malibu on October 8. The former Two and a Half Men star, 56, was photographed on Friday after purchasing two tote bags’ worth of sustenance. He looked casual in a flannel shirt and sweatpants, covering up his mouth with a surgical face mask.

Charlie Sheen grocery shops in Malibu on October 8 (SPOT/BACKGRID)

The outing comes after the actor scored a victory in court on October 4. A judge granted his request to stop paying child support to ex-wife Denise Richards for their two daughters, Sami, 17, and Lola, 16, since both of them now live with him. Charlie first filed the request in December 2019. Denise, 50, reportedly did not file any opposing paperwork.

The actor will now pay his ex-wife a sum total of zero dollars, per the court documents obtained by HollywoodLife. As he departed the courthouse that day, Charlie called the decision “fair” when approached by Us Weekly. “I think what transpired today is extremely fair,” he said. “It speaks to not just today, but it speaks historically to that same fairness.”

It has been reported, however, that Denise was “blindsided” by the court date and the ruling. It appears that the actress may have missed the hearing since she is currently traveling for work, per her Instagram post from October 2. A source told PEOPLE that the couple’s youngest daughter Lola lives with both parents — and accused Charlie of “manipulating the situation.”

charlie sheen and denise richards
Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen at the 2005 Golden Globes (Shutterstock)

“Charlie filed two years ago and kept pushing the court date, so Denise was very surprised that it happened yesterday while she is out of town filming,” the source said. “She was blindsided. . . Lola does not live with Charlie. She lives with both of her parents and stays with Charlie when Denise is out of town. When Denise is back, Lola will be with her.”

The source added, “This is very disappointing for Denise, but also not surprising. Charlie is pitting the girls against their mother, which is horrible.” A second insider, however, told the outlet that Denise “has known about the court date for six months,” resulting in conflicting information. The two were previously married between 2002 and 2006.

The court decision comes after a source told HL in September that eldest daughter Sami moved out of Denise’s home because she didn’t agree with her “mother’s rules.” The source said, “[Denise] and Charlie have different rules and styles of parenting and [they] didn’t see eye to eye. Sami decided she liked Charlie’s rules better and wanted to go and live with her father . . . Denise is incredibly saddened, but knows she is doing her best as a mother.”

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Say What? Raising Cane’s Sends Corporate Staff To Work In-Store Amid Staff Shortages



Say What? Raising Cane’s Sends Corporate Staff To Work In-Store Amid Staff Shortages

Raising Cane’s is sending its corporate staff to work in their fast food stores as staff shortage continues.

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

When the pandemic came in like a thief in the night millions, around the world were laid off at a moment’s notice, sending millions to unemployment benefits in order to not completely drown in their bills. The harsh reality of the situation is that it broke the cycle of people working under-paying jobs they likely would have never left.

Many are looking to get back to work after the unemployment benefits have since expired, but they aren’t willing to risk their health and safety for minimum wage. Many have found work in higher paying jobs and work from home jobs, leaving minimum wage jobs and fast food restaurants with staffing shortages. Instead of raising wages, though, everyone has weird solutions to help fix the problem. Some McDonald’s locations have reportedly offered bonuses and even iPhones–but Raising Cane’ may have the wildest solution we’ve seen yet.

The chicken finger chain is taking their corporate staff and making them work as fry cooks and cashiers in their stores. Of course, this isn’t a great long term solution, but corporations are going to any length to avoid raising wages. In the end, they might as well give in as every solution thus far hasn’t worked.

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