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Credit Counselling for Bankruptcy



Feeling hopeless and do not see a way out of your financial problems other than filing for bankruptcy? Well, you are not the only one. There are many people who have found themselves in severe debts and there is no need to feel ashamed about it because it can happen to everyone. Bankruptcy is a way to find some debt relief and start all over again but it is not the only option. You are not only recommended but you are obliged by the law to get a credit counselling for bankruptcy before you file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Even more, you need to show evidence that you have had a credit counselling for bankruptcy. But how can a credit counselling for bankruptcy offer you any help and where can you find counselling?.

First of all, bankruptcy is not the only way to get out of all those debts and this is where credit counselling for bankruptcy can help you. A financial expert will review your financial situation and offer you an advice on your options and perhaps even help you avoid bankruptcy. Yes, bankruptcy may not be inevitable and for that reason it is crucial to get a professional opinion. Who knows, maybe your debts are not as severe as they seem to you at the moment and a professional may even find a better solution for your financial situation. After all, bankruptcy is considered to be the very last resort and has many negative consequences that should be kept in mind before making any sudden decisions. However, if you cannot avoid bankruptcy, your counsellor will offer you an advice on the bankruptcy process which is much more complicated than it may seem.

Now, let’s have a look on credit counselling for bankruptcy agencies. First of all, it is crucial to choose a U. S. Trustee approved agency that will give you a confirmation required to file for bankruptcy. You can find one just about anywhere, while the counselling can take place in person as well as over the phone and via the Internet. Which option to choose is, of course, up to you but considering that your future financial health is at stake you should perhaps go to the agency in person. You may be charged a fee but these usually are not a severe financial burden. A session that last about an hour to an hour and a half should not cost you over $50. However, it is also possible to find free credit counselling.

You have every right to ask how much you are going to be charged before the counselling itself but you are highly recommended not to focus on the costs alone. It is completely understandable that you have financial problems otherwise you would not need credit counselling for bankruptcy but this is not the time to start saving because a carefully chosen agency that is approved, of course, will not only issue you the required certification that is required to file for bankruptcy but will truly try to find the best solution for your financial problems.

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izumi Finance Closes Series A Fundraising With $3.5 Million From DeFi and Crypto Investors



Gold Fever $NGL is coming to the Kucoin exchange

Singapore, Singapore, 9th December, 2021,

izumi, the innovative protocol that provides programmable liquidity mining on Uniswap V3, has successfully closed its Series A fundraising round of $3.5 million.

Including this last investment round, izumi has raised a total of $5.6 million. The recently acquired funds are going to facilitate izumi’s native token (iZi) launch, which will happen on December 20 and will be immediately followed by the launch of the izumi “LiquidBox” platform on December 21. The Series A fundraising has seen the participation of investors like Mirana Ventures,  IOSG, Cadenza, FENBUSHI, EVG, Hashkey, GSR, CyberX, Bixin, WOO Network, Dorahacks, Gate Labs, MEXC and individual investors from Nansen, Perp, Chainlink, and Babel.

izumi is building a fresh and innovative tool that is highly needed in the DeFi ecosystem, especially after Uniswap has released its V3.

Thanks to the innovative concentrated liquidity model in Uniswap V3, liquidity providers have been able to bond their assets to one or more tight price ranges, a feature that should help them by capturing much more transaction fees for the same investment.

Unfortunately, some studies have revealed that investors actually end up losing capital due to increased impermanent loss. Defining tight price ranges means being left exposed 100% to the asset losing in value should the price break out of the range.

izumi’s innovative liquidity mining tool “LiquidBox” solves a number of issues in both Uniswap V3 mining and the classic Uniswap V2 design, allowing investors to increase their earnings and for projects to more efficiently attract liquidity with token rewards.

This is made possible by LiquidBox’s design of allocating reward tokens according to specific rules to achieve the best outcome for the projects. For example, one model involves only providing buy side liquidity to Uniswap V3 and using the other portion of a portfolio to farm rewards directly. This ensures the user only suffers some downside impermanent loss but nothing on the upside. izumi also features innovative models like providing liquidity only to specified ranges, solving the “Pool2 dilemma” of excessive dilution.

izumi’s customizable models create a win-win situation both for users, who are going to earn by staking their tokens on izumi, and for the projects, who will be able to take advantage of larger and cheaper liquidity pools.

“izumi is building another missing lego in the DeFi puzzle by helping projects achieve target liquidity distribution, including enhanced concentrated liquidity, with a suite of tools. We are very glad to be working with them on this ambitious and critical task!” – said Xinshu Dong, co-founder of IOSG.

“izumi’s vision is clear and meaningful: to help projects attract on-chain trading liquidity in an efficient and continuous way,” added Jimmy Yin, co-founder of izumi Finance. “LiquidBox of izumi will be our first step, and a multi-chain liquidity solution is on the way. We sincerely welcome every project to izumi to come to us for better and cheaper liquidity.”

About izumi

izumi Finance is the platform providing programmable liquidity as a service on Uniswap V3 multi-chains. It proposes LiquidBox liquidity mining platform to provide Uniswap V3 LP token staking rewards non-homogeneously in different price ranges, which could improve the efficiency of incentive distribution for reward providers and enhance the earnings of liquidity providers in Uniswap V3. In addition, izumi will extend liquidity service to multi-chains with built-in DEX and bridge in the future.

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Blockasset Announces BLOCK Public Sale, Rekindles Athlete-fan Relations in Post-pandemic Space



Block Token

Sports NFTs are getting an upper hand, sent by closely-knit communities around sports stars, teams, and leagues. The big “calling” for fans is how they can get closer to their favorite athletes, collaborate with them and even have an impact on some of their decisions. Blockchain is the enabler for all of this, and Blockasset is what blockchain looks like when it’s an adrenaline-pumped fan shouting “LET’S GO!!!”.

Aiming to connect star athletes and clubs with their fans via cutting-edge tech, Blockasset sets up collaborations with major sports celebrities, builds a community of fans and fan-vestors, and brings real utility to NFTs, fan tokens, and $BLOCK – the staple token of the platform.

What are the benefits for athletes, fans and investors?

Blockasset offers an effective way for famous athletes to launch their personal NFT collections and boost a network effect across the energized user base.

This model has already stood big with many wins to be proud of. On two occasions, the NFT collections broke the sales records on Solana: when Giorgio Chiellini rolled out his “Gladiator” set in July and when “Legends” NFTs dropped in the first week of November. Legends brought together 5 famed athletes, trooping Muhammad Ali and Alexander Ovechkin. All fungibles got snatched within 9 minutes, grossing $5 million in sales.

Fans are ravished with unique real-world perks and rewards, such as Discord servers VIP membership, signed merchandise, draws for exclusive merch, as well closed-door AMAs with athletes and even in-person meet-and-greet events. Uncovering the immense power of the “collaborative economy”, Blockasset lets users participate in fantasy leagues with athletes, and influence their decisions about signings and other joined projects. This is how users are incentivized to accumulate tokens for their needs and keep active within the ecosystem.

Those wishing to invest in sports, too, get to have a unique suite of sports-focused assets. It’s not even disruption, but just “ruption”, as new investors are drawn into the space with anti-inflationary and uniqueness that NFTs have. Onboarding has been made easy: and users can easily purchase $BLOCK with fiat. With sports platforms like Blockasset, early adopters get the chance to leverage the potential of the nascent sector – before the majority of fans and collectors even get a whiff about the new opportunities that mix up a fervor of pro sports and innovation.

$BLOCK: internal token with embedded utilities

The community is king, while, when it comes to technologies, utility is the queen. $BLOCK is an internal utility token that opens access to all features and functionalities on the platform. The virtuous cycle pushes up the price of $BLOCK with users constantly staking and using the token.

Holders of $BLOCK may stake the token to receive a steady stream of ASSET – another token used to access specific features within the ecosystem. At the same time, those paying with $BLOCK at the internal NFT marketplace will enjoy significant discounts.

Besides that, $BLOCK is used for platform governance, such as taking decisions on where the platform would go feature-wise. In contrast to general-purpose NFT marketplaces, users can also vote on various aspects relating to their favorite athletes: for instance, what music they play at specific events, and which NFTs they present there.

Play-to-earn, yet another feature powered by $BLOCK, will roll out in Q2 2022, boosting the engagement and interactions among fans, investors and sports celebrities even further. The project’s whitepaper envisions independent universes of games and NFTs developed by specific companies and clubs, all under the aegis of Blockaccess.

According to the platform’s representatives, the public sale of $BLOCK will take place on December 9 on DaoMaker, Solanium and Raydium. The sale will offer only 3.84 million tokens for purchase out of the total supply of 320 million.

More interest towards segment-specific NFTs

Investors are starting to pay more attention to NFTs that focus on specific segments, such as sports, music, gaming. This is understandable as the industry discovers the potential use cases, and the markets get more and more segmented. Sports is clearly among such niches, and Solana-based projects are leading the way thanks to the lower barrier to entry and easier interactions.

The community will continue to discover various ways to leverage the power of $BLOCK through leaderboards, NFT trading and staking, play-to-earn, and supporting initiatives by athletes. With more use cases comes the potential for sustainable upward price dynamics.

Don’t miss the boat on this amazing project, and consider taking part in the $BLOCK public sales on December 9. Readers can find out more information at the official website and follow Blockasset’s Twitter account – some serious buzz is happening there.


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EuroSwap EDEX Presented the Team and Went Straight Into the Main Development Phase



edex, euroswap

“We wanted to change Europe for a new digital world. The support of our project by so many people proves that Europe is ready to take this global step”.

Austin Welsh – CEO & Co-Founder of EuroSwap EDEX

Few crypto projects today are so punctual and responsible to their community. EuroSwap completed the very first stage of the project’s development, keeping its word on every step of progress. The final chord in the completion of Priority Session was the introduction of the project team. Getting to know the organizers, developers and top managers of the project was excellent. The EDEX leadership team was warmly received by the community.

The founder of the project was a Briton Austin Welsh, a graduate of the IET Engineering University in Britain, who worked at BACS, one of the largest financial companies in the United Kingdom. The company has been involved in the development of payment systems throughout the UK for about 50 years. This experience will certainly help in the development of the project, which is going to become a European “bridge” between crypto and the euro. Mr. Welsh reportedly developed his first digital program at the age of 13 – just a year older than Elon Musk did – and he hasn’t stopped building projects and companies since.

Mr. Welsh’s right-hand man is Frenchman Daniel Moreau, who is Chief Financial Officer and responsible for developing the commercial component of the EuroSwap EDEX project. According to the developers, the project was initially supposed to be just another decentralized exchange with a small advantage over competitors. But it was Daniel who proposed to create the first DEX with the connection of the euro fiat gateway. Since then, the project has evolved into a digital phenomenon. With a background in banking with technology & telecoms clients, Daniel is leveraging his experience to set the financial strategic objectives for EuroSwap next phases of growth.

Swedish Nathan Pierson is responsible for global marketing. Nathan is a seasoned blockchain marketing professional, as well as a crypto enthusiast and trader since early 2017. Coming from another Layer 1 DeFi project, Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge on the marketing trends in the space.

The presentation shows that the EuroSwap team is international, drawn from many European countries. This adds to the project a global vision and makes EDEX a truly large-scale European DEX exchange with a link to the euro.

The journey of the Priority Session phase

The public development of the EuroSwap EDEX project began a month ago on November 06, 2021. Everything began with the fact that the developers made publicly available a fully working technology of the EDEX smart contract, which will form the basis of the future DEX technology. The team did all the necessary tests on the BSC network and submitted the technology to the audit companies. The project expects an audit decision in very early 2022, and that will be another big confidence boost. In the first weeks, the project submitted a test Swap to exchange the first BUSD / EDEX pair. This further confirmed the technology’s readiness to process smart contracts.

After the MVP of the project was submitted, the developers started to raise investments for further development. In fact, they launched a startup on the ready-made BSC contract system and invited the so-called Business Angels – participants of the project’s early venture investment stage – to participate in the project. The investors were offered favorable conditions for participation, as well as large shares of EDEX digital bonds, which guaranteed participation in the company’s profits. Thus, the EDEX project attracted more than 500 Business Angels in just one month.

EuroSwap created information zones on the majority of media platforms: Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, Medium, Reddit. The project ran a large-scale promotional campaign in major media outlets. It attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of Europeans, and about 10,000 subscribers already follow the project’s social networks.

EDEX starts a new stage of development with a huge speed

This weekend the Priority Session was finished and started the main stage of EDEX token distribution. Now the team will focus on improving the security and credibility of the project. They started the new phase by introducing the main members of the project team. And that decision opens the door for them to apply to be added to Coinmarketcap Calendars & CoinGecko lists. If EDEX appears on even one of these lists, it will mean that the project has undergone a rigorous compliance review by fundamental crypto market analysts.

The main argument in favor of early participation in the EuroSwap EDEX project can be the unique Early Staking with rewards of up to 150% p.a. This means that any EDEX token holder will be able to earn extra income even at the Early Staking stage. The developers state that this tool will be fully available as early as January 2022. Until then, the project is expected to see several more gradual price increases. At this stage, early transitions to the next phases of development are possible, if demand greatly exceeds supply. In total, less than 15% of the entire 746,000,000 EDEX token issue is allocated to EDEX Early Sale. About half of that volume has already been received by EuroSwap Business Angels.

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