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India Spends 200 Minutes a Day Online. How Can You Make Every Minute Count With MadOverPoker!



We’ve all wasted countless minutes playing online games. Whether you’re looking to make some quick and easy cash or trying to save up. Nobody wants to go out and work when you can make easy money from the comfort of your couch. The truth is that making money as playing Poker online is a legitimate way to make cash easily; provided you have a little bit of skill. Statistically India spends about 200 minutes online, that’s well over 3 hours. That’s 3 hours of cat videos, honeymoon photos and refreshing Facebook for new feed. That’s basically 3 hours per day wasted. What else can you do?

Use the 3 hours or part of them playing poker for real money online.

Poker winnings of a regular player is usually judged by hourly earns which in turn is determined by big bets per 100 hands. An average poker player could make anywhere between Rs. 500 to thousands playing poker for an hour in a single table. A smart poker player could make Rs. 2000 rupees playing in 5 to 6 tables at once. Imagine playing for 3 hours and playing for 5 days a week. Now that’s lucrative and it just takes the same time you spend looking at someone else’s Instagram story where they are holidaying in the Bahamas which could easily be you with your Poker earnings.

The question is where to play? Well its Easy. Just download the MadOverPoker app (available on both iOS and Android), register and you’re good to go. MadOverPoker is a unique platform to play poker in India and lets you make real money online. You may still be wondering – “but I have never played Poker”. Don’t worry, MOP helps you by giving Poker Tips and Tricks on their Twitter page (@madoverpoker). MadOverPoker has two awesome modes – Texas Holdem’ Poker and Omaha Poker.

MadOverPoker has an excellent interface and UI. This makes it easy for new players to join and learn. This makes playing Poker a seamless experience. The app also boasts of an excellent community and back-end team. They help you every step of the way making sure you have a memorable experience.

As you keep on winning cash and games on MadOverPoker you can take part in exciting poker tournaments and travel to the best casinos across Europe and North America. You get to go to all these exotic locations on an all-expense paid trip. Not bad being a couch potato is it?

Playing MadOverPoker is not only addictingly-fun but also it improves your cognitive and analytical skills. You need to sometimes think outside the box to win, this helps your logical thinking. You need to keep cool under pressure and helps you in judging other people’s intentions. Poker is excellent for developing business skills. Business is a constant process of risk assessment and so is Poker. Poker helps your mental math. It helps you attain an intellectual level not taught in any book. Playing poker online is the best way to make money and safely. Thousands of people have used MadOverPoker and won big. The only gamble you’re taking is by not playing MadOverPoker. Want to get your dream car? Want to pay for those new shoes?Play Online Poker only on MadOverPoker and achieve all this and more. So, don’t wait. Download the app and win big.

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What To Do When a Death of a Loved One Occurs




Whether anticipated or not, the death of a loved one is a jolting and emotional experience for families and loved ones. The actual time of death can be an overwhelming experience for most people, making it a challenge to organize thoughts and figure out which steps to take directly following such news. Since this is a situation that not many of us experience often in our lives, it is normal for you to not have any knowledge on what to do if it were to ever occur in your family. Continue reading to learn what you should do at the time of death of a loved one.

The Actual Time of Death

The steps you take at the time of death of your loved one will depend on several factors, including when and where the death occurs, the circumstances of the passing, and much more. Here is a basic guide to follow if it happens to you and your family:

Immediately upon receiving news that your loved one has passed, your first step is to notify the proper authorities. This depends on where the death occurs. If the death occurs in the hospital or in hospice care, you will likely be informed by them, so this step would be moot. The staff or burse will discuss procedures for contacting a funeral director, including whether they or the family are responsible for doing so.

A Death at Home

If an anticipated death occurs at home, it is generally considered a home care or hospice case, which should be treated the same as a death that takes place in a hospital. However, if a sudden, unanticipated death occurs at home, the proper step to take is to call 911 and go through the proper emergency procedures. When the medical personnel arrives, they will use their professional judgement to decide the best course of action to take from there. They will even work with the funeral home to coordinate transfers.

Funeral Home

After you have communicated with either hospital staff or emergency medical personnel, it is necessary to contact a trusted or arranged funeral home. In order to make the process easier, be prepared to answer some important questions asked by the funeral director. This will help ease and expedite the transfer, receipt, and care of the deceased. Questions may regard the number of steps in the home to the deceased, whether or not family is waiting or wants to be involved in the removal, and more.

Notifications and Arrangements

Once the deceased is in the care of a funeral home, you can begin the process of notifying friends, family, coworkers, employers, place of residence, schools, churches, and more. At this time, you can also begin to make arrangements for your loved one’s home and personal life (car, bank, mail, refrigerator, pets, possessions, etc.).

Once everyone is notified and arrangements are made for their possessions, you can begin to organize their funeral, memorial, wake, and/or cremation. Your funeral directors will guide you through the entire process, start to finish.

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Too Much Fish Oil – How Much is Too Much?




Fish oil is proven to reduce your risk of heart attack, help you focus and concentrate and it’s great for your skin. But too much fish oil can be a problem.

It is a blood thinner. So, if you’re taking anti-coagulant medication it may affect you. Fish oil is also not recommended for people with low blood pressure. Since it can lower your blood pressure, it’s great for those with high blood pressure, but be aware if yours tends to be low.

There is also some possibility that in extreme cases it can also lower your body’s immune system. (Such as with HIV patients) or the elderly. Regular blood tests will show if you’re being affected in a negative way.

For most people, taking what nutritional experts deem appropriate -1-2 mg a day of fish oil you’re more likely to experience the benefits of reduced inflammation, a healthy heart and improved memory.

Some people complain of other, more minor, side effects-a “fishy aftertaste” or burping.

Mostly, though, people need the healthy omega 3 nutrients that are in fish. For most Westerners, the risk is greater in not getting these essential nutrients.

After all, a Harvard University study shows you could be at a greater risk of a premature death if you don’t get them. Their study linked a deficiency in these nutrients to the early deaths of between 63,000 and 97,000 Americans a year.

How is this possible? It’s all linked to our diets. See, 100 years ago, we ate differently. We didn’t eat anything that came in a package and now, packaged food comprises much or most of our diets.

You can eat fish for more omega 3’s or take fish oil supplements. The choice is yours.

It’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before adding new supplements or medications.

A typical dose of fish oil is 1-2 pills a day. That gives you the recommended 1000-2000 mg.

If you’re interested in learning more about the risks of not enough fish oil, please visit my website, where I share what products I have personally been using daily for several years.

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How to Map Your Customer Journey




If you own or manage a business, you know it can be challenging for your company to understand the minds of your customers. It might be you are wondering why your customer spends so long browsing your offer, or why they spend time adding products to their cart, only to close the tab and not purchase.

Whatever your concerns may be, the root cause is that you most likely don’t have a clear grasp of the journey your customers take with your company.

The customer journey is the process by which a customer interacts with a company in order to achieve a goal.

Here are 6-steps that shows you how you can use data to map the journey your customers take when they visit your website.

1. Set clear objectives for the map

Before you begin to create your map, ask yourself why you are making one in the first place. What goals are you directing this map towards? Who is it specifically about? What experience is it based upon?

Based on your conclusions, you may want to create a buyer persona. This is a fictitious customer with all of their demographics and psychographics who represents your average customer.

2. Profile your personas and define their goals

With your buyer persona in hand, the next step is research. You can gather a lot of valuable information about how your customers think and feel by asking for their feedback, using questionnaires and surveys. The important thing to remember is, only ask actual customers or prospects who are interested in purchasing your goods and services.

Some revealing questions you can ask include:

  • How did they hear about your company?
  • What first attracted them to your website?
  • What problems are they trying to solve?
  • Have they ever interacted with your website with the intent of making a purchase but decided not to? If so, what led them to this decision?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy is it for them to navigate your website?

3. List out all the points of contact

Points of contact are all the places on your website that your customers can interact with you. This step is essential in order to create an accurate customer journey map, for the simple reason it gives you insight into what actions your customers are performing.

4. Actions

List out all of the actions your customers perform throughout their interaction on your website. This can include a Google search for your keywords, or clicking on an email from you.

5. Emotions & Motivations

The emotional motivator behind each of your customer’s actions, is usually caused by a pain point or a problem they want to fix. Knowing what their problems are, will help you to provide the right content at the right time.

6. Make the necessary changes

When it’s all said and done, the data you collect and analyze, should give you a clear picture of what your customers are looking for, and more importantly, how responsive your website should be to those needs. Knowing this, you can then make the appropriate changes that will achieve these goals.

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