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Common Air Conditioning Mistakes That Increase Your Bills



The summer heat in Texas summer can be pretty debilitating. Even though we’ve entered the spring and autumn seasons, you may still feel the need to turn your air conditioning on. While air conditioners can make a lot of difference on these hot summer days, high energy bills can lead to a dent in your pocket. In this blog, we have covered some common air conditioning mistakes that increase your bills:

Mistake 1 – Not the Right-Sized System

When buying an air conditioner, make sure that you get a correctly sized one for your house. A too-small unit will constantly run, adding to your bill and stressing itself out over time. Not only will you spend money on repairs and a possible replacement, but you will also have to pay your over-the-top bills. Similarly, a too-big unit will be too quick to cool the surroundings without first removing indoor humidity – something all air conditioners must do.

Choose wisely.

Mistake 2 – Switching the Fans Off

It is a common misconception that ceiling fans keep the air conditioned air in corners. This is wrong. Ceiling fans can help augment the impact of air conditioning. They can help keep your place cooler when turned on, circulating the cold air. The same goes for pedestal fans. You can run the air conditioner for some time but then turn it off. Your fans will help to keep the room cool. This will help you save up on a lot of your electricity expenses. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot, and let us know.

Mistake 3 – Not Cleaning the Filters

This is the most common mistake homeowners make. Clearing up the filters on your AC helps a great deal. Your AC does not work twice as much as it does with dirty filters. You are spared electricity expenses, and the whole scenario becomes much more feasible to manage. Clean the filters on your AC and see how the numbers drop.

Mistake 4 – Leaving Doors and Windows Open

For temperatures to remain constant, homeowners must make sure there is no outlet for air. Similarly, there should also be no inlet. Keeping doors and windows closed while the air conditioner is at work is what needs to be done. However, sometimes, even this may not be enough. Small crevices under doors and spaces around windows may let air in and out. This will make your AC work twice as hard. Check up on these outlets and inlets.

Mistake 5 – Placing the Thermostat in the Right Place

Here is the last mistake on this list that people make. While the compressor may not be very appealing to look at, it does not mean you get to hide it from plain sight. Placing it under direct sunlight will cause it to burn or malfunction. If it’s out in your backyard where there is greenery and growth, that can also reduce its effectiveness. Place your compressor wisely to avoid all that extra bill money.

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Renovating Your Bedroom Lighting




For those hours you’re awake, well-positioned lighting is essential. A clever combination is a better way to go, because direct light in just one spot can be glaring and unpleasant. For example: ambient lighting, such as stylish pendant or ceiling lights, and task lighting such as a lamp or wall light. Here are some illumination tips for your bedroom.

• Pendant-A pendant light in the center of the room works as a strong centerpiece. It can add opulence to the room. An ornate chandelier gives a more traditional or country-style feel.

It’s important that a ceiling light isn’t too low above the bed. This needs to be considered if you have young children who might bounce on the bed. A shorter or close-to-ceiling fixture is a safer. Don’t install lights right over the pillows so you have to look up directly at the fixture.

Add a dimmer for easy light control, or opt for the soft illumination of table lamps if you enjoy watching TV in bed.

• Bedside lamps-A bedside lamp makes a style statement while providing light for reading. Matching lamps on both sides of the bed add balance for a master bedroom, but different lamps add interest for a modern twist.

Readers require a table lamp that has easy flexibility. A light that can be swiveled or has a moveable arm works well. Make sure it is well shielded so your sleeping partner isn’t disturbed.

• Wall lights-If you prefer an uncluttered look or if there’s not enough room for a bedside table, wall-mounted lights work for reading. If two overhead lights are angled directly at both partners, you need separate switches. Make sure it is easy to access when you’re in bed for turning off and on.

Lights used mainly for reading, need to be fully adjustable to direct light right where you need it.

• Children’s bedroom lighting-When designing a lighting plan for a children’s bedroom safety and sleep routines are key. Ceiling lights are a safer option, particularly for toddlers. Young children may also find want a night light.

For older children, decorative table lamps can brighten the room. They can encourage your youngster to read before bed. Their desk will require ample lighting. This can be an adjustable wall light or a stable desk light clamped to the top.

• Extra tips-In a bedroom, switches need to be considered. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting out of bed to turn off the light. Separate switches for reading lights are convenient and keep everyone happy.

Dimmers are a good idea in bedrooms, because no matter what the activity they allow you to select a level of comfort.

Work or social networking at night means task lighting. This can be a table lamp or wall light. They are essential when using laptops, mobile phones or a tablet.

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7 Fat Burning Exercises You Can Do At Home For Weight Loss




With only seven exercises you can do a complete, at home, fat burning workout. And no, you don’t need a big, lunky piece of cardio equipment to do slow, boring aerobic training.

Many people don’t have time to consistently go to the gym and want to workout at home. But how many exercises can you do in your workouts at home with dumbbells? I have put together some training options you can do at home. The options include dumbbell workouts and exercises that need no external resistance. I have provided many options so that even a home workout can have variety.

In fact, this entire workout can be done with only your bodyweight, but for a more advanced challenge, you can use dumbells in certain exercises.

The workout doesn’t use any machines either, because this allows you to use more muscles per ecxercise when you do standing exercises or push-ups instead of the pec-dec at your local gym.

Here’s the workout.

1) bodyweight squat

2) pushup or kneeling pushup

Do exercises 1 and 2 back to back with no rest. Aim for 8-12 repetitions per set. If you are advanced, you can use dumbells for the squat and even harder pushup, such as decline pushups to increase the difficulty of the workout. For beginners, stick to bodyweight squats and kneeling pushups.

Do the squat and pushup back to back without rest, but rest 1 minute before repeating the exercises again. Then rest a minute, and repeat one more time. Then you will have done this superset (that’s what it is called when you do two exercises back to back) 3 times.

However, beginners should do all exercises in the entire workout only once. Only advanced fitness levels can use the 3 superset system.

3) split squat

4) mountain climber

A split squat is also called a stationary lunge. That requires you to split your feet apart by taking a step forward. Use the wall for balance if you are a beginner. If you are advanced, you can hold dumbells in your hands during the split squat. Do all repetitions for one side and then repeat for the other side. Drop your hips straight down and use your glutes and hamstrings and quadriceps to push your body back up. Do 8 repetitions per side.

For the mountain climber, get into a pushup position. Brace your abs as if someone was going to punch you in the stomach. Maintain that during the entire exercise. Lift one foot off the ground and bring that knee up to your chest. Touch the foot down. Slowly return to the start position. Alternate sides for 10 repetitions per side.

Do exercises 3 and 4 as another superset, and do it 3 times – the same way as above – only if you are advanced.

5) Reverse lunge

6) Close-grip pushup

A reverse lunge is a moving split squat. Stand with your feet together. Take a step back with one leg. Drop your hips down and bend both knees. Then squeeze your butt and thigh of the front leg (the leg that didn’t go anywhere) and pull yourself back up to the start position. Do 8 reps on one side and 8 on the other. Beginners use the wall for balance. Advanced can hold dumbells in hands.

The close grip pushup is the same as the normal pushup, except your hands are shoulder width apart, not wider. Keep your elbows tucked into your sides. This works your triceps (the back of your arms) more. Do 8-15 repetitions.

Advanced fitness levels can do 3 supersets. beginners just one set of each.

7) Jumping jacks

Finish the workout with the classic Jumping Jack exercise. beginners do 20 and then stretch. Advanced fitness levels can do 50 jumping jacks, take a 30 second break, and repeat up to 3 times. Then finish with stretching for your tight muscle groups.

This workout should take no more than 24 minutes, but it will boost your metabolism for 24 hours.

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Why Choose Elica Extractor Fans?




Be prepared to feel excited and overwhelmed when choosing out of the various styles of Elica extractor fans that are available. Since all of their systems are pretty extraordinary in appearance, they will definitely compliment the interior of your home.

To ensure that the design you decide on provides you with optimum performance, it needs to be at least the same width as your stove. You will also need to decide if it will be ducted to the exterior of your home. If so, you have to make sure the ducting is also the correct size so it will extract every bit of steam, grease and odors that are floating in the air.

Types of Elica Fans

• Free-Standing – These are supplied with a charcoal filter and can be found in various widths at competitive prices. Free-standing systems come with either a single or a twin motor.

• Integrated – This cooker hood is only available in fitted kitchens as they are mounted between wall units and offer a front door that matches your other furniture. These are very popular and costly units.

• Canopy – This type of extractor fan is fitted into a metal or wood canopy. They are available in various widths and with one or two motors. Canopy hoods are generally thought of as a quite decorative piece.

• Ceiling Mounted – Installation for these is done directly into the ceiling. They are similar to a canopy hood but bigger and more powerful and usually come with a convenient remote control.

• Island and Chimney – These high tech models are highly visible, expensive and generally become a contemporary focal point in your kitchen. Island and Chimney hoods feature florescent or halogen lamps and are equipped with fan motor systems that provide high performance levels. They also offer mounted accessories such as back plates, utensil rails and spice racks to enhance their appearance even more.

Troubleshooting Cooker Hood Problems

Before calling a repair professional because your new installation won’t work, check the following tips:

• Check that the unit is plugged in and turned to the on position.

• Is the ducting the correct diameter or equivalent area according to the size of the hood?

• Be sure that the ducting is not pinched or kinked anywhere.

• If there is a type of backdraught shutter that has been installed at either end, make sure that it is opening and closing when you switch the fan on or off. • The last of the Elica extractor fans installation tips is check for any rubble that could have gotten jammed during the install.

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Top 5 Benefits of Having Your Car Windows Tinted




Regular tuning and maintenance are critical for the engine of your car. However, have you ever paid attention to the windows of your vehicle? What do you think about the window film aka window tint? According to most car owners, it just makes their vehicle look beautiful. However, the fact of the matter is that window tint offers a number of functional benefits as well. In this article, we are going to take a look at the 5 benefits of tinting. Read on to find out more.

1. Protects the Upholstery

Since your car is quite expensive, make sure it can stand the test of time. In other words, if you want to protect your investment, we suggest that you have your windows tinted by a professional. Although you can reduce sun damage by parking your car in shade, it won’t offer complete protection.

Therefore, it is a great idea to go for a window film. It can prevent the interior of your car from cracking and warping. Therefore, your car will look new for years to come. Besides, this type of treatment can also block windshield cracks, so you don’t get tired while driving your car.

2. Blocks the UV Rays

According to experts, having your car windows tinted can filter 99% of the UV rays of the sun. Long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays can increase your risk for cancer and skin aging. Actually, these rays of the sun or a type of electromagnetic radiation.

If you don’t protect your skin against the UV rays, you may experience sun damage, darkened skin, skin cancer, and premature aging. Even if you get a clear window film, you can block both the UVB and UVA rays of the sun.

3. Helps Block Solar Heat

If you are finding it difficult to adjust the air conditioning for all of the people in your car, you can go to car window tinting in Philadelphia to resolve this problem. Based on the grid, the window film can easily block between 35% and 65% of the heat from the sun.

Therefore, it will be easier for you to adjust climate control settings for everyone in your car. Apart from this, it may also help you reduce the fuel consumption of your car.

4. Offers Protection against Shattered Glass

We cannot underestimate the safety benefits of having your windows tinted. Primarily, tinted windows don’t shatter in case of an accident. Therefore, you will be protected against the tiny pieces of glass of the windshield.

Apart from this, it will be harder for thieves and burglars to break through the glass and steal something from your car.

5. Offers Privacy and Security

Lastly, you can choose from a variety of shades to enjoy a high level of privacy and security for the passengers sitting behind you. Therefore, you can park your car anywhere without worrying about prying eyes.

In short, these are some of the five benefits of having your car windows tinted. Hopefully, these tips will help you make an informed decision.

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How to Make Your House Pay for Itself



Satisfy Your Second Home Craving with these Amazing Mountain Residences

Buying a home is one of the most expensive things most people do within their lifetimes.  Although most of us can afford to buy the house when we get into it: it’s nice to think that the home can eventually pay for itself or become a source of profit.

These are the top ways to help your mortgage pay itself!

Rent The Entire Property Out

The easiest way to have your mortgage paid off by the property itself is to rent your entire property out.  To do this, you’ll have to look into local rental laws in your area, vet renters to find people you can trust, and set the rent at a competitive number so that you can afford to let them live there while they eventually pay off the house’s price.

This can take a lot of work since you’ll have to maintain the property, pay taxes on your rental income, and deal with the losses and the cost of court if you have to evict a renter.  It’s not as easy as it may seem, so only take this approach if you’re ready for it.

Create A Rental Space On The Property

If renting out the entire property and not living in it isn’t an option, consider renting out portions of it.  This could be a small in-law suite in the backyard or an attic apartment that you update to be comfortable for tenants.  Even smaller, you can rent out a storage room on your property, which gives you the chance to cut out someone else living on your property altogether.

If you rent out this space, it’s a good idea to get security cameras and set some general rules for those leaving their property on your property.  Study up on local laws, so you’ll know what you have the right to do if your renter doesn’t pay.

Use Solar Panels and Grow Your Food

Although this doesn’t directly result in money, you can save enough money over time that it will cover the cost of a portion of your home by investing in green alternatives.  Growing your produce can save you hundreds of dollars a year, and putting in solar panels will give you a tax deduction while also saving money on your electricity bills.  These can take some time to come to fruition, but it’s better than struggling with tenants asking themselves, ‘should I rent or buy a house?’.

Start A Home-Based Business

If the idea of being a landlord isn’t for you, and you don’t want to sell your home or grow food to pay off your home: consider turning your property into a  business!  The type of business you start depends on your skills, the zoning of your area, and what kind of customers you expect.

Some makeup artists and beauticians turn parts of their home into their studio where customers are worked on, but that’s not the only way to start a business!  If you run your print shop, repair shop, or sticker company out of your home, the fact that you don’t have to pay for retail space will eventually help pay off your home’s bills.

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Smart Solutions For Small Spaces




Space constraint has made apartment homes trendy in India, offering a streamlined and minimalist approach. Micro-lifestyle living has captivated the minds of the millennial generation, with creative solutions that transform small spaces making it possible to live big while living small. Maximize space to make your apartment feel spacious and welcoming. Here, we feature some intelligent solutions that would be ideal for small space living in apartments.

Keep It Neutral

Fool your eye into thinking that the apartment is more spacious by adding calm, even-toned hues. A cheerful color, like pale turquoise hue, is a good idea to set a happy mood in a tiny room.Ensure to add a variety of textures to keep the apartment interesting.

Be Resourceful

When space is limited, limit your purchase of new, bulky furniture, like armoires and clothes dressers which occupy a lot of floor space. Buy just a few large-scale furniture pieces to make the interiors grander. Don’t stack all of your furniture up against the walls because space behind the furniture makes the room look wider than it is. Be resourceful by using all surface space like even a windowsill for decor, lighting, and other essentials when there’s no room for an extra table.

Opt for openness

Separate rooms by pocket doors having glass windows which permit light to flow throughout the space while also creating separation. And even better, they slide right into the wall when not being used, taking up much less space than swinging doors.

Use Space on the Walls

Mirrors on the walls make your space feel larger, lighter, and airier. And a convex mirror to add a lot of personality to interiors. Mount your TV on the wall as a media console is the biggest space waster in a small living room. Use open and closed shelving installed on walls to remove bookshelves, and storage furniture units off of the floor and on to the walls. Or another option is to opt for a mounted wall desk as it takes up way less room-and you can even mount shelves above it for even more storage space.

Multipurpose Furniture

Opt for furniture which can serve multiple purposes. Find a table that can function as a desk and a dining table, get a deep sofa that can double as a guest bed, or buy cubes that serve as a coffee table and bonus seats when guests are over. Buy extra seating that can fold up and be super compact so you can store it away while the guests aren’t over.

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Security Tips for Residential Doors




Protecting your home from any intrusion and theft should be made as the first priority. One of the common threats faced by homes is burglary and the way to minimize this risk is by making your home difficult to enter. By improving the security, you can reduce the chances of theft and prevent it.

Exterior doors

Exterior doors are the security doors that offer protection to your residence from theft, vandalism and burglary. It is important to secure these doors to its highest potential. Exterior doors should be made of solid core wood that is 1-3/4 inch thick or in metal.

The front exterior doors must be installed with one inch deadbolt locks. Door hinges must not be on the outside and if it is, you need to remove them and place them inside. If not done, the thief can easily break through by knocking out the hinge pin.

Replace old and rotted door frames with solid and new ones. It is easy for the burglar to break doors with old and worn out frames.

Doors with glass panels should be fortified or replaced or secured as it easy for the thief to break the glass and reach out for the doorknob and break open the door. Doors should be made secure by installing decorative grilles over them with non-removable screws.

A wrought iron door should be installed over your front or exterior door to provide visibility and offers maximum security. This allows you to open your front door for ventilation and at the same time, you can see if strangers are at your door.

Entry doors should be provided with ample lighting as this acts as a deterrent to thieves to gain entry into your house.

A wide angle peep-hole must be installed in the door from the house to the garage. This will help in seeing outside without having to open the door, if you find any suspicious activity or hear any strange noise.

Garage Doors

When looking at security of a home or residence, garage doors are a weakest point that allows criminals to enter your premises. It is important to secure every entrance point and take all preventable measures to secure your garage.

With the use of modern automatic garage door openers which features rolling code technology, there is increased security. Avoid leaving your garage door open as it may invite trouble anytime. Don`t leave the remote of the garage door in your vehicle as it leaves room for the thief to gain easy access to your house.

Make sure about your doors from the garage to your house are as strong and secure as your front door. Ensure that you have sturdy wooden door or one made of reinforced steel. The anti-kick device installation will make the doors difficult from break through easily. They should be secured with good locks.

The maintenance of garage roller shutters or doors must not be neglected. Check for corrosion, hinges, locks and frames.

Home security shutters

These security shutters act as a physical barrier to deter burglars and offer maximum protection. They can be installed internally or externally and can be operated manually or electrically. They also allow easy exit in case of emergencies.

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How to Keep Your Child’s Play Tent Clean




Although most of the play tents that you buy online are strong and durable, that does not necessarily mean that they are free from getting dirty. Every time you set up your child’s play tent, they are always bound to get covered in dust and stains; and when you set them up outside, they are very likely to get covered in mud and stains, especially if there is an inclement weather. That is why, it is always best to keep your child’s play tent at all times.

Always clean the tent before folding it down and putting it inside its pouch or carry case. If in case cleaning up before packing is not an option, put the tent back up the soonest that you can. The best way to clean a tent is when it is standing up because it will be more difficult to clean and harder to dry when it is collapsed.

Most of the play tents sold are treated with special chemicals in order to make them waterproof, stain resistant as well as mildew resistant. Therefore it is not at all necessary or advisable to wash them. Washing the tent can ruin and deteriorate its waterproof finish. If your child’s platy tent is simply dusty and dirty from regular indoor use, the best way to clean it is to use a brush and a vacuum. Shake the tent outside and brush or sweep away as much dirt as you can. Use a small, handheld vacuum in order to remove the remaining dirt.

If there is a stain on your child’s play tent, it is advisable to do a deeper cleaning. Choose a cleaner that does not contain detergent and if possible, use the one that is specifically intended for cleaning tents and like materials. Mix the cleaner with water in the amount specified on the bottle.

Using a detergent to clean the tent is not advisable because its chemicals can break down any special coatings that the play tent might have. After rinsing thoroughly, hose the tent down for the last time just to make sure that all the cleaner is removed. Be sure to dry it completely before packing it away.

Just in case your child’s play tent has molds, you will need something stronger to get rid of it. A half cup of water and a half cup of vinegar will do the trick – spray it on the tent or soak the tent in the mixture, depending on the size of the area that needs to be cleaned. After soaking for some time, scrub the mold off with a brush and rinse the tent thoroughly. Again, make sure that you dry it completely before storing it away.

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Wood Vs Metal File Cabinet




The metal file cabinet is among those in popular demand when it comes to organizing and storage needs. But today, there are even more choices, particularly when it comes to the material of the filing cabinet. File cabinets now come in plastic materials as well as genuine wood. A lot of people are now going for wooden materials for their cabinet, but which is better? Is it wood or metal?

A wooden filing cabinet can have both practical and aesthetic qualities. Oak is a popular choice in this case, since it offers a wide range of natural colors and patterns. White oak allows you to easily paint over it with different finishes from very dark to very light.

On the other hand, a metal filing cabinet can offer durability and strength. Thus, it is mostly preferred for use in offices to keep very important files. While they may not fit in most home decor, they may do well with modern interiors.

So which is better, a metal file cabinet or a wooden one? There isn’t one answer to this one. The most practical thing to do would be to first consider your basic requirements. What are you going to use the cabinet for? Where will you put it? For instance, if you’re going to put it in the patio, it will have to be weatherproof. You may then consider how you want your cabinet to look like. A wooden one matches more in a home setting, while a metal would probably fair better in an office setting.

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Frameless Shower Openings – Hip To Be Square (and Plumb and Level)




When constructing the opening for your frameless shower enclosure, one of the most important things you can do is ensure that all of the walls are plumb, level, and square. Custom built heavy glass frameless showers are not very forgiving of an improperly constructed opening.

There are a number of considerations regarding the “squareness” of your opening and the forgiveness of your shower door. Following are the basics of measuring for out of square and for detecting out of plumb. Out of plumb refers to the orientation of walls, step-ups or buttresses along the vertical plane.

Out of Square

For standard inline configurations (such as a fixed swinging door and a stationary panel), measure the opening width at the bottom along the sill and along the approximate top of the unit – not the top of opening, unless your shower will extend to the ceiling. It is important to measure to the 1/16″ and to measure from tile to tile. You cannot perform the measurement step until the opening has been completely tiled.

If your top and bottom width measurements differ by at least 1/4″, you have an out of square condition and the glass may need an edge cut to ensure proper fit. Once you’ve determined that the opening is out of square, the next step is to determine which wall is causing the out of square condition. To do this, hold a level to each wall.

It may be the case that only one wall is not plumb. For example assume the right wall of the opening leans in by at least 1/4″ more at the top than at the bottom. This scenario definitely requires an out of square edge cut so that the glass fits correctly.

In the case where neither wall is plumb, the outage of each wall must be considered separately. If for example, both walls are out of square by only 1/8″ (and the total outage is 1/4″), then there will be enough play on both sides of the opening and an out of square cut can be avoided.

Bowed Walls

Bowed walls present an especially tricky challenge. If you have a wall that bows out at some point other than at the top or the bottom of the opening, then you may have a problem. Technically if the bow is less than 1/8″ and is not on the hinge side of the door, you should be able to bend the channel into place and the glass should have enough room to maneuver. Anything larger than 1/8″ however, and you’ll need to modify your opening.

It’s also possible that your wall could bow in. If your opening is for just a single door, it’s no problem. However, if your opening is for a door and panel and the bow is not on the hinge side of the door and the bow is less than 1/8″ then you may need to apply some extra silicone to close the gap behind the channel. If the gap is greater than a 1/8″, you may need to modify your opening.

If your wall bows in or out on the hinge side of your door, consider the following. If the wall bows in (away from the door), then the only real concern is that you’ll have a gap that is slightly larger than normal. Since most shower heads are located near where the door is hinged (and spray towards the opposite direction), there should be little concern about water escaping.

If the wall bows in toward the door and the bow is greater than 1/8″, you may need to modify your opening. The most important thing is that the hinges line up so that the door swings properly. If the wall bows in the middle, it may end up touching the glass. The gap between a plumb wall and the glass where the door is hinged is 3/16″.

Out of Level

Being out of level is very similar to being out of plumb. As was mentioned previously, being out of plumb by 1/4″ or more requires the glass to be cut at an angle. The same principle applies if your opening is not level along the bottom. If out of level by less than a quarter inch, there should be enough play to secure the glass or not to notice the issue. If your glass does not extend to the ceiling, then it does not matter (in regards to the shower) whether your ceiling or bulkhead is level.

Suppose that your sill is not level by 1/8″ beneath your door. You may have issues with your door sweep providing too much friction on one side and not enough coverage on the other end. You can easily modify the sweep to perfectly fit the out of level opening but cutting the vinyl at an angle with a razor blade.

What It All Means

Hopefully by now you recognize the importance of constructing an opening that is plumb, level, and square. While framed doors have higher tolerances for out of square conditions, frameless showers are custom fit products. To ensure that the glass fits together in your opening with minimal gaps, additional cuts to the glass are required to compensate for any angles in the opening. These additional cuts equate to additional costs.

It is equally important that you precisely measure your opening when ordering a frameless shower door. It is critical that you provide information regarding the plumbness, degree of level, and degree of bowing of the walls comprising your opening. If your measurements are off, the fabricated glass will not fit correctly.

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