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Tips for Credit Repair After Bankruptcy



Bankruptcy is something that no one needs to experience in their lives. Generally, individuals declare bankruptcy when they know there’s no other option to them. A man’s explanations behind declaring bankruptcy can shift incredibly, from losing an employment and having medical problems, to just running up excessively in debts without having the capacity to pay it back.

In this post, we will deal with some tips to follow for credit repair after bankruptcy.

Something that a person having declared bankruptcy thinks about the most is probably that how worse this action will prove on their future credit score. All things considered, your credit score is one of the most vital things that decides the kind of loans or Visas you can qualify for.

If you are seeking help regarding credit repair after a bankruptcy, here are 5 tips that can help you repair your credit quicker:

1. Bankruptcy can appear on your FICO report for considerable amount of time:

It’s implied that going into bankruptcy can cause your FICO assessment to quickly plunge. What’s more, it can stay on your credit score report for a longer time than you think.

2. You MUST really be more financially sound after your bankruptcy:

Looking at this logically, you are in reality MORE reliable after your bankruptcy release than you were already. All things considered, you now have the monkey (your loan) off your back and you have a greater number of assets than you had before paying your bills.

3. After the release, each loan or debt you owe should return to $0 on your report:

After your release, you have the privilege (ensured by government law) to have the balance of every debt to appear as $0 on your credit report. Actually, you have the privilege to question any cards that still demonstrate your old balance.

4. In some cases, you can still keep a credit card even after bankruptcy:

Trust it or not, you can really keep at least one of your old (pre-bankruptcy) credit cards after discharge. Keeping in mind the end goal to do as such, you have to reassure the balance with them and go into another understanding. The majority of creditors will consent to do this since they would rather not want to bear the loss.

5. Buying a house post bankruptcy:

You can purchase a home subsequent to bowing out of all financial debts. Inside 1.5 to 2 years after your release, many individuals routinely can meet all requirements for a credit with a similar loan terms as they would have in case they had not filed. What’s critical at this stage is your pay, any installment or down payment, and how reliably you paid your home loan (or lease) previously.

You can consider these above-mentioned 5 tips for credit repair after bankruptcy. To help you more, here is the manner by which you need to go for credit repair after bankruptcy.

Distinguish all the high interest instruments including credit cards, unsecured loans, and several other – Delve into every one of your investment funds, and if required, get some cash from your companions to pay these things off. Keep in mind that they are great cash eaters and would not give you a chance to rest in peace, even in your post-bankruptcy days. So it’s better to clear these up first.

Talk to your creditors for some help in return of some payment – You need to accept that the lenders have nothing to do with the reality of you struggling against bankruptcy. Cash is everything for them and that is exactly what you can take advantage of. Furthermore, for profit, they might wish to work with you, only if you can convince them with the enthusiasm for making some sort of payments to them in return of their favor.

Avoid taking any loan for some time – You could well be enticed to obtaining another credit now of time. Unless the circumstance is extremely demanding, attempt and abstain from doing as such. Keep in mind your pre-bankruptcy days! Why did you fall into so much inconvenience? Do you want to suffer the same pain and stress once more? Clearly not, as the vast majority would answer it, and realizing that, you would do well to avoid any sort of loan or other credit instruments.

Credit repair after bankruptcy is difficult but possible. For most piece of it, you would understand that cash does not have a noteworthy influence in this process. It does, however, what is more critical is your will to make the most of it. It is really tough to live stress-free once you filed for bankruptcy. Yet, individuals who can do that and can productively deal with their money related commitments are seen coming out of the zone sooner than the rest.

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Korean Series: An Escape to Fantasy




Breakthrough of Korean Series:

Korean Series, also known as Korean Dramas or K-dramas, are television series in the Korean language based in South Korea. K-dramas became popular worldwide in the early 2000s due to its Korean pop culture, also known as Hallyu/Korean Wave, and far-fetched plot twists. However, the Korean entertainment industry started booming when “Gangnam Style” by PSY hit YouTube like a tsunami. Also, Oscar-winning Korean movies like “Parasite” have spiked the growth of K-dramas all over the world. Korean dramas can go from being extremely emotional to incredibly heart-breaking to “OMG, what was that?” in a heartbeat. This is exactly what keeps the viewers coming back for more. Like any other television series, K-dramas also have many different genres such as rom-coms, historical dramas that promote Korean culture, office politics, family dramas, school life, and even horror comedies.

Korean Series: A Mental Break during the Pandemic:

Fans worldwide go head over heels for K-dramas since they help them go into the “la-la land” of romance. While K-dramas are fictional and may never happen in real life, they are still something you can believe has a possibility of happening. In other words, it’s a fantasy escape for K-fans of all age groups. During the ongoing pandemic, K-dramas seem to have had their biggest breakthroughs in India because more people found extra time and an inclination to explore contents that help them escape from the anxiety of what’s going on around them. For many youngsters, it is not only a favorite time during this pandemic but is also something that motivates them to learn the language.

The widespread craze for K-dramas led to their availability via streaming services along with subtitles in multiple languages across all over the world. Rakuten Viki, a U.S.-based Korean drama-dominated streaming platform, has witnessed an escalation in the number of K-drama viewers. OTT platforms like Netflix have also adapted this Hallyu trend and have picked up dramas like” It’s Okay To Not Be Okay,” “Start-up,” “Vincenzo,” “Crash Landing On You,” etc. Gone are those days when K-dramas were criticized for commonly used themes of love triangle/affairs or a working-class woman and a rich man being romantic. The industry is set to take unusual to the next level, blending traditional values with Western individualism and materialism. Korean dramas today mostly illustrate a meaningful message to tackle issues of Korean society such as school bullying, mental illness, corruption, classism, racism, etc.

Soundtrack and Cinematography:

The best part about K-dramas is that they emphasize high visuals and aesthetics. Also, the background soundtrack acts as a cherry on top. Being an outsider, it’s difficult to understand the language, but the melody surely hits the right chord. Even if the character isn’t speaking a word in a scene, the location, soundtrack, and background add sense to the scene so beautifully that the viewer anticipates being there.

The Influence of K-Dramas:

The craze for K-dramas has also played a pivotal role in promoting the Korean language, culture, and food. The influence of Korean culture has escalated beyond the entertainment industry. At present, a shift away from the Western-style makeup trends to K-beauty led to the growth of Korean-based commercial brands such as “Innisfree”. Interestingly, there’s also been a spike in the number of active learners of the Korean language-“hanguk.”

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Candle Making – Beeswax Vs Paraffin Wax




There are many different kinds of wax used in making candles including paraffin, beeswax, soy wax, gel wax, and palm wax. The two most common waxes used today are beeswax and paraffin, but soy wax is rising in popularity. Let’s compare paraffin wax and beeswax.

Paraffin wax was discovered by Carl Reichenbach in 1830 and by the late 1800s this was the most common wax used in candle making. Liquid paraffin is known as mineral oil and has many cosmetic and medical purposes. Before the discovery of paraffin, natural waxes and fats were used for candles. In North America, the two most common waxes used were bayberry wax and beeswax. Around the world people used the available natural resources for waxes, such as the wax derived from the tallow tree in China. All these waxes have different traits. They burn at different rates and some are fragrant while others are not.

Beeswax is suitably named because it is taken from the hive of the honeybee. After the honey is removed the wax is cleaned by melting and straining of all debris. Beeswax has a golden color and a sweet fragrance that has made it a favorite for centuries. Sometimes beeswax will be bleached to make it white.

It burns very slowly and does not shrink as it hardens so beeswax does not need the topping off step when making a candle. The biggest deterrent to using beeswax for candles is that it is soft and sticky so it doesn’t release well from the candle mold.

Paraffin wax is a by-product created in the petroleum industry. It is a white semi-transparent hard wax and is suitable for lots of different uses in candle making. It is not sticky like beeswax and therefore releases well from most molds. It has no scent at all and burns faster than beeswax. Paraffin has different melting points so it is important to purchase the correct melting point for the type of candle you are making. For example, container candles need paraffin with a melting point of 126-131 degrees Fahrenheit while candles created by overdipping need a melting point of 154-156 degrees Fahrenheit. The melting point of a wax is the temperature at which the wax becomes liquid. The flash point, or temperature at which the wax ignites, rises as the melting point does. There are many different grades of paraffin and basically you get what you pay for.

To sum up, you should choose your wax by considering the characteristics listed above and the appropriateness to the method or type of candle you are making.

Beautiful ready-made candles

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The Best Tips to Avail the Most From Search Engine Optimisation




It is not difficult to get a listing on the various search engines when your website details are being looked for. The challenge, however, is to achieve top rankings on these search engines. There are certain tricks of the trade that need to be followed in order to get the desired ranking.

So, how does one go about it? Here are a few basic points that you need to incorporate in the making of your website that will help you achieve the desired result.

Avoid purchasing a new domain unless it is necessary to do so

The search engine gives a lot of value to the fact as to how long your website and its domain have been in business. No doubt, there is a way out here according to which you can redirect your old domain to the new one. But your best bet would still remain to stick to your existing website.

If you are for some unavoidable reason forced to start from scratch and use a brand new domain, then you should be prepared to experience some loss in the traffic flow of search engines. This loss of traffic can be for a few weeks or more. It could even go up to few months or more.

Always make sure that your site’s optimisation is done for the users

The optimisation of your website should always be done for the users and not the search engines. This is important because search engines only look for websites based on the key terms which are punched in by users.

Now, if the keywords which are typed in by the users are in anyway related to your website, then these users account for your target audience. Thus, it is important that your site’s optimisation is done keeping users in mind. If you are not clear about who your target audience is then you need find it out as soon as possible.

Do an extensive research about your keyword phrases

There are chances that the keyword which you think your target audience is looking for may be incorrect. There are many research tools which can help you point out the key phrases which can help in your website optimisation.

You can compile a list of the relevant phrases for your website and then can choose a few different ones for each page.

Design and format your website on the basis of your keyword research

It is important that you design and categorise the navigation and architecture of your website on the basis of the keyword research which you have done for your web page.

Equally important is ensuring that your website is crawler-friendly. Thus, it should be well connected with proper links to all its pages. It is also vital is to write a compelling content for the key pages of your website and it should based on the keywords and phrases that you have researched about.

Most importantly, ensure that the website is link worthy and keep yourself and your website updated with the keywords.

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