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Tips For Hosting an Afternoon Christmas Tea Party – Make it One of Your Stress Free Traditions



Having an afternoon Christmas tea party can become one of your favorite stress free Christmas party ideas. Really!

The holidays are one of the busiest times of the year, but it also a time to enjoy friends and show our gratitude for those individuals that mean so much to us. There is no better time than during the holiday season.

For stress free entertaining, do as much ahead of time as you can. In fact, the best part about hosting a tea party during the holidays is that you most likely have the house decorated. Many of us enjoy having a reason to show off and use our Christmas dishes and special tea sets. If you love to show off your gourmet skills go to town baking delicious scones and tea cakes, but if you don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen take advantage of cyberspace You can have the most delicious and beautifully done edibles delivered right to your door.

A small, intimate gathering is usually easier to plan. Inviting 3 to 4 friends is the perfect number. If you are an individual that wants to have a larger event, a buffet style gathering would be more appropriate to serve all your guests.

More tips for hosting an afternoon Christmas tea party. One of the stress free Christmas traditions

Of course, it is important that at this time of year you get your invitations out early. Remember, the invitations set the mood and expectations of your guests. For some hosting an afternoon tea party a simple holiday email may be appropriate. For others, a more elaborate and creative homemade invitation is in order.

Some suggestions may be a cookie shaped in the form of a teapot, with the invitation written on it. Or, a tea sac, your favorite loose leaf tea and a spice sachet with the invitation. I suggest that if it is important to you that your guests come dressed in holiday attire: let them know this. It amazes me that I see wrinkled blue jeans and sweat shirts at absolutely any kind of party. If casual is your thing that’s fine too.

For a light afternoon tea, you would expect your guests to arrive around 4 pm. Of course, if you prefer to serve “high tea” this is later and the food served is more substantial. However in today’s world you are free to pick any time frame that suits both you and your guests.

The menu can be as simple as scones, home made biscuits and tea sandwiches, to several different savory dishes, cookies and mini tarts with a fabulous and fancy dessert to end the meal.

Of course, it is important to have a variety of hot teas and herbal teas. Don’t forget to offer some holiday favorites such as peppermint and special Christmas tea blends. You may even consider serving some T cocktails for a fun twist to impress your guests.

You have your menu planned and your invitations sent. Now is the time to plan the tea party decorations. Do you have a room with a fireplace? That is a great area to serve afternoon tea. Don’t have a fireplace, don’t worry; create an area that is cozy and warm and suitable for visiting with friends. Christmas party ideas for decorations are easy and can be done inexpensively. With a tea party, you can mix and match your china to complement your colors. Allow the beauty of nature to adorn your table. Holiday greenery, pine cones, wreaths made of fruit all can complement any setting. Flickering candles, holiday twinkle lights and holiday music all add to the ambiance.

If you are not sure of how to put things together or are looking for something different, take time to browse through magazines for some new ideas.

Taking time to prepare as much as possible before your guests arrive will leave you time to enjoy your friends and the warmth of the holiday season.

A Christmas afternoon tea, after all, is about making everyone feel special and important. Make sure that you prepare a thoughtful keepsake for your guests when they leave. A small tin with your favorite loose leaf tea, a small gift box with some special tea ornament are just a few ideas that will help your friends remember and cherish their special holiday afternoon tea party.

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Is Colleen Slater’s Blog Inferno Worth the Money?




Colleen Slater, the self proclaimed 60 Minute Affiliate, is about to release her Blog Inferno system which claims to be the best niche marketing guide on the internet.

Ms Slater has put together a collection of articles, mind maps, templates and videos which she claims will help the average affiliate marketer increase their online income.

I was lucky enough to receive a preview of the Blog Inferno system to review exactly what has been put together and get the chance to see if it is worth its salt or if it is just another scam.

Now first up, I want to tell you that I like Colleen’s work as the 60 Minute Affiliate. She offers a large array of guidance and tips which will help niche marketers get ahead of the competition. She even offers free one on one coaching to those struggling to make the sales that they had initially hoped for.

Blog Inferno is a collection of these guides turned into one ebook, with some of the ideas expanded upon slightly. As with many affiliate marketing guides, a lot of the information contained within the book is already readily available at no cost elsewhere.

What Ms Slater does do is offer video tutorials for the struggling masses. If you have time and patience to watch step by step guide, and you are a visually oriented person, this may be a great thing for you to do.

Blog Inferno won’t get you website rankings in minutes, and it won’t make you sales within days. But it does offer some insights for those who are just starting out in the world of affiliate marketing.

If you really want to make some impact on the internet world – your money is best spent on Andrew Hansen’s Firepow. Firepow is a tool which will have your website getting top rankings on Google within hours, as well as some neat tricks that aren’t available anywhere else – not to mention support from the a community of successful online money makers – including Hansen himself, who is quick to respond and a pleasure to deal with.

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What Is CDT?




In software testing and mobile testing fields, there are a wide range of various methodologies, techniques and principles. All of them have common goal – to make the checking procedure faster, better and more effective.

Context-driven testing or simply CDT is one of checking approaches which is widely applied in software testing company. This method was suggested by Cem Kaner, Brian Marick and other members of the context-driven school which was founded in 1999.

This particular approach presupposes to keep several ‘creeds’ which are fundamentals of the context-driven school.

What Are CDT Beliefs?

  • Every working procedure brings some value which is reliant on context.
  • The context may consist of several constituent parts. The main such element is a team of specialists who perform CDT.
  • The direction of project development and its specific features cannot be exactly predicted.
  • To find any solution, it is necessary to analyze the actual system under test (SUT).
  • The best universal practices that are suitable for every case do not exist.
  • Only challenges make the checking procedure effective.

The product success depends not only on the quality of testing services but also on the collaboration between all specialists engaged in the project realization. A smooth communication, long-term thinking and working, various aspects and peculiarities of specialists’ duties taken into account define the future of the product. This is the core idea of context-driven testing.

In general, this checking type can be defined as agile testing. This assumption may be valid because its core ideas resemble a lot the principles of Agile Manifesto. In other words, the recommendations of both are like analogous to each other.

A specialist will successfully conduct the CDT procedure if he keeps some recommendations. These tips will simplify the understanding of CDT concept and general idea as well as the checking procedure itself.

Context-Driven Testing Tips:

  • The essential role is played by metrics. The invalid data brings no use and it is a real threat to the product success. The metrics should always be updated.
  • Automated testing principles are not applicable for CDT. On one hand, this checking type simplifies the procedure and helps to save much time. But on the other hand, a human cannot be replaced by auto tests. Only a human being can make suggestions and presuppositions. Only manual testing is suitable in such a case.
  • It is important to apply various testing methods. Each of them will help to detect certain defects which may be connected with the business aspects or with end-user experience.
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Walleye Fishing Tips




Here is a simple walleye fishing tip that I use for one area of a lake I fish frequenly on Manitoulin Island and the lake is Mindemoya lake. This walleye fishing tip will work on most lakes of various sizes anywhere walleye are caught.

I have been catching walleye for over 50 years all across Canada. During that time I have learned a lot of things about fishing. But always remember that you can usually learn some new tricks and tips at any time.

Over the many years that I have fished this area I see so many anglers full of enthusiasm and expectations come and leave just frustrated with their experience fishing walleye. This fishing tip will help eliminate that frustration. It may not make you an expert, but it will make a difference in your fishing results.

Lake Mindemoya is not a large lake but to know where certain features of the lake are is great information to have. Depth, where to find shoals, sunken islands or structure that walleye love and frequent. My favorite spot on this lake is what is called Grassy Island and in the north west corner of the lake. It is actually what I call a sunken island because the only time it is actually visible from anywhere is in the summer when the reeds and grass are growing. In fact the hottest time of the summer is a great time for fishing walleye.

Now the first thing is of course is your rod and reel, sounds simple but be sure to use good fishing equipment. A light action graphite rod and reel with 6 or 8 pound test line is sufficient to catch and land most large walleyes.

The last thing is of course the simplest the hook. A plain unadorned ball-headed jig is king here. It is simple and easy to use, and deadly. Use 1/4 ounce as much as possible. If you have a problem finding the bottom you can move up to 3/8 ounce till you get used to finding the bottom.

These jigs have no action of their own, so that is up to the angler, short hops seem to work best but do not be afraid to experiment. Try to maintain contact with the bottom at all times, but try not to bounce on slack line. This can cause you to get snagged more often.

Jigs are great for catch and release, most of the time the walleye will be hooked in the top lip. Unhooking is fast and easy for you and the fish.

Tip jigs with either a minnow or a leech. I like to use leeches but at times minnows will work best. I usually carry both so I can test which is working best that day or for the area you are fishing.

Well now put this all together and lets catch those walleyes. Off the edge of this grassy island or sunken island as I call it there is a drop off and the walleye hold to this at different depths at different times of the day. Deeper during the heat of the day and closer in the evening.

The area I fish I am usually able to drift slowly over this reef from one end to the other and preset my jig and bait offering easily plus with great success. If you use electronics of any kind of course you can find these walleyes and where they are holding up. Also if it is too windy to drift the way you want a trolling motor can keep you in the thick of the action or even anchor.

Walleye do not like bright light and most anglers think that the best time for fishing walleye is early morning or in the evening and even after dark. But on Mindemoya Lake in the heat of summer you have an algae growth that clouds the water somewhat and makes for great fishing even in the heat of the day. As simple as this walleye fishing tip seems, remember it works and just experiment and you will succeed.

So to wrap this up if you ever get to my favorite place on earth, Manitoulin Island and happen to be near grassy island on Mindemoya Lake say hello to the oldtimer you see out there all alone in his Lund boat. Do not be afraid to ask questions, because he will have fish! Get out there and enjoy nature and relax!

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