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Deadly Job Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them



You’ve spent days searching through job ads and crafting the perfect resumes and cover letters. Now you have a job interview scheduled. You’re just steps away from your dream job, and in that interview, you’re going to wow them.

You may know what to do during an interview. Do you know what not to do? No matter how much you impress your interviewer in other ways, these deadly job interview and pre-interview mistakes could kill your chances of being hired.

Being Unprepared

Research the company beforehand, on its website and elsewhere. Read reviews about them on Glassdoor and Yelp.

Study job ads the company has posted. You can learn a lot about the company from job descriptions and requirements for other jobs, not just the job you’re applying for. Search local job boards as well as the large aggregator sites like Monster and Indeed.

Avoid being embarrassed. Examine your own online presence well before the interview. Potential employers often do online searches of job candidates, including their social profiles. Unprofessional screen names, posts bad-mouthing an employer, and inappropriate photos could all lower your standing or eliminate you from the running. Clean up your profiles.

Bring several copies of your resume to the interview – you never know who might want one. Bring your list of references, neatly formatted. Bring directions to the interview and your contact person’s name and phone number.

If you might be late for a reason beyond your control, a call to that person could salvage the interview for you. Bring your ID and anything else that the interviewer requests that you bring.

Appearing Disengaged

Your words may indicate that you’re the one to hire, but your body language might contradict your words. Crossed arms, leaning too far back or forward, poor eye contact, distracting movements, and other body language can make you appear detached. To learn more, see Body Language Tips for Your Next Job Interview.

Your demeanor beyond your body language also creates positive or negative impressions. Slouching in the waiting area or appearing lethargic detracts from the impression you want to make. Be poised, confident, and organized starting when you enter the reception area. Smile at the receptionist as well as the interviewer – but don’t smile too much. Be enthusiastic. Let your demeanor show that you’re ready to do the job.

Not having questions to ask also suggests detachment. Questions show that you’ve researched the position and are interested in it. Specific questions about job responsibilities and company culture demonstrate interest. Don’t ask about salary or benefits; let the interviewer bring those up.

Complaining about Your Old Jobs

Your interviewer is probably going to have questions about your current and past jobs. You might be looking for a new job because you can’t stand your current job and you detest your boss. But telling that to the interviewer will probably eliminate you as a candidate for this job.

Keep those negative experiences to yourself. A job interview is not the place to talk about them.

Instead, stay positive, and focus on the future. Talk about how you’re looking for new challenges and new ways to use and develop your skills. If you have to talk about work problems, talk about them as challenges and what you learned from them, without assigning blame.

For example, if your current boss has poor communication skills, talk about how you learned to ask questions and do your own research to clarify what needed to be done.

Acting Inappropriately

Interviewers are for assessing your personality and manners as well as your skills and experience. Acting inappropriately can be just as deadly to your job chances as the other interview mistakes described here.

Getting a little personal during the interview can help you or hurt you. If the interviewer leads the conversation to a personal level, finding common interests or hobbies can be a plus.

Be enthusiastic about them and use them to show that you’re a well-rounded person. On the other hand, talking about medical or family problems, for example, is unprofessional. More likely than not, such details will contribute to a negative view of you.

Watch your language as well. A job interview is not the place to swear.

While interviews and first dates have a lot in common, flirting should be left to dates. It may get you positive attention in other situations, but it may make the interviewer uncomfortable. Be friendly, listen, and take part in the conversation on a professional level.

Not Setting the Path Forward

The end of the interview is the beginning of the next steps. Neglect these steps or take the wrong ones, and that job you almost had could disappear.

When the interview is finishing, ask the interviewer about the hiring time frame. Also ask the interviewer for his or her business card, and send a handwritten thank-you note the next day.

Hand-written notes aren’t common, which makes writing them a great way for you to stand out. If your handwriting is terrible, though, type the note instead but sign it yourself. Avoid generic notes. Use the interviewer’s name and mention the specific interview.

Later, a follow-up call to show that you’re still interested could help tip the scales in your favor. Don’t call more than once, even if you had to leave a message the first time. Too many calls can make you look like a nuisance. As with all steps, be professional.


Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) or Chronic Lung Disease in Your Premature Baby




Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) or Chronic Lung Disease is a problem that usually arises in premature babies born more than 4 weeks premature (under 36 weeks gestation), weighing less than 3 ½ pounds (less than 1500 grams), and within the first 4 weeks of birth. Premature babies born with BPD have lungs that do not work properly making breathing very difficult. Extra oxygen is required and many times a breathing machine (ventilator) is also needed. Premature babies develop BPD from immature lungs, high levels of oxygen, ventilators, infections, pneumonia, or other environmental sources that cause irritation to the lungs.

The breathing problems in these premature babies must be treated quickly because this can lead to low oxygen levels in the blood affecting the premature baby’s brain, heart, liver, and kidneys. However, healthcare providers must be cautious about being too aggressive because some of the treatments can carry their own risk factors if used too freely or often. Many times the risks must be weighed to see which options are in the baby’s best interest for survival and that can change from moment to moment.

Some symptoms of BPD can include tachypnea, coughing, wheezing, chest retraction, see-saw like breathing, neck stretching, and episodes of blue skin. Doctors confirm the diagnosis and severity of BPD by using a chest x-ray, assessing the length of time oxygen is needed, and determining if lung injury has occurred. Treating BPD is tricky since there is no specific treatment or medicine that gets rid of it.

Treating the symptoms with oxygen, the infections with medicine, and keeping the premature baby well nourished with proper amounts of fluid will give the baby’s lungs the chance to mature and heal. Sometimes a premature baby will seem to exhibit symptoms of BPD, but the diagnosis will be Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS). RDS, also known as Hyaline Membrane Disease, or Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome, is one of the most common lung problems in premature babies. Premature baby BPD (Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia) survivors tend to grow slower than usual, and be smaller than babies the same age.

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What Can We Predict for the IT Industry in 2018?




2017 has been a remarkable year for digital transformation. Machine learning, AI and Big Data are some of the technologies that dominated 2017. Advancements and enhancements in these technologies will continue for coming years – but what can we predict for the IT industry in 2018? Will AI prove to be a job creator or a destroyer? Will global tech-giants have to self-disrupt to shape their new leadership opportunity? Will 2018 prove to be a slow death for IT specialists?

Today, tech innovations arrive faster than most of the enterprises can cope up with. All too often, before one innovation is embraced and implemented, other two appear on the horizon. To cope with these endless innovations, CIO’s of the enterprises must pursue and excel the role of a business strategist first and secondly as a technologist, thereby developing an appropriate pace for the digital transformation.

Rates of innovation and progress wouldn’t slowdown in 2018. Hence, we have pulled together some impactful technology predictions for 2018 to watch and plan for:

Prediction #1: Global tech-giants will deliberately self-disrupt

Global tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Baidu have brought innovations by exploring the previously unexplored options such as conversational UX, Chatbots and voice and visual search. Eventually, their influence has grown so large that now it is tough to find fresh external areas to innovate. Thus, these tech-giants potentially self-disrupt their revenue bases to create new opportunities.

For instance, Apple’s recent face ID launch vs its touch ID and AWS lambda versus traditional cloud virtual machines sets example for the self-disruptions of the tech-giants.

Prediction #2: Blockchain based cryptocurrencies will contribute trillion-dollar business value to the banking industry

According to CNBC report, the total value of all the digital currencies (about 1300 different cryptocurrencies) combined is over $588 billion with bitcoin value dominating the market. This market capital value is bound to cross $1 trillion, looking at the increase in market interest. Blockchain technology has a real place in the future of technology- regardless of the price of the Bitcoins.

Prediction #3: Rise in roles of IT Versatilists

It is predicted that, globally, the IT sector is going to face an enormous job churn in 2018, where it will add some 1,00,000 new job profiles while eliminating only 80,000. AI related job creation will touch 2 million net new jobs.

Today, IT specialists account for about 42% of the entire IT workforce. According to Gartner, in coming years 40% of IT workforce will be IT versatilists and we would witness a fall of more than 5% in hires of IT technical specialists. The role of an IT versatilists would be more of a business strategist, rather than of a technologist, scaling the digital business of an enterprise.

Prediction #4: Increase in digital commerce for the brands that revamp their websites to support visual and voice search

Visual and voice searches are transforming the engagement of users with digital channels. With the emergence of voice assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, voice search queries hold the majority for the fastest growing mobile search type. Visual search, on the other side provides more accuracy in a search, for, a picture speaks more than a thousand words.

Huge investments that the tech giants like Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft make in machine learning and AI would be evident based on how smoothly their voice and visual searches accelerate in coming years.

Prediction #5: Increasing investments in bots and chat bots, sidelining mobile applications

Bots and chat bots are the new facets of the AI. User attention is shifting to the bots and chat bots from individual mobile applications that the enterprises have. Predictions claim that by 2022, over 60% of all the large enterprises will have at least one Chat bot deployed. Apt usage of virtual assistants will increase customer engagement and can automate different tasks to free the workforce.

Accelerated enhancements made in the Natural Language Processing, enable today’s chatbots to interpret the user intent better than their previous generations.

Prediction #6: Open source will keep rising the ladder

A decade ago, Linux was a newbie while it is mainstream today. In earlier days, Google, Amazon, Microsoft were compelled to create their own propriety tools because they did not have any software to meet their needs. Many open source frameworks are rapidly forming an integral part of a developer’s workflow. Thus, this paradigm shift is changing what enterprises are investing in. Making open source software, the greatest competitor of the traditional software.

Prediction #7: IoT to transform to BIoT

The combination of IoT with Blockchain is predicted to be an empowering blend in IT, this year, where it would usher in a whole host of new businesses and services. By implementing BIoT, real- time updates from different sensors embedded on products will empower everyone in the distributed chain with insights which they were unable to receive earlier.

2018 is also going to witness developments in 5G connectivity, IT security driven by AI, over the air wireless charging and ARM powered laptops. Although, these technologies can help us better connect and communicate with our audiences, but they have the potential to change the way we live and interact with each other.

Article first appeared on Cygnet Infotech.

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5 Mobile Application Development Trends for 2016




1. Hybrid apps are in

Hybrid applications using technologies such as Ionic and HTML5 are gaining traction for the amount time and cost savings they account for. With Swift 3, and rumours that Android will soon adopt it, going for JavaScript over Linux, we look at a more integrated platform base. Word is out that Swift 3 will be available for Windows Phone too. For enterprise and consumer apps, HTML 5 continues to remain the platform of choice for app development. Frameworks such as Ionic, JQuery Mobile, Mobile Angular UI and Native Script have mature languages that deliver high performing user experience. Even Facebook has hopped the hybrid app development bandwagon with the React Native framework. They are currently experimenting with Linux and Windows platform to render a complete service.

2. IoT integration

IoT technologies such as GPS, Beacon and location-based Wi-Fi will be integral to many applications. We are looking at a mature Home Application on iOS 10 which will enable iPhone and iPad users to operate household appliances with instructions delivered to Siri. The Android Wear and Apple Watch will do more than track health and fitness, and go a step further to perform more complex functions. Android’s biometric scanning for unlocking the device is the most rudimentary utilization of IoT technology and its voice recognition technology is fairly advanced.

3. Rapid mobile app development technologies

With growing demand for app-related services, and also the tight cost schedules, mobile application development companies are using rapid development technologies such as AngularJS and NodeJS with their reusable components. More development tools and frameworks have made their entry into the market to meet customer expectations and the technology has matured, so quality remains uncompromised. In the foreseeable future rapid development and shortest time-to-market will be an imperative so as to capitalise on the early adopters’ trend. With the number of applications crossing the 1 million mark on prominent platforms such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, to gain visibility app development companies will have to pace their new launches at a greater speed.

4. Cloud Storage

Cloud technology plays a key role in mobile app development and storage from device is shifted to a centralised cloud server for apps and device. As multiple connected devices become common, smartphone, wearable device and other internet-enabled devices will share data over the cloud. Mobile applications will also have to have cloud storage and the data will have to be stored for real-time access across devices. With free storage space of up to 10GB, and easy integration via email address authentication, people are easily adopting the technology and immersing themselves into its utility, so the next step will be to follow the maturity in usage and new application of cloud storage, going beyond storing and sharing data.

5. App Security

Security continues to remain a worrying issue for device manufacturers and more so for mobile app developers. A Gartner report from 2015 predicts that 75% mobile applications will fail security tests and present gaping holes for hackers to exploit. A uniform security guideline for mobile app developers will have to be soon arrived at to ensure app data security across devices, platforms and the cloud.

There are more complex issues that will be face by mobile app development companies while compiling an application. However, evolving development platforms and sophisticated programming languages are increasingly consolidating the app development process. With its new Swift Playground, Apple is already making app development possible for the common user.

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How Many Toes Does a Parrot Have?




Parrots come in many colors: gray, brown, red, green, yellow, blue, white, black, and various shades of all of those. Parrots can be very small, 4 inches (10 centimeters) – or very large, 40″ (100 centimeters). Some parrots learn to talk well, while others never talk at all.

There are certain things, though, that all parrots have in common. They all like to live in warm places, for one thing. In addition, consider the following four similarities.

1. Beak: Every parrot has a curved, hooked beak. The beak is very strong, and able to inflict a deep wound. Its primary purpose, though, is to crack open strong nut shells or tear apart other food. A parrot uses its bill for “transportation” at times, too, pulling itself to a higher branch or perch with the strong bill.

2. Body: Every parrot has an upright body. Most birds, by comparison, have a horizontal body. Parrots’ bodies are upright like humans.

3. Legs: Parrots have 2 short legs.

4. Toes: How many toes does a parrot have? All parrots have 4 toes on each foot. Parrot toes are zygodactyl. That means the first and fourth toes are turned backward. The second and third toes turn forward. Song birds also have 4 toes, but they have 3 toes forward and 1 toe backward.

Useful Parrot Toes

Parrot toes make for awkward walking, but they are very useful tools. Parrots can use the 2-forward, 2-backward combination as humans use a thumb and finger, grasping objects tightly between back and front toes.

The 4 parrot toes produce a foot pattern that lets them grasp branches and move along a branch. Progress is always sideways in slow, deliberate steps.

The 4 parrot toes also enable a parrot to grasp food in its foot. Using its 2 front toes and 1 of the back toes, it holds the food tightly as it bites off pieces with its beak. A parrot usually holds the perch with its right foot, and lifts food to its mouth with the left foot.

Parrot toes are useful for tricks, too. Many parrots delight in showing off for your praise by dangling upside down from a perch or the ceiling of their cage, often by only 1 toe! In the wild, this trick helps them reach food.

Parrot Toes in Training

The first step in training a parrot is to acquaint the parrot with your touch. Its 8 parrot toes can be your bridge to success in this. Gently touch those parrot toes for a moment, and then withdraw your hand. Wait a few second, and then reach into the cage to touch the toes again. Let your parrot see that nothing bad happens when you touch its toes. When it accepts this touch, move on to touch its legs, and work your way up the parrot. Be sure other family members also touch the bird frequently so it does not become a one-person parrot.

When you are ready to finger train your bird, those parrot toes will again be important. Choose the evening, when your parrot has eaten and is less lively. In a quiet room, open the cage door slowly, and put your index finger into the cage. Slowly touch the parrots’ abdomen and it will hop onto your finger, clinging with its toes to maintain balance. Do not remove it from the cage the first few days. Simply repeat your finger training. When it is at ease with the action, slowly pull your finger with the parrot on it toward the cage door where you have placed a treat. With patience, your parrot will soon respond to a “Step Up” command and get on your finger when asked.

Always remember that a parrot will never step down – only up. Always hold your finger or a perch above the parrot’s toes.

A clever trick that is quickly learned by a parrot is a cute wave of those 4 parrot toes. You can also teach it to put its foot to its beak on command.

Parrot Toes and Toys

It is important to keep parrot toes busy and exercised. Parrot foot toys are an answer that provides entertainment as well as exercise. Parrot foot toys are small enough for a parrot to hold with its foot. The parrot will then chew the toy, getting great enjoyment out of its destruction!

How Many Toes Does a Parrot Have? Exactly the right number to walk, climb trees, move along branches, eat food, learn tricks, and play.

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The Innovative Application of Machine Learning In Product Development




No matter how much tech savvy the world is becoming, very often people get themselves puzzled in the labyrinth of new evolving and advanced technology trends. And whenever this kind of situation occurs, people have somehow found the way to understand it and how to use it in the running situation. This is something like going on between the world and the recently emerged idea, called machine learning.

Let’s begin with understanding what this machine learning actually is:

In a simple way, we can say that it is an analytical and logical method that uses algorithms to find out some particular hidden patterns of data from a large database. The whole procedure is adaptive, means the moment a new data comes at the front, the models of machine learning modifies and refines their prediction.

The idea of this technology is new to the world, still, it has already brought about notable changes to the world of business, especially in product innovations. The impact of this trend to the growth and development of business is so great that from the large-scale business enterprises to well-established industries, everyone wants to take afresh bite from this hot toast.

Why Is Machine Learning Taking Over Industries?

Machine Learning is the latest and trending attitude of technology in the digital landscape, turning our evaluation of data into more efficient, and reliable. The transformational flair of this technological trend is the actual reason behind its remarkable growth in popularity in financial, healthcare, and retail sectors. It is helping the banks, insurance companies, investors, hospitals, to enhance their productivity, launching new innovative services. For example, with the emergence of the smart watches, both the doctors and the family members can track and monitor the health telemetry of the elder people. The business owners in the financial, healthcare and retail industries have become able to enhance their client satisfactory level and manage the risk, simple by the touch of this great process.

Let’s Explore That How This Technology Is Driving Product Innovation

Following are few great examples of leveraging the concept of machine learning for better product innovation.

Siri And Cortana

Siri and Cortana are voice recognition systems that use machine learning as well as the neural networks to copy the way human interacts. Soon there will be improvements when these voice recognition systems will detect the subtle differences and semantics of each language in the world.

Facial recognition at Facebook

Facebook’s ‘Tag’ feature is an innovative gift of machine learning. The advanced Face Recognition algorithm helps Facebook to recognize the faces in the photos easily, and tag your friends automatically on your behalf.


PayPal is a platform to process online payments. PayPal uses machine learning algorithm against the fraudulent activities. PayPal analyzes the data of its customers to assess and gauge the risk.


Uber also uses machine learning algorithm to regulate the arrival time and the locations for picking up the customers.

Google Translate

Google Translate is the most used machine translation services, all over the world. The machine learning algorithm helps the software program to single out the certain patterns of language from the millions of documents.

With the emergence of this technological trend, we can say that the world is shifting towards the golden age of science and technology, and with it soon we will open the locked doors of science fiction.

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iOS 6 Features and Added Functionalities for User Benefit




Apple has released the iOS 6 update recently. This update is made available for iPhone4, 4S, iPad2, iPod Touch 4 and 5. This new OS comes loaded with interesting features that will excite the user and are quite handy. Let us find out more about these new features one by one.

Maps by Apple

The biggest change that a user will notice with this new OS version is that the Google maps are no longer a part of Apple. Now Apple has its own software designed to provide the functionality of maps. You will be easily able to get clear navigation, traffic information and 3D maps. However, there is only one drawback; maps features vary the market availability.

Additionally you will be amazed by the introduction of a feature called Flyover. As the name suggests you will be able to choose from major metro cities for the purpose of 3D views that are user interactive.

Enhanced version of Siri

Siri is the most talked about voice assistant that has been present since 1 year now. With the new update, you will find Siri more interactive and intelligent than before. You just voice out the information required including movie schedules, whether updates, status update on Facebook and tweeting.

Social Media Integration

With the new OS, you will be able to have the Facebook integration with advance features. You can easily share pictures that are available in your camera app. You can even share location with your friends via maps. Interestingly you will be able to integrate Facebook events to the calendar in your device. Similarly, you can synchronize your contacts that are in your Facebook account. All you need to do is log into your Facebook account and utilize the given functionality.

Photo Streams and iPhoto

It is relatively easier to share pictures via shared photo streams. Now you have an option to share your pictures with a group of people that you assign. Choose the pictures that you want to share from your Photos app>Share>Select people to share pictures

People in your contacts who are using Photos app or iPhoto will be able to get the instant photo update. For those who are not using these apps they can still view pictures on web.

FaceTime Functionality

Now you can utilize the facility of FaceTime. A user can easily call or receive call using the FaceTime functionality on your iPad. This is possible using your own number. Additionally you will be able to receive alerts for FaceTime on your Apple devices. This functionality is available on all Apple Devices that are supportive of this feature.

Improved Safari & E-Mail Functionality

iCloud tab is yet another feature that you will be able to use for keeping a tab on the web pages that you have visited. This way it will be convenient for you to surf web pages across any Apple device and start browsing from where you last left. Interestingly you can save your web pages via Safari so now the content will be available to you offline. Additionally now you can turn on the full screen mode, Power on iOS device (landscape mode)>Tap full screen button. You can also update your pictures via Safari.

Now you can easily choose contacts to add them to your VIP list. Whenever you receive any e-mail message from your VIP list, you will be immediately notified about it. For refreshing your e-mail you just need to use the swipe functionality, additionally, you can add pictures and videos to your e-mail.

Panoramic View

iOS 6 has included a new app that is applicable to iPhone 4, 4S, 5 and 5th gen iPod users. This is a new camera app that facilitates the user with capturing pictures in a full-blown view of 240 degrees. Use this app when you are capturing a scenic view.

Call and DND Functionality

If you are busy while a call arrives on your iPhone then you can choose to decline it and instantly send a text message. Additionally you can schedule a time on your iPhone to get back to the caller by setting up a call reminder.

For those annoying callers that you want to keep off your back you can choose to send them to your DND (Do Not Disturb) list. You can even choose to receive notifications and calls from the contacts added in your VIP list.

iOS6 Passbook

iOS6 enables you in managing all your details related to loyalty cards and passes with Passbook. Details related to coupons, tickets, boarding passes, and more such stuff is easy to store and manage. Now you can quickly check for the related information in your iPhone or iPod touch. Additionally you will get alerts about the expiry of the specified coupons and even the balance enquiry about your cards.

The above given features will make your life uncomplicated and tasks easier to manage; however, you need to check if these functionalities are available in your own country.

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Gemini Twins Card Trick




The Gemini Twins card trick is a classic card trick that is completely self-working (i.e. no sleights) and yet still looks great and amazing. It always gets a good reaction from your spectator.

Card Trick Performance

You select two prediction cards. Your spectator then has you stop in two separate places, and you put a prediction card face up in each spot to mark it. You then reveal each pair (marked by the prediction cards). In each pair, the two cards match each other.

Card Trick Secret

Take prediction cards that are pairs of the top and bottom cards of the deck (i.e. 4 of hearts on top so you take the 4 of diamonds, 8 of clubs on bottom so you take the 8 of spades). Deal cards one at a time off the top of the deck until your spectator calls stop. Put the card that matched the bottom of the deck face-up to mark the spot (8 of spades in our example). Then put the rest of the deck on top of it, already completing the pair (since the 8 of clubs is on the bottom). Then deal cards off the top in a similar manner, marking the spot with the other card (4 of diamonds). Put the rest of the deck on top of it (makes a pair with the 4 of hearts). That’s it! All you have to do is pull out each pair (a pair consists of your prediction card and the card directly on top of it) and each will magically match.

This is a great, almost two-for-one card trick. Have fun.

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Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym-Getting a Lower Price on Fitness




With obesity figures skyrocketing, medical research points to the importance of exercise to ward off excess weight as well as other health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, and even depression. Many people look to a gym membership as the answer. And certainly, this is an excellent choice as there are gym types to meet the needs of just about everyone. For those who wish to focus on strength training, this article will attempt to compare the cost of strength training at a gym or fitness center versus the cost of purchasing a Bio Force 1.7 home gym system.

The Cost of Strength Training at a Gym

Gyms are a great place for strength training. They offer a staggering variety of machines that suits the needs of everyone, from novice to pro. But here are some of the costs involved in purchasing a gym membership:

  • A basic gym membership, which gives you access to all the strength training (as well as cardio) machines may cost anywhere from $25-$60/month ($300-$720/year). Some gyms or fitness centers may also feature an indoor running track, a pool, and/or child care. Other services may be available that may or may not be covered by your monthly membership fee. For instance, classes may be an additional fee. And many of these gyms also charge a registration or initiation fee that can be as much as $100. Also, many gyms require you sign a contract for a minimum of one year, and charge penalties for early termination.
  • How far is the gym from your home? How much of your time, gasoline, and wear and tear on your car will it cost you to make that trip on a regular basis?

  • Many people feel pressured to look like a pro at the gym, and therefore feel the need to outfit themselves with the latest in workout wear and shoes. Trendy clothing and shoes can cost a great deal of money, especially for those shoes!

  • If you have children, does your gym offer child care? And is it included in your membership fee or does it cost extra? Or is it only available at certain times that may not be convenient for you? Some gyms may charge about $5/child for this service.

Strength Training at Home

There are many cost savings involved in working out at home. Here are just a few:

  • There is no cost involved for gasoline, wear and tear on your car, or the time involved to drive to and from the gym.

  • While you may still need to invest in a decent, supportive pair of shoes (and a good sports bra if you’re a woman), there is no pressure to purchase trendy, expensive workout clothes. Any old sweatpants and a t-shirt will do nicely.

  • Where child care is involved, working out at home is a great option. You can do this while your spouse or significant other is home, while the kids are in school or sleeping, or with some very clear rules, your children can even be in the room with you as you work out.

The Bio Force 1.7 Home Gym

This home fitness system features Total Nitrocell Technology (or TNT), which is unique to the Bio Force 1.7. The system uses two nitrogen-charged cylinders to create resistance that is smoothly fluid. The resistance stays consistent throughout the entire range of motion-from the beginning of the rep all the way to the end.

The Bio Force 1.7 resistance levels can be changed easily with a slide-n-lock mechanism that will adjust from 10 pounds to 170 pounds in mere seconds. Changing from one exercise to another is quick and easy, and there are no bows to adjust or weights to move. So your routine becomes more effective and much simpler.

The Bio Force 1.7 is designed to work every muscle group in your body. It features a two-position seat and comes with an owner’s manual that outlines over 100 body shaping exercises. Also included are separate exercise charts for men and women, meal charts, and a DVD that demonstrates proper form and technique.

The Bio Force 1.7 is compact, taking up less space than a treadmill. As assembled, its dimensions are 52 ” L by 82″ H. It weighs 174 pounds and comes with a 12-month warranty on the parts and frame. The Bio Force comes complete, with nothing additional to buy.

So What Does it Cost?

The full retail price of the Bio Force 1.7 is $999. However, it can be found online ranging in price anywhere from $657 to $799.99. Shipping may or may not be included in that price.


For the sake of comparison, we will look at the cost of three years’ membership in a gym as opposed to using the Bio Force 1.7 for three years:

  • A basic gym membership can cost anywhere from $25 to $60 per month. There may be additional costs for child care, transportation, and clothing.
  • The Bio Force 1.7 can be purchased for as little as $657.00. This breaks down to $18.25/month over the course of three years. With the possible exception of a good pair of shoes and a sports bra, there are no additional costs involved in purchasing the Bio Force 1.7
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7 Healthy Foods to Help You Burn Calories




You may be aware that certain foods can help boost your metabolism and cut down on your body fat. Yes, there are some fat burning foods that help create a thermogenic effect in your body which can play a pivotal role in helping you lose weight.

Weight management is very important as it impacts every aspect of your life… social, physical, and emotional. If you eat a healthy diet, you will considerably lower down your odds of suffering from various health issues including heart disease and diabetes. So, let’s discuss the top 7 healthy foods that help burn that extra flab off your body.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

This is a pantry staple that helps you burn extra fat by cutting down you sugar cravings. When you consume apple cider vinegar before having your meal, it will make you feel fuller with less food. In addition, it is also a natural method of detoxing your body and balancing pH of your stomach. Since the vinegar is highly acidic, make sure you only add a tablespoon or two into a glass of water prior to drinking.

In addition to fat loss, there are additional benefits of apple cider –

  • Improves PCOS symptoms.
  • Kills harmful bacteria and viruses.
  • Reduces insulin and blood sugar.
  • Decreases cholesterol levels.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Lower fasting blood sugar.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity.

2. Bone Broth

Using chicken or beef bones to make soup stock can have a lot of health benefits. These types of bone broth contain lots of amino acids so it plays an important role in cutting down the fat from your body.

Following are some of the key benefits of bone broth:

  • Protects joints – Bone broth is a natural source of collagen, a protein found in the vertebrae of animals – in their cartilage, bones, tendons, skin, and ligaments. When we get older, our joints tend to get weak so make sure you add bone broth to your diet.
  • Maintains healthy skin – With the help of collagen, elastin is formed along with various other compounds within the skin. All this really helps in maintaining texture, tone, and youthfulness of the skin. Collagen is also helpful in reducing puffiness and signs of aging.
  • Supports healthy functioning of the immune system – Bone broth offers gut-supportive benefits which supports the healthy functioning of your immune system.

3. Chia Seeds

Originally grown in Mexico, these seeds are known for its rich nutritional value and also as a fat burning food. Consuming chia seeds will boost your energy level and your endurance. Since chia seeds has high fiber content, it keeps you fuller for a longer, thereby prevents overeating.

4. Chicken Breast

If you are looking to burn calories, then chicken breast is the perfect fat-burning food. Just three ounces of chicken gives you 37% of your body’s daily recommended amount of protein. This will make your body feel energized throughout the day. The main reason chicken breast protein helps in weight loss is that it is rich in leucine. It is a well-known amino acid that keeps the muscles lean which, in turn, burns more calories.

Make sure you opt for locally grown and organic chicken that cuts out fillers and preservatives.

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is known to contain key fatty acids called Medium Chain Fatty Acids. These fatty acids help to keep you full so that you eat fewer calories. These fatty acids assist your body to effectively burn around 120 calories more every single day. The best thing about coconut oil is that it helps you lose belly fat and visceral fat. These are the most rigid type of fat that also surrounds your internal organs and are the most difficult to lose.

6. Grapefruit

Not many people are aware grapefruit is one of the best fat-burning foods. The enzymes present in grapefruits help your body to break down sugar and boost your metabolism. Make sure you add a slice of grapefruit to your breakfast or squeeze some fresh grapefruit juice into your smoothie.

7. Whey Protein

You can also add whey protein to your smoothie which usually comes in a powder. Whey protein helps to cut down body fat, boosts muscle tone, and alleviate high blood sugar.

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Should You Consume Caffeine to Lose Weight?




People seeking to lose weight are typically anxious to hear about any trick to make weight loss easier. One way to help speed weight loss is to find ways to speed up the metabolism, so that more calories are burned in a day.

Research has shown that caffeine is effective at speeding up the metabolism, so that you burn more calories. According to the Mayo Clinic, caffeine stimulates many body functions, including the heart rate, central nervous system function and metabolism. In addition, caffeine may decrease the appetite short term. So, adding caffeine may be an effective way to jump start weight loss. There are some things to consider, however:

You may see no effect if you’re already a caffeine consumer. If caffeine is already a part of your daily diet, you would likely need very high doses of caffeine to increase your metabolism above the level at which it already functions. However, those who don’t regularly consume caffeine may see some benefit.

You must be careful where the caffeine comes from. If you start getting your caffeine from sugary sodas, you’ll likely gain weight rather than lose it. However, if you get your caffeine from coffee, tea and sodas without sugar, you may see some results.

You must consider your other health issues. If you already suffer from an irregular heart rate or high blood pressure, your doctor may have warned you to stay away from caffeine. If this is the case, caffeine may not be safe for you. Be sure to talk to your doctor before adding caffeine.

What if I’m Caffeine Sensitive?

Many people stay away from caffeine because they find that too much caffeine causes sleeplessness or jitters. For these people, supplementing with caffeine for weight loss might seem unreasonable. However, there’s one form of caffeine that seems to be tolerated well by those who are normally caffeine sensitive.

Green Tea May Be the Answer

Green tea may well be the best way to get your caffeine for weight loss. Though green tea does contain caffeine, it is in smaller amounts than many other beverages. In addition, the caffeine in green tea seems to be better tolerated by the caffeine sensitive than other caffeinated beverages. This is thought to be because of the anti-oxidants in green tea.

These anti-oxidants, in addition to making the caffeine less of a problem, also offer a myriad of health benefits. Green tea’s anti-oxidants have been shown to lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease and some forms of cancer. So, even if you don’t lose weight from drinking green tea, it’s a healthy habit to add to your diet.

But, the best news is that in addition to being healthy and well tolerated by the caffeine sensitive, it may just be that green tea is the best way to get your caffeine for weight loss. This is because studies have shown that green tea is more effective in promoting weight loss than other caffeinated beverages. The combination of caffeine and green tea’s anti-oxidants appears to be more effective in promoting weight loss than caffeine alone.

One important study on this subject was reported by the Obesity Research Group. In this study, ninety overweight men and women were studied. First, the group was put on a low calorie diet for four weeks. The subjects were divided between low caffeine consumers and high caffeine consumers. At the end of the four week diet period, the subjects were placed on a weight maintenance program.

During this weight maintenance period, subjects either received a green tea/caffeine supplement or a placebo. Within the groups, both high caffeine consumers and low caffeine consumers were given the green tea/caffeine supplement. The weight maintenance period lasted for 3 months.

At the end of the study, the results were as follows:

o Caffeine consumers overall seemed to have higher satiety levels and lower leptin levels, which helped speed weight loss.

o During the weight loss period, caffeine consumers lost more weight than non-caffeine consumers.

o During the weight maintenance period, the low caffeine consumers who received the green tea/caffeine supplement kept off more weight than the low caffeine consumers who received the placebo. In fact, many of them continued to lose weight.

o During the weight maintenance period, the high caffeine consumers who received the green tea/caffeine supplement did not report a significantly higher success rate in keeping the weight off than those high caffeine consumers receiving the placebo.

While more research is needed to truly determine how green tea and caffeine can help with weight loss and maintenance, it does appear that consuming green tea and other forms of caffeine can help you lose weight. In particular, caffeine and green tea may be especially effective for those who don’t consume a great deal of caffeine on a regular basis. And, since green tea is a form of caffeine that is well tolerated by most caffeine sensitive people, green tea may be the best way to use caffeine as a weight loss aid.

You have nothing to lose by adding green tea to your diet. It’s healthy, refreshing and has no side effects. And even those who are sensitive to other forms of caffeine can usually drink green tea without experiencing unpleasant side effects. So, see if green tea can help you in your efforts to lose weight!

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