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Plymouth South RB Casious Johnson determined to succeed



Plymouth South RB Casious Johnson determined to succeed

PLYMOUTH – Since he was very young, Casious Johnson has always strived for greatness.

Sometimes in the dead of night, you can catch the Plymouth South sophomore running sprints on the turf as late as 11 p.m. If not that, chances are he is working out at his home, solely focused on the next game at hand, and how he can improve.

After years of nonstop training, it would appear his hard work is beginning to pay off. In front of a packed house last week, Johnson put on quite a show, rushing 40 times for 339 yards and six touchdowns during a 42-35 victory over Patriot League rival Hanover. He also hauled in a pair of receptions for 58 yards, and completed two passes out of the wildcat formation for 10 more yards.

“I was expecting a lot of people that I knew to be at the game, (some) that hadn’t seen me play before,” Johnson said. “I heard Hanover was going to be a tough team, so I went into the game running as hard as I could. Our team was hyped, the blocking was there, and (things broke my way).”

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with the name, you should probably start. Johnson burst onto the scene in the Fall II season as a freshman. During the abbreviated campaign, he would rush for 1,006 yards and 12 touchdowns, while propelling the Panthers to a Patriot Cup (Fisher Division) title. He was named a Boston Herald All-Scholastic for his efforts.

So just how historic was Johnson’s inaugural season?

“I think we’ve had two freshmen get significant varsity minutes in the last 20 years here at Plymouth South,” said Panthers coach Darren Fruzzetti. “One of them played at Brown – Derrick Doucette. The other one’s been Casious, so he’s in really good company, and when we start talking about all of these other players historically, he’s in the company of kids who have had their college paid for (from) football. So it’s a good conversation to have.”

However, Johnson has only improved in the few months since then. Through just four games this season, he has racked up 99 carries for 855 yards and 13 touchdowns. As the focal point of Plymouth South’s offensive scheme, the sophomore has started drawing comparisons to arguably the top running back in school history, Dylan Oxsen.

“I think he’s definitely the most talented sophomore I’ve ever coached,” Fruzzetti said. “When you start talking about players like Dylan Oxsen, I think Casious is right there with him. And with another two years to go after this season, I think he has a chance to be an even better player than Dylan, which is saying a lot… he’s the total package.”

Plymouth South (3-1) will face Pembroke Friday, but the road only becomes even more difficult with each passing week. From there, the Panthers will face Quincy, followed by North Quincy. Then, Plymouth South will close its regular season schedule against Scituate Oct. 29.

Johnson hopes to continue his career in the collegiate ranks, and aspires to one day accomplish his dream of playing in the NFL.

If recent trends continue, do not be surprised in the slightest if more doors begin to open for the rising star.

“It’s crazy, because a bunch of people come up to me in school,” said Johnson. “I remember not having any of that in middle school. I used to dream about this stuff, and now it’s finally happening. I’m proud.”

NAME: Casious Johnson

SCHOOL: Plymouth South

AGE: 15

HEIGHT/WEIGHT: 6’0, 205 lbs.

POSITION: Running Back

NICKNAME: Cashisholy

FAMILY (Father, mother, brothers and sisters): Father: Charles; Mother: Chanett; Brothers: Gio, Jamajesti, Charles; Sisters: Alexis, Jlee, Empress, Jheñe, Samiyah


FAVORITE PERSONAL MOMENT IN SPORTS: Rushing for six touchdowns vs. Hanover (10/1/21)








FAVORITE SMARTPHONE APP: Instagram or Snapchat


FAVORITE PRO TEAM: New Orleans Saints




CAREER AMBITIONS: Hopeful to play football in college, then the NFL

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After nearly two months, still no sign of missing Hillsdale man



After nearly two months, still no sign of missing Hillsdale man

HILLSDALE, Mo. – The last time Shemika McGee saw her son, Jarius McGee, was in early September in Hillsdale.

After nearly two months, Jarius is still missing, and Shemika hasn’t heard anything from him.

“I think that he got a phone call, and with the phone call, it just led to something else which led to him missing and I just want him back at home,” she said.

McGee said her son would come and go like many young adults and wasn’t in any trouble that she knew of.

When he left, she said he didn’t have the usual things he would carry like his wallet or headphones.

“We really don’t have anything to go off other than the fact that he’s missing,” McGee said.

Hillsdale Chief of Police John Bernsen said an investigation is ongoing and the department is waiting on Jarius’ phone records.

“Every time we try to chase down a lead it’s always a dead end so that’s why we’re trying to put out the word out so much. We know somebody has seen him. Somebody knows something,” Chief Bernsen said.

Looking for an Angel President Theda Person heard about Jarius missing through social media. Now her non-profit organization has joined the search.

“I’ve created a flyer I’ve contacted Missouri State Highway Patrol to make sure that a flyer was created because law enforcement didn’t really do that,” Person said.

Person believes more can be done in the search is prepared to help McGee as needed.

“1f we say that we care about those that we are serving then we should be more intentional,” she said.

She said with McGee missing this long, he could be anywhere. When asked if he were another race would there be a more thorough investigation, Person thinks so.

“Definitely we can see with the Gabby Petito case and other cases,” Person said.

McGee just wants to know where her son is.

“I mean anything that you can think of goes through my mind,” she said. “Where’s he at, who could he be with? There’s a lot of things going through my mind.”

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‘They’re basically stealing from kids’ – Thieves steal Boy Scout troop’s trailer



‘They’re basically stealing from kids’ – Thieves steal Boy Scout troop’s trailer

ST. LOUIS – A local Boy Scout troop is heartbroken after a trailer carrying all their camping equipment was stolen over the weekend in the Holly Hills neighborhood. Now, the troop is asking for the public’s help to either find the trailer or help replace the items lost.

Troop 104’s bright red trailer was stolen Friday morning around 5 a.m. Scoutmaster Michael Lohff said the truck and all the equipment inside totaled more than $15,000, including tents, cookware, and tarps. He said all the items were acquired from years of donations and fundraising. 

“It has a big impact on the fact that we’re going to have to look up replacing everything as we go along, or definitely before we hit the road again, and we want to be able to do that very soon,” Lohff said.  

He said he brought a bright red trailer when he first started with the troop so he could carry all the troop’s equipment for camping and other activities.  

“They’re basically stealing from kids; that’s what they’re doing,” he said. “Whoever did take the trailer and all that equipment from the boys. They stole from the boys that are members of the troop and have been members of the troop for all these years.”

Lohff said all the items were acquired through donations and fundraising by his scout members.

The trailer was parked in a private lot in the Holly Hills neighborhood in south St. Louis. Lohff said he has parked the trailer there for nearly two decades without any incident. He was heartbroken to find the trailer had been stolen.

“That raises very personal concerns of who’s right behind my backyard,” neighbor Chuck Smith said.

Smith lives a couple of doors down from the lot. He said the trailer has become a neighborhood staple over the years.

“To do it at this time of year before Christmas, it just seems like a very insensitive thing to do,” he said.  

Lohff said the trailer also got broken into last year, but only a few items were stolen after that incident. But after this recent theft, he’s going to upgrade his security. He said police do not have any security footage. 

Anyone with information on the person or persons responsible for the theft is asked to call the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department at 314-444-0100 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-TIPS.

There is a GoFundMe page to help the troop replace the stolen trailer and gear.

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Saint Louis Zoo wants gun activist who fought its ban to pay legal bills



Saint Louis Zoo wants gun activist who fought its ban to pay legal bills

ST. LOUIS (AP) — After successfully defending its weapons ban in court, the Saint Louis Zoo is now trying to force the gun-rights activist who challenged the ban to pay part of its $150,000 in legal bills.

The zoo filed a request for its request for legal fees in August, but a judge has yet to rule on the motion.

A lawyer for Jeffry Smith of Cincinnati, Ohio, who challenged the ban on guns called the motion unfair.

A St. Louis judge ruled last year that the zoo could ban guns on its property because it qualifies as a school and a gated amusement park under state law.

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