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Cavalry Portfolio Services – Remove Bad Credit



You must dispute a negative item from Cavalry Portfolio to remove it from your credit report. You dispute directly with the credit bureaus. When you file a dispute you are telling the bureaus that the listing is inaccurate. The bureaus will then conduct an investigation into the listing.

The lender or collection agency will be contacted to verify the debt. Also the balance of the debt and the dates will be verified. If the mark can not be verified then the credit bureaus must remove it from your credit report. Frequently investigations result in the removal of negative marks.

You can write a dispute letter yourself or hire a credit repair service. If you only have minor damage to your credit report we suggest you dispute marks yourself. However if you have multiple bad credit marks it would be wise to hire a professional credit repair service. In addition a service can use advanced dispute techniques in case you have a mark that is verified.

Who is Cavalry Portfolio Services?

They are a collection agency. They will work on behalf of financial institutions or will purchase debt and collect for themselves. They actually offer individuals a contact name and email if you want to comment about their collection practices. Many agencies try to avoid hearing the negative feedback about their practices.

Instead they give the contact information of Todd Tipton his email is [email protected] and phone is 918.665.5686 to individuals wanting to comment about their company. They try to work with consumers and work out a payment plan.

Sometimes accounts can go to collections that are not valid debts. It is not uncommon for a lender mistake to cause your account to erroneously go to collections and for you to receive communication from a debt collector. You will not be able to explain that the lender made a mistake. Instead you will have to dispute the item with the credit bureaus.

In sum you can remove negative credit from your report, you do not have to wait seven years for the mark to naturally be removed.

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