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Diana Markosian Revives Family History in “Santa Barbara”



Diana Markosian Revives Family History in “Santa Barbara”
Diana Markosian, taken by the artist’s father. Artist’s father

Artist and photographer Diana Markosian is not afraid of much. She rattles off her brushes with danger: deported from Azerbaijan at 21, smuggled into Burma (now known as Myanmar) at 23, placed under house arrest in China at 24. But when we come to her latest project about family, her tenor changes, leaving the practiced composure of someone who has spent the last few years speaking publicly about her family’s difficult past. “Every family has a secret and every family has one story that they like to repeat,” Markosian told me for Observer on a beautiful Sunday morning in Brooklyn.

For Markosian’s family, their story — and their secret — revolved around their journey to America in 1996. Born in Moscow in 1989, Markosian lived between Russia and Armenia until the age of seven. After the Soviet Union collapsed, her family hit hard times. Her parents’ marriage fell to pieces and food and resources were scarce. The family had one telephone, one bed, and one television they would gather around to watch the glitzy drama of American soap opera, Santa Barbara. One night her mother, Svetlana, a Ph.D educated economist, packed up Diana and her older brother and took them to the United States. Only at 27 years old did Markosian learn that the man who met them at the airport and soon became her step-father was not actually a family friend. In reality, Svetlana had placed an advertisement in search of a man to help her and her children leave Russia — and Eli answered. The four of them lived as a family in Santa Barbara, California until Markosian was 14 years old, when Eli dropped them at a motel and disappeared. 

1633837972 573 Diana Markosian Revives Family History in Santa Barbara
Chinwe Davis, 12, left, and sister Ifetayo Davis, 10, right, in Portland, Oregon Sept. 6, 2020. Photo by Diana Markosian for National Geographic Photo by Diana Markosian for National Geographic

Markosian’s film, photography, and book project Santa Barbara  (open now at the International Center for Photography (ICP) in New York City) is a staged recreation of this story, imagined from her mother’s perspective. Part documentary, part historical fiction, Markosian’s work is exemplary of a growing category of personal, memoiristic art that blurs the real and the fake, recognizing and representing the insufficiencies of chasing a single objective reality. Markosian was committed to collaborating with her family on this project, triangulating and reconstructing a version of the truth that felt emotionally salient if not always precisely accurate. “I started to understand that it was really not about what happened. It was about how we all experienced it that mattered.” 

Santa Barbara was first commissioned by SFMoMA in 2018. What followed was a project of snowballing proportions, including a year and a half of intensive casting (including re-casting her father after her biological father, Arsen, pulled out a day before shooting), and another year and a half of traveling and shooting. Markosian describes casting as one of the most unexpectedly difficult parts of the project. It felt at times, she said, like she was attempting to replace her own family. The project hinged on her finding actors who not only looked like her parents, but felt like them on a personal level. 

When I spoke to Gene Jones, the actor who played Markosian’s step-father Eli, his fondness for the story and the team bubbled through the phone. He had his doubts, he tells me, when he was first approached about the project, which was “unlike any acting job I’ve ever had,” but he was soon won over by Markosian’s intelligence and enthusiasm. On set, Markosian knew what emotions and scenes she wanted to portray, but beyond that gave the actors space to improvise their lines, Jones explained to Observer. Ana Imnadze, who played Svetlana, said via email that she and Markosian would have “long conversations” before shooting. “Quite frequently Diana used to ask me what would Svetlana do in a given moment,” Imnadze said. If she didn’t know, they would call the real Svetlana for an answer or further context. “It was not just a project to me,” Imnadze said, “it was the life of people which are really valuable to me, the life I shared for a while…” Imnadze’s actual daughter played the role of young Diana.

1633837972 974 Diana Markosian Revives Family History in Santa Barbara
Girls play in a remote part of Chechnya. Diana Markosian

When I speak with Markosian she is just back from a shoot for Vogue in California. We meet at a cafe in Fort Greene, near one of two residences she keeps these days (the other is back in California). She has a warm and engaging energy to her. This is my second time encountering Markosian. The first time was from afar, when she performed at a Pop-Up Magazine event at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in February 2020, right before the world closed down. Her story stuck with me — the drama, the secrets, the sparkling specificity, all accompanied by rich imagery that hovers deliciously between cinema and documentary. “I remember when Pop-Up reached out to me in 2019 and I just started crying about the idea of having to talk about this,” she told me. “The idea of making this public felt so terrifying.” Now at 32 she has become more accustomed to discussing her personal history with strangers, though she has managed not to fully dissociate herself from the work and her voice still carries inflections of genuine emotion and passion as she speaks.

People, especially artists, like to believe that art can transform even the darkest days into stories of beauty and resilience and meaning. For Markosian, it’s clear that the therapeutic nature of the work was integral to the success and purpose of the project. She wanted to understand her mother, to pay homage to Svetlana’s strength and courage, and also unravel the hidden threads of her own upbringing. “The moment we as a family normalized it, we found almost a sense of relief within the story and within each other. There was a resolve suddenly.” 

Her earlier forays into introspective, personal work focused on her biological father, whom she hadn’t seen since she left her life in Russia behind. “It was really about the search for a parent, for this presence that so many of us — even when we know our parents — is missing.” The intimate and domestic images show the estranged duo at the kitchen table, re-learning how to exist in the same space, trying in earnest to reach across the distance.

1633837972 454 Diana Markosian Revives Family History in Santa Barbara
From the series, The Big Sea, which documented kids learning to swim as a way of overcoming trauma. Hanna, 15, came to Germany from Iraq in 2015. When she recalls her journey, she closes her eyes, and speaks softly through tears. “I don’t know why this happened to us,” she says. “All I remember was water. I didn’t know how swim. I thought we were going to die.” Diana Markosian

For Markosian, photography has always been as much about access as it is about art—access to relationships, experiences, to the world at large.  She first found photography while completing a graduate program in journalism at Columbia University. “There was always this fire in me that wanted to see more, that wanted to experience life differently and really feel alive.” At 20 years old, she booked a one-way flight to the part of the world her mother had left over a decade before. From there, Markosian placed herself in some of the most precarious situations she could find, including documenting terrorist bombings in Moscow, the lives young women in Chechnya, the struggles of people addicted to heroin, survivors of the Armenian genocide and more for publications including Reuters, National Geographic Magazine, and the New York Times. Maybe, she suggests, it wasn’t about seeing the world as much as it was escaping her own. “I just wanted something hard, something difficult, something painful […] When you come from a broken family or broken past, you want to replicate that pain, you feel like you have to exist in that pain in order to make work.” 

“I remember having no money and hitchhiking from Tajikistan along the Silk Road into Afghanistan,” she tells me. From an internet cafe she wrote to her mom with an update. She recounts her mother responding something along the lines of, “I hope those images are worth it.” Well, were they? “Everything I’ve done has felt worth it,” she says with a certitude I find deeply admirable. “And it wasn’t about the images being worth it,” she continues. “It’s about feeling like I was doing exactly what I wanted to do […] whatever was in my head, I never found an excuse not to do it.” 

“I think sometimes it comes across as impulsive, but in my way, it’s honoring who I am.” This steadfast pursuit of a vision is a hallmark of Markosian’s work ICP’s Manager of Exhibitions and Collections Sara Ickow describes Markosian as collaborative, seeking out the opinions and input of trusted parties, workshopping approaches and ideas, but always holding onto the creative reins: “once she’s made a decision she’s made a decision,” Ickow told Observer. “I’m just really excited by the photographers these days…especially young women, who are trained in this photojournalistic practice but end up being able to do something much more layered and textured with it,” Ickow says. At ICP, Markosian monitors the installation process, rearranging images and props to align with her vision. From including Svetlana’s original wardrobe in the images, to flying the cast to Moscow to shooting scenes in the actual house Markosian grew up in, she and her team have gone to extraordinary lengths to get at the heart of this story. They’ve made it this far, why give up on the details now? 

1633837972 819 Diana Markosian Revives Family History in Santa Barbara
‘Santa Barbara’ by Diana Markosian Aperture

At coffee, I pull out a copy of Santa Barbara, a beautiful hardcover monograph released by Aperture in 2020. Markosian tells me that she doesn’t own her own copy. You’re supposed to have other people’s work, not your own, she explains. Her home is decorated with the work of her friends — the likes of Gregory Halpern, Jerome Sessini, Trent Davis Bailey, Todd Hido, Jim Goldberg, Cristina De Middle, David Hurn, Paola Ventura, and her grandfather — a painter and fellow “misfit” in her family. She flips through pages of her book with an appreciative yet critical eye. She lights up at the fidelity of the details — her father’s watch, the color of a rotary phone — but also points out the pieces she’d change, small improvements that most casual viewers would never notice.  

More than technique or composition, Markosian is focused on the conceptual elements of this work; it is more about the story and the ideas than the images themselves, as painstakingly created as they are. When we get to the chapter depicting a family vacation to Disneyland, the images lose their glamorous shine in favor of a more grainy realism. “I think when I was making this chapter, I felt so happy because it had nothing to do with good photography in the way that I’ve been shaped to understand what photography looks like. It was all shit. And that was the good part of it.” The project includes stills from Markosian’s childhood, staged recreations, and behind-the-scenes imagery from casting, costuming, and more. This quality is no doubt why Jones described the project as a “disco ball.” The metaphor evokes an image of its many facets throwing light unevenly and beautifully upon the surface of both memory and genre. 

Santa Barbara marks a decisive turn away from photojournalism for Markosian, who plans to continue to expand her photography practice. “I’m 32 I’m not 62,” she tells Observer, “My best work hasn’t been made.” On the heels of a shoot for Vogue, she seems refreshed. “I feel so happy that I’m doing something that isn’t about me, isn’t about death and destruction and difficulty.” She may be changing paths, but she’s not slowing down. “It’s bittersweet,” she says, to leave documentary work behind, but after years of grappling with heavy subjects she’s ready to make room for some levity, too. “For the first time I’m almost craving this feeling of touching joy. And being okay with having that in my life, because I didn’t understand that I could.”

Diana Markosian Revives Family History in “Santa Barbara”

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NCAAF Pick and Parlays – Best Expert Predictions 2021



NCAAF Pick and Parlays –  Best Expert Predictions 2021

College football is loaded with betting opportunities, as there are over 100 FBS teams in action on a typical college football Saturday. Because of that, there are plenty of chances for you to make money making NCAAF picks and parlays each week during the season.

From the smallest conferences in the FBS to the Power 5, and from the opening kickoff of the season to the final snap of the College Football Playoff, our NCAAF betting picks can help you turn a profit in college football.

By the end of this guide to NCAAF picks, you will find out more about our methodology when making college football picks. You will also learn more about what kinds of picks our expert handicappers made, and how you can apply the same rationale to your bets.

While there is no such thing as a guarantee in sports betting, our college football predictions can help maximize your chances of making money on Saturdays. If you want to directly jump into the action, below we listed the best sportsbooks for NCAAF betting in Colorado:BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!

What is the NCAAF Consensus?

Finding a consensus play when looking at NCAAF picks and parlays is like finding the Kansas Jayhawks winning a college football game, which is to say that it is very rare. With so many games on the schedule each week in college football, there are too many games to break down to get a legitimate consensus on each game.

Where the NFL has a maximum of 16 games in a week to break down and come to an agreement on, college football is a much different animal.

With that said, there are NCAAF picks that are easy to discover the popularity of early in each week during the season. The way to discover which plays are getting love in the betting markets early in the week is to observe the direction in which the betting lines are moving.

Line movements can show you where the money is being placed on a football game, even if there isn’t a large consensus on one side or the other. For example, let’s say that Colorado and Colorado State are about to do battle, with Colorado opening as a seven-point favorite.

If Colorado was bet on enough, they may become a heavier favorite, as oddsmakers might move their line to limit their liability on the Buffaloes as a touchdown favorite. Observing when those movements happen is very important to the success of college football bettors.

Later in the week, sportsbooks may release information on the percentage of bets that are on each side of a football game along with the percentage of money they have taken on each side.

These can be interesting, but aren’t likely to give you a full picture on whether or not there is a consensus on a particular football game. Instead, taking a look at the betting line and its evolution throughout the week is a better indicator on which plays are popular.

Moneyline NCAAF Picks And Parlays

Moneyline betting is one of the most popular ways to make NCAAF picks, as the goal of this type of bet is the easiest to understand. In the moneyline betting market, the goal is to simply predict which team is going to win a college football game.

The game can be won in regulation or overtime, by one point or one hundred points, so long as you correctly predict which side is going to come out on top when the game goes final.

In moneyline betting, the betting odds are different than they are in point spread and totals wagers, where both sides typically have odds of -110. Instead, you have to risk more money to back favorites on the moneyline in most cases, while underdogs have the potential to pay out more handsomely. This requires a slightly different betting approach than most other major NCAA betting picks.

For example, if Colorado was to play Colorado State, the Buffaloes might be a -250 favorite on the moneyline with Colorado State as a +175 underdog. In that scenario, you would have to bet $250 to win $100 when betting on Colorado, or you could bet $100 to win $175 on Colorado State. You could adjust those bets proportionally to the amount you want to wager, of course, as you are not required to bet based on a $100 unit size.

As you can see, it is more expensive to back a favorite on the moneyline than it is to back an underdog. And if a moneyline favorite loses, you stand to lose more than you would win backing the underdog. Because of this, you have to be careful when betting moneyline favorites when making NCAAF picks, as upsets are a recurring part of betting on college football.

Parlay betting is more of a risk versus reward suggestion where you place several bets on the same slip (called legs) and hope they all go in for a big payday. This is an effective way of boosting the NCAAF odds and potential payout, but if a single leg of your parlay fails, the whole stake is lost. You can place a parlay bet in any of the NCAAF betting sites in Colorado(link:, but the best for your parlays are:DraftKings - Get a Deposit Bonus Up to $1,000BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!

NCAAF Picks Against the Spread

Making NCAAF picks against the spread is more common than making picks on the moneyline, with covering the spread being the ultimate goal for many college football bettors. In the point spread market, oddsmakers will assign a point spread value to each side of a college football game, with the ultimate goal being to level the playing field between the two teams. The bigger the perceived mismatch between two teams, the bigger the point spread will be.

For example, if Colorado and Colorado State were to play a college football game, the point spread might be in the neighborhood of seven points. But if Colorado was to play an FCS opponent instead of Colorado State, the point spread might be a lot larger depending on how much better Colorado was expected to be than their adversary in that matchup. From there, it is up to you to decide which side will cover the spread.

When making NCAAF picks, it is important to remember that college football can be a very volatile sport. There is the potential for a lot of blowout wins, a lot of upsets, and everything in between. Because of that, there is no specific range of points that are acceptable to lay with a favorite, or to take with an underdog, as every single game has to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

NCAAF Picks This Week

If you are looking for NCAAF picks for this week, look no further than this space, as we update this page each week with our best bets for the weekend to come in college football. Among our NCAAF picks are point spread, moneyline and over/under wagers, along with any prop bets that we find particularly compelling going into the week in college football. If we think there is value in a betting market, our expert college football handicappers will relay that to you before kickoff.

Below, you will get some insight into the different types of NCAAF picks we will make throughout the season, in addition to the single-game markets that we mentioned above. With there being so many teams and conferences to wager on throughout the year, there are tons of chances to find value in more than just the single-game betting markets in this sport.

Best NCAAF Picks for the Regular Season

In addition to our single-game NCAAF picks, our college football handicappers will also regularly look at futures markets. Included in those futures markets are wagers pertaining to teams and individual players, as there are several chances to bet on college football before the season gets started. And with so many choices in the futures markets in college football, there are often some hefty plus prices available in these preseason NCAAF picks.

Among the team futures that we offer when passing along NCAAF picks are futures pertaining to which team will win each conference. Most sportsbooks that are available in Colorado offer betting action on Power 5 conference championship futures along with futures on the smaller conferences at the FBS level of college football.

Here, you can bet on which teams will win each league, with the potential for big payouts if you are willing to back a team that is not favored to win their league.

We also take a look at the national championship futures in college football each season to predict who will come out on top in the College Football Playoff in the year to come. The College Football Playoff is hard to get into, especially for teams outside of the Power 5.

But we do break down the betting markets pertaining to the national title and determine if there is any team that may break into that exclusive group going into the year.

Our college football handicappers look at individual awards and accomplishments heading into the season, making NCAAF picks for those as well. The biggest individual award in college football is the Heisman Trophy, which typically goes to the best offensive player on one of the best teams in the nation. But we also break down individual betting markets beyond the Heisman.

Going into each season, odds are made available on which players will win the major awards at each position in college football for the season. These awards, like the Biletnikoff Award for the nation’s best wide receiver, are often more competitive than the Heisman Trophy given that they are position-specific. And they are all evaluated by our team of college football analysts to determine where you should put your money before the year gets started.

NCAAF National Championship Betting Tips

When making NCAAF picks pertaining to which team will win the national championship, you should keep in mind that only 11 teams have appeared in the College Football Playoff since its first edition in 2014.

Of those 11 teams, only four have actually won the College Football Playoff. But anything is possible in a given year in this sport, and you should at least entertain the thought of those numbers increasing ahead of each season.

This year, a popular team when making NCAAF picks on the College Football Playoff is Georgia. The Bulldogs have the best chance to win the playoff this season, thanks in large part to a defense that has demolished their competition all season long.

As long as they continue to get stops as consistently as they have, it will be difficult for any team to beat them, even if their quarterback situation hasn’t been completely stable.

Additionally, teams like Alabama and Ohio State cannot be counted out during this year’s playoff chase. The Crimson Tide and Buckeyes are among the four teams that have won this competition before. And with both coming into the final few weeks of the season with top-four rankings, they could be the team to derail Georgia and earn yet another national title.


There is a lot to think about when making NCAAF picks, both in terms of the options available and choosing which of those options to bet on. But our NCAAF picks can make all of that much easier on you, as all you have to do is read our breakdowns throughout the college football season and confidently place bets from handicappers who are experienced in navigating these markets.

Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can comfortably afford to lose. Whilst we do our utmost to offer good advice and information we cannot be held responsible for any loss that maybe be incurred as a result of gambling. We do our best to make sure all the information that we provide on this site is correct. However, from time to time mistakes will be made and we will not be held liable. Please check any stats or information if you are unsure how accurate they are.

The news and editorial staffs of The Denver Post had no role in this post’s preparation.

This sponsored content article is governed by our Online Gambling Content Disclaimer (the “Disclaimer”) available here (or at the following URL:, and this sponsored content article constitutes “Gaming Content” as that term is defined in the Disclaimer.  Among other things, the Disclaimer governs your access to, and use of, this Gaming Content.  By accessing and using this Gaming Content, you expressly agree to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer. The entire Disclaimer is incorporated herein by this reference. We strongly encourage you to please read the entire Disclaimer carefully. 

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AP men’s college basketball poll, Week 5: Purdue moves to No. 1 for the first time, CSU Rams at No. 26



AP men’s college basketball poll, Week 5: Purdue moves to No. 1 for the first time, CSU Rams at No. 26

Purdue is No. 1 in The Associated Press men’s college basketball poll for the first time.

The Boilermakers were a unanimous No. 1 in the poll released Monday to move up from No. 2 last week. Reigning national champion Baylor moved up to No. 2, with Duke, UCLA and Gonzaga rounding out the top five.

Purdue (8-0, 1-0 Big Ten) reached No. 2 in consecutive seasons under Gene Keady from 1986-88 and matched its previous high last week, receiving nine first-place votes from a 61-person media panel.

The Boilermakers routed Florida State last week and opened Big Ten play with a 77-70 win over Iowa on Friday, sliding into the top spot after previous No. 1 Duke lost to an unranked Ohio State squad that is now No. 21. Until this week, Purdue had the second-most appearances in the AP poll — 379 weeks — for a school that had never been ranked No. 1 (Maryland, 434 weeks).

“They deserved to be No. 1,” Iowa coach Fran McCaffery said after the loss to Purdue. “They can hurt in so many ways. They have depth, experience and size. It’s going to be a hard team to beat.”

Purdue missed the NCAA Tournament during the pandemic-altered 2020-21 season, but returned its top eight scorers, including all-conference forward Trevion Williams. The Boilermakers can challenge teams in variety of ways, from sophomore guard Jayden Ivey attacking off the dribble to dropping the ball in the post to 7-foot-4 sophomore Zach Edey.

Purdue is winning by an average of 25.6 points per game, the closest being the seven-point win over Iowa.

“You want to get in close games and win them,” Purdue coach Matt Painter said. “It really helps you through the season.”


Gonzaga plays one of the nation’s most difficult nonconference schedules every season and this year has been no different. The Zags (7-2) typically win the big early-season showdowns, but haven’t been able to do it with as much frequency this year as they try to integrate several new players.

Gonzaga looked unstoppable in early wins over Texas and UCLA. The Zags weren’t so dominating their last two games against AP Top 25 teams, losing to Duke in Las Vegas on Nov. 26 and No. 16 Alabama in Seattle on Saturday.

“I just think we have to have more of a sense of urgency,” Gonzaga big man Drew Timme said. “We just got to fix it. But we’ve got a lot of time to fix it. We’ll be fine.”

He’s right. Most teams would love to “drop” to No. 5 in the AP Top 25.


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4 Best NCAAF Betting Sites and Sportsbooks in Colorado 2021



4 Best NCAAF Betting Sites and Sportsbooks in Colorado 2021

Thanks to the legalization of sports betting in Colorado, you have a ton of options to choose from when betting on college football on Saturdays. There are a ton of NCAAF betting sites available in this state, which offer a variety of betting markets for this incredibly popular sport. But these are the four best ones for NCAAF betting BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!

Advantages of NCAAF Online Betting Sites

The biggest advantage to using NCAAF betting sites as opposed to using land-based sportsbooks is the fact that you can compare betting odds between sportsbooks quickly and easily. When shopping online for clothes or electronics, you don’t want to pay any more than you absolutely have to in order to get what you want.

Well, the concept of line shopping in college football betting follows the same logic, which is where the use of online sportsbooks is advantageous.

For example, let’s say that two NCAAF betting sites are offering betting odds on a college football game between Colorado and Colorado State. At one site, Colorado is a -150 favorite to win the game, while another site has it at -120 odds.

In that case, you would need to risk $150 to win $100 at one sportsbook, while the other would only require you to wager $120 to win $100, making it much more advantageous to bet at the site where you only have to risk $120.

Another huge plus to betting on college football online is the fact that you can perform your financial transactions from anywhere. Land-based sportsbooks require you to bring cash to the sportsbook or withdraw cash from an ATM to place a bet.

That can be annoying, and can result in ATM fees that eat into your potential winnings depending on how many bets you place. On the other hand, placing college football bets online lets you deposit funds by credit card or other methods that require no fees whatsoever.

Then, you can place your bets from anywhere in the state of Colorado and withdraw funds from anywhere as well. This is so much more convenient than having to go to a casino and place bets using cash, as online sportsbooks have adapted to the times much better than land-based facilities. College Football Betting Sites – What to Look For

When choosing which NCAAF betting sites you want to use, the first thing to look for is the betting odds at each sportsbook. Betting odds determine how much you have to risk in order to win the amount you want to win, or how much you stand to make when betting on a game in college football.

In our example above, you can see how much a difference in betting odds can impact your risk amount and how that can change your profitability in the long run.

Each major sports betting site has odds available for college football games ahead of time. This gives you the opportunity to compare and contrast those odds to find the books that are going to be the most profitable for you.

As long as you’re willing to do the necessary comparisons from site to site, you can save yourself some serious money in the long run.

Another item to look for when picking between NCAAF betting sites is the types of betting markets that are available from one bookmaker to the next. Some sportsbooks will offer only the bare minimum markets such as the spread, total and moneyline. But others will offer in-depth prop betting options in college football, which can really spice up the betting options that exist in this sport.

Just like with betting odds, you should be sure to look at any sportsbook you’re interested in using ahead of time. This will give you the chance to assess what kinds of markets are available and whether the list of college football betting markets meets your needs. There’s no one size fits all solution on this front, so you really do need to check to make sure each site has what you need on an individual level.

Best Betting Sites for NCAAF Odds

There’s no one size fits all solution when looking for the best odds among NCAAF betting sites, but there are ways that you can maximize your profits when betting on college football. The first thing you should look at is the odds for standard point spread and totals markets at each sportsbook.

Most sportsbooks will offer odds of -110 on point spreads and totals, meaning that you need to wager $110 to win $100 on those bets, but slight variations in those numbers can be significant over time.

For example, if one sportsbook offers -110 odds on both sides of spreads and totals, and another sportsbook offers -112 odds for those same bets, that makes a difference. At the site with -112 odds, you need to risk $112 to win $100, while -110 odds only require you to bet $110 to win $100. While an extra $2 per bet doesn’t seem like a lot, it can make a huge difference over hundreds of bets or more.

You will also want to compare what odds that NCAAF betting sites offer for markets like futures and moneylines. Unlike spreads and totals, the odds for futures and moneylines can differ much more from one sportsbook to the next. That means that profitability can be drastically impacted by the odds that are up for grabs at each site, and it’s up to you to investigate and find the site that is the most favorable to you.

NCAAF Live Betting

One of the major draws of NCAAF betting sites compared to land-based sportsbooks is that live betting is easily accessible. Live betting allows you to wager on college football games as they are in progress, with odds that are updated throughout the game based on what is happening on the field. These in-play betting markets can often offer more value to you than pre-game odds, thanks to the odds being adjusted throughout the game.

For example, if Colorado is playing against Colorado State, the Buffaloes might be a seven-point favorite before the game starts. But if Colorado State kicks an early field goal, NCAAF betting sites might adjust the point spread to a smaller number in favor of Colorado. That would give you the chance to bet on Colorado at a better number than what was available before the start of the game.

Along with the availability of better odds than what was available before the start of the game, you will want to look at the live betting interface of each site to make sure it updates odds quickly enough.

There’s only a short period of time between plays in college football, which means that you only have a limited time to get a bet in before the next play starts. Only some sportsbooks let you place a wager during that tight window, and you will want to keep an eye out for which books can handle that level of demand.

NCAAF Betting Site Bonuses

Different NCAAF betting sites offer different promotions to new players, as they look to get your attention compared to all of the other sportsbooks that are available in Colorado. But not all betting site bonuses are created equal, as different sites have different methods to entice players to sign up with them rather than their competitors. These particular sites have some offers that are worth paying attention to if you’re new to the legal sports betting scene.

BetMGM is one of the NCAAF betting sites offering new players a $1,000 risk-free bet on their first wager with the site. In that scenario, you can place your first bet with BetMGM worth up to $1,000 and keep the profits if the bet wins. If the bet loses, you will be refunded the amount you bet up to that $1,000 amount.

Another site with a welcome bonus worth taking a look at is BetRivers, which is offering you a 100% deposit match worth up to $250. With that promotion, you can make your first deposit with BetRivers and get a dollar for dollar match on your first deposit up to $250.

DraftKings also offers up to $1,000 in bonus money on your first deposit while Betway offers a $250 risk-free bet to its new customers.

Best NCAAF Betting Mobile Apps

Mobile sports betting allows you to use NCAAF betting sites from anywhere in Colorado, from the highest peak of the Rockies to the farthest corners of the state. You can access any sportsbook that is available for legal sports betting in Colorado via mobile app, with their apps available for download in the App Store, Google Play store or any other app marketplace. And there are some things to look for when selecting which apps you want to use.

The main thing to think about when choosing which NCAAF betting sites you want to download the apps for is the look and feel of the app compared to the competition. If you have already compared the betting odds and betting markets as outlined above.

The look and feel of each app will be the only real difference when betting on their apps. You should always check to make sure that you can easily navigate each sportsbook app and get to where the sections you use the most with ease.

Do NCAAF Mobile App Bonuses Differ From Those On Websites?

Right now, it’s very rare that NCAAF betting sites will ever have bonuses that are different on their mobile devices than the ones on their desktop sites. It’s the goal of NCAAF betting sites to attract as many players as possible away from their competition.

This means putting their best foot forward on both desktop and mobile devices. You should take a look at the available promotions for all betting sites before making a deposit to make sure you’re using the sites with the best promotions.

Types of NCAAF Betting Promotions

There are several types of betting promotions available when using NCAAF betting sites. The main promotion types are the ones described above, as risk-free bets and deposit match bonuses are the most common when using college football betting sites. But there are other types of promotions available for both new and existing players at popular college football sportsbooks.

Examples of those promotions that you can find at NCAAF betting sites are profit boosts and odds boosts, which increase the amount that you can make when betting on college football. These boosts increase the payout amount you stand to make when betting on football, without you having to risk more money to earn those increased payouts. The best sportsbooks and their promotions you can find on the list below:DraftKings - Get a Deposit Bonus Up to $1,000BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!

NCAAF Betting Sites Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing and withdrawing money from NCAAF betting sites is easier than scoring points in the Big 12. All of the NCAAF betting sites available in Colorado offer instant deposits with methods that include credit and debit cards, PayPal and bank transfers. And withdrawals are just as easy, with transactions available via checks, bank transfers and other methods within a couple of days.

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