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Ask Amy: Mom “unmasks” some schoolchildren



Ask Amy: Woman should leave abusive relationship

Dear Amy: My 8-year-old daughter, “Jasmine,” started in-person school this fall.

The other day, while waiting to pick her up, I started chatting with the mother of one of Jasmine’s close friends.

This parent confided in me that she had been sending her own daughter to school wearing a mesh mask, so that her child could “finally breathe” and get around the “stupid mask mandates.”

What’s worse, she claimed to have learned about these masks (that look like regular ones) from another parent in the class, which means my child is likely interacting with at least two students who are essentially maskless.

I was appalled. This mother was not only endangering her own child, but also putting her daughter’s classmates at risk of catching a potentially deadly virus. Since Jasmine wears a multi-layer mask with a filter every day (and I trust her to follow all the mask rules at school), could she get COVID from one of her friends who wears a useless mask?

And how do I address this situation with the other parent? Should I speak with her again, or bring this up with Jasmine’s teacher or school administration?

I don’t want to pull Jasmine out of school, since she’s been so happy to see her classmates in real life again, but I would do so if I needed to keep her safe.

Your advice?

— Exasperated Mom

Dear Exasperated: Any mask that allows air to flow through unfiltered obviously does not do what masks are intended to do. Furthermore, if this mask is deliberately made to appear as if it is made of solid and filtering fabric, then the intent is to deceive.

Always rely on your physician’s advice (and the CDC guidelines and recommendations) concerning your child’s risk, but it seems most obvious that your child’s teacher is possibly at an even greater risk than the children in the class.

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Woman shot dead in Highlands Ranch identified



Woman shot dead and her body found in Highlands Ranch on Saturday

Officials have identified the woman shot dead and found in a retail complex parking lot in Highlands Ranch on Saturday.

Jamie Sullivan, 49, was found near Park Central Drive and Lucent Boulevard, according to The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office. They identified her as a “victim.”

Later on Saturday, the sheriff’s office announced that the suspect who shot Sullivan had also been found dead. He apparently took his own life, investigators say.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office believes Art Valentine, 55, is the suspect who shot Sullivan.

Sullivan and Valentine were known by each other, Capt. Darren Weekly said on Saturday. Police are still investigating.

Those with information related to Sullvain’s killing are asked to call the sheriff’s office at 303-660-7500.

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St. Louis County expects to see uptick in COVID cases due to omicron variant



St. Louis County expects to see uptick in COVID cases due to omicron variant

ST. LOUIS – COVID case numbers keep rising in the St. Louis area, and now there’s increasing concern about the new omicron variant. St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page addressed it this morning at a COVID briefing.

Page said the county will continue its mask mandate as long as it is recommended by health officials. He said he believes it is currently the best path forward to keeping the community safe.

Page said omicron will no doubt result in an uptick in COVID cases for the region. That is raising concerns since COVID numbers were already increasing in the area before the first Missouri omicron case was announced on Friday in St. Louis City.

St. Louis County said it is working with the state and St. Louis City to closely monitor cases. Page said he knows there is a lot of anxiety around omicron variant.

Officials say St. Louis County is currently averaging 255 new COVID cases every day. He said that’s an increase of 9.5 % over the previous week. The COVID positivity rate in St. Louis County is currently 8.4%. Just over 56% of St. Louis County residents are fully vaccinated while nearly 65% have received at least one dose of the COVID vaccine.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force’s newest data is from Friday. They reported there were 64 new hospital admissions. That was an increase of 10 from Thursday and it was the newest admissions since September 22. The task force reported 421 confirmed COVID-positive patients were hospitalized. That’s an increase of 35 from Thursday. It is the first time the area has had more than 400 COVID-positive patients in hospitals since September 23. There were 7 more COVID deaths reported on Friday.

One number did decrease. The number of COVID patients in ICUs decreased by 8 to 83, and 62 more patients were discharged from hospitals.

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MLS Odds and Betting Lines Today



MLS Odds and Betting Lines Today

Major League Soccer (MLS) is starting to gain some real traction in the United States, especially in the state of Colorado. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, but it still hasn’t become extremely popular here in the U.S.

Along with the sport, MLS odds are starting to become common in the growing sports betting industry. The top international leagues continue to draw the most attention, but MLS is going to be featured at Colorado sportsbooks.

Even if you don’t pay close attention to MLS games on a weekly basis, you should still take a look at the MLS odds. You might find some great betting opportunities, especially if you get some help in receiving picks.

This article will discuss the most common MLS odds that you will find, and will provide some examples of what the odds mean. Hopefully, you take this knowledge to the sportsbooks listed below and make some good winnings while betting on MLS.BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!

What is the Best Way to Wager Using Our MLS Odds?

Before you even think about making a wager on MLS, you need to check out and the Denver Post for all of your MLS betting needs. You aren’t going to be able to make a wager at either site, but this is where you will find all of the necessary information to help you win some money.

MLS odds are sometimes hard to understand, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of sports betting at all. This would be a tough sport to get into as your first option, but the two resources above should help make things easier.

Even though MLS isn’t one of the biggest betting markets in the US, you will love all of the betting options that are available to you. Soccer might seem like a difficult sport to understand or follow, but the betting options are pretty simple.

If you are going to be taking a close look at MLS odds then you simply have to take a look at or the Denver Post. Neither resource is going to guarantee that you win big at the sportsbook, but it’s going to give you the best shot.

How to Read Major League Soccer Odds

Reading Major League Soccer odds are very similar to what you are going to find with the more popular sports in the United States. If you already have a good grasp on how to read odds then feel free to gloss over this section.

MLS odds are going to be offered in American format, even though soccer is clearly a top sport internationally. The odds are going to tell you how much money can be won on each side of a wager, and they are also going to tell you what the potential odds payout is going to be.

It’s hard to really explain how to read MLS odds without giving specific examples, but that is coming in the next few sections. It is important to remember that the game of soccer is much different from other sports and that always needs to be in the back of your mind when reading the odds.

Regardless of what type of MLS bet you are looking to make, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. An odd with a (-) sign means that a certain team is the favorite in that matchup and odds with a (+) indicate that the team is the underdog.

There are some other tips that can help you look at MLS odds as well, but that is one of the biggest things that can help you read the odds.

MLS Odds This Week

MLS odds for this week are always going to be changing based on the upcoming matchups. This is similar to what takes place in other sports as there aren’t teams that are always going to be the betting favorites.

The MLS has had to take a few weeks off this year as some of the top players are competing in international events. This is something that the MLS is prepared to deal with, but it does mess up the regular season schedule each time that it occurs.

Before you even start to look at MLS odds for this week, you need to take a close look at the upcoming schedule. There are some games that won’t offer good betting opportunities regardless of the odds, while others are going to get your attention right away.

MLS odds for each week are always changing, but you are still going to see the same betting options offered. Be sure to take a close look at the MLS odds for each week and try to find the best betting opportunities.

MLS Moneyline Odds

If you are thinking that betting on MLS sounds like something that you would like to do, then your first step needs to be looking at MLS moneyline odds. An earlier section already outlined some basics about MLS odds, but now it’s time to use a real-life example to explain MLS moneyline odds.

For this example we will use the Colorado Rapids as the favorites and the Los Angeles FC as the underdogs:

Colorado Rapids -145
Los Angeles FC +155

The moneyline odds clearly tell you which team is the favorite in each matchup based on the sign that is in front of the odds. Not only that, but you can also see how much money you can win if you make the right choice.

A $145 wager on the Rapids would earn a potential payout of $100. On the flipside of that, a $100 bet on the Los Angeles FC would result in a payout of $155.

You are free to wager however much money you want, but using $100 is a great way to explain moneyline odds.

MLS Live Betting Odds

The action on the pitch (another word for soccer field) might be slow at times, but you aren’t going to experience that when looking at MLS odds for live betting. There is no downtime at all when it comes to MLS picks for live betting, and you are going to be forced to make a decision in a matter of minutes.

MLS odds for live betting typically come in moneyline, over/under, or spread betting options. You can sometimes find MLS prop betting odds as well, but that is a little more rare.

The advantage of betting on MLS live betting odds is that you can hedge some previous bets, and it also adds some fun to the soccer game. The biggest disadvantage is that you have no time to do any research, and you need to be following along with the MLS game if you want to win some money.

MLS Over / Under Picks

We will use the same matchup between the Colorado Rapids and Los Angeles FC to explain what MLS odds for over/under might look like. Over/under bets are popular in nearly every sport offered at the sportsbook and that includes MLS.

When you are looking to make an over/under wager then you aren’t going to be focused on the team that wins the game. Instead, you are looking at the total number of goals scored, and it’s usually going to be a pretty low total when it comes to soccer.

Colorado Rapids vs. Los Angeles FC
Over 2.5 Goals -110
Under 2.5 Goals -110

You are typically going to see the payout for each side of an over/under wager be the same, but that isn’t always going to be the case. All you have to do is pick the correct amount of goals scored with an over number bet to win some money.

If the Rapids and Los Angeles FC combine for at least three goals then the over is going to hit. Two goals or less in the games means that the under is the correct wager.

MLS Futures Odds

MLS odds are also offered on future betting markets, and this is much different than moneyline or over/under betting. Future odds focus on events taking place down the road, and usually at the end of the MLS regular season and playoffs.

The most common MLS futures odds that you will see is a prediction on which team will win the eventual league championship. You can also find MLS odds for individual player awards, but you are going to see plenty of changes in the odds regardless of what you are focusing on.

Here are the current MLS odds for the 2021 season:

  • New England Revolution +333
  • Colorado Rapids +450
  • Seattle Sounders +600
  • Philadelphia Union +700
  • Sporting Kansas City +1000
  • Nashville SC +1000

You are going to notice that the Colorado Rapids are one of the top teams in the MLS and they should probably start to earn some of your attention and respect. The state of Colorado has been without a champion for a few years and it could soon be coming in the sport of soccer.

Best MLS Season Odds

Before you even begin to look for the best MLS season odds, you first have to know when the MLS season takes place. MLS odds are only going to be available as the season moves along, and that’s only about half of the year.

Since the MLS has players from all over the world, the league calendar has to work around some international competitions as well. The traditional MLS season begins around the beginning of March and wraps up some time in October.

MLS season odds are going to be changing all of the time as teams start to establish themselves. The same can be said for MLS odds that are offered on individual player awards.

You are going to find that every MLS game has odds attached to it, and there is always going to be more than one way to wager on each game. You don’t have to bet on each game throughout the season, and it’s fine to take a break to regroup at times.

The next step is to find out what sportsbooks have the best MLS odds to follow.

Best Sportsbooks to Watch MLS Odds

You might think that you only need to look at one sportsbook for the best MLS odds, but that’s not the proper approach at all. You should always do an odds comparison to ensure that you are getting the most valuable MLS odds on the market.

Here is a list of the best sportsbooks to watch MLS odds:DraftKings - Get a Deposit Bonus Up to $1,000BetRivers - 100% First Deposit Bonus Up to $250!Betway - Get your $250 Risk-Free Bet!BetMGM - $1,000 - Risk Free Bet!
If you are going to be betting on soccer then you will want to look at the MLS odds at each site before clicking the “submit” button. Not only do the NCAAF betting sites listed above have the best MLS odds, but they are also going to have the best odds for other sports.

Gambling involves risk. Please only gamble with funds that you can comfortably afford to lose. Whilst we do our utmost to offer good advice and information we cannot be held responsible for any loss that maybe be incurred as a result of gambling. We do our best to make sure all the information that we provide on this site is correct. However, from time to time mistakes will be made and we will not be held liable. Please check any stats or information if you are unsure how accurate they are.

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