Ending an Affair – How to Break Up With a Psychopath and Live to Tell About It

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When you’re ending an affair with a psychopath, there are a lot of things you need to consider. They typically have a great deal of expertise in getting under your skin and causing major pain in the process of revenge or trying to get you back. Read this article if you want some tips on how to end an affair with a psycho without getting tortured to death or having to leave the country.

One of the problems with going out with a psycho is that if they’ve had minimal training at all, they already have all sorts of information on you, and potentially keys to your house, blood samples, and anything else you can think of.

Before breaking up, you need to retrieve as many of your personal belongings as possible – without raising their suspicions. This might take a few weeks, but you need to do this the right way. Take your time, and get as many of your possessions out as possible. Get rid of anything incriminating if possible as well. If you’re still having relations with them, make doubly sure to use protection – no matter what. This is not the time to deal with a pregnancy.

You also want to arrange to get a new cell phone if possible, with a new number, change all your passwords on all your accounts – and change your email if possible. If it’s possible to block their numbers on your home and work phone, make sure to do it. You need to cut off as many avenues of communication as possible. Try to time this to happen either the day of the breakup or as close to it as possible. Make whatever excuses you have to, but make sure to do these things.

You should also consider taking a ‘family vacation’ starting right after your breakup. If you’re on vacation, you can have a trusted friend make sure to remove mail, messages scrawled in blood on your walls, etc, that might alert your spouse.

There are two types of places you can break up with them: public or private. I would strongly advice a private spot. You don’t want them making a major scene, even though the witnesses would make it much easier to get a restraining order put on them, the fact is, stalkers don’t obey restraining orders, so you’re better off doing it in private.

On the fateful day, you have to make absolutely sure to make it completely clear to them that you are breaking up with them. Don’t mince words, don’t be subtle. Psychos don’t understand subtle; they understand sniper rifles, surveillance equipment and Molotov cocktails. You have to be as blunt as possible.

Whatever you do, don’t tell them you never had feelings for them, or that you will always love them. The former will really send them into a rage, and the latter will leave the door open in their mind for a possible reconciliation. Both are ill-advised, and either can lead to personal injury or at least major psychological torment.

You have to be blunt, once again, and you have to get out of there as quickly as possible. The longer you stay, the more likely it is that you’ll face physical injury, or give into fear and decide against breaking up. Do the deed, and get out of there as fast as you can. Tell them your parents were in an accident or something – anything, just get out of there.

The hard part is what comes next. With any luck, you were able to change your numbers, etc. The problem now is that you’re going to face hate-mail, relentless phone calls and messages, and your stalker showing up in the oddest places. You can’t acknowledge them, you just have to make it through this part.

If the fates are with you, you will be able to weather the storm, and they will move onto someone else, but chances are, if your spouse hasn’t found out about them already, they will during this period. If they do, explain things, and hope for sympathy. If they don’t, then you’ve got some amazing luck, and you should probably play the lottery every day during this period.

At any rate, with all the precautions being taken, there’s nothing left to do than to make sure to go to church regularly, pray a lot, and try to keep your mind off the overwhelming fear as much as possible. Once you get past the first month or two, the rest should be easy, so relax and focus on making as many positive changes to your marriage as possible, and appreciate your spouse that much more – since obviously they are normal and divine by any means of comparison.

Ending an affair with a psychopath is one of the scariest things you may ever have to go through, but it will pale in comparison to the pain of losing the most important relationship in your life – your marriage. Make sure to keep things in perspective, and remember what’s most important, and you’ll do just fine.

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