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Four Venture Capitalists Just Over-Subscribed Erthas’ Seed Funding Round In One Day




Erthas’ metaverse, built on Binance smart chain, has just concluded a seed funding round. The project has garnered interest from the venture capitals and ended with an oversubscribed seed round which was considered an excellent achievement for the projects’ fundamentals.

Ertha has collected funding from 4 venture capitalists. Investors backed the project seed funding round:

  • Mars4
  • Terranova
  • X21
  • Momentum 6

NFTs have been gaining a lot of attention over the current year and have attracted investments from both individuals and institutions.

A Little About Ertha

Ertha is a game that will encompass a real-world simulation where people will be getting jobs, creating states, building industries, waging wars, and much more. Check Erthas’ whitepaper to learn more about the concept and core mechanics of the game.

ERTHA is an economical, social MMO with a world consisting of 350,000 HEX land plots, which are for sale as an NFT. Owning a HEX plot means you will earn fees for every transaction in that plot as a landowner. Ertha promises to become a lucrative world for players interested in P2E games with interesting deep mechanics that would throw players in a metaverse that offers the same sophistication and complexity as the real world.

The game plans to offer players who invest their time into it, a method of generating constant revenue that will keep growing as they gain more experience and own more properties.
Ertha foundation invested 2 million USD into the game development so far.

Erthas’ Plans & The Upcoming Schedule

The seed round, which consists of 5% of the token supply ( 1 million tokens), will be followed by a private round of 20% of the total token supply. A public round will be issued later on, allowing everyone to participate. Please check the token sale schedule to learn more about the token sale, release schedule, and fund allocation.

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There Is More to an NFT than Art



One of the biggest auction houses in the world, Sotheby’s is best known for its NFT auctions. They have worked with leading artists to launch NFTs, with one of the most memorable sales being a digital art piece by Beeple, an anonymous digital artist for $68 million. The uniqueness of NFTs, which exist as tokenized versions of assets, secured by the blockchain, have made them popular with art buyers.

The Year of NFTs; 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, it can be declared as THE year of NFTs. Various stars have released their own NFTs, which they have sold to their fans. However, some believe that NFTs may be a fad, which will soon go bust.

One reason for this misconception is that many people believe NFTs can only be used to create digital art. However, that is not the case. NFTs are opening up a whole new revenue stream that could lead to the rise of innovative digital products. Various industries are looking into the use of NFTs to tokenize assets such as music albums, iconic moments, and sports memorabilia. Some of the use cases for NFTs that currently exist are:


Luxury brands, such as Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana, are entering the NFT space with limited collections. The use of NFTs helps safeguard the ownership of fashion items, while also ensuring easy verification of authenticity. It is an especially effective solution to counterfeiting.


Another use case for NFTs is securing patents and intellectual rights. Tokenized certificates that come with legal safeguards help to safeguard the authenticity of a document while helping to add transparency.


In the music industry, NFTs provide proof of ownership of original content while making it easy to authentic music. When it comes to royalties, NFTs also makes it possible to easily track the monetization process.

Real Estate

NFTs have also found a use case in the real estate world, where they can be used to provide provenance on the ownership of a piece of real estate. Besides that, they provide transparency into the transfer of ownership of such an asset.


NFTs are a unique way to guarantee the purchase of unique digital collectibles, which provide absolute certainty on provenance thanks to the security of the blockchain.

Gaming and the Metaverse

Most widely, NFTs are finding use cases in online gaming and metaverse. By using NFTs, players can have the absolute ownership of in-game items, which they can sell on secondary markets.

NFTs and Digital Fashion

Digital fashion is a trend that has been made possible in a huge way by NFTs. A good example of a digital fashion company that is working to bring NFT fashion to the masses is Space Runners. Space Runners is working with leading celebrities and sports icons, such as Kyle Kuzma and Nick Young, to bring NFT collections to the masses. These exciting partnerships will be displayed in Space Runners’ first collection; NBA Champions Sneaker Collection

Users have the opportunity to purchase these unique fashion items that are secured on the Solana blockchain. Space Runners plans to launch digital collections of these items, which users can hold forever, in mid December.

In the future, Space Runners plans to launch a VR environment, where holders of Space Runners’ digital fashion can interact with their apparel. They can share these interactions on social media, which will help to grow the popularity of the platform and the value of the NFTs.

Instead of visiting catwalks in Barcelona, visiting the Space Runners platform can peruse through digital fashion via their computers or mobile devices. In the future, the platform plans to launch a marketplace where people can trade their fashion apparel NFTs with others. They also plan to launch in the metaverse with unique fashion apparel that people can use as skins. This is something that Meta has expressed interest in, in direct response to Space Runners on Twitter!

Holders of ‘Runners’ will also get special privileges, such as special access to merchandise pre-sales by the sports stars. They will also get exclusive entry to sports stars post-game events where they can interact with them.

Space Runners could not achieve its purpose without support from its partners. These include the likes of Ankr, Clover Finance, Divergence Ventures and Bullet Labs.

To stay tuned please visit: Twitter | Discord | Website

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The Blockchain Company Allowing Fans To Connect with their Favorite Artists



The Blockchain Company Allowing Fans To Connect with their Favorite Artists

Social media platforms have allowed thousands of artists, creators and celebrities to rise to fame and become household names within every niche imaginable.  The business of sharing the intimate details of one’s life has become a lucrative industry like any other – but it is flawed.

The current social media model completely favors the large social media giants. It is designed to compensate the giants with profits and the artists & creators with awareness (followers).  If artists & creators would like to monetize their followers and actually make money, they have very limited options.  The typical result is paid ad posts that are often inorganic, off-brand and salesy, which damages fan relationships and hurts artist post engagement.  Artists & creators treat content creation as a full-time job and deserve to get paid for that effort without damaging the relationships they spent so much time and effort building.

The Solution

Is it possible for an artist to get paid for giving their fans more of what they want (content focused on THEM – not ads), without asking those fans for money? This is the question the team behind Promify asked themselves, and they believe they have found the solution.

Promify is a new platform that allows artists & creators to issue their own custom “Community Coin”. This coin is available to anyone for purchase and comes with some exciting benefits.

The artist is able to provide their coin-holding community with exclusive access to literally anything – from exclusive content, 1 on 1 live video, NFT drops, merch…. The possibilities are endless.  The artist is then able to identify and segment their coin holders by the amount of coin they own, allowing them to reward their biggest supporters accordingly.  This allows fans to allocate as much or as little of their own capital as they would like, in order to gain their desired level of access.  Fans can hold, buy more or sell their coins easily at any time.

How the Promify Model Works

When an artist creates an intimate and exclusive offering, they create demand for their Community Coin – but how does the artist make money?

When an artist issues their coin, they automatically keep 15% of the coins issued. This means, as demand grows for the coin and the price of the coin goes up, the artist and all of their coin-holding fans benefit from the upside.  Additionally, the artist can create incremental offerings that coin holders can spend their coins to obtain. Promify doesn’t take a cut of any artist profits and only makes money by charging a 1% transaction fee on all purchases and sales of Community Coin.

This business model is the first of its kind and wouldn’t be possible without the blockchain allowing fans to openly buy & sell Community Coins and Artists to easily track ownership.  Promify is leading the way in the emerging area of social tokens and disrupting the artist/fan ecosystem.


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Mafia Metaverse SYN CITY Unveils Initial Game Offering on Binance NFT



Gold Fever $NGL is coming to the Kucoin exchange

Singapore, Singapore, 6th December, 2021,

Play-to-earn blockchain game SYN CITY will be launching its Binance mafia metaverse via the Binance Initial Game Offering (IGO) on December 9th at 4 pm UTC. As part of this launch, the SYN CITY team will offer a list of limited-edition NFTs and other in-game assets specifically designed exclusively for Binance.

The concept of Initial Game Offerings (IGO) has been gaining significant traction in recent months. All IGOs are exclusive to Binance, where top-tier blockchain games drop their NFT collections on the Binance NFT platform. These collections may list via auctions, fixed-price sales, mystery boxes, and more. Binance allows game developers to install several rounds of IGOs for their upcoming games. This helps creators offer unlimited assets in each round via flexible pricing structures.

IGOs are limited to gaming so all dropped content on the Binance NFT platform must only include in-game assets. These may include assets such as experience points, access passes, legendary weapons, skins, and exclusive in-game items for the Binance community.

SYN CITY, a free-to-play game founded by Tron’s former Head of Business Roy Liu, is the first-of-its-kind syndicate and mafia-themed blockchain game. The proposed “mafia metaverse” will introduce a unique governance system called Mafia-as-a-DAO (MaaD). MaaD incentivizes every player and allows them to join or create their own syndicates. SYN CITY’s developers are gaming veterans from Disney, Ubisoft, Roblox, EA, and Gameloft.

SYN CITY is historic and unique with its approach as a completely free-to-play and play-to-earn game. Thus, SYN CITY has received the backing of several prominent investors and VC firms. Days before SYN CITY’s genesis launch, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan and Robin Chan’s Goat Capital led an $8 million funding round, with additional financial backing from Spartan Group, Hack VC, A&T Capital, Animoca Brands, and more.


SYN CITY is the first-of-its-kind “mafia metaverse” game built for the blockchain. Constructed by a team of experienced game developers, SYN CITY brings the mafia and syndicate-style gameplay on-chain while introducing a unique in-game governance feature called Mafia-as-a-DAO (MaaD). The platform’s native token, SYN, offers players access to several earning opportunities like events and governance rewards. Gamers can take part in daily events, including PvP, PvE, and Syndicate-based contests like cross-chain tournaments. 

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