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Simple, Productive Year-Round Indoor Herb Gardens



I live in Montreal, Quebec and have been gardening for well over 20 years. Although we have 4 distinctive seasons in this part of the world, winter is the longest and harshest of the lot. This cold season usually starts in mid-November to early May. Canadian winters are not a very good season for growing herbs or pretty much of anything for that matter.

Indoor Herb Gardens Offers Freshness and Abundance All Year Long.

However, if you grow herbs, the end of the gardening season does not mean the end of fresh regular supplies. You can easily grow herbs inside of your home in containers and assure a fresh and flavorful supply at all time of the year.

Various Containers for Indoor Gardening

A large variety of herbs can be grown indoors and pots or/and containers can be obtain through various outlets. A popular choice are Terra cotta pots, plastic planters will retain water more effectively and are less costly. In both cases, you should have plates underneath the pots to retain drained water. Of course, a long and narrow box that can contain many plants can do very well on a sunny windowsill.

You can also choose to grow plants in hanging planters. It is especially helpful for growing training herbs such as mint or terragon. You can also recycle strawberry pots to grow herbs. If you choose to grow different plants in the same container, make sure you plant herbs than share similar needs for soil, watering and light.

Proper Lighting for Indoor Herbs

In all circumstances, light is a primordial ingredient to assure good strong healthy plants. Your interior garden will need at least 6 hours of sunlight a day from a south-west facing window. Remember to turn the pots around a quarter turn every week to give equal exposure to the entire plants.

Of course, as the seasons change, the quantity and the quality of sunlight varies. Indoors herb gardening can be maintained through the entire year with the use of artificial lights. For best results, use full-spectrum grow lights thought cool or white lights can also do the job. Lights should be place at least 5 inches directly over the growing plants.

Maintenance of a Container Herb Garden

Keeping a good eye on the moisture of your plants is essential. It the soil is dry from 1 inch down from the top, it is time to water the growing herbs. Take into consideration, especially during wintertime, that interior air can be very dry and the plants might need to be watered more often than they would in other circumstances. Brown leaf tips and the appearance of red spider mites are definitively not a good sign. To avoid these type of problems, you can mist around the plant weekly.

You don’t need to fertilize your plants, you will produce superior flavor if you do not. You should, however, start your plants in enriched fertile potting soil. Once the plants are growing well and are well potted, pinch the tips off once in a while to help them grow.

This is a list of herbs that do very well when growing indoors.

* Aloe

* Basil

* Borage

* Calendula

* Chervil

* Chives

* Ginger

* Hyssop

* Lemon Balm

* Lemon Verbena

* Lemongrass

* Marjoram

* Mint

* Oregano

* Parsley

* Rosemary

* Sage

* Scented Geranium

* Sweet Bay

* Thyme

In conclusion, you can enjoy fresh and very flavorful herbs for cooking, teas and medicinal use all year round if you choose to grow indoor herb gardens. Of course, when the warmer climates finally arrives, you can easily transfer them to your outdoor area.

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Should You Consider a Tankless Toilet System?




The bathroom is one common part of the house that usually undergoes home renovations. In a bathroom, the focal point of the upgrade is normally the toilet. With the many bathroom toilet models these days, homeowners have a lot of options to choose from. One of the increasingly popular toilet options today is the tankless toilets.

As its name suggests, the tankless toilet does not have a tank that makes use of gravity in flushing out the waste. Instead, it utilizes a powerful flush action to eliminate waste. Home tankless toilets have a motorized pump mechanism that pumps in a certain amount of water to the bowl.

There are certain benefits of a tankless system that makes this type of toilet ideal for a basement bathroom toilet as well as bathrooms located in other parts of the house. First of all, the tankless toilet results to more space within the bathroom. The toilet can be placed in almost anywhere, with only the link to the plumbing as the consideration.

A homeowner can either choose to install the toilet against the wall, or facing the wall with the water pipes connected from underneath the floor and through the bowl. Such toilet is ideal for homeowners who want more freedom in designing their bathroom layout. Since there is no tank, there is more than enough space to accommodate other fixtures like shelves, cabinets, and tables. The addition of these functional bathroom items can greatly help to improve its functionality.

Since the tankless toilet system makes use of an electric pump mechanism, there is the risk that the toilet would not function when there is an electric outage. Thus, homeowners opting to use them in their basement bathroom toilet or in any other bathrooms need to have an emergency generator. This is perhaps the major drawback of using this type of toilet system.

But overall, the use of tankless toilet systems offer a new way of improving the overall look and functionality of a bathroom without requiring too much space.

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What Are the Advantages of Choosing a Wall Hung Basin for Your Bathroom?




Picture the scenario – you have bought your new home, however, the bathroom needs a complete refurbishment. One of the first questions you are likely to think about is what type of bathroom sink, or basin, you would like for your bathroom. In this article we will learn more about the wall hung basin, or wall mounted basin, and consider some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a wall hung basin for your bathroom.

Firstly, what is a wall hung basin? It is fairly simply a bathroom sink which essentially hangs or is suspended, in the wall. It is important to realise that it is not supported by a pedestal unit, or fitted over a bathroom unit. So what are some of the advantages of choosing this type of bathroom sink?

One of the biggest drawing points to wall mounted basins is the flexibility in the height of the actual basin. This is especially beneficial in houses with children – as they will hopefully be able to easily access the sink and wash their hands. This is also extremely helpful if you have any disabled or wheelchair users within the house, as they will also benefit from the lowered height of the mounted basin.

The very design of a wall mounted basin is also a significant advantage. As it does not use any type of stand, the basin will take up less space, especially on the floor. This allows these types of basin to be installed in almost any sized bathroom or cloakroom, and will more than likely fit comfortably. The disadvantage of a pedestal basin is that it can sometimes be more clunky and take up some of that crucial space which is needed.

Wall mounted basins are also easier to clean. Again the aesthetics of the design mean that the only real cleaning point is the actual basin. As there is no stand or any other clunky parts to the basin, the process of cleaning a wall hung basin should be relatively quick and simple.

If you are designing, or even redesigning, your bathroom – especially if you are seeking a more minimalistic look, then this type of bathroom sink may be the ideal choice for you. You should, however, be aware that there are also some potential disadvantages to choosing a wall mounted basin.

We mentioned above about the minimalistic look that a mounted basin can provide. However, this is both positive and a negative. The very design of the basin means that there is a lack of storage space associated with the sink. A lot of bathroom sinks will usually come with some type of cupboard space below the sink, where people usually keep other bathroom accessories such as toilet roll, soap or anything else. With the mounted sink, it can mean that you have to find a different place to store your bathroom accessories.

There is also the added financial cost of the installation of a wall mounted sink. As the plumbing cannot be hidden within a bathroom unit, it will need be to properly fitted by a plumber. Although the costs of plumbers can be reasonable, it will still increase your overall costs.

It is clear that wall mounted bathroom sinks do provide a large number of advantages. In the right type of bathroom, this can be a perfect choice and really enhance the look and feel of the bathroom. Whatever decision you make – always consider all of your options and the individual characteristics of your bathroom – and choose the right option for yourself.

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Acrylic Bath Resurfacing – An Easier Solution For Any Apartment




When most people move into a new apartment they have a mix of excitement and exhaustion, but looking in my new bathroom I only felt disgust. After a month of looking for the perfect home in a new town (New York City to be exact), I settled on a cozy rental in Brooklyn, with the promise from my landlord to have a clean apartment from top to bottom. After carrying furniture and all the boxes up the seemingly endless stairs, my first instinct was to get cleaned up in the shower.

So you can imagine my surprise starring at bathtub that looked filthy, with stains from water and mold covering the bottom. Glazing on the powder blue tub had worn through the tub’s surface, revealing an odd mix of gray patches of what I assumed to be grout. Even the drain and stopper had started to rust through, although those could be more easily replaced. Against my own better judgment I took a shower that night, only to feel less clean than before I had stepped inside.

While the landlord had promised to restore the tub to working condition when I signed the lease, the crew had yet to replace the old tub. The next day I called them to come replace the tub, but now the was a catch; they could come to re-glaze our bath surfaces, but we would not be able to use the bathroom for another 48 hours!

Later that day to crew arrived and took over the entire bathroom, spending the rest of the afternoon cleaning and spraying glaze over the tub. Every surface needed to be taped over or else the glazing would ruin the rest of our bathroom. I could barely stay inside my apartment with all the noxious fumes, even with all the windows open. Two days later I stepped in the shower for the first time, more worried about ruining the tub’s new finish than enjoying the bath.

Recently my friend told me about the same problems during his apartment hunt, so after hearing about our ordeal he wanted to find a better solution. Instead of asking their landlord to re-glaze the bathtub, he sent them about link to acrylic bath resurfacing, which can be custom fit for any bathtub. Because this took less time to install, their landlord had no trouble replacing the old fixtures with a new acrylic bath liner.

Replacing the bathtub through acrylic bath resurfacing would have been a much more affordable option and a better investment in the apartment for the landlord. Especially now the bathtub’s surface is beginning to wear off again, I’d want to ask my landlord to simply replace the tub with an acrylic shower surface this time. Maybe it will be much easier for the next tenant who moves in, and next time I’ll know much better what to ask for in my apartment hunt.

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