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Why Your Business Needs a Professionally Designed Facebook Fan Page



With over 600 million active accounts on Facebook, this ubiquitous social networking site is a potential marketing goldmine that has been attracting the attention of the business community almost since its foundation.

Because of the unparalleled opportunity to reach a targeted audience and engage with them, every business both large and small should consider the addition of a Facebook fan page to their marketing plan.

A professionally designed fan page can take full advantage of Facebook’s vast networking potential while promoting your business’s credibility to current and prospect clients alike.

The Social Proof Aspect of Facebook

Facebook leverages the principle of “social proof”, a psychological term made popular by Dr. Robert Cialdini, writer of the breakthrough book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.

The best way to demonstrate the power of social proof is to provide an example that we are all familiar with: we seem to instinctively know that people are more likely to patronize a busy restaurant than an empty one because the food must be good or people wouldn’t be there.

A similar phenomenon happens when a Facebook user’s friend “likes” a particular update or business on Facebook. Since you trust your friend, you give greater weight to their decision and are more likely to investigate and consider the information they just approved of.

Another benefit of this is when you “like” what your friend just liked, your own circle of friends sees that and the process gets exponentially larger and can become a trend. This is what is known as going “viral”.

From a business point of view, a simple Facebook Fan Page update has become in essence a free ad for your company which has just been broadcasted to an exponential number of potential new customers.

Since there is currently no cap in the number of users who can “like” a page, this potential list of fans is virtually unlimited.

Are you starting to see the exciting possibilities of having a Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook Allows Organic Targeted Marketing

But what’s truly remarkable about Facebook is that your Fan Page update (read: product ad) isn’t being publicized to entirely random people – it comes from trusted sources (essentially their own friends “word of mouth” recommendations) and is frequently broadcasted to people within the same age group or geographic location as the original fan.

This organically targeted marketing available on Facebook has reported click-through rates as high as ten times over a regular paid advertisements.

Facebook is a truly a marketer’s dream come true!

Facebook Users are Loyal and Expect a Consistent Experience

Since fans of your Facebook Fan Page have access to updates and promotions within the Facebook site – a website they already belong to and visit frequently – this presents an obvious advantage over for example, traditional mailing lists that don’t guarantee an email will actually be read by a busy costumer.

It’s also important to create a sense of belonging and brand identity that your fans can bond with. This is why creating a page that is in harmony with the company’s overall design, marketing tactics and philosophy guarantees attention and brand loyalty.

Facebook Users are Passionate

Beyond the publicity potential Facebook fan pages have, a company can derive uniquely accurate feedback, and respond to it timely and personal way. Comments from people who share their personal experiences let a company truly know its users, as they’re more liable to leave messages in the company’s Fan Page wall when all it takes is a simple button click instead of the arduous task of writing an email.

And there is another benefit for businesses: responsive Fan Page owners look authentic and caring to their customers. Adopting this kind of attitude will put your far ahead of your competition.

You Get As Much as You Put In

It’s not enough just to create a professional Facebook Fan Page and expect a community of passionate consumers to coalesce around your product or service. You must take an active role in keeping your Facebook fans interested and engaged. This is achieved by making frequent updates and providing your customers with quality information and benefits such as coupons, specials and exclusive offers.

With attentive responses and frequent updates, it’s possible to build and foster a community feeling between fans themselves and the brand. This results in a closeness of communication which ultimately converts to greater customer loyalty – a highly sought after relationship valued which most entrepreneurs struggle to achieve with their customers.

Facebook is Here to Stay

Other social networking sites have never realized the success and achieved this kind of admittance into the psyche of the popular culture. Somehow Facebook seems to have achieved a critical mass that makes an investment in creating a presence there, a long-term value.

In all likelihood, what commands this growth and sustainability is exactly what would benefit your own company the most – instead of appealing to niches, this social networking service has managed to attract users from incredibly diverse backgrounds, age groups and locations.

Bottom Line for Your Business

All these factors, coupled with the potential growth of the network itself and the tools it provides make Facebook Fan Pages a marketing tactic that should not be ignored.

Moreover, it’s an extremely valuable publicity outlet for a minimal investment. This is why I strongly urge every business to consider the benefits of a professionally designed fan page that will potentially show off your company’s brand to 600 million Facebook users.

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Kids Wall Art Designs




Decorating your kids room is an opportunity for parents to give full sway to every creative muscle in their body. With patterns to delight and colors to stimulate, fun and beauty know no bound with the artwork available for kids walls today. Fine art for kids has been made available by companies like San Diego based Oopsy Daisy, which was formed by parents with a desire to engage and inspire children. Each one of the 50 artists were chosen to bring joy and color to the walls of childrens nurseries and kids activity rooms. With over 600 works of art including stretched canvas wall art, mural banners, and letters, to choose from you will find just the right pieces for your child that celebrities like Jodie Foster call “fun, whimsical and full of imagination.”

Kids Canvas Art

Oopsy Daisy art is best known for its hand-stretched captivating kids wall art. Stretched over wood bars and finished edges, these pieces come ready to hang with a wire hanger on the back.  Enticing designs include artist Alison Jay’s “Airplane Adventure” which can also be personalized with your child’s name. These paintings are reproductions that have had added a crackle look to the canvas to make it look like real paint, but are smooth to the touch and easy to wipe clean so that children can touch and explore without concern.

Other designs include a festive “Ferris Wheel”, “Our World” wall map, by artist Donna Igemanson, square sports themes like “Homerun” by Sherri Blum, and This Little Piggy by Margot Curran. All Oopsy Daisy kids wall art is proudly made in the USA. From bright red fire trucks (Sarah Jessica Parker’s favorite) to delicate secret gardens, every parent is sure to find the perfect art to provide joy and creativity to the décor of their childrens rooms.

Canvas Wall Mural Banners

With enticing artwork like artist Jill McDonalds “Once Upon a Time” canvas wall mural, children will be enchanted for years to come as they imagine themselves playing with all the festive characters. Children can enter the stories depicted in the 42″ by 42″ canvas murals that come with decorative nails and four grommets in the corners to easily hang on the walls. Oopsy Daisy art is made to allow your children to touch and explore the wonderful stories presented in such beautiful art work.

Hanging Wall Letters

Personalize baby’s room with the alphabet and framed monogrammed letters or entire phrases and the names of your children spelt out in upper and lower cases either hung by ribbons or laid out across the wall. Surround your child with positive messages captioned by denim blue, red, or white letters made in either delicately hand painted wood or distressed wood. Ribbons come in an assortment of colors to coordinate with your child’s décor to create unique kids wall art.

Personalized Growth Charts

Oopsy Daisy has created a myriad of fun Growth Charts that lend beauty and a touch of the whimsical to your child’s room and adds a personal touch with their name hand painted on top. The whole family can enjoy the excitement of watching the growth of baby with this imaginative canvas kids wall art painted with the happiness and delight of your child in mind.

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The Most Expensive Marble Tile Flooring




Marble tiles can be used for a lot of different ways, one of which is for flooring. Marble tiles are very appealing in terms of their use for flooring since they are quite durable, very beautiful and exceptionally versatile. They are not only functional, but are very aesthetically pleasing as well, which helps make any room, or whatever surface it is applied to, appear more elegant and exquisite. This is probably one of the reasons why a lot of people would prefer to have marble tile flooring instead of using some other kind of natural stone.

Marble flooring, which is basically a natural stone that is very durable, is actually quite expensive. Although marble tiles can be quite pricey, a lot of people still see it as a good investment, especially due to its different qualities and effect. Marble tiles can improve the aesthetic value of a room if it’s installed properly, and if it helps complement the rooms overall appearance.

However, marble tiles may not be exactly worth what they are paying for, especially since it takes a lot of extra effort to keep its beauty and effectiveness, maybe costing you even more in the long run. Marble tiles require a more complex cleaning and caring system as compared to other types of stone flooring. It requires regular polishing, mopping and towel drying. Regardless of such facts, a lot of people are still willing to spend a considerable amount of money just so they can get the effect that marble tile flooring can give to any home.

Prices for marble tiles are generally measured by square foot, which can still vary depending on comparisons of tiles that differ in size and shape. Other factors also help determine the price of the marble tile, factors such as the tile’s edges, customization such as design and patterns, its instillation, and the finishes.

One of the most expensive marble tile flooring that people can spend on is the Rosa aurora marbles, which is actually a great material to use for sculptures. Rosa aurora marbles are considered to be the most attractive and charming, pretty marbles in the market today. This type of marble tile has a unique way of catching people’s eye, especially when used on flooring and wall decors.

This type of marble tile possesses the qualities that make marble tiles so sought after and appealing to a lot of homeowners. Rosa aurora marble is versatile, which can be attributed to its characteristic of being relatively soft and easy to work when it is first quarried, but it becomes harder as the finished marble ages. This makes it very advantageous to use as materials not just for flooring tiles, but for sculptures and other similar applications as well, especially since it has a slight surface translucency that makes it look even better, making your home look more elegant.

Rosa aurora marbles price range can start at around 45 euros, which is one of the most expensive out of the other types of marble tiles. This price can still vary depending on the factors mentioned above, but overall, it helps add an aesthetic quality to your home that no other type of marble can.

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Remodeling Your Bathroom? The Right Countertop Makes The Room!




Believe it or not, your bathroom countertop actually says a lot about you. Selecting the right one, though, is fraught with difficulties. It’s essential to think through the decision carefully.

Any time you have the opportunity to redo a room in your home, it’s a big deal. You may have put up with the room looking the way it has for a long time due to lack of money or because you simply didn’t know what you wanted to do in that room, but when you finally have the chance and a few good ideas, getting started isn’t as easy as you might think. There are so many decisions involved, especially in the bathroom.

Fortunately, redoing a bathroom is always a great deal of fun, as there are many different fixtures to choose from and a number of things that you can do to improve the look of the bathroom that won’t break your budget. One thing that you may have a hard time handling, though, is selecting the right bathroom countertops, and these can be a serious deal breaker for your bathroom. The wrong choice can not only cost you quite a bit of money, it can also make your new bathroom look terrible.

Creating a Visual Statement

When someone walks into the bathroom, there are a few very large items they notice immediately. Flooring, the fabric on the shower curtain, and the wall materials are certainly within the top three, but another eye catching feature is the countertops themselves. The right choice can set the tone for your entire bathroom.

Countertops certainly a statement, and yet rather than just being decorative pieces, they’re also there for functionality as well. You have many different materials that you can select from when you’re putting your new bathroom together, including stainless steel, glass, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and granite countertops. Each material has its own pros and cons, and it can be tricky to figure out exactly what you need for your bathroom.

When you’re trying to decide which type will work for you, it’s a good idea to learn how much support your counter has. If you’re planning to demolish the cabinet or supports beneath it, you can get the right type to match your countertop needs. But if you’re leaving the support structure below, you need to understand exactly how much it can hold. A counter that can support a tile counter may not be able to support a granite countertop, so know how strong your base material is before you go shopping.

Once you’ve figured this out, it’s time to decide exactly how much maintenance time you want to invest. Each type requires a different level of commitment. Granite countertops, for instance, are very durable and are easy to care for on a daily basis, but they do need to be sealed at least once or twice a year. Stainless steel countertops are very durable and don’t require any upkeep, but collect fingerprints very easily. Figure in the amount of time you have for care before you make your pick.

Finally, don’t forget to request samples to try. You can always bring home a small sample and can put it in the area where the countertop will be. This will help you to figure out if the material looks right or if you need to look for something else.

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