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Brittany Murphy’s Mom: Everything to Know About Sharon Ahead Of Explosive Documentary



brittany murphy and mom sharon

Who is Sharon Murphy? What to know about late actress Brittany Murphy’s elusive mother ahead of the premiere of ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’

Brittany Murphy’s sudden, tragic death at the age of 32 in 2009 will serve as the basis of the upcoming HBO Max documentary What Happened, Brittany Murphy? Out on October 14, the two-part doc will chronicle the star’s early success in Hollywood, her self-image struggles, and her confounding death, which has been attributed to pneumonia and anemia.

Brittany’s mother Sharon has long been at the center of it all, having found her daughter’s body in the Hollywood Hills home they shared and being at the center of fan conspiracy theories that have considered her a suspect. HBO Max’s doc similarly puts the Murphy matriarch under a lens, examining her relationship with her son-in-law Simon Monjack before he eerily died of the same causes five months after Brittany’s death.

Below is everything to know about Brittany’s elusive mother, Sharon.

Sharon made the 911 call for her daughter (and her son-in-law months later)

Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack (Matt Baron/BEI/Shutterstock)

During the time of her death, Brittany resided in a home in the Hollywood Hills (purchased from none other than pop star Britney Spears) with her mother and her husband, Simon. It was Sharon who found her daughter unconscious in her bathroom in December 2009, prompting her to make the frantic 911 call. In an eery twist, Brittany’s husband Simon died of the same cause, pneumonia, in the same home just five months later in May 2010, prompting Sharon to make her second 911 call for her son-in-law, too.

Sharon disputed claims that Brittany was poisoned after her ex-husband suggested it 

brittany murphy and mom sharon
Sharon Murphy and daughter Brittany (Alex Berliner/BEI/Shutterstock)

Before his death in 2019, Brittany’s father Angelo Bertolotti had been vocal about his suspicions surrounding his daughter’s death, claiming that he believed foul play had occurred. Angelo had obtained his daughter’s DNA via hair and tissue and tested them for “heavy metals and toxins” in 2013, leading to his conclusion. Sharon shot back at her ex-husband in an open letter penned for The Hollywood Reporter, accusing Angelo of “inexcusable efforts to smear my daughter’s memory.” She accused him of being an absent father seeking to capitalize on their daughter’s death, writing of Brittany’s death: “We will never know for sure. However, we do know the Los Angeles County Coroner did extensive tests and found that she died of natural causes. And now she is a real living angel in heaven.”

Sharon was rumored to be involved with her son-in-law 

sharon murphy and simon monjack
Simon Monjack and Sharon Murphy with a photo of Brittany following her death (Chris Pizzello/AP/Shutterstock)

Following Brittany’s death, rumors and reports were abound that Sharon and Simon were romantically involved. The HBO Max doc also delves into initial reports that Sharon and Simon slept in the same bed following the actress’ death, according to close sources and a Radar Online reporter who spoke to Simon at his home following Brittany’s death. In 2010, Sharon denied romance rumors to PEOPLE, calling them “disgusting.” She said, “We’re close friends and we’re family. It’s an awful and ridiculous thing to say.”

Sharon planned to move to New York with Simon following Brittany’s death 

brittany murphy and mom sharon
Sharon Murphy with daughter Brittany (Picture Perfect/Shutterstock)

About three months after Brittany’s death and just a few months before his own death, Simon told E! News in March 2010 that he and his mother-in-law planned to sell the home they shared with the late actress and move to New York. “I decided to move back to my apartment in New York as had been my plan with Brittany,” he said. “Sharon said that she always loved New York and L.A. is just too painful for her; so would I mind if she moved too? Of course I don’t.” He added, “But I should point out we will be maintaining separate residences.” The outlet noted that they will “share custody” of Brittany’s Maltese, Clara. “We have been to hell and back together, and we will need each other’s support as we continue to grieve,” Simon said. Following his death, Sharon has remained largely out of the public eye.

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Tristan Thompson expecting a son with Texas personal trainer



Tristan Thompson expecting a son with Texas personal trainer


Tristan Thompson is expecting a baby with a Texas personal trainer, reports.

The NBA star already has son Prince, 4, with ex-girlfriend and Instagram model Jordan Craig, and daughter True Thompson with ex-girlfriend and IG model Khloe Kardashian, 37. posted exclusive photos of heavily pregnant Maralee Nichols, 31, of Houston, Texas, who filed a paternity suit against Thompson.

Nichols is due to give birth to their son on December 3, according to the Mail.

1638552554 324 Tristan Thompson expecting a son with Texas personal trainer


In his response to the suit, the 30-year-old Sacramento Kings star insisted he and Nichols had sexual intercourse only twice in Texas, and he is demanding the case be moved to Texas instead of California.

According to Thompson, the baby was conceived in a Houston hotel room, and the case should be heard in the state, where judges are more conservative.

1638552554 450 Tristan Thompson expecting a son with Texas personal trainer


Thompson readily acknowledges he had sex with Nichols after they attended his 30th birthday bash in Houston in March.

He said she drove him to the event in her Maserati sportscar before returning to his hotel where she had “a special birthday surprise” for him — meaning sex.

1638552554 296 Tristan Thompson expecting a son with Texas personal trainer


Thompson claims that night was the only time he was intimate with Nichols. In court papers he suggested she entrapped him.

“When we got to my hotel room, we immediately had sexual intercourse. Petitioner [Nichols] initiated our sexual contact and never objected to our having sexual intercourse. She was very awake and conscious and did not exhibit any signs that she was other than a willing participant in our sexual activities.

“We did not drink at my hotel room and Petitioner was not drunk. After we had sexual intercourse, Petitioner specifically asked me if she could spend the night because it was my ‘special birthday’ as she called it.

“I told her I had to get up early in the morning but she said it would not be an issue for her. After we had sexual intercourse, we went to bed.”

He confessed they had sex again before the sun came up.

At the time, the Canadian basketball star was still dating ex-girlfriend Khloe, who believed he had changed his ways.

Photo may have been deleted


The couple split in February 2019 after his three, highly-publicized cheating scandals.

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“Ready To Love” Exclusive: When Walter’s Ex Asks Mumen How Sexual She Is — Is There A Red Flag On The Play? [VIDEO]



“Ready To Love” Exclusive: When Walter’s Ex Asks Mumen How Sexual She Is — Is There A Red Flag On The Play? [VIDEO]

“Ready To Love” is beginning to wade into some testy waters!

Source: Courtesy OWN / Oprah Winfrey Network

“Ready to Love” returns with a brand new episode tonight and we’re excited to share a sneak preview clip for your viewing pleasure. In the clip below, Mumen meets Walter’s ex Denise. She seems to be a very nice lady but she’s definitely straightforward when she asks Mumen about her plans for sex. Mumen lets her know REAL QUICK that she does not plan on having sex again until marriage. Check out the clip below:

50 Shades of Lightskin?! YO! Walter is a big ol’ freak… Do you think it’s gonna be a wrap sooner now that Mumen’s made it clear she’s not giving up the goodies?

Here’s a synopsis of the episode:

Tommy throws his best curveball yet. It’s time for the guys to introduce their “next” to their ex. Some of the ladies are also in for an extra surprise when they realize they aren’t the only connection to be invited out to meet their interest’s ex.

This is getting interesting now. We definitely want to see who emerges from this episode unscathed because we’re willing to bet these exes aren’t going to be holding anything back!

Tune in to “Ready To Love” on Fridays at 8/7c, only on OWN.

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Anne Hathaway Rocks Little Black Dress & Holds Hands With Her Husband On Rare Night Out



Adam Schulman & Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway & husband Adam Schulman looked simply stunning on Thursday as they stepped out for a date night at Soho House in New York City.

Anne Hathaway, 39, and her handsome hubby, Adam Schulman, 40, stepped out in NYC on Thursday evening, walking into Soho House in the Meatpacking District for a date night. The couple, who just celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in September, held hands as they walked into the establishment, both looking stylish for the occasion at the members-only club.

Anne Hathaway & husband Adam Schulman step out for a date night at Soho House, NYC (Nancy Rivera / SplashNews).

While Adam wore a navy pea coat, black chinos, and black sneakers, Anne opted for a black turtleneck mini dress over sheer black tights, pairing the look with knee-high black leather boots, a black, quilted bag, and a herringbone-pattern gray mid-length coat. The pair, who share sons Jack, 1, and Jonathan, 5, seemed to have gotten a babysitter for their stylish night out, as Adam wore a face mask for the occasion while Anne went mask-free as she walked from the black SUV to the swanky locale.

The night out in NYC marks another this past week for the couple, who were also rumored to have taken their children to The Nutcracker ballet with pals Bradley Cooper, 46, Irina Shayk, 35, and their daughter, Lea, 4.

Anne Hathaway & Adam Schulman
Anne Hathaway & husband Adam Schulman look simply chic for a date night out in NYC (Nancy Rivera / SplashNews).

Anne and Adam seemed to be enjoying mom & dad’s night out, as both have remained busy this year after their second child was born right before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic began. The pair were also spotted back in March out to dinner in Santa Monica, California, that time with their two adorable sons in tow.

Anne has also maintained a full schedule despite production complications from the pandemic, next starring in the seven-episode series Solos. And, in 2022, Anne will join Chance the Rapper and Bo Burnham in the Sesame Street film and has three other projects in production — Bum’s RushArmageddon Time, and The Lifeboat. In addition to those projects, the Oscar-winning actress has even more films in production, showing how much the pandemic can’t slow her down!

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