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Cat Training to Make Your Life Easier



When you bring home your new kitten you are excited and proud that you now have a pet in your home. However, you can be challenged as your kitten grows into an adult cat. This is where cat training to make your life easier comes into play. If you do not train your cat, you will notice over time that it will begin to own your home.

Cat owners need to begin to train their kittens as soon as you bring them home. The earlier you begin to train your pet the better it will be for your household. This article will provide some tips to make your life easier in the following ways:

  • Reduce your fear of cat preying on other pets
  • Increase your pleasure by showing off your pets tricks
  • Remove need to get rid of your houseplants
  • Prevent scratches on your lovely furniture
  • Prevent embarrassment of smelly carpet from pet urination
  • Increase petting pleasure
  • Decrease need to listen to cat’s meow

Reduce Your Fear of Cat Preying on Other Pets

Generally speaking, all cats have natural instincts for prey such as birds, small rodents, or small dogs. If you have some of these pets in your home and your cat seeks to prey or brother them, you can do something about it.

Here is how you can begin.

  • Teach your cat to stay out of the room where these pets are by using commands or rules. Modify the room arrangement to keep pets apart
  • Use a baby gate to separate cat and dog
  • Do not place conflicting pets food and water next to each other
  • Spray cold water on her face when you notice your cat is taking action to prey. Cold water is unpleasant and will help her to shape up.

Increase Your Pleasure By Showing Off Your Pet’s Tricks

Every cat owner wants to think their pet is the most intelligent and find pleasure is showing off what their cat can do.

Here is how to begin.

  • Set aside a lot of time for training.
  • Be patient. Learning doesn’t happen over night.
  • Set up a training schedule. Consistency is important.
  • Have your cat’s favorite treat handy to reward progress. Use soft moist cat food or dry food as a treat. Training treats should not be more than 10% of your pet’s total diet for the day.
  • Start with one on trick at a time until your pet has mastered it. When your cat has mastered one, go on to the next. As you are teaching your cat new commands, be sure to work at her speed. Each cat is different.

Remove need to get rid of your houseplants

Dirt is a natural material for your cat to use when she does her duty. How can you stop this? Here are some tips you can do so that you do not have to get rid of your household plants.

  • Provide a clean litter box. Cats don’t like a dirty litter box.
  • Re-pot the plant urinated in. Your cat will smell where she did her duty before and return to use the same plant again.
  • Put some type of pet repellant on the plant. Such repellant is available in a pet store.

Following these tips should help you preserve your household plants.

Prevent Scratches On Your Lovely Furniture

Cats by nature have a natural instinct to scratch. This natural behavior allows them to clean, sharpen claws, and establish turf by leaving a scent and mark. They like to scratch because it is good for their back and shoulder muscles. You cannot prevent your cat from scratching. The trick is to have your cat scratch where you want her too. To prevent your pet from scratching your furniture consider the following:

· Have your pet’s claws trimmed. Cats can become tolerant of getting their nails trimmed on a regular basis, especially if you are careful, gentle and reward her after each trimming session with a treat and verbal praise. If you do not like the job, have the veterinarian do it.

· Provide your pet with a scratching post or pad. ·

As a last resort, you can remove your cat’s claws.

Prevent Embarrassment of Smelly Carpet From Pet Urination

Every now and then, your cat will have an accident. So how are you going to get rid of the stain and odor? There are many ways to remove the stain; however, here is a quick, easy and inexpensive one.

  • Pour a straight solution of white vinegar onto the soiled areas, saturating the carpet enough to go through to the padding. Allow it to dry. Clean the carpet with a mixture of a carpet cleaner with enzymes and pour in some baking soda and a very small amount of bleach. This should remove the stain and odor.

Every now and then, your cat will have an accident. So how are you going to get rid of the stain and odor? There are many ways to remove the stain; however, here is a quick, easy and inexpensive one you can use.

Pour a straight solution of white vinegar onto the soiled areas, saturating the carpet enough to go through to the padding. Allow it to dry. Clean the carpet with a mixture of a carpet cleaner with enzymes and pour in some baking soda and a very small amount of bleach. This should remove the stain and odor.

Increasing Petting Pleasure

When a new kitten is around the house and you have children, the first instinct of the child is to pet the cat. As an owner of a cat, it us embarrassing and disappointing when children want to pet your cat and it bites or hisses at them. Here is the process of how you can increase everyone’s cat petting pleasure.

  • First, let the cat sniff the person wanting to pet her. Ask the individual to extend a hand or finder allowing the cat a chance to touch its nose to the individual’s hand or fingers. If your cat shows no interest, ask the individual to try again later. However, if the cat should sniff the individual’s hand or finger and rub its chin or the side of its head against it, your cat is open to the one petting it.
  • Next, have the individual pet the cat’s head lightly with their fingers. Have them focus on the area behind its ears. When petting, go from front to back.
  • Third, ask the individual to run the palm of their hand smoothly from the neck and along the back, all the way until the tail is reached. Have the individual apply gentle pressure and make a continuous slow motion. Ask them not to touch your cat’s tail and to not change petting direction.
  • Lastly, ask the individual to stay away from the tummy. When cats are relaxed they roll over on their back. This is not an invitation from your cat to start rubbing its tummy. Most cats do not like this, however if they do, they will be ready to play vigorously and your cat may bite or scratch.

Decrease Need to Listen To a Cats Meow

Cats will do whatever it takes to get attention. This will include meowing, purring or running around in circles. Sometimes cats will use these tactics to manipulate their owner.

Generally, when your cat meows she is expressing affection. Female cats use it to call their young. Male cats use it when approaching a female in heat. And, some cats use it to call their masters when they are lonely. If your cat should meow, he/she just may want some companionship. Give it to them.

By following just some of the above tips, your life with your cat should be easier and more enjoyable. Remember, training your cat must start when she is a new kitten.

Happy cat training!

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How to Start a Blog Fast – Expert Guidance to Successfully Start a Blog




Are you looking for information on How To Start A Blog? Well here are a few tips to get your new blog venture as quick and easy as possible.

1. Get it right. That means doing things like a professional from the beginning. Find an effective domain name, pay for a reliable hosting company with packages to host WordPress blogs. Also be prepared to pay an experienced WordPress expert to set up your blog exactly the way Google likes it only if you can’t do it yourself. Always avoid cutting corners – getting professional help will get you start off on the right foot.

2. Decide your niche. There are a hundreds of weblogs about all type of topics. Few are so boring that you will never read any of them. The fewer blogs that do get the readers attentions always have something special in them. I would suggest is to use your creative writing skills for writing great SEO optimized articles.

3. Blog regularly. Google likes blogs which are updated regularly and most often. As such, it also works best if you can turn blogging into a regular habit.

4. Don’t lose patience. It will take a while before you gain your identity in the blogging world. You need to experiment with various little things like plugins and widgets. You might get things wrong sometimes but that is the way people learn, and you are no exception. But these experiments become really painless with an expert help who may fix things that you may mess up from time to time. Don’t forget to find a Blogging Guru before you start blogging, trust me it helps a lot or else you will feel alone and give up at some point of time which is not something you started for, did you!

5. Center on your content. New web blogs should center on attracting readers and the best way to do it is by a steady flow of quality content. All the distracting widgets, cool tweaks and revenue-generating advertisements can come later.One should avoid getting into those for the first couple of months.

Lots of people make pretty big mistakes when they setting up their blogs. If you are one of those, then my friend you have come to the right place. You can get my assistance to kick start your new blog.

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The Essential Tools for Self-Publishing




There are numerous tools designed for Kindle e-book writers. Unfortunately, many of these tools are just a waste of time and money. In this article, you will find the most effective online publishing tools available to you.

Identifying the Best Category and Keyword/s

Being a self-publishing writer in Kindle requires more than just excellent writing skills. You also need to know how to find the right category and keywords for your work. If you succeed in this aspect of publishing, you can get a lot of visitors and (hopefully) sales. The tools given below can be of great help here:

· Kindle Spy – This tool costs $47. You can install it on Google Chrome to collect information from the website. To use this tool, you need to visit a webpage that lists Kindle e-books. Used this way, Kindle Spy will help you find the ideal category for your e-books.

· KDP Rocket – This tool, which costs $67, will give you the best keywords and categories to target. The information you will get from this tool can help you generate new e-book ideas or validating new ones. Using this tool, you can determine how many people search for specific keywords, how competitive the keywords are, and how much money similar books are earning.

Writing your E-book

Word processors (e.g. Microsoft Word) are designed for different types of documents. However, they are not ideal for writing novels and other types of books. Fortunately, some computer programs are created specifically for authors.

One of the best tools is Scrivener. This program is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. It offers cool features such as the “corkboard” and the multi-tab structure. It can also generate names for your fictional characters. Lastly, it can help you prepare the table of contents and bibliography of your e-books in just a few mouse clicks.

Getting Great Reviews

If you want to sell a lot of e-books, you need to get great reviews from your customers. Positive reviews boost your rankings and your conversion rates. Readers will be more encouraged to purchase your books if you have good reviews.

Currently, the best tool for obtaining reviews is Book Review Targeter. It helps you find excellent book reviewers without violating Amazon’s rules. You just have to run the tool, specify the book to analyze and wait for the results. The program will give you the names and email addresses of people who are likely to give positive reviews. You may then contact these people and make arrangements on how they can check the published e-books.

Formatting your Books

As an independent writer, you have to handle all the aspects of publishing books and formatting is certainly one of the most complex parts of being a self-publisher. If you want to add pictures to your work and/or format your books properly, you need to use Jutoh. This tool is created to format all types of e-books. It can do excellent formatting tricks that most self-publishers do not even know about.

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Captchas Considered Harmful – Why Captchas Are Bad And How You Can Do Better




What Is A Captcha?

If you’ve ever joined a large website, then you’ve seen a captcha. Twitter uses it, Facebook uses it, and WordPress uses it. Captchas are small test that you must complete in order to prove that you are human. Usually, the test involves looking at some text and typing that text into a near-by box.

What Are Captchas Meant To Do?

The simple answer is keep your website spam free. That is the purpose of a captcha. More generally, it aims to stop automated spamming, by assuming that every single user of the site is a robot until they prove otherwise.

Why Captchas Are Bad

On the surface, captchas look easy to use and interact with. Well, they only look that way to people who have perfect vision and an elastic mind. If you have these qualities, congratulations. If you don’t, here’s how captchas will be difficult for you and your users:

  • Warped letters are hard for users to read. Combine that with a strike-through, and you have a bad idea.
  • Users can’t tell the difference between 0 and o; and I, l, and 1, in certain fonts.
  • Blind people can’t use them. Even colour-blind people find some captcha implementations difficult to use.

Worst of all, even people with super sight and brilliant spatial awareness find captchas plain annoying. This drives away users, which drives down revenue.

How Can You Do Captchas Better?

The best way to do captchas better is to turn the concept on its head. Instead of asking every user to prove that he is human, you can trick every robot into telling you he’s an automated spamming machine. The easiest way to do this is to lay some traps.

Traps And Why They Work

In order to explain what a trap is, and how it’s going to stop your site from filling with spam, you first need to know how a spam-bot works. If you don’t know what you’re up against, then you will never defeat it.

The Two Kinds Of Robots

There are two kinds of spam-bots. The first kind is a replay-robot. This type of spam-bot records a form verbatim, and then posts the form with the fields filled in at a later date. It’s like a spam version of TiVo. Usually, the bot will do this again and again, literally replaying the recording it has made of the form.

The second kind of spam-bot is the form-filler. Form fillers crawl the web, find a form, insert the spam, and submit. Some form-fillers are dumb, and will put the same information everywhere. Others recognize common field names like username, email. A robot like that will place the spam in a text area, as this is usually where your users’ content goes in each post.

Traps For Form Fillers

The simplest way to trap a form-filling robot is to create a field which a human won’t (ideally can’t) fill in. You can do this by warning users not to fill in a certain field, but that’s just as bad as asking users to complete a captcha. Much better is to make your trap hidden. A form-filling robot doesn’t see the form, it reads it and parses it. You can make a field which is invisible to humans, but which is parsed by the robot. You can hide a field using CSS, or by changing the style of a field directly using JavaScript. As long as the visibility of the field is set in separately from the form, the robot will fill always in the field, and your users will not even know of its existence.

Catching Repeats

With replay robots you should capitalize on the fact that forms are collected once ahead of time. The forms are collected, and then, sometime later, they are replayed. You can record when a form was produced by including a date and time stamp with each form served. By comparing that date and time with the current date and time, your site can deduce whether or not an unreasonable amount of time has passed between form generation and form submission.

When The Robots Get Smarter

The obvious problem with adding a time stamp to your form is that once it becomes widely known as a tool for stopping spam, the people who program replay robots will generate good time stamps at the moment the form is replayed. The way around this is to encode the time stamp using a secret key. The data is decoded when the form is sent and then evaluated. It is highly unlikely that a replay-robot will be able to guess both your secret key and your encoding algorithm, providing you with security against spam, no matter how smart the robot gets.

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