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Skype Guitar Lessons – The Pro’s & Cons



Learn to play the guitar through Skype

With the growth of the social media through sites like Facebook, Google+, Instagram & Snapchat, the whole world is now tied into the internet in one way or another. People are finding it easier to communicate online rather than actually talking via a normal phone line. We even find it easier by shop online rather than having to drive into the city, struggle to find a parking space and queue up in the store.

Companies are finding new and interesting ways of reaching out to people through the internet so it wasn’t hard to see that eventually education and learning would be available via the internet.

Skype isn’t a new program; it’s been around for a number of years now but it really wasn’t until Hi Speed broadband became readily available that it became a medium for reliable video and audio streaming.

Now we can replace the classroom with a monitor and the catchment area for students has become worldwide.

However, we must still remember that the same rules apply when selecting a teacher if you want to learn to play the guitar.


Opinions differ over whether a guitarist needs to have studied their instrument formally. Your teacher may have gone to school, but also may have studied one-on-one with dozens of professional players.

If you’re considering a teacher without a college background, look for a list of references and review what they teach.

Besides showing you technique, you’ll want a teacher who will explain music theory to give you a deeper understanding of what you’re playing.

Experience teaching

Many great guitarists can teach, but they may not be experienced teachers. Conveying information is its own art form, and everyone learns differently. A good education alone won’t do the trick – choose a guitarist who has at least a few years of teaching behind them. If they’re new to teaching and you’re OK with that, make sure they give you a rate competitive with other teachers.

Teaching style

Casual or rigorous? Loaded with theory, or focused on a single technique or song? There are as many different ways to take a guitar lesson as there are teachers and students. Ask yourself what you want to get out of your experience. If you’re just doing this for fun, you may want a more laid-back teacher. If you’d like to learn as much as possible, find someone who will keep you on your toes.

Of course there are pro’s and cons for selecting to learn online, here are some of these in greater detail.


Because you are no longer confined to region locations you can select a teacher from any location in the world.

No more lost travelling to your lesson,

Student’s can practice right up to the point of their lesson to ensure they are warmed up and ready for the lesson.

Student’s are more comfortable being in their home environment and feel more relaxed and find it easier to perform and play more than they would do in a classroom situation.

Due to the nature of Skype lessons, student’s actually spend more time playing than they would normally do in a face to face lesson.

If you’re a busy parent and trying to find time to attend classes and also look after another sibling then is problem goes away, the student can take their lesson why you have time to do other things.


Teacher isn’t in the same room as the student so he is unable to manipulate their wrists, fingers, elbows, etc.

Teacher and student are unable to play together due to a lagging webcam (and all webcam sessions experience lag).

Need Internet connection.

Student’s may find themselves distracted by outside sources, siblings, animals, neighbors, etc. however please note this can also occur in a lesson if a student is being taught at home.

Equipment Required

Here’s the minimum setup you’ll need:

High-speed internet connection

Computer, with enough processing power to send and receive streaming video and audio (anything on today’s market can handle it)

Webcam, either built-in on a laptop or bought separately

Microphone, again either built-in or separate, over time you may want to upgrade to a higher quality mic.

It’s also recommend to have a good set of headphones just in case they feel distracted or the internet quality starts to weaken during a lesson.

This is the minimum you will require to participate in a online lesson. You’ll need to install the Skype software on that computer. Go to and they’ll walk you through it. Choose a username appropriate for you, usually your name itself, if it’s available.


Payment for online lessons are normally made through PayPal, speak with your teacher and he will normally advise you how he wishes to be paid. Some teachers offer packages of lessons that can save you money over a period of time.

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Free Recovery Software Options For Resolving a Hard Drive Failure




When your computer throws up an error message stating there has been an ‘error reading fixed disk’ or ‘hard drive failure’ then do not panic that your computer and all its data are completely lost just yet. Before you send your computer off to be repaired there are some free recovery software tools that can assist you.

The starting point for troubleshooting a hard drive failure is to think of any new hardware you just added. These can cause system conflicts with your drive (effectively making it disappear to the BIOS) that can be resolved by removing the hardware.

Next, if your computer is failing to start properly then try booting up in safe-mode. If this works then the issue is software related, rather than being a hardware issue, which is a positive sign. Make copies of all your crucial data before attempting any repairs.

Your disk may simply have faults with the partition table and master boot record system files. There is a great free tool called Test Disk by CG Security that can automate repairs to these files for you quite effectively.

It is also possible your Windows registry has been corrupted. You can use Windows System Restore tool (in programs > accessories > system tools) to revert your system files back to a set checkpoint. While this will roll back any recent registry damage, it will also affect any programs installed/updated from the version date. This can be remedied though by reinstalling the applications.

Finally, if you feel your data has been lost, deleted or formatted then free recovery software such as Recuva or PC Inspectors Smart Recover can help identify files still left on the the hard drive.

If these steps do not help or you feel there is a mechanical fault in the hard drive (bearings/reading heads seized, etc.) then data recovery experts have the requisite disk reading tools and specialist recovery software to read even broken disks.

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Vital Factors to Consider When Choosing a Colocation Service Provider




The process of server colocation is gaining popularity with each passing day. This is due to the many benefits that the service offers to the clients. Out of the increased popularity, many service providers have come up to meet the high demand. As a result of this, competitive prices and services have come up hence making the decision easier. However, it is important to understand that not all the service providers render what they claim. Some are out to make money at the expense of the clients hence the need to consider a few factors before committing oneself to any given provider.

The first and the most important factor that ought to be considered is the cost of the service. In colocation, one hires the equipment to get the servers up and have them well managed. This is a type of rental service. Different fee structures are incurred from different service providers. This is especially because of the high competition that exists and minor policies by the service provider. Generally, the fee is usually based on the size of the servers and the bandwidth that one will receives. Comparing can help one in getting the most competitive prices. Affordable costs enable one to enjoy all the features without any strains. However, it is important for one not to compromise the quality of the services for cost.

The next thing that one has to consider in a colocation firm is the size of bandwidth that one will get. This is the factor that determines the reliability of the connection that one will get to the servers. A poor or slow connection leads to the slow down of the business activities and the subsequent pushing away of the potential clients. It is highly advised to choose a service provider with the highest possible bandwidth. This will ease the access and hence enable better performance.

The security of the services rendered matters a lot. The company’s servers contain vital information which if poorly handled can lead to the nose dive of the business. The service provider should therefore be having the most reliable security to the servers. This is both through remote access, manual alteration by the unauthorized as well as physical damages. It is important that one check on the security measures employed by the firm and gauge whether they are reliable or not.

The services offered by the colocation company have also to be considered. The data center should be able to offer all the necessary technical support with great reliability to ensure that the server performance is ensured round the clock. It is highly recommended that one look at the professionalism of the technical support staff and how fast they are at responding to malfunctions. This will ensure reliability at all times.

It is important for one to discuss the features of the service provider with an experienced person in the field. This will help determine any loopholes and the strong points.

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The Dilemma of Edith Hope




Edith Hope is the unassuming lonesome writer in Hotel Du lac who faces the dilemma of living a life with or without a marital status. Edith, about forty, is unmarried and lonely. Though Edith is successful as a writer, her life is plaintive and uneventful.

Demure, docile and reticent, Edith Hope is easily approachable. She has been somewhat taken for granted by her friends and acquaintances. “I sign anything that is put in front of me; I never telephone my publisher; and I make no claims for my particular sort of writing.”

Therefore, when the steadily aging and yet unmarried Edith is approached by a Geoffrey Long, who provides a most ‘excellent guarantee… of a safe and sensible future’, she is expected to accept the proposal gratefully. Edith cancels the wedding at the eleventh hour. Her well wishers are astounded at ‘her moral turpitude’ ‘for the outrage she had committed’.

Edith seems to have canceled her wedding with Geoffrey because of her refusal to marry for social convenience. While she longs for marital bliss- the peace of domesticity, Edith is unwilling to settle down with a man unless she loves him.

Love seems to elude Edith perpetually. David- her secret boyfriend with a wife, does not reciprocate Edith’s amorous feelings. He seems to be using Edith as a kind of occasional diversion from regular family life. Edith sees no future with him.

Edith receives a second chance to settle down into ‘domestic peace’. ‘I doubt if I have anything more to look forward to’ says Edith out of desperation to repair her loneliness. Neville offers to Edith yet another alliance of mutual convenience. He does not make any claims of emotional attachment with Edith but sees in her a perfect candidate to ‘fit perfectly into’ his empty and rich house. Neville offers Edith social security, independence, and companionship. ‘As my wife, you will do very well. Unmarried, I’m afraid you will soon look a bit of a fool.’

Edith receives, as if, a second chance from Neville. Edith meets Neville at Hotel Du Lac, her exile where Edith is supposed to ‘forget the unfortunate lapse’ of refusing to marry Geoffrey. Edith is expected to return home ‘older, wiser, and properly apologetic.’

Neville gives Edith the chance to repair the damage caused by her previous decision. While at home, the bleak indifference of David, whom she loves dearly, awaits her. Neville promises to her a life of prosperity and social standing. Both offers are equally loveless.

The only difference between returning home and marrying Neville is ‘dignity’. Home would be forlorn but at Neville’s house, Edith would be reduced to being a ‘part of his collections’. Edith chooses to return home.

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